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New Boyfriend (F)

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REQUESTED: a yugyeom scenario where he’s best friend with the reader and he likes her but she’s dating someone who treats her badly. He had enough of the reader’s boyfriend and confronts the bad boyfriend and confesses to the reader

Reader (you) x Yugyeom

Word Count: 1102

Warnings: none

none: here you go, anon! I really hope you like this one! i wasn’t feeling well when i wrote this so it may sound really weird but i’ll edit it once i feel better! btw, should I release the new teaser for a new series? thoughts? anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

For as long as you could remember, Yugyeom and you were inseparable from the moment you started to become best friends. People referred you two as the dynamic duo since you did everything together with Yugyeom. They even predicted that you would end up married with Yugyeom. But that wasn’t the case. Ever since Yugyeom became an idol, he left you alone to deal with the world by yourself. Without your partner in crime, you had to admit you felt empty. Until you met someone in particular. David was the name of the guy you fell in love with. Everyone knew him as a strikingly handsome guy who had a bad boy look and they weren’t lying. As soon as Yugyeom heard you were dating David, he immediately felt jealous.

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So you got to see BatB yesterday? What did you enjoy about it? I agree with you about Ms. Watson, btw ;) Looks like that is the popular opinion among basically everyone who saw it... I thought Luke Evans and Josh Gad were amazing and pretty much made up for everything else. Dan Stevens wasn't bad either. Anyway, is there a chance of a Blaire/Beamie AU at all? I would pay money to read that ;)

hi nonnie! 

some scattered BATB thoughts below the cut! 

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YOI Mermaid AU

Where Yuuri is the heir to the throne in the ocean and everyone wants to protect him from the big bad humans because humans and merpeople have a really bad history together.

Yuuri finds a sunken statue of Prince Victor and Loses His Shit. The nose of the statue is broken and barnacles have already started growing everywhere but Yuuri is in love anyway. He’s never seen someone so beautiful in his entire life. 

Yuuri bribes all the other mermaids/men for anything related to Prince Viktor and ends up owning an entire cave dedicated to him full of stuff like sunken paintings, robes, jewelry, etc. 

Yuuri needs to find a bride to marry and his parents set him up with a bunch of beautiful dates but he’s just not interested. After the dates, he ends up swimming back to his Victor Cave and kind of just floating there and admiring Victor’s face.

At this point, his parents know that Yuuri isn’t straight and decide to give him the ability to turn his tail into legs whenever he wants to so he can go find his love. They kept this ability from Yuuri because they just really don’t trust humans and want to protect Yuuri from them. 

So eventually Yuuri and Victor meet on the beach and Yuuri’s fucking naked. Victor immediately starts crying out of joy because he can’t believe the beautiful merman prince he’s watched for every single day since he was a teen is standing in front of him.

Victor then leads Yuuri around all ten of his castles and shows Yuuri his the “Super Cute Water Prince I’ll Never Have A Chance With” shrine in each one. 

Yuuri ends up teaching Victor how to swim because humans tend to avoid the ocean due to a fear of merpeople. Yuuri then decides to swim back into the ocean and brings up a bunch of Victor’s sunken things and Victor just flatlines.

They end up getting married and Victor orders that seawater canals be built all throughout the city so humans and merpeople can interact and learn to trust each other. 

okay remember that movie where chris pratt wakes up on a spaceship and he’s 300 light years from the final destination or whatever and he wasn’t supposed to wake up that early and so he’s essentially just going to die alone on this spaceship so he initially just goes around having a blast getting hammered doing whatever the hell he wants, inasmuch as one can do whatever the hell one wants on a deserted spaceship, but he starts getting really lonely like really really really lonely and so he decides to wake someone else up to keep him company and he knows this is a really bad idea but he’s sooooooooo lonely and this person seems sooooooooooo cool so he decides to just go for it anyway and wake this person up and lie to them and say the machine malfunctioned and that’s why they woke up early, because how would this person ever know what really happened, anyway? and so initially they’re getting along really well having all kinds of fun but then the person he woke up discovers the truth and gets absolutely fucking furious and beats his ass, but THEN it turns out that the ship is falling apart and everyone’s going to die unless they can put their conflict aside and fix the ship, so they both drag themselves through hell and risk certain death in deep space zero gravity to make all the necessary repairs, but then the first person’s spacesuit malfunctions, so the person he woke up has to either just let him die or revive him via mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and this person really contemplates just letting him die but then realizes they’d be alone on this spaceship for decades and it would fucking suck, so they go for the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which makes them realize that they really do love this asshole after all, and then they both build their own apartment on the ship and just move there and hang out 24/7 partying in total isolation until they die… an objectively terrible movie idea but simultaneously an excellent and extremely in-character idea for a high-concept macdennis fic


“You push people away.”
“You noticed?”
“…Why do you do this to yourself?”
“Because you don’t need someone like me.”
“‘Someone like you’? Tell me, who are you, really? Or rather…who do you think you are?”
“A fuck-up, a lost cause…a burden, a bad influence…a death sentence. Take your pick.”
"You’re being a little dramatic here. Don’t give yourself so much credit. What gave you the notion that I would’ve needed you anyway? I’m fine on my own; I’ve been doing it for six years. And what about you? What do you have to show for it?”
“…Crippling anxiety and a lot of bad decisions.”
“You’re a mess, Santi.”
“Of course I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I say too much and I scare people off. It’s what I do best.”
“You don’t scare me.”
“I will, though. Because that’s what happens with me.”

imagine tony having a really bad day. and he’s feeling worthless and sick and horrible and sitting in his workshop with his head in his hands and NOT crying, he’s not, a little bit of dampness doesn’t count as crying.

anyway he’s just smol and miserable and sniffly

but then there’s warm hands resting on his shoulders and rubbing, and someone poking their nose into his hair, and steve says softly, ‘hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?’

and tony scrubs at his eyes and leans back against steve’s warm chest, and steve dots little soft kisses all over tony’s ears and temple and face, kissing away the dampness on his eyelids and holding him close until he feels better.


look what i found !

mega fluff + that adoption au kinda thing + inspired by this tweet though i tweaked it a little bit and made it seem like yoongi knew it from the very start :((( i did ask for permission though there wasn’t any response yet but i thought i’d post this anyway i’m sorry :((((

yoongi’s priorities are really not that complicated. the following goes like this:

1. jimin
2. relationship with said boy
3. career
4. rent and bills, daily necessities 
5. the future - aka a real family and kids (it’s really not that important right now)

really, it’s not that complicated. 

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(just realized that i made these and never showed the world)

so after jumping headfirst into hell the lazytown fandom in 2016 (because why not), i saw someone uploaded the recipes that used to be on the website or smthn? anyways, the only one that i really wanted to make was Robbie Rotten’s Chocolate Bombs and so i did (i know the pictures aren’t the best but w/e). i didn’t follow the recipe exactly, as i used almond milk, egg whites, sugar in the raw, and no baking powder because ḯŧ’ş ẖǽļťḩƴ what i had.

overall, they weren’t bad (10/10 would make again) but i feel like a different sugar or maybe some chocolate sauce on top would have made them better but eh they’re pretty amazing anyways.

A conversion with my ten year old cousin
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Be honest. If you had to pick between Chloe and Arcadia Bay, who you pick?<p/><b>Cousin:</b> Like, to save?<p/><b>Me:</b> Correct.<p/><b>Cousin:</b> I'd have to say Chloe.<p/><b>Me:</b> Why is that?<p/><b>Cousin:</b> 'Cause, Arcadia Bay is just a place. You can move away easily. But Chloe is a person. And you can only ever meet one person like Chloe in your lifetime.<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah. Arcadia Bay was a really bad town anyway.<p/><b>Cousin:</b> True. And it's not like anyone in that town cares about you unless you use your powers other than Kate, Joyce and Warren. I won't give up someone I truly love for a town of people who for the most part don't know me or hate me.<p/></p><p/></p>

Yall: there is NO EXCUSE for cheating if you cheat on someone you are a MONSTER THAT DESERVES TO ROT AND BURN

Me: so anyways I cheated once to get out of a really bad and abusive relationship 🙃


mood of the day [그날의 분위기]   + w i d e s c r e e n

- where are you going?
-   busan.
- for work?
-   yes.
- me too. i guess this is what they call fate.
-   they call it coincidence.

*note: 운명 (umyeong) meaning fate sounds similar to 우연 (uyeon) meaning coincidence

Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul → Tokyo Ghoul √A

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Hi, Jess! I was wondering what your headcanon for Maggie is. I think obviously she's quite seriously emotionally scarred. I really hope they delve into that more in s3. For some reason I get the feeling that her Aunt wasn't to nice to her, she must have left her house when she was 17 (tries not think about 17 year old Maggie Sawyer out alone in the world). I don't think they gave specific dates, but she must have been in her early 20s with Emily. It kills me to think but I imagine her Aunt 1/2

2/2 treated her as if she was a burden. The line “figured she really knew me, and was right” makes me think Maggie was looking for that reaction, and she probably self sabotaged the relationship. “You don’t think I’m a bad person” has so much behind it. That is a question from someone who has been told that they are, a deep insecurity. Anyway, Jess. I’m sorry I’ve probably made you sad. I really hope we get the Aunt or the parents in s3!

Honestly, I’m not sure we have enough about Maggie’s background to make any BIG conclusions on Maggie’s aunt. But you could be right. Regardless of the relationship with her aunt, we know that the trauma from her parents cut her really deep and has affected her trust in relationships. I would love to learn more about Maggie’s relationship with her aunt though because that could help us understand Maggie more. Like, how long she lived with her aunt? Were they close? Are they still in contact? If not, why? 

Mostly, I think Alex explained my headcanon for Maggie the best. She doesn’t like to sort out her emotions herself and having to do that in a relationship seems horrifying. When she does address her emotions it takes her awhile to fully hash it out. Trust is difficult. It means that Maggie has to be vulnerable in order for the relationship to be healthy and strong. In the past, Maggie has been burned for trusting others close to her and people never stayed around long enough for her to understand the importance of trust in relationships. I think it will be really interesting to see how Maggie and Alex’s relationship grows now that Maggie will be working on opening up to Alex. I hope we learn more about Maggie’s past and maybe even see Alex help her work out some of those past feelings. But, like always, I try to keep my expectations low considering the supergirl writers haven’t been giving Sanvers solid screen time. Thanks for the ask, anon! :)  

The last one is negative just so you know.

I would like to make her take a seat here but…I mean, surely they already know that such a thing was suppose to be locked away?

But I am not so sorry to have to redeem myself either.

Option B is neutral. She is still 100 with me.

Option B for me.

Neutral it seems.

It seems someone got attacked and MC has to go to the Crystal room.

With a nice seal on the entrance to it for protection.

But not before she thinks how it is weird she was not the one attacked.
And guess what? It appeared.

And it looks cool! The head is my favorite with the details.
But she really has bad look, our MC.

Sweetie, I am sorry to bring this to you but, you don’t own a gun.

Anyway, the game alarms you that you will have to play the episode game feature in order to battle this one.

That was nice. At least it did not come out of no where. 

Cameria is finally here!

We get her illustration like that. Makes me feel better now.

Driving Protip Lifetip

Paying a medical bill/bank statement/misc thing? Calling to make an appointment?

Do not do so when you are driving, you dumbfuck. you shouldn’t really even be on the phone anyway but whatever

I don’t give a damn if you’re “busy” or this is your only “free time.” You have the same amount of hours in a day as Steven Hawking, The Wright Brothers, Harriet Tubman, and Amelia Earheart. You can make time. 

You’re being irresponsible, selfish, and a hazard to yourself and others. 

“But I can multitask.”

Maybe you can today, what about five minutes from now? Tomorrow? When you’re having a bad day?

Don’t be that imbecile who kills someone because you thought you couldn’t find the time in your “very busy day” to make a small call. Do not be that news story. 

So I’ve been sick for a few days (rip me) and in that time this blog reached 1400 followers and now is almost at 1500 followers which is insane-o (don’t mind me, I’m on the cold drugs)

BUT SUPER THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!! I’m happy that my writing can make someone smile or make their day better. I have some pretty neat-o stuff in store for the future regarding my writing and this blog so I hope that can be an exciting thing for all of us to enjoy (although it probably won’t be ready for a few months but that’s okay).

And I feel really bad that it’s been taking so long for me to do requests but I’ve been sick and busy with uni and life drama and I really want requests to be done well, I don’t want to publish them just to publish them.

Anyway, thanks again!! Here’s to almost 1500! 

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Hello i'm a bit new and was wondering if you have any blog recs? some nice harrie/louie larries? 😊

hello, anon! 🤗 i’m in this fandom for a little bit more than an year and i don’t follow lots of people so idk if i’m the right person to answer you but here are some of my favorites: @birdonahotdog, @alllwaysinmyheartt, @ziall, @homemp3, @throughthedark, @rhapsodyforyouandme, @emeraldpearls anyway, i hope it helps! i’m probably forgetting someone but i’m really bad at this kdjfhdk, sorry.