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My only question is how on earth is Harry getting all these things? Like getting a spot on SNL with hype about coast to coast thing and now an entire week with JC! What exactly has Harry accomplished in his life to get this sort of queen treatment that he's getting now? People who're more legendary than him dont get this sort of treatment but he gets? Also why isnt the fandom finding all this weird?

Hi anon! Meet your new friends:

PLEASE someone tell me how a new solo artist who is largely untested, and a new actor who has yet to debut any acting work gets a week-long RESIDENCY on a hugely popular late night talk show in the US??? HOW??? This is next just next-level promo just like SNL– AND he gets top billing with the hosts!!!!


A week long residency on the LLS where he sings a new song every night & does countless skits, after a RS cover & an SNL guest spot all for an untested not selling well artist. How can anyone deny his team is using all their connections & influences to get him this. He isn’t earning any of it. It’s all been handed to him. What his team doesn’t seem to understand is eventually you run out of favors to call in in the industry & then it’s all up to your fans & well the fans aren’t very happy

Anons! I…yeah. I don’t even know what to say. He’s got a team who’s got some pull. But I guess we’ll see if that actually makes a different in his album sales and/or to the general public. 

I guess one positive for him is that Corden is pre-taped, right? That makes the singing part easier at least.


People don’t understand how traumatic bullying can be.
How 10+ years later I still have dreams about what a group of boys did and said
How hearing their words in my head can trigger me and make me relapse
How I feel uncomfortable telling someone “I want to hurt myself” because of something that I ‘should’ have gotten over long ago
And how ashamed I am that they still have an impact on my life.
To anyone who’s been bullied: you are so strong and beautiful, no one can define you, and one day you’ll find peace with what you’ve been through ❤

Sometimes I’m scared that I’ll never be good enough, that no one will ever truly love me. I’ve been torn apart by countless people and I have yet to figure out how to put the pieces all together. I’ve tried, I really have, but every time I do, it feels like I just make everything worse. Someone, please tell me how it is possible to fix someone so broken, so hopeless.

“how can you like lazytown??”

“it’s meant for kids?? why do you like it so much???”

“i can’t believe you would like something so childish”

“i get liking it for nostalgic reasons, but come on how are you SO obsessed with lazytown??”

“it was just funny for the memes, the actual show isn’t entertaining at all”

“stop talking about lazytown, it’s really annoying”

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows