someones artwork

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

loving someone // the 1975 x artwork // @lightthefuze

friendly reminder

that re-posting someone’s artwork without their permission is not “helping them” or “showing your appreciation” it’s straight up theft. You are stealing. End of discussion. “Fair use” does not protect you. Crediting does not protect you or make you any less of a thief.

And if an artist comes to you and asks you to take it down and your first response is to be an utter prick and go on about what ~you~ are doing for ~them~ then go step on a lego you entitled little shit.

(feel free to translate this because this problem is with more than just English speakers)


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

Ahhh, I miss the beach hotels 

“The Sweetest Language that I know”

Hecking love this song💜👌


10-Heart Pop-Art Leah & Elliott [ 4 / 6 ]

These two were a lot of fun. I have a headcanon that she makes her oils with fruit from the valley and he uses duck feather writing quills.

please don’t erase the watermark ;_;

someone submitted this to a person, and actually edited this, into this:

thank you for @cuteshirokuma for telling me about this

it actually hurts that someone actually someone stole your fan artwork ;_;

recoloring and removing the watermark is not okay

edit: it is actually okay for me if they’d only credited me and asked my permission ;-; but doing this.. it actually hurt my feelings