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Someone come over and get drunk with me and watch all of the 1975’s music videos including tour vids in chronological order and then probably make out with me I’m lonely and sober and annoyed and also so far up this band’s asshole it’s ridiculous

Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Pure Ella

Other times, Ella Fitzgerald is more than incredible on her own. This song, Someone To Watch Over Me, is just so sooo *insert adjective better than ‘amazing’*. It’s exactly what I love about jazz, the smooth quality it has in other quieter spheres when it does not have to be surrounded by a cacophony of brass instruments (which I still adore) but sometimes all you need is honest lyrics, a good pianist and an incredible vocalist.

  • nt: those poor little Mentally Ill people just need a little kindness!! i know when i talk to them and make sure theyre never left alone, i make their dismal pitiful lives a little brighter. and being such a Nice Person makes me feel good about myself too!!!
  • me: every time youve spoken to me i fantasized about beating you up