someones probably done this already but oh well

How The Wedding Really Went Down.

Cleo: You don’t think I can fight because I’m a girl.

Nic: I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Magnus could fight in that dress either.

Magnus: Perhaps not, but I would make a radiant bride.

MC: “We’re gonna need code names. I’ll be Eagle 1.”

MC: “Zen is ‘Been There, Done That’,”

MC: “707 is ‘Currently Doing That’,”

MC: “Jaehee is ‘it happened once in a dream’,”

MC: “Yoosung is ‘If I Had To Pick A Yandere’,”

MC: “And Jumin is… 'Eagle 2’.”

Jumin: “Oh thank God.”