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How has no one mentioned the similarities between Hawk Moth’s costume and Nathalie’s outfit??

Like, obviously, they aren’t the same, but don’t you dare tell me that this is just a coincidence!

  • What Spider-man said: Hey Everyone.
  • What Spider-man was thinking: I-I'm holding cap's shield. And these are the avengers - and I'm holding cap's shield. Okay Okay, just gotta be smooth come on, great responsibility, great responsibility, I can do this. They've only saved the world a coupla times I can be totally smooth - Just don't drop the shield, and it'll be good - It's only a genius billionaire, some spies, ants and panthers and women with red hair, super soldiers, that can fly? Did not know that was a thing, and me, still holding Captain America's freaking Shield from WWII - and they're all looking at me quick spidey say something -
  • Spider-man: Hey Everyone.

“average person loses their head 3 times a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. the average person loses their head 0 times per year. Striders Georg, who lives in cave & is decapitated over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

It has been pointed out to me that Oikawa shares a birthday with Alexander the Great, and Furudate almost definitely did that on purpose – Oikawa is a great leader after all!

But what didn’t immediately occur to me is that this probably means Iwaizumi is Hephaestion, Alexander the Great’s lifelong friend and probably lover. Hephaestion’s birthday is unknown to historians, so Furudate couldn’t pay homage that way, but think about it…

Just like Oikawa and Iwaizumi, Alexander and Hephaestion knew each other since childhood.  They both had the same tutor (which was Aristotle himfuckingself), and after learning together in their early years (starting at 15 at the latest), they became lifelong friends and partners.

Additionally, while Alexander the Great was a king and perhaps one of the greatest military commanders of all time, Hephaestion was his second-in-command for the army, a great general in his own right.  This could be compared to Iwaizumi being Oikawa’s vice-captain.

While some boring, lame, historians would argue that the romantic nature of Haphaestion and Alexander’s relationship was not certain, no one would argue that they were not close, or that Hephaestion was anything but Alexander’s “favorite.”  Aristotle even referred to the two as “one soul abiding in two bodies,” just like everyone refers to Oikawa and Iwaizumi as perfectly in sync.

Overall, it just fits so nicely! Alexander the Great was a gregarious, intelligent prince who, by military genius and sheer charisma, held a huge empire together. His closest confidant, most trusted general, and great love was his boyhood friend who stood by him through thick and thin.  

Sound familiar?

How POV is weighted in TRC

before bllb was published, i remember speculating over whose ‘book’ it would be – and since i first read it, i remember thinking it’s allegiance was surprisingly ambiguous, but i also didn’t have the time to properly investigate, but now i have…. 

i can report that blue lily, lily blue is, if anyone’s, blue’s book. with 20 chapters from her pov, she outstrips everyone else’s page time quite easily. 

and since i was doing that one, i also decided to get the numbers on trb and tdt. it’s quite interesting (or at least it is for ppl like me lol) to see how the chapters are weighted 

(nb: some ch.’s are from multiple pov’s, and i count those as separate ‘chapters’) 

[click below for the statistics] 

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