on Clement had its Anniversary today, scored some for sure., red cap CO Bourbon Barrel Aged and yellow cap barrel aged, and a. by ststrange

Troubled and maybe a little hurt...

Well, as I’ve said before some guys are douche bags. But I’ve recently had trouble with one specific one. Some days I think that he is very confused about what he wants. He told me to stop talking to him, so I did. Well he texted me the other day, while I was thinking that he should just fuck off. But I was going to be the nice person that I am. And I have come to realize that he was just lonely he doesn’t really care to talk to me. So I’ve cut him off as well as some of my used to be friends. This whole entire year sucks. I thought that is was finally going to get better for me? But honestly it just got worse. Some days I just don’t think that I can make it anymore. But I keep pushing on I am still here.