To be calm and collected and mature and respectful and let someone go as they please without a fight or to actually go off and express my emotions because I’m valid and my I deserve to be able to tell someone how they made me feel: a novel

From a story telling perspective, I know why it happened, but can someone please tell me how Tyrian can defeat all of Team RNJR single handedly, including blocking an electricity booster hammer strike from Nora WITH HIS WEAKEST APPENDAGE (one that knocked all of Team BRNZ to fucking Pluto)?! Ugh, RWBY I love you, but I hate you sometimes. On the other hand, it’s nice to finally see actually confirmation of Qrow (and most likely) Raven’s semblance. EDIT: People, I know WHY it happened, that doesn’t mean I think it makes sense. Obviously Tyrian’s a more experienced fighter and what not, but that does NOT explain how he could be them all so easily, yes they’re students, but they’re also not complete weaklings who don’t know combat. He took no damage from any attack, and I find that ridiculously annoying.

Someone tell me how in the hell people don’t want to grab their girlfriend’s ass all the time. Like gah damn, I’ll grab it in public, idc. If you’re my girl, I’m for sure obsessed with you.
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it's 12:55am and i'm thinking about how i want love. i want someone to tell me i'm beautiful and to hold me. i want someone who will make me feel all warm inside just by thinking of them. i want to know i'm loved and to love them back. i want someone that feels safe and warm, i want them to feel like home. but realistically i'll never find them and that tears me apart

you don’t know that, when you’re not looking for it, love will find you and whether it’ll turn out a good or bad experience, you’ll have it. someone will love you in the way you ache for it


Listen to me, you’ve got this dark pit inside you. I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it. You don’t have to be a monster… It doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice.


i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)


Things I want to do to Calum Hood:

○ Squish his face

○ Squish his face

○ Squish his face

○ Squish his face


○ SqUiSh HiS fAcE