Mad but not exactly mad
Hurt but not exactly hurt
Empty but not exactly empty
I have no clue what the fuck i am right now.
All i know is that its raining and i want to run around with someone, jump on cars, climb walls, and fucking dance until i fall off and break my leg.


The only sport that really matters.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one of my kind. I have this overwhelming, excruciatingly vast urge to do great things with my life. I don’t want to waste my time sleeping. I’d rather be out doing anything else. I want to stay up all night and do crazy things with the people I love most in this world. I don’t want to say, “It’s getting late.” Or “I have to be up early.” I want to just stay awake and be alive all the time. I want to go on crazy adventures. I must admit, sometimes that fear of getting caught is the best adrenaline rush you will ever have. Although, I do not necessarily want to do bad things, just a lot of crazy things. I want those people in my life to come knocking on my door at 3am and drag my sleepy butt to a movie. Or to a park. Or out into a tent in their backyard. Or to my roof to stare at the stars. How about go skinny dipping just because we can. Or hey, even regular swimming but at 1am. Anything. I want to take spontaneous and wild road trips where it’s just music, friends, and the roaring wind. I want to go on midnight runs with the cold breeze giving me the goosebumps only that kind of excitement could achieve. I want to taste life in every possible way, because if nearly dying taught me anything, it’s that once we’re gone, there’s no second chance to do these things. So do them now while we can. Throw away your insecurities and be the one people stare at, because in the end, you will have lived, and they will have wished they had.