someones probs done this already

  • What Spider-man said: Hey Everyone.
  • What Spider-man was thinking: I-I'm holding cap's shield. And these are the avengers - and I'm holding cap's shield. Okay Okay, just gotta be smooth come on, great responsibility, great responsibility, I can do this. They've only saved the world a coupla times I can be totally smooth - Just don't drop the shield, and it'll be good - It's only a genius billionaire, some spies, ants and panthers and women with red hair, super soldiers, that can fly? Did not know that was a thing, and me, still holding Captain America's freaking Shield from WWII - and they're all looking at me quick spidey say something -
  • Spider-man: Hey Everyone.

How has no one mentioned the similarities between Hawk Moth’s costume and Nathalie’s outfit??

Like, obviously, they aren’t the same, but don’t you dare tell me that this is just a coincidence!