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You look sweet, and determined, and a proud kaneki enthusiast. And for some reason I associate you with wild flowers, but I don't know why... Have a wonderful day!

Thank you! ;0; I didn’t expect to get such a sweet answer. Yes, I am very enthusiastic about Kaneki, and I’m glad that you have such a positive picture of me. Also, being associated with wild flowers feels really nice. ^-^ Your ask made me really happy, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, too!

  • someone insufferable:wow don't you think thats pretty SAD that you need DRUGS and ALCOHOL to have FUN
  • me, with tears running down my face, making suicidal social media posts:sad? me? someone give this man a prize. fucking phd in psychology right here.

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hey, if you ever need someone to talk to, I have a skype. Or you can IM me. If you'd rather talk with someone more familiar thats fine, but I just wanted you to know the offer was there.

Thanks but I don’t have Skype, besides, it’s not like this feeling will stop, the only reason it’s a issue is because I’m finally expressing it

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Not the previous anon! I'm someone else thats just curious. Why are you so intruiged by Damien Echols ? What do you like about the guy? And do you ever have your doubts about his innocence ?

I guess more than anything he reminds me of myself. Dark, different, a complete outcast. Growing up I was the strange mildly goth kid that sat in the back of the class drawing dark images. Growing up I believed in ghosts, witches, otherworldly forces. I liked black magic and just things that were odd. I didn’t like normalcy or ordinary things. Personally, I just find I gravitate to abnormal people. Much like Damien I have mental disturbances and illnesses….That I’m working out, and I can tell you being accused for murder for being different or for being mentally ill would feel like a god damn slap to the face.

Mental illness is so often linked to murder that everyones scared of people that aren’t happy go lucky and rainbows and ponies. I’ve been completely shit on by an entire town of people because I was very different. I just think he’d get what I deal with. Not only that but he’s very intelligent, talented and just an interesting guy. He has a lot to say. He has sat in prison for 18 years for something he didn’t do and his life experiences just hold a lot of wisdom. I can’t explain it, he just kind of resembles everything I am as a person.

And no I don’t doubt his innocence ! If he comes out and says “okay for real guys, I did do it” well so be it, I’ll be majorly disappointed because he truly seems so genuine but I don’t think he did it at all. Especially not jessie or jason.


When someones tries to shorten your name for no reason


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There were only a few principles I knew I had to keep to—principles, not Rules—and the first of these was and is:  you have to be responsible.  By that I don’t mean not having kids strike matches.  I mean that somewhere, somewhen, someone is going to read your book at a time when such things stick for life.  And you have to make it the kind of book that is worth remembering that vividly for that long.  You have to make it an experience in its own right.  That’s the first principle.
—  Reflections:
On the Magic of Writing
by Diana Wynne Jones
I miss you so much, things keep happening and I keep finding myself wanting to tell you about it.
I just wanted to call you, I wanted to tell you I’m sorry for leaving but staying with you ripped my heart into pieces but I guess you don’t really care because you never asked me to stay.
and I am constantly reminding myself that everything we had was not real and that it was all in my head, I am constantly telling myself you don’t care, you don’t care, so I can stop myself from missing you but I still do.
And thats the thing, just because someone is bad for you doesn’t make it hurt any less when their gone.
I just wish you meant every word that you said and I wish you kept your promise of staying but thats the thing, everyone fucking leaves. promise or no promise, everyone leaves.
—  I wish you tried harder