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Yesterday during Hansol’s live steam there was this person who every now and then would send Hansol messaged saying things like “Say Bjoo i love you” or “Say Bjoo is sexy” or “Say Bjoo is mine” and things of sort. If you were this person and you happen to be reading this please stop. This also goes to everyone out there who does this. Being shipped with someone and have it thrown in your face is really uncomfortable. It happened to me and it went to the point where i wanted to get away from my best friend so people would stop. We already know how sensitive Hansol is about this so please PLEASE don’t do it! We don’t want him to dritft away from Byungjoo.
I’m not telling you not to ship them, please, i write fanfics about them so it’d very hypocrite of me to say so, im just saying, don’t throw your ships on their face.

kids of the in-between: ch. 1

I know I was going to hold off on posting the first chapter of my artist!ronan fic until I finished writing the entire story, but someone told me it was pynch week this week and I couldn’t help myself! Expect new chapters about once a week.

Summary:  A story of fast cars, discarded dreams, blinding rage, pencil sketches, and finding happiness. Not necessarily in that order.

Trigger warnings: gory descriptions and character death (only in the last section)

Read all parts: on tumblr | on ao3

Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III.

Ronan looked at the name plaque next to his door with raised eyebrows. He couldn’t decide whether the name amused or annoyed him more. It didn’t surprise him, though. After all, this was the dorm of the filthy rich, the domain of the freshmen whose parents were wealthy enough to add a generous donation to the already-exorbitant tuition. Ronan wouldn’t have bought into it, but it was also the only freshman dorm with suites instead of doubles, and there was no way in hell he was going to share a room with someone. If he had to suffer through the presence of Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III in order to be alone when it mattered, then he would. Besides, it wasn’t like his dad had minded spending the extra money. 

“Oh, hello. Is this your suite too?” The voice behind him was almost painfully polite, crisp and commanding with the slightest twang of old Virginia buried beneath the surface. It made Ronan’s ears itch. 

He turned and raised his eyebrows at the salmon polo shirt and new boat shoes that immediately assaulted his vision. “Dick?”

Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III winced, and the old Virginia twang was gone when he said, “Please, call me Gansey.”

A slow smile slid across Ronan’s face as he marveled at how quickly Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III had offered him a loaded gun in the form of a name. “Ronan,” he responded before turning back around, unlocking the door to their suite, and waiting. Waiting to hear Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III’s voice slide back into its Virginian accent, waiting to feel Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III’s silent judgment as he stared at the obscene combat boots and obscene band t-shirt and obscene faded jeans that surely went against everything his khaki pants and flawless haircut stood for, waiting to use his loaded gun as soon as Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III insulted him first.

But then Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III did none of those things. Instead, he leaned forward and splayed his fingers across Ronan’s back in order to flatten his shirt before saying excitedly, “Is this written in Irish?”

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I’m planning on doing a new project and making a series of posts with books that have wlw protagonists.

I love reading, but I haven’t been reading at all since high school and I later realized it’s because everything is just so straight. on top of that, whenever someone recommends an LGBTQ book it’s about a white gay boy coming out which, no offense, but doesn’t really interest me either since it’s not relatable and lgbtq representation isn’t interchangeable.

I know a lot of wlw read tons of fanfics but often not many books and I want to change that because I feel we have the same reasons. and there’s just something about holding an actual book and an original story. plus, I’d love for more people to support authors who write wlw stories because the world needs more diverse books.

for now I just think I’ll be posting book covers, summaries, and maybe a small list of what makes the book diverse.

if you like the idea or have any suggestions, please let me know!

e-meckm  asked:

I've had some questions about commenting on fanfic, and I just read you post "Wishlist of a Fanfic Writer" so I'm hoping you can help. What's the best way to comment on a WIP? I want to be able to convey my love for the story and my hope for more without pressuring the author. Is it acceptable to tell an author about something I don't like? I really love a story, but I want to give my criticism that it felt rushed. Are there different rules for commenting on a wip vs a completed fic? Thanks!

Yeah, this can be a tough one, because a lot of writers do feel pressured. *side-eyes fic that has sat unfinished since 2010* 

I’d say comment on what you love about what’s there, and wish them luck with their future writing. If it’s been a while since the last update, maybe say you hope they feel inspired to finish it someday. Always avoid saying things like “when’s the next update?” or “so disappointed this isn’t finished”. 

Unless the writer has specifically asked for help or criticism, or a story has a major flaw, such as being difficult to follow, it’s best not to volunteer what you didn’t like about it. A lot of things are down to personal taste, and writers can’t please everyone. 

If you really must say something, try phrasing it in the form of a question. “I thought X was an unusual choice. What made you decide to do it that way?” But really, if you like an idea, but don’t like what the writer decided to do with it, the best thing to do is probably write your own story.

let me be clear: when I say a published work is “shitty fanfiction,” I do not mean that it is bad because because it is inspired by another work

I mean that it is bad because someone has managed to get paid for, possibly even awarded for, something more poorly written than what the rest of us produce, in our spare time, for free

like, if you, as a professional, have a more tenuous grasp of characterization, pacing, or narrative consistency than a fourteen-year-old child, you don’t get to pretend that your work is somehow better just because you got money for it

the boy that stood by the sea 1/3

Killian has been a part-time carer for Henry Cassidy for nearly five years now, over which time he has come to appreciate and value the balance it’s brought to his mostly tumultuous existence. But when Neal remarries and brings someone new into their lives, he finds his precarious peace about to be disturbed forever. All he knows is this - no matter what happens, somebody has to fight for Henry’s happiness.

(Which may well make Emma Swan the best damn thing that ever happens to them.)

Captain Cobra Swan. Loosely based on Henry James’ ‘What Maisie Knew’.


A/N: Henry af. CS af. Captain Cobra Swan af. this has literally been bursting at the edge of my consciousness for ~weeks~.
Rating: T
Warnings: slight tw for.. certainly not abuse, but perhaps what some could delicately consider dubious treatment of a child. some parents don’t always get it right, even when they desperately want to. 

now, on we go! 

This is just like Neal.

“You don’t understand,” Killian tries to reason, “I’m not even supposed to be here, I have the week off. Henry’s father is supposed to be picking him up today.”

“Yet, as you can see — Henry is still here, and it is well past the end of the school day.”

It’s his sodding week off, and of course it only takes two days for his cell to light up with the familiar number from Hopper’s Elementary with a receptionist on the other side demanding to know why nobody has come to pick up Henry Cassidy after the final ring of the bell. Killian had jetted down there as fast as the Boston traffic would allow, but he only has his bicycle and there’s no chance in hell he’s letting Henry on it without a helmet. Not to mention he has a shift starting in thirty minutes and Neal still won’t answer his bloody phone. He’s probably at work and has completely forgot about the basic parental responsibility expected of him, he usually spaces when it comes to Henry if Killian isn’t around, but he’s still his father. There are certain things you don’t just forget — and Killian only started looking after the boy as a favour to an old friend with a busy professional schedule.

That was five years ago. Becoming an on-off live-in nanny for half of his income had never been the plan. Yet, here he is.

“Miss Blanchard,” he begs, “I’m on my way to work, all I have is my bike. I can’t take him. There has to be some other solution.”

Henry’s small hands begin to play with Killian’s fingers resting at his side as he hums quietly to himself. His heart melts for the six-year-old, and he finds himself crouching down so he can lift the boy into his arms — it isn’t Henry’s fault, it never is. The lad is always so good about being handed around like a sack of potatoes from sitter to Killian to sitter to Dad, bearing it with a staggering patience and grace for a child his age.

As much as Killian considers Neal a friend, that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t deserve Henry, or Henry’s good favour. Killian presses a kiss to the crown of his chestnut hair.

“I wish there was something I could do, Killian. Aside from calling social services and letting them deal with it there’s very little else within my power — we only rang you because you’re Henry’s emergency contact.”

Just at that moment, as Killian is trying to furiously think his way out of the dilemma, there is a quiet knock on the classroom door before it opens to reveal the most arresting woman he has ever laid eyes on. She steps hesitantly inside.

“Uh, sorry to — um. Neal Cassidy. He sent me to get his son?”

With long, lightly curled blonde hair that falls to her waist and frames a lovely, unblemished face with fierce green eyes, Killian finds whatever response he had been about to utter to Miss Blanchard dying instantly on his tongue. She’s wearing only a simple red jacket and jeans and he struggles to identify just what it is about her that takes his breath away — he’s not entirely unused to the objective attractiveness of women, after all. On closer inspection of the storming jade of her eyes he can detect a hardness to her stare. Although her expression exudes the sheepish timidity of one having walked in on a conversation they weren’t invited to, there is some sort of mask in front of it that snaps any semblance of emotional connection. It’s difficult for him to describe. He feels as if he is merely observing an impossibly detailed artist’s impression of the human face rather than the article itself. A person with a screen in the way.

She’s beautiful.

But she’s also unfamiliar to him — and apparently she’s here for Henry.

Killian’s arms tighten around the boy protectively, who is watching the stranger with interest in his keen brown eyes.

Miss Blanchard’s response is in direct contrast to the way Killian’s hackles have raised, and blesses the newcomer with a friendly smile. “And who might you be?”

The woman shrugs awkwardly, stepping fully into the classroom. “I’m, uh. I’m his — I’m sorta like Henry’s step-mom.”

That Killian hadn’t been expecting.

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anonymous asked:

If you had to decide, which member would be what to jinyoung? For eg who'd be his partner/lover, brother, best friend etc :)

XD this turned into something like a character outline for a fanfic AU, I’m sorry OTL hope it still kinda answers your question the way you want! ❤

Older brother - Jaebum: sometimes thinks Jinyoung is annoying, but cares about him and protects him more than anyone ^^ knows almost everything about him :) tries to look out for him and give him advice and positively influences him

Best friend - Jackson: someone that Jinyoung can talk about his problems to, makes Jinyoung smile, knows even the secrets that Jaebum doesn’t know, cuddles and sticks to Jinyoung’s side, Jinyoung’s best friend since childhood, introduced Jinyoung and Mark to each other, and also has a crush on Jaebum since they were kids and looks up to Jaebum

Crush/Boyfriend - Mark: understands Jinyoung best and tries to accommodate him the most, while Jaebum and Jackson might know a little more detail about Jinyoung, Mark is able to pick up on Jinyoung’s moods the best, also gives into Jinyoung most often and always wants him to be happy ^^, knows when Jinyoung is putting on an act, breaks down Jinyoung’s defenses easily, met Jinyoung through Jackson cause of some international student thing

Little brother - Yugyeom: fights with Jinyoung the most but also loves him and protects him, won’t admit it but always tries to cuddle with Jinyoung whenever possible, remembers every single time Jinyoung stuck up for him and protected him from bullies

Little brother’s BFF - Bambam: basically a little brother from another mother, likes to tease and bother Jinyoung with Yugyeom, gets babied by Jinyoung, “borrows” Jinyoung’s clothes and forgets to return them, lives right next door

Underclassman he tutors every week - Youngjae: the little brother Jinyoung always jokes he wishes he had instead of Yugyeom, Jinyoung dotes on Youngjae and Youngjae tries to make him proud, they’re together very often even outside of tutoring, Jinyoung likes to ruffle his hair, also looks up to Jaebum who is in singing class/club with him


OMG just found your blog and I’m in love. I’m not sure you’re still doing these but if you are can you write one about the weasely family (+Harry of course) accidentally walk in on a little too much fremione happening. You’re definitely my favorite author

Every time someone tells me I’m their favorite author, I just turn into a blubbering pool of akjbflksjhdfkjshdlfkjsdhf

* * *

“Shhh, Hermione,” Fred said, laughing as he led her into the living room. “We’ve got approximately an hour before they all come back from visiting Aunt Muriel.”

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Hello writers: FanFic Author Appreciation

So when I saw the post about this. I thought about going to every one of my favorite stories and write another review.  That would go into mid triple digits. So I thought let me thank my favorite authors here. Hopefully someone will find something new that they enjoy and I get to let some of the people that brought me real joy how I feel. I have stated before I mostly subsist on BBrea fics in one form or another so that’s where I found these incredible people. 

To @beautifulpurpleflame
Yours was one of the first Bbrea fics I have ever read.  So basically I blame you for getting me hooked on this whole thing.  Your stories are sweet and involved, there like sitting down to good meal that you don’t want to rush.  I loved “Truth through mirrors.” and it will always be one of my favorites. 

To @xaphrin
You have created the biggest libraries of fics I have ever seen. I think you are one of my most versatile writers I have ever read, different pairings,(some of which I would never have considered) So many AUs that I couldn’t keep track, and some extraordinary sweet fluff, to smut that nearly melted my glasses. However if I needed to pick just one story I think the “The Tea Sorcerer”  is my favorite.  I have never seen an AU where the characters were so faithful to themselves.   

To @shadowjack12345
You write a great deal of small nuggets of joy.  I truly love the small fics that you inject humor into.  My favorite was a very tough call between one where the other Titans find Bbrea fanfics, the one where they were married and covered it with arguing about the ceremony, and the one where they told Starfire about the baby.  However unable to resolve that conflict I am going with “Yultide Gamble”. Which is a very sweet fic. 

To @megwritesfanfiction 
I think yours was the first fan fiction tumbler I followed. I love your short drabbles. The small little pieces that sounded so much like my wife and I. The little bits of life besides saving people and stuff blowing up.  My favorite however is “Hello” .

To @thewolf-inred, Aka Myprofounddesign
You have this unique ability to go from 0-hot is under 3 paragraphs.  So much of the work I have seen form you has been in little drabbles but there intense.  The good news is that you collected them all in one fic in Ao3 “Bbrae kink meme's”   (Warning this is NSFW)  (Other Warning this is not safe for anyone with a heart condition, blood pressure issues)  

To @jhwlgh
I got to admit that I might be a little bias on this one. You see this writer took a head cannon that I submitted and turned it into a better fic then I could ever produce.  Also has been very good about re-blogging my work and I am grateful for the support. “The Fireworks scare” was a great piece of work.  Which is very different for me since it was a mix of both dark and fluff.   Also “Names” I thought was really touching  

As for everyone else there are too many to mention, and I would be writing till well into next week.  All I can do is ask you all to keep writing not for us but for yourselves.  We are grateful that you decide to share.  

I also want to mention @teentitansprompts and @teentitansheadcanons and @nsfwteentitansheadcanons. For re-blogging some of my stuff for providing prompts and inspiration and connecting me to some of the other great writers.  

Thank you all, because of all of you I started writing myself.  I look forward to the future, and what we can all create. 

Crash Landing Chapter 2 - Cece

Seems like the main gig you guys want is biadore and Peaelet (no that doesn’t mean thats all i’ll focus on). I’m sooooo thrilled with the response. Like i mentioned last time, with the kai kai problem, i don’t write smut :/ so i would need someone else to do that if you want it in this fanfic. If you want to or know someone let me know.

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Where I Stood: Chapter One

author’s note: so I had reblogged a plot idea a while back, and someone had messaged me saying I should write a Callie/Arizona/Mark fic. I don’t know if this is something I’ll continue, but I figured why not just post what I have written so far? And if people like it or whatever, I’ll keep going. this is my first attempt at writing a fanfic so here goes nothing :’)

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It’s fanfic writers appreciation day! I’m bound to forget someone, so I’m starting by saying I’m sorry if I do; it’s not that I hate your fic, it’s that I have a terrible memory.

@jezthemadficster Her fics are pure gold. I fell in love with her ability to write dancing as fluidly as she does, but everything about the story is as polished as a Harry Shum jr dance piece. Plus she loves our unappreciated faves and keeps them in the spotlight!

@lecrit every fic is a gift. Lots of fluff and angst in levels that suit me perfectly. She’s that good she’s even got me reading a Harry Potter AU which I didn’t think possible.

@simeonlewis who got me hooked on jimon is providing us with quality Jimon fic too. Thank you so much!

@actuallyredorchid  I’ve just started her latest and I’m hooked by the conceit and the characters already. Thank you for sharing it :)

@ofwarlocksandgayness  Not only is Mathilde an astonishing artist, she’s also a brilliant writer. You’re too perfect <3

@endeni for writing shadowhunters/star wars crossover. My two favourite things. AND unappreciated faves - what’s not to love!

@oliviadxnhams who is lucky I like her enough to add her here even though she’s holding out on more ‘Adore’ when I need it. (You know ilu really <3)

@m-aleciseverything I’ve not long started Jackie’s fic (so no spoilers!!).

Finally @harrys-shums for her regular fic rec posts. I’m terrible for keeping up to date on what’s being written, so I love her recommendations.  

On the subject of fic recs:  I’m running low on fics once I read Jackie’s - so any mutuals or followers rec me any of YOUR shadowhunters fics. Don’t rec me anyone else’s - just your own - don’t be shy! I tend to mostly read Malec, but anything that has underappreciated characters - Luke, Meliorn, Maureen, or any of the downworlder squad - I’m also up for! :)

On Character Cards

Rating: G/PG | Words: 1,269 | Pairings: Annabel Lee // Edgar Allen Poe, Annabel Lee & Lenore | Prompt: Character Card

A character card is approved before the party.

Or: Edgar spends too much time designing a certain someone’s character card and that certain someone knows it.

I know this is a change of pace for me, but I couldn’t not participate in @shipwreckedcomedy‘s Poe Party thing! Shipwrecked does characters and dynamics so well and I’m so excited about this party and everything involved with it. Also, Edgar is a pining piner who pines and I don’t blame him for a second because Annabel Lee is so incredible.



Annabel Lee stares down at the white card in front of her not quite sure how to react. She fiddles with it, turning it around a few times, admiring the curvy lettering and running her thumbs over the soft parchment. Then she places it down on the kitchen table in front of her, so she can better see it in the soft morning’s light.

“Pretty great, huh?” Lenore asks, floating behind her like she’s reclining on a Roman couch. The perfect picture of unfazed glamour. All she’s missing is a bunch of purple grapes in her hand.

“Well,” Annabel starts, “it’s a very lovely card.”

It’s true - the intricate silver designs have to had been done by hand, and she can almost picture Edgar hunched over that tall dark wooden desk of his, a thousand imperfect copies of this card littered all around the ground as he agonizes over the silver curlicues, his forehead crinkled a little like it had that one time she’d tried to show him how to frost a cupcake.

Her ghostly best friend rolls her eyes at her statement. “I mean the character. Do you like it?”

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anonymous asked:

How does it feel to be shipped with the person you write fanfic about and have people write fanfiction about you two?

It’s kind of funny bc it’s like: I can’t ever see someone dating the person who writes about them. Like I’m sure calvin is 100% creeped tf out and would never give me the time of day (no matter how cute you think I look or how great you think my personality is). It’s just new to me I guess, when it comes to having people write about me? Like yeah it’s flattering but idk I guess I’m not used to it yet haha.

i’ve yet to take the hint

rian dawson imagine for @the-edge-of-tonite - “Let’s just stop to think about the fact that you’re actually holding my hand right now” writing prompt, hope you enjoy!

send me an all time low fanfic request

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Understanding (Time for A Change?)

After the mayhem/harassment from yesterday, I feel the need to just say something/speak from the heart. As a fanfic writer, I don’t write these stories to entertain everyone, because everyone may not like the wrestler I’m writing about. I write whatever prompt people send me and I don’t care about who it is, whether I’m a fan or not. I’m not a huge fan of Roman Reigns, but if someone wants a one shot about Roman, then I will write it just like I write about Roman with as much care and heart as I would any of my favorites. I’m a fan of many wrestlers who step in the ring and I support everyone who goes through the ropes, whether they’re a face or a heel. Hating on wrestlers, even though you’re supposed to hate heels, is not who I am because I just feel that it sucks the fun out of things, again that’s just me. Over 90% of my writing is either on Dean, Seth, Enzo, Finn,Sami, AJ, and Baron and I don’t plan on ever changing that. I plan on writing about as many different wrestlers, but they are my main wrestlers that I enjoy writing about. I write because not only is it fun, but it’s the perfect distraction that I need during dark periods in my life. So to be bullied and harassed over the Seth smut that I write really just brought me to a low that I didn’t know was even possible. It was like someone taking a knife to my heart. I don’t care about how many reblogs I get on fics. I enjoy just reading comments from people who tell me that they love it or that it made their day. I may not be able to make myself happy, but if I can just make one person happy then that’s all that matters to me. For the future? Well, I don’t know anymore. I can’t answer that. I’m just going to take this one day at a time until things calm down