someones starting to turn gray

Gray Eyes After Death AU

Since everyone is born with beautiful colored eyes, what if when you die, your eyes turn a light gray (also like the white of your eyes).

Imagine going to sleep only to see your loved one’s eyes looking more gray, but instead of stopping it you just fall also instead.

Imagine if that’s how doctors announced if someone had died. Like when they pronounce someone as dead, they wait until their eyes are no longer changing.

Imagine watching someone being shot, and their eyes instantly turning gray, no transition, they just instantly die.

Imagine someone being given CPR. They’re eyes start to turn gray until they’re heart starts up again and they’re eyes fill with color once again.

Imagine bringing someone back from the dead, and they’re eyes being gray forever, so in order to move them around the city, they have to wear sunglasses so no one freaks out and try to kill them again.

Imagine being at a funeral with an open coffin, and opening the dead man’s eyes to see their eyes are still colored.

Imagine if someone was born with gray eyes, and when they die they have colored eyes

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Funny how you ship two abusive and toxic ships (SasuSaku and Gruvia) you really are terrible

Okay I can see why you believe and think SasuSaku is abusive and toxic (They aren’t though??) But how tf is Gruvia toxic or abusive???

Gray NEVER hit her, Juvia NEVER hit him. They NEVER hurt each other emotionally. Are you talking about when they fought when they first met?? OH, did you consider she has been alone and starved from love nearly her whole life, and Gray doesn’t even have a family?? Did you consider their guilds were at war, so they were supposed to be enemies but found their way to be friends, which turned Juvia to join Fairy Tail, which turned their comrade-relationship to a friendship, which turned Juvia into someone Gray wants to protect, which turned Gray to start having romantic feelings for her, which turned out for them to be canon after MANY hardships???

Relationships aren’t perfect anon.

And with SasuSaku. Name ONE time Sasuke hurt her physically when he was actually himself. Name ONE time Sasuke hurt her emotionally after Chapter 698 and episode 478. You can’t. Because the Sasuke way before those episodes wasn’t him. The real Sasuke who is passionate, afraid to lose his loved ones, who does in fact have feelings, has never hurt Sakura willingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Their relationship is healthy and stable now.

Sasuke hasn’t laid a single finger on her that was intended to hurt here when they got into a relationship. Sakura hasn’t laid a single finger on him that was intended to hurt him after they got into a relationship.

The difference with this, I would in fact maybe agree with you if Sasuke actually wanted to hurt Sakura when he was driven by hate, revenge and pain from his past and what was going on at the moment. But he didn’t. His legs were shaking before he put her under a genjutsu, right before he knocked her out he thanked her for everything she’s done for him and even made sure she was safe before leaving the village. EVERY SINGLE TIME Sasuke attempted to kill Sakura it was out of self defense. He NEVER came at her unless she came at him, and the only reason she came at him was because he was an ENEMY at the time, and she believed doing it would save him from going down further into the darkness and would save Naruto from the pain and suffering he was going through.

The sole reasons why I ship both SasuSaku and Gruvia is because of their development. Each ship started out as something one sided, each ship were enemies at some point, each ship went through extreme measures but guess what? They came out healthy, they came out strong and they came out with a beautiful and strong bond in the end.

Development is the sole reason I would ship something as a BROTP and an OTP.

Do NOT go into my ask box when all you’re going to do is attempt to change my mind with just saying a statement without evidence or proof to back your claim up. Message me if you want to talk about this further instead of going anon and insulting me for liking something fictional, and maybe, just maybe I’ll see eye to eye with you.

-graynita xoxo