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Jackson or Jaebum 💕


okay here’s the thing, jaebum isn’t really my ideal type, but i’ve always felt a constant pull to him and his soft smile underneath that chic, bad boy style/appearance of his makes me melt… but even though jaebum is my first bias in got7, jackson is the one who got me into got7 and he’s ALWAYS been such a sweetheart. i almost always die of adoration when i read posts about his daily good deeds (to his mother, elders, fellow idols) and i’d love to have someone as mature yet childish as him :’) plus, we have pretty similar personalities and i get energetic and happy when i’m around people as crazy as me HAHHA 

send me 2 idols and i’ll choose which one is more of my ideal type!~

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man
5+1 Times Sherlock Let Someone See His Wings

Description: Sherlock could count on one hand the number of times other people had seen his wings. John was the only one of significance.

Review: I’m always a sucker for a good winglock fic. There is a small part in the beginning that I would consider dubcon (not between John and Sherlock) so be wary of that if you don’t like that kind of stuff. I liked the concept of Sherlock being able to will his wings in and out of existence, I hadn’t seen that in a winglock fic before. And, of course, his wings are…ahem, very sensitive.

Rating: Mature


Seventeen’s Ideal Type’s (in my opinion) Part One

Seungcheol - I can see him going for someone very motherly and mature. Someone who take’s on the role of a protector as well as being his girlfriend/boyfriend. I think he’d suit someone who’s very talkative and can carry on conversations but at the same time he wouldn’t mind if she just sat back and let things flow. A girl/boy who’s practical and well mannered and gives of the vibe of a classy lady/guy. Polite and plans things well yet would still trip and fall in public? Just a fun mixture of both I think would suit our Coups. 

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Jeonghan - A girl/boy who’s very mature yet knows how to have fun? Like, a girl/boy who’s daring and exciting and goes through life spontaneously. I think that would catch his attention. Bubbly and positive with a bright smile that blinds anyone who looks at her/him. Gives good advice and is always there for people when they need her/him to be. Jeonghan would be drawn to her/ him because she’s/he’s a mixture of everything and he’d be very attracted to that. 

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Joshua - I’ve always seen Josh going for the biggest sweetheart on earth! Someone who’s kind, selfless and the cutest little thing ever. A girl/boy who at first is shy yet as you get to know them, she/he comes more and more out of their shell. Not someone who’s in your face but someone who you can have a nice conversation with. Your traditional good girl/boy. Someone who can get along with everyone and is pure and innocent. I think Jisoo would be head over heels for a girl/boy like that. 

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Jun - For me Jun would go for someone who’s intelligent and quick witted. Someone he can have a deep conversation with and it never get boring. A girl/boy who’s comfortable being herself and expressing her/his views on certain things; I think Jun would find that quality very attractive. Someone with a good fashion taste who likes expressing who they are through their clothes. Open minded and creative. Someone who can handle Jun being on tour and still love him just as much as she always has as their relationship progresses. 

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Hoshi: This sunshine would go for the biggest dork on Earth! Someone who makes others wonder if they’re okay yet he’ll sit and find them the most adorable thing to ever grace this Earth. I think he’d go for someone who’s good at dancing like him, they don’t have to be the best dancer ever but have some skill so he can grab them to dance. A person who’s very polite and well spoken on the streets yet at home turn silly and makes our Soonyoung smile. 

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Wonwoo - A very reserved girl/boy who takes a while to get to know someone. Someone who could just happily sit there drawing or reading and let’s the world go by. I think Wonwoo would find their stability to be very enticing. A girl/boy who allows him to put them on a pedestal because I’ve always been one to believe Wonwoo would love his partner with all his heart. Someone quite chilled and laid back yet showers our Garden Fairy with all their love and affection. 

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Woozi - A very stable girl/boy who knows what they want from life. A person who could help Woozi stay on his feet and stay’s his rock and his safe place no matter what. I could see him go for someone quite curvy and petite like himself. Someone intelligent and shares their views. A person who’s skillful at many things but prefers not to showcase their talents from shyness. Just your average girl who’s open to loving Woozi. 

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[SF9] Ideal Types

//Completely headcannon btw. Just making sure!//

Inseong: Someone kind and smart. Someone patient. (You’d need a lot of patience with this kid. lmao.) Helps to be worldly.

Youngbin: Someone mature. Passionate and hardworking, like himself. Must be sweet and loyal to a fault.

Jaeyoon: Someone super cute and affectionate. Caring. Probably artsy. 

Dawon: Someone wild and crazy that can match his pace. OR someone the exact opposite. Someone to keep him anchored.

Zuho: Someone easy going and relaxed. Mature. Likes to appreciate the smaller things in life. 

Rowoon: Someone who he can care for. More on the mature side. Stylish.

Taeyang: Someone pretty and intelligent. Loves to dance. Is kind and passionate in everything they do. Has manners.

Hwiyoung: Someone artsy and creative. Caring. Must be a good cook.

Chani: Cutesy. Active. Someone who could care for him. Can honestly see him going for someone older. 

When you’re probably more mature than someone three times your age but Priest!Dean has you blushing like a hormonal teenager.

Casually fuck you, Winchester.

NCT DREAM and what they need in a girl // tag yourself

Mark needs someone whose confident, not a show-off. He needs someone humble and strong. Someone who will treat him fairly and with love.

Renjun needs someone understanding, not empathetic. He needs someone accepting and kind. Someone who will treat him affectionately and with a smile.

Jeno needs someone lively, not loud. He needs someone loving and is a conversationalist. Someone who will treat him adoringly and with respect.

Haechan needs someone tough, not strong. He needs someone who has a good sense of humor and treats people with respect. Someone who he’ll have heart eyes for and will be at lost for words.

Jaemin needs someone straight-forward, not rude. He needs someone whose pleasant and polite. Someone whose simple and doesn’t ask much from him.

Chenle needs someone mature, not serious. He needs someone to be playful and fun with at times. Someone whose bright and looks for him over a wide sea of people.

Jisung needs someone whose open-minded, not a know-it all. He needs someone who he can discuss things with and talk to about various different topics. Someone who he can feel comfortable with and be lovers at the same time.

[Pentagon] Ideal Types

//Completely headcannon btw. lol//

Jinho: Someone mature, but cute. Polite and presentable. Short, short, SHORT.

Hui: Passionate. Love of music. Creative. Loves to laugh.

Hongseok: Someone he can take care of. Hint of sexiness. Soft around the edges. Intelligent.

E’Dawn: Clingy. Someone who could take care of him. Petite.

Shinwon: Tall and trendy. Funny and cheesy. Someone who will be able to take care of him.

Yeo One: Curvier person. A good cook. Someone who is just as romantic as he is.

Yanan: Smart and sweet. Appears more innocent than they really are.


Kino: Someone cute and easy going. Someone who will appreciate him entirely. Has a nice smile.

Wooseok: Outgoing. Tall. Active. Enjoys similar things. Kinda dorky. Fun to be around.

BTS: A bird got in their room

“How would BTS react to a bird getting into their room??” -Anon

J-Hope: Screaming. That’s all there is to it. Screaming.

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Jimin: Jimin would try to open a window, but if the bird went near the window he was going to, he’d run out of the room, closing the door behind him, running to get either Suga or a staff member.

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Jin: Jin wouldn’t freak out too much, as long as it was calm and stayed a decent three feet away it was alright. He’d open the window and leave, closing the door, making sure it got out. Though, we all know he’d wave it bye.

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Jungkook: He’s a mixture between J-Hope and Jimin. Once he sees the bird, he’s confused. But then he gets into motion. Yelling, leaving the room, getting someone more mature.

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Rap Mon: Rap Mon would probably try to shoo it out of the window, and when that didn’t work, he might leave the room and hope no one goes in to find the bird.

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Suga: Suga would probably be startled by it at first, but once it’s calmer, he’d take care of it in no more than 15 minutes. No big deal.

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V: V would be just like Jimin, even if he did stay around the bird trying to feed or take a picture of it. Once it got crazy near him, he was out.

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What do you think are pentagon's ideal types (both appearance and personality)

I love this request!! I looked at there ideal types and they’re all the same so I want to give my real opinion on there “ideal types” and what they would like. 

Jinho: With Jinho I think he would want someone who is more mature but can also have a good time. So someone who can be serious when they need to. Jinho is a kind soul so he wants someone to treat him nicely. And in appearance he would love a smaller significant other. But he doesn’t have a short complex so he wouldn’t care to much about height really. Just someone who takes care of themselves.

Hui: want someone who can have a good time with his members. Someone who they will like so a diverse girl. Also I think he would like a leader type like him. Just someone who will lead and also help him relax when he needs it. Something inside me thimks he would love brown long hair.

Hongseok: We all know how Hongseok is more of a protective type so he would want someone loyal. Someone where he doesn’t have to worry about being disloyal. Personally I think Hongseok would like a fashionable type girl, no height requirement, but also would love feature, like large soft lips, light colored eyes, and long eyelash type girls.

E dawn: He is chill so I think he would want a drama free girl someone who he can just hold all night and relax with no drama So a girl who is just natural and open minded and just chill. In looks wise he is a hips man so he would want a girl who looks good in a nice pair of jeans. And maybe he likes blondes also and maybe some tattoos also.

Shinwon: Shinwon is hard to place. He wants a person who does cute gestures not a girly girl just someone who’s cute to him personally. Someone who likes skinship is also a plus he wants to cuddle and such. Maybe someone who has a unique hobby would also be a plus. Also if you can eat lots of food he’ll be right next to you. In appearance wise he would want more of a full body good size chest maybe cute features like moles.

Yeo One: Yeo one is naturally happy personality so someone to match him would be who he’s looking for. He would want to be a oppa type so someone who is younger. Someone who depends on his for affection and love. In appearance he would love cute hairstyles so unique hairstyles that make him point you out in a crowd. Someone funny and unique.

Yanan: Well I think Yanan is such a happy guy he would love if any girl found love in him. Knowing Chinese isn’t a must but it would really be a plus for him. And in appearance he would like more of unique look so someone who doesn’t look like every other girl. He would enjoy short girls that are more on the fluff side so slightly cubby so he can poke you and such.

Yuto: Yuto would want someone who can open him up and make him laugh. If you know Japanese that would be great not a requirement. I think he would like someone who can stand up for themselves. So a confident person he would find. And maybe a taller girl since he is tall, and someone who likes the color black like black ripped jeans and leather jackets.

Kino: someone who had a talent he would really like because be can connect with. He would prefer some personality who is out going. Someone who can help him get out if his awkward shell. In appearance I think he would like a girl around his height. Kino would like short hair a lot also.

Wooseok: Wooseok doesn’t really care about appearance since he likes the p***y any color hairy or not. But he does like thing for like longer hair and he doesn’t care what color.  But personality is really important to him, so he wants someone he can laugh with and then cuddle and then roast someone withthe next day. Someone the other boys would like so someone who’s funny but not to disrespectful.

Pentagon's Ideal Types

If you haven’t already seen it, the boys were in a kpopstarz interview by AWA where they talked about their ideal types, so I’ve referenced their answers for my responses here. Please remember, this is just my opinion of what they’d like; take it with a grain of salt.


I know he’s the oldest, but I have a feeling he’d like noonas, or someone who acted very mature. I think he’d like someone who can take care of him. In the interview, he said he likes girls with a nice voice, so I think he’d enjoy someone who loves music like he does. He can be silly and childish sometimes though, so I think someone who can be both sophisticated and a goofball would suit him well. So generally someone who can adapt to these different sides of him while supporting him.


We know from his interview that Hui likes hardworkers, which leads me to believe that he is someone who places a lot of emphasis on personality, more so than most people, and less emphasis on physical features. I think his type is someone who is stable and dependable, who he can trust to be there for him when he’s struggling with something, and is a good listener.


I think Hongseok is someone who likes to spend a lot of time with his significant other, so someone who is enthusiastic and energetic to keep up with all his activities would make him happy. He said he likes those with similar hobbies, but I think he’d like someone who has some other hobbies too so that he could learn new things with them.


Like Hui, and maybe even more so, I think E’Dawn is someone who puts a lot of emphasis on personality. His saying that he likes honest girls makes me think he’d appreciate someone straightforward or blunt who tells it as it is. I think this also means that he likes girls who aren’t playing dumb or hard to get. He doesn’t like complications, and likes people who are honest with themselves (about their feelings and such) and with others.


He said he likes short, chubby girls, so I think Shinwon’s taste is for girls with a lot of personality (and of course that body type. I’m just noticing a common personality trend). By that, I mean someone who is maybe more talkative, more assertive, feisty, and/or sassy. I think looks are important to him, but he likes for them to have a fun personality too.

Yeo One

The fact that Yeo One is always telling us to eat well and stay warm makes me think that he’s showing us through that what he likes in a significant other: someone who’s positive and can lift him up on days where he’s feeling down. Probably someone even more bright and happy than he is would be what he’s looking for.


Sweet and social girls is what Yanan said in the interview, so his type probably runs more on the personality side than physical. Similar to Yeo One, I think he likes someone with a very bright personality, but also someone who’s talkative and not afraid to share their thoughts and feelings with him.


I think Yuto might like girls who aren’t super talkative, but are still polite. He said he likes short hair, so he probably does give appearance some consideration, but short hair often makes people look more mature, so maturity might be something he looks for too. I feel like he’d also like someone with unique hobbies and interests, because it’s something new for him to experience.


Someone who smiles a lot is what Kino said in the interview, so I think, like most of the other younger members (seriously, is it just me or do they all kinda like the same type of girls?), he likes very positive people. He’s such a sweetheart that it’s hard to believe there’s many people he wouldn’t like, but for him to see them as a romantic partner I think they’d also have to be polite, and like skinship as much as Kino does.


Wooseok strikes me as someone who would like to really appreciate his significant other’s individual talents. I think he’d like someone who enjoys travel, judging by his travel interests, so someone who could tell him stories about other parts of the world would be nice. He said he likes girls with nice smiles, so I think he also appreciates a positive, bright person, but more someone who’s always ready for anything, be it a grand adventure or a quiet evening watching anime.

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(This was so difficult you guys omg. Hopefully it’s good ^^)