dirty jenga prompts

send a number + a pairing = get a fic! 

  1. just a peck
  2. kiss for 60 seconds
  3. makeout
  4. give a hickey
  5. trade shirts with another player
  6. truth or dare
  7. drunk stories
  8. do a bodyshot
  9. bite someone’s lip
  10. give a lapdance
  11. lick someone’s neck
  12. slap someone’s ass
  13. 7 minutes in heaven
  14. give a mouth and ice massage until it’s molten
  15. lick whipped cream off body part of their choice
  16. eat chips off someone’s lap
  17. remove one article of clothing
  18. undress someone (one article of clothing of their choice)
  19. take one article of someone’s clothing off with your mouth
  20. get your lips close without touching, hold for 30 seconds
  21. sit in someone’s lap
  22. tie a cherry stem with you tongue
  23. eat a banana without breaking eye contact
  24. suck on someone’s fingers for 30 seconds
  25. whisper something sexy into someone’s ear
  26. never have I ever
  27. go commando
  28. reveal your biggest turn on
  29. twerk for 30 seconds
  30. act out a sex position with someone
  31. talk dirty to them
  32. 2 truths 1 lie
  33. french kiss
  34. kiss their neck
  35. cop a feel
  36. dry hump
  37. do a striptease
  38. fake an orgasm
  39. kiss down their spine
  40. give a hickey to their inner thigh
  41. do what they want, to them
  42. they do what you want, to you
  43. blindfold them, draw again
  44. give a massage
  45. tie their hands together, draw again
  46. reveal your biggest sexual fantasy
  47. perform an activity on someone of another player’s choice
  48. take a shot of tequila off someone
  49. feed someone something with your mouth
  50. make a sex noise
  51. send someone a sexy selfie
  52. pinch someone’s butt
  53. go into the shower together for 5 minutes (clothes optional)
  54. blindfolded, let someone tie you up and give you a lapdance
Stop being sorry.

Don’t be sorry for:

  • Sleeping in
  • Not getting the joke
  • Forgetting to respond to a text when you were sad
  • Being sad
  • Bringing up a sensitive topic you didn’t know was a sensitive topic
  • Being sick
  • Not being able to see someone
  • Talking too much
  • Not talking enough
  • Liking someone
  • Not liking someone
  • Not liking yourself
  • Or for thinking you like yourself too much
  • Needing more time/affection/attention than most
  • Not knowing how to give as much attention/affection as most

Aspects of your life and personality are not things to apologize for. If you are not doing something purposefully harmful to another there is no need to apologize.

You are your own person and you can never live up to every single person’s expectations because everyone is different with their own opinions and personalities and they can never properly evaluate you. If you are doing the best you can at that time it is more than enough, please stop being sorry for being different, because you’re doing just fine.