One person’s self-care can be another person’s stress so you need to choose the ones that work for you. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

The ideas are listed alphabetically as this can be a quick and easy way to both brainstorm and plan self-care activities.  You may like to add your own ideas to this list!

A - aromatherapy, art, apps, apple picking, athletics

B - bath, breathing, bike riding, baking, brain exercises, boxing to relieve your stress, buy yourself a present

C - caring for others, caring for myself, call a friend, cooking, chat, cricket, cleaning, count backwards from 100 (Bonus: in a different language), concert

D - dancing, driving, drawing, drumming, draw

E - eating, exercise,

F - friends, fun, focus on what’s happening around you, foster self-forgiveness, find a hobby, flirt, finger paint

G - gardening, gliding, going fishing, going to a movie, get support, go to a friend , get “me” time, go on dates, get coffee with a friend

H - humour, holding hands, hugs, hopeful

I - imagining, igloo building (someone really did put this!)

J - jokes, joyful activities, journal

K - knitting, kite flying, kisses,

L - loving, laughter, lacrosse, library visits, learning yoga or meditation, listening to quiet and relaxing music, which impacts your heart rate, learn to say “NO”, look at happy pictures

M - massage, meditation, medications, mindfulness, museum visits (free), make a vision board, music

N - novels, new experiences, nanna naps, new project

O - orienteering, opera, origami, organize your room

P - playing, practicing meditation, pets, park visits, plating your favourite sport, practice breathing techniques, pillow fight, painting, play an instrument, practice asking and receiving help, plan a dream vacation,

Q - quiet time, questions, quests

R - reading, relaxation, rogaining, relaxing games, regular medical care, read a self help book, rest

S - shopping, sleeping, swinging, singing, sweeping, swimming, set short term goals, say “YOU ARE GORGEOUS!” to yourself, safe housing, self reflection, stress ball, self-care, self-improvement, show

T - tv, talking, training, take your medications, take time out, taking a bath, tennis, think about positive things, turn off cell phone, think about your positive qualities, take a class, therapy, theater, think of happiness

U - uplifting experiences or people

V - vacuuming, volunteer for a project

W - whistling, walking, watching a DVD, word associating game, create a word from the last letter, work on a new project, watch sunsets, write some letters or cards

X - x-box, xylophone playing

Y - yelling, yoga

Z - Zumba, zoo visits

Source: diverse articles

Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is “Once in a lifetime”, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. “That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.”  Someone else did it.
—  Liam - Rollacoaster
Flowers for Curses

For the first part of my flower series I wanted to do something special. I have the feeling that when people think about flower witchcraft, they only think about the “light and love” side (which can be awesome!).
They tend to forget that flower magic can be so much more than that. So, here I gathered some Information for you about flowers that can be used for cursing.

Especially yellow Carnations. Yellow carnations symbolise rejection, disappointment and disdain. They are perfect for curses made with one of these intents in mind.
Striped Carnations represents regret and rejection, so they could be perfectly used for a curse against an ex who wronged you badly.

This is a good one if you want to curse egocentric and disrespectful people. You can use it to make your target learn their lesson - if you use it in a powerful curse or a small hex that looses its power afterwards is completely up to you. 

Anger and Resentment. A petunia could be used in curses or hexes against people you recently had a bad fight or disagreement with (in whatever way).

Blue violets symbolise watchfulness. This would be my to-go flower if someone did something really bad (I am thinking about abusers rn) and you want them to feel watched 24/7. This can be used for powerful curses.

Every other flower
Ok, this is a bit general. But you could use any flower in a curse.
You could let for example rose petals die and use them in curses in that you want a love to die. Dead Sunflower heads hence could be used for really intense curses.

These are not the only meanings of the flowers mentioned above, they also have (very) positive meanings. You can totally use them for more positive spells.

a nice morning pt. 3 | sweet pea

Originally posted by forsythpjones

a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine

summary: you finally get the chance to talk to Sweet Pea, but it doesn’t go as well as you hoped it would

warnings: cursing, angst, Sweet Pea being a jerk

taglist: @bigtravelbucketlist, @penisprkr

author’s note: thank you guys for the feedback, and for inspiring me to write more! I really appreciate it, and hope you guys enjoy the 3rd part :)

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Still Sane// Jughead Jones x Reader

Requested By: @castellandiangelo
Prompts: 13, 12, 14, 16
Word Count: 1374

Summary: The reader is mentally unstable after witnessing the death of Jason Blossom yet is too afraid to speak about it to anyone. Jughead and the reader have only started their relationship as a couple yet Jughead has mentioned he loves the reader.

Warnings: mental illness, swearing

It’s was a cycle you began practicing everyday ever since you saw his death. You would come home from school, stare in the mirror and cry. You could have done something! You could have saved him!

You screamed on the inside, tortured yourself to think about it and what you could’ve have done to stop it. You can’t stop the feeling and you can’t stop replaying the moment in my head. Your trapped, your stuck, you feel paralyzed almost in fear and hatred of yourself.

The cell rings and you get sucked back into reality. You’ve been throwing things, your room is a mess and all kinds of shit is tossed on the floor or thrown on your bed. You reach for your phone and close your eyes not wanting to see the damage anymore.

“Hello? Who’s this?” You ask right away not wanting to open my eyes to check caller ID.

“Oh wow. You really care about me. It’s Jug

“Oh I’m sorry, I was just-so-yeah I’m sorry Jughead.”

He chuckles and it relives you for a split second,“It’s okay I guess. Hey you promised you’d help me write a few days ago, and I’m sorta close by. Would you let me in?”

“Yes!” You say without hesitation,“I mean, yeah, why not I just, come over.”

“Alright I’ll see you in, erm, six?”

“Yeah okay love. See you.”


He hangs up and you sigh and open my eyes. The damage you had caused was still there. No different. You feel the memory of that day coming back to you and you feel yourself getting sucked in but close my eyes. You try to remember something else. Something far more happier than that day.

“What’s wrong Veronica?” You ask as she approaches your locker squirming,“You seem odd.”

She laughs,“Anything but. So I heard you and Jug have started going out? How long?”

You give her a questioning look,“Seven dates so far. Why?”

“Hasn’t asked you be his girlfriend yet?”

“No. And he doesn’t need to. I’m perfectly fine in the state we are in.”

Veronica smiles,“Alright. Well I overhead Jughead talking with Archie. And Jughead is smitten.”

The though Jughead had mentioned he loved you even though you had asked him out with a the line of “You, me, date, Friday. Pick me up at six. Okay bye!”

“Nice to know.” You smile and you begin to walk down the hall and she follows.

“And well Jughead may have mentioned he loves you.”

Your smile grows and Veronica looks at you happily.

“All I have to say is, maybe you should think about loving him back. Just a thought.”

“Just a thought?” You laugh lightly.

“Yeah just a tiny tiny little thought.”

You smile at the memory and slowly open your eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You scream when you look at the mirror once again.

You see it all, the words you wrote with consciousness, you could have done something, you could have saved him, your as bad as a killer.

Is it true? You want to say something yet the words won’t come out. Why won’t anything come out about that day? You don’t want to feel the guilt anymore your ready to tell somebody.

For fucks sake why can’t I tell somebody!

“Hey Y/N!” You hear someone scream from outside the window. You walk over and see Jughead out on your lawn and he waves at you. You don’t wave back and you only notice when you pull away for the window and try to hide everything thrown under your bed.

After that, you run downstairs and you open the door for Jughead. Maybe this, well Jug, was the detox you needed from all havoc you’ve been causing yourself.


You pull him for a hug and catch Jug off surprise for he isn’t a huge hugger. Jughead surprisingly hugs you back.

“Hey… are you okay? You don’t usually hug me when we see each other. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, I guess.”

You let go,“Sorry. I’m sorry.” You say awkwardly,“I didn’t mean to really…”

You gesture for him to follow as you head up towards your room.

You open the door and look through your closet for a sweater as you hear Jughead shut the door.

“What are you writing about?” You ask as you continue searching. Jughead doesn’t answer you,“Jug?”

You back away from the area and look at Jughead who is twisting his head to read what you wrote on the mirror with a marker.

Shit. You had forgot to clean that up.

You grab your makeup wipes and immediately attempt to clean the mirror as quick as you can. The wipes only smudge the words and it’s still visible, so you take duct tape from the floor and ripe pieces to cover it up.

“You know. I’m just decorating my room.” You say as you rip another piece and stick it over,“I just noticed it’s better without those words.” You speak rapidly.

“Y/N.” Jughead says.

You continue sticking pieces.

“Y/N!” He yells at you now.

You look back at him and try to pull at another piece yet he takes it away from you.

“What the hell are you doing?” He ask setting his bag down and grabbing a hold of your arms.

“Jug let go, let me just-”

“Y/N what the hell is going on?”

“What? What do you mean?”

He sighs,“You think I don’t notice? You started coming into to school with red eyes and bags under them. Your distance and last time I set up a date you didn’t show up.”

You stare hardly at the floor clenching you fists not wanting to feel now both the guilts rising up to take over your thoughts.

“Do you really love me, or was that an illusion you made me believe?”

“What?” He says leaning forward.

You look at him in the eyes grabbing the side of his face and holding him there,“Did you really mention you loved me, did someone really tell me, did you really do it? Or am I making that up?”

Jughead looks at you and he smiles lightly,“No I- I did mention that. I think I love you. I guess Veronica did tell you.”

You let go of his head and wrap your arms around his neck and he doesn’t question this time, he wraps his arms around you and holds you protectively as you cry. Part of you is happy your not losing all your sanity but still the other part feels it’s still losing itself.

“I’m not very good when it comes to relationships.” Jughead tells you,“So I might be wrong about this. But if something is wrong, you can tell me.”

You wipe you tears with your sleeves and Jughead leans in to kiss your forehead.

“I just- I want to tell someone. I do but the words won’t come out.”

He rubs your back soothingly as you press your cheek against his chest as you continue talking.

“But I saw something, and it’s all I think about Jug. I can’t go a day without having hundreds of flashbacks to it. I feel like I’m not living anymore.”

Jughead pulls back to look at you,“Y/N if you ever need me. I’m here okay?”

You nod and Jughead leans into you to kiss you. It’s slow, very slow, yet it’s okay because this is new. Jughead always gave you peck, for you know he was not the best at kissing, but the longer he kissed the more you felt like he really did love you, even if you’ve only been a official couple for a few weeks.

“You hungry?” He asks you when he pulls away.

“I could go for some food.”

“Oh good. I thought you were going to say no.”

“And what if I did say no?”

“I would still go Y/N. Between you and food, I chose food.”

“Wow, I’m so special.” You chuckle before kissing his cheek.

He swings his bag onto his body and takes your hand in his as he leads the way.

They say that if you love something, let it go; it’ll come back if it ever loved you. I used to not believe that. I used to think that if someone loved you, they’d make every effort to stay. I just didn’t realize that even through all the efforts, people still sometimes fail. I didn’t realize that sometimes people leave unwillingly. I didn’t realize that sometimes someone can’t help if they are forced to leave, regardless of all the effort put into staying. But that’s changed now. I realized that if someone ever really did matter, they’ll find a way to be back into your life. Maybe the timing was wrong. Maybe life just needed to mature the both of you. Maybe life just needed to teach you how to act. And maybe, maybe my life knew it was you. I just had to mature up and know how to love you the way you deserve to be loved.
—  S/W// If you really loved me

Little Kitty Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x You x Incubus!Yoongi (with x Jungkook at later parts)

Genre: Smut, incubus au, halloween au

Tags: ‘Cheating’ (?), Humiliation, Degration, begging, voice control, anal, toys, pain kink, hitting/slapping/spanking etc., dirty talk, oral, restraints, cumplay/creampie, unprotected sex, petnames, daddy!dom!Yoongi, kitten/bbygirl!sub!Reader

A/N: I know halloween is over. Wait. Are there christmas aus? Like what? Ho ho ho merry christmas now ride on my sleigh? Or idk yoongi secretly works in north pole and give all the naughty kids- i just got inspiration. Hohoho. Its november. Christmas au here i come.

Warning: Smut.

!Don’t Respost!


Honestly, halloween is a terrible day for you. Because of all the brainless, moronic shit your friends, and your boyfriend Taehyung, always dragged you to, for example, trying to summon satan. The two of you do not do things like treat-or-trick-ing, but more of trying to discover new ways to attract demonic souls to you. Obviously you were very reluctant to curse yourself, but it would not hurt to entertain the boys for just one day, right?

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  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr sleeps like a fucking rock. He won’t move at all, neither make a sound — except when he falls asleep cuddling with you, which means you’ll either have to spend the whole night at the same position with him or try to move away only to have him tightening his grasp around your body and groaning. Altaïr prefers to be the big spoon — and even when he’s not, he subtly starts to push you downwards to his chest. If he wakes up with you pulling away, he tends to moan lowly and mutter sleepily “not yet” while inching even closer to you and nuzzling at your neck to press a lazy kiss against your skin.  It can take a while for him to actually fall asleep, since his mind never stops working, so you’ll gladly spend hours lying awake and discussing things with him. He doesn’t sleep much, you see, sometimes you are obliged to drag him into bed with you — and some other times, he’s the one nuzzling into you in the privacy of your shared bedroom and that’s when you know he’s ran out of energy. Despite everything, Altaïr tends to be an early bird, even when finding excuses to stay a bit longer in bed with you — even though you’re not even awake yet. He just likes to listen to your breathing and savor the quiet moments he can beside you before starting the day.

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Teacher’s pet

Genre: Teacher Au!

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: (( a jimin request when you start to fall in love with you teacher mr park?? Start staying at his and going on date etc.))

Originally posted by amsimaria

There was something bothering you about the man sitting across from you, concentrating on the papers he held in his hand. While he was distracted the only thing you could do was stare and though, you were his teacher’s assistant you still weren’t used to seeing him like this after class. His lips playing with the pencil in his hand, his hair messy from his fingers running through it as he tried to focus, and his shirt just slightly more unbuttoned than it was in class. Your literature teacher was was unadmittedly your biggest crush but also your biggest problem.

He was good at his job, he was dedicated, sweet, extremely smart, and someone who really did seem to enjoy the things he taught but you found yourself slowly looking less at the textbook on your desk. All the girls who had his class would always make remarks about how handsome he was or how he offered to help with study groups so sweetly. Instead of failing to get his attention, you became the number 1 student in your class, earning your time with him after class to help grade papers. Something about it getting late was giving you an edge, and maybe it was the edge you needed to finally make a move. The only thing stopping you was it was hard to see what he would gain from dating you when it could cost the job he had loved so much.

“Mr. Park?”

“mhm?” He hummed, not looking up from the essay he was reading. His eyes shifted to the watch on his wrist and they widened, realizing the time.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m so sorry it’s so late and you probably have homework.” Jimin said, piling the papers together in a hurry. 

With a smile you shook your head.

“It’s not that late we can finish the papers if you want. Homework isn’t that important.”

He scoffed, letting out a chuckle.

“Nice try. If you say things like that i’ll end up keeping you up all night.”

As if he didn’t do that already.

“Would that really be so bad?” You suggested, eyes moving over to his figure to make eye contact with him.

Jimin sat back in his chair as if he was thinking about your words. His left hand now playing with the rings on his opposite. 

“Well, you are doing really well in my class. If I let you stay longer will you promise me, you’ll skip tomorrow to get some sleep? I don’t want you to stress yourself out over these things.”

You nodded, “I won’t. Actually, I had something else to talk to you about if that’s okay. I was thinking of dropping your class recently.”

“My class? Why?” He asked, looking more attentive.

“It’s dumb…” You mumbled.

“Anything you have to say isn’t dumb. I’m here for you no matter what it is, okay? You can trust me.”

You were now silent, contemplating on whether or not you could get it out to tell him. It’s as if the tables had turned and you were the one fiddling with your fingers, looking down into your lap. It was hard to ignore the blush you felt on your cheeks, knowing he was looking only at you in the moment. It was now or never. 

“Because I can’t focus anymore. It is really dumb but I think I-….I think I have a crush on you, sir. I know I shouldn’t be saying this to you when you’re my teacher but It’s hard to listen to those girls talk about you in a certain way or talk about how focused you are towards them. I know you’re just caring but I can’t help it.”

You avoided any sort of glance you could have gotten of his reaction, scared to see if he’d become upset or disgusted but it was quiet. You were so nervous even if he did come out and say something you were probably too into your own head to hear him. Jimin stood up from his desk, going over to close the door to the classroom. He stopped at the door, crossing his arms. 

“You-…..have a crush on me?’ He repeated from behind you. 

Without lifting your head, you gave him a second nod. It was too embarrassing to face him but the curiosity was killing you on the inside. 

“If you stop thinking about leaving my class, will you consider going on a date with me?” Jimin asked. 

Your head couldn’t have snapped up faster, turning around to face him. The blush on his face surprised you, leaving you almost speechless. The man you admired for so long said something you could only imagine in dreams and it wasn’t too the other college girls who tried to flirt with him either. 

“You’re a professor here. A date could get you fired! Besides I don’t want you to offer just because you want me to do well academically. I wasn’t telling you this for hand outs. I just wanted to be honest with you.” You protested.

“It’s true, I want you to do well but that’s not why I was asking. I think you’re beautiful and your essay’s are one of the few that keep me interested and always wanting to read more of them. You’re funny when we joke around and focused when we have to grade papers. I thought it would be creepy coming from me even though we’re only a few years apart. I didn’t know you were interested in me, although I guess you do stare at me from time to time-”

Just as you were starting to become less embarrassed, you felt the warm glow coming back to your cheeks, blushing more than you were before. 

“I think it’s cute. So please, consider going on a date with me, regardless of the risk. It’s my job and we’re both adults.”

“I would love to, Mr. Park.” You smiled. 

“Oh- um, after class you can call me by my first name.”


A smile grew on his perfect lips, nodding in excitement. He walked back over to his desk, sitting on top of it so he was able to be closer to you than he would have been sitting across from you. 

“How about, right now? It’s not too late that places are closed. Plus I know this really good place in town and I’ve always wanted to take someone there. I found out it’s not too fun going to dinner alone.” He laughed. 

With your own smile, you shook your head. 

“As much as I want to, I think we should wait a bit. I want to make sure it’s a proper date. I promise, it’ll be worth it.” 

In your head, you knew the exact dress you had been saving for your next date, knowing it would be perfect. You wanted to see his reaction then since you missed his reaction when you confessed to him. There was a difference between when you dressed up and when you just rolled out of your dorm to come to class. If you were going to commit to this, you wanted to make sure it was perfect.

“Sure, I trust you. I can’t wait until then, Y/N.”

Fanfiction things

oAll right I have a multi-chapter fic that I’m currently in the process of updating. However; I have another idea for a one-shot fic series and I would like to know if people would be interested in reading it.

When fighting #VillainOfTheWeek Kara somehow gets stuck as a 4 year old. 

I have a few ideas already:

  • Tiny Kara causing mischief at the DEO Base - messing with Winn’s computer, flying around the rooms.
  • Tiny Kara still having superpowers^ but is nowhere near as strong anymore so she actually can get hurt, cue protective Alex
  • Kara being scared of thunderstorms and loud noises
  • Kara being left with Winn because now J’onn has to cover for the city loss of Supergirl. Kara pouting and getting scared whenever Alex or James are out in the field
  • Kara riding shotgun in Maggie’s cop car and playing with the sirens.
  • One person cannot look after this tiny child alone so Kara stays with different people depending on who has the free time.

(In this universe Lena knows and helps at the DEO when needed)

  • Whenever Lena shows up tiny Kara blushes and gets really nervous.
  • Tiny child Kara who has no filter tells Lena that she thinks she’s beautiful. Kara drawing pictures of the two of them together and Lena is the only one who can calm angry child Kara down when she’s upset.
  • Alex giving Kara juice cartons and everyone doting on this sweet innocent child.
  • Reluctant Space Dad sitting with Kara as she colours or when he has to give her piggyback rides with the most deadpan face.

These are just a few of my ideas but any more are welcome. Let me know if this is something people would be interested in reading and any suggestions are gladly appreciated! Will add any suggestions I like in bold!

  • Kara wants to play hide seek with J'onn. To her everything is a game, she starts to run around the DEO always doing something and J'onn is going after her. 
  • Kara has a stuffed animal dog that she NEEDS in order to nap. She names it Krypto -  @bobbywatson <3
  • Kara wants to be just like her big sister. And as children do she copies Alex’s behaviour. (her big sister wears a cool uniform at work and tells people what to do and so does Space dad.)  Cue Winn and his sewing skills. 
  • ^ Next time Alex gets back from a mission she finds little Kara in a tiny DEO uniform complete with badge, standing on a chair(that on closer inspection has a tiny NCPD jacket that looks just like Maggie’s hanging off it) beside J'onn with her hands on her hips waiting to debrief the team.  
  • Obviously they can’t give her any weapons so she has a water gun in her tiny holster, and different little snacks in all the other compartments on the belt. They did give her real handcuffs, which they felt only a bit bad about when she cuffed mon-el to a chair and flew away. (anon I love you for this little addition<3)
  • Cat and Lucy end up having to babysit at one point. 
  • ^ Cat pretends to not know about Kara being Supergirl in order to take care of her, and to everyone’s “surprise” she is a total softie and great with Kara. 
  • Lucy watches Kara at one point, and she lets Kara wear her cool hat and Kara starts saluting everyone and every thing they come across (yes that includes saluting her stuffed dog pup Krypto)
  • Cat finally giving Kara one of her cupcakes because damn it if even she can’t resist a 4 year old Ray Of Sunshine pouting and pleading with her
  • 4 year old Kara reverts back to speaking Kryptonian especially when she’s angry or upset. J’onn who can speak some Kryptonian does not approve when this tiny girl grumbles a “bad word trying to punch another of his brand new monitors.
  • ^ which then gives me Tiny Kara punching punchbags with James.
  • Lena is a smart woman and because of Lex and learning that Kara is from Krypton Lena learns to speak Kryptonian. She speaks it almost fluently. Kara and Lena often have conversations in Kryptonian. - @whiterose-blackrose <3<3
  • Kara is restless and almost always has bundles of energy so getting her to sleep is quite a task. Lena is called whenever Kara is being particularly difficult because for some reason she is the sleep whisperer. (Alex knows it’s because Kara likes to snuggle up to Lena, falling asleep cradled in Lena’s arms -one hand wrapped around her Krypto whilst the other clings to Lena’s clothing)
  • Alex often finds Kara sitting atop of Maggie’s shoulders, Maggie is great with Kara even if she does sneakily give Kara two more scoops of ice-cream when she’s only allowed one.
  • M’gann WHO DID NOT LEAVE gives Tiny Kara stickers, a shit ton of stickers. Kara has a book full of space stickers. When she thinks someone did a really good job she gives them a sticker and everyone tries to act like it’s no big deal but even the toughest DEO agents blush and melt when she beams and presents them with one. You know every agent is working their butt off to earn stickers from their adorable Baby-Agent Kara. J’onn doesn’t even complain, productivity is way up! -anon you are wonderful! <3<3<3
  • ^ (my addition to this) Kara gives her favourite people more than one sticker and proceeds to pepper them with multiple stickers. Winn sniggers as Alex’s DEO badge has at least 10 and Lena’s dress is just covered in brightly coloured star stickers. 
  • Kara gets Alex and Maggie to take her to the park, holding both of their hands as they swing her and then they help her pick out some of the nicest flowers she can find. Lena is in her office when Kara arrives nervously clutching Alex’s hand, the other clutching a large bouquet of flowers. She hands them to Lena with a shy smile and a whispered “Flowers are pretty but not as pretty as you”. Lena answers with a kiss to Kara’s cheek. - @yellowanchor17 <3 (I added a bit to it)
  • Kara’s senses are heightened and she gets attached to being able to comforting scents. Kara likes to give Lucy lots of hugs because “she smells nice” -Lena will deny it but she’s a little bit jealous. That is until she finds out that Kara thinks Lena’s hugs “remind her of home”.  - @sarcasm-with-sarah <3 (I added a little bit but this is perfect!)
  • Kara can be quite protective so when people *coughs* Mon-El *coughs* get a little too close to her favourite people (Alex, Lena, Maggie, Lucy etc) she tends to throw things, things that tiny 4 year old children should not throw. After almost having his hand frozen he soon learns to keep his flirting to a minimum…unless it is involves a certain tech puppy. - @sarcasm-with-sarah (THIS! I love it)
  • ^ This links in to my own idea: Mon-El is actually great with kids, he plays games with Kara and tells her stories about space. He tells her about Royalty on Daxam and what was expected of them. Kara realises he has feelings for Winn and it becomes her match-making mission to pair the two.

anonymous asked:

NSFW ask as you requested! RFA+V and Saeran's kinks and those kinks during sex? I hope this isnt too raunchy lmao

Have I done this before? hnng, during my hiatus I’ve read a lot of MM Smut! I started reading all your messages and felt bad because I haven’t written in a long time :’c I feel like I’ve let you down, really. Did someone miss me & my hc?

NSFW (this includes e v e r y t h i n g)



  1. BDSM- He looves being your toy and you being in control, but sometimes little Yoosung is not that innocent and takes control.
  2. Hot and Cold Play- He specially loves all this when he’s blindfolded
  3. Orgasm Denial- You’ll have him mewling beneath you if you just give him the best handjob but don’t let him cum. *boy I have the perfect video for this*
  4. Praising- He loves you telling him what to do and being a good boy.
  5. Prostate orgasm/Caged- I’m sure this was his idea, but since then he gets excited when you want to try new toys with him.


  1. BDSM- You are his toy, he’ll just love to do everything to you
  2. Masturbating/Teasing- He loves to watch you touching yourself and he will just rub his d infront of you when horny. *dry hump*
  3. No speaking/Loud- No sounds, not even moans or you’ll get punished.. But this is no soft, vanilla sex. or the opposite, just let everyone know he’s fucking you.
  4. Dirty talk- He loves dirty talking to you, but it drives him crazy when you’re a pervert with him. 
  5. Prostate orgasm/Rimming- He just loves the sensation and lets you do him wherever you want. 
  6. Crossdressing.


  1. Phone sex- Jaehee just needs to keep herself entretained while working
  2. While she’s on the phone- It drives her crazy when Mr. Han calls and you are just there eating her out. 
  3. Mirror sex- You discovered this while being on Mr. Han’s office where there is a huge mirror. 
  4. Dirty talk/Praise- She loves doing everything you want and you dirty talking to her. 
  5. At work/semi-public- Just because it’s something she normally wouldn’t do. 


  1. Sex marathon- Not exactly a kink but there are days you two didn’t leave the bedroom or if you did, it was to do it somewhere else. His stamina may surprise you.
  2. Role play- *no explanation needed* but hottest sex with Zen.
  3. Needy sex- He just loves that you just want him and don’t let go, honestly he gets carried away and doesn’t let you go.
  4. Web cam/Phone sex- e v e r ytime he’s on a bussiness trip or just out most of the day, he’ll call you.
  5. Spanking- I’m sorry, as much as he loves spoiling you by doing what you want to, he loves you doing what he says
  6. Make up sex- It’s wierd that you argue, but when you do, his favorite part it’s that sex after.


  1. Fully clothed- because it’s quick and easy, He’d just love you wearing a skirt, so he set your panties to a side and fuck you. 
  2. Quickies- he’d discover this while being with you and uses it to calm himself down 
  3. Orgasm Denial- He looves you stopping before he cums and just doing that for a looong time. 
  4. Overstimulation- He loves it since the day you were giving him a bj and didn’t stop, now he’s the one who doesn’t let you stop. 


  1. Roleplay- He actually loves it, at the beggining he said it was childish, but he found it really hot.
  2. Daddy Kink/Master kink- *no explanation needed* But it’s his biggest turn on. He goes from 0 to 10000 when you call him Daddy. 
  3. But also Romantic slow sex- like he’s such a tease, delicious slow sex with Jumin Han
  4. Semi Public sex- Just because he looooves inviting you to his office and doing it, also Loud sex, at the penthouse, there are bodyguards everywhere and it turns him on the chance of them hearing you both.
  5. Phone sex- because when his on bussiness trips he like to take care of his kitten.


  1. Breath Play- In other words, choking. 
  2. Calming the other through sex- because it happens a lot.
  3. BDSM- he’d love seeing you being there to serve him and oh boy, he’s gonna do you real good. 
  4. Pushing Boundaries- He’ll take advantage of this and dirty talk a lot. 
  5. Loud sex- He just wants to hear you and how good he is. 
Lucas Baker x Deaf!Reader- Welcome to the family

I would recommend listening to this: whilst reading.




Your fingers skimmed across the hallway walls, thin layers of dust and dirt sticking to the moisture on your fingertips. The paint was peeling, courtesy of the heavy paintwork and the black tar substance ruined the decor. You couldn’t help but sympathise with the ruined house; it looked old and worn, similar to how you felt at that current moment.

A bitter smile stretched over your lips.

Your body was battered, scraped and bruised. Large handprints marked your sides and the staples in your arm itched. You were sure that it was infected despite the large quantities of ‘medicine’ you had been spraying yourself with. Your back wasn’t in much better shape as there was a fair share of large cuts on your back from the deformities in the basement. It wasn’t your fault that you were unable to hear them approaching.

This was hell in its finest form and all because your friends had ditched you during the exploration of the legendary ‘Baker’s swamp’. It had to be Felix’s idea. Mark and Jack were undoubtedly tempted by him, otherwise, they’d never abandon you by yourself. They probably thought leaving deaf and defenceless _____ by themselves would be funny. They probably expected to see you tomorrow and have a good laugh. They probably thought it was funny.

Yeah, so funny.

They sure hadn’t expected that you would be hunted down by a series of cannibals, monsters and maniacs with something growing inside of their bodies. And they sure hadn’t expected that you of all people would have to kill these maniacs or deal with having to be force-fed human flesh. The Mother, Marguerite, didn’t seem to appreciate your lack of cooperation or the supposed disregarding of her yelling. It just didn’t seem to click that you couldn’t hear her.

Sure, you could read lips but when the woman was turning and frantically moving, your vision was askew and it was too difficult. You were glad that she wasn’t a problem anymore.

The Father, though- he was smart. He had gathered you couldn’t hear after you hadn’t shouted out against his abuse. You tried to plead but he laughed at your attempt. He had claimed that you would be an easy meal- an easy kill.

His remaining legs proved those statements wrong.

The two residual family members of the Bakers were the Grandmother, whom you had bumped into on multiple occasions, and the son, Lucas (excluding Zoe, who kept her presence known with post-it notes).

Granny seemed very limp. You had a sneaking suspicion that the ‘fungus’ latching onto the Baker family was something to do with her, but another part of you wanted to remove the old lady from this hellish place. She seemed so weak, so innocent. Lucas though, he seemed more like the rough and dirty type. He could probably sneak up behind you and break your neck within an instant. You were surprised he hadn’t done it yet. He hadn’t really made much of an appearance beside his short cameo at the family ‘feast’, where Daddy had cut his arm off.

You felt sick thinking about the vomit-inducing image.

And Lucas had only appeared briefly in the last few minutes after you had arrived back at Zoe’s trailer with the arm needed for the serum. And sure, you could leave without Zoe, but that would be wrong of you as a human being. There was a drawback, though. Lucas had learnt that Zoe was trying to escape and had captured and imprisoned her. Now you were going out of your way for a complete stranger and for the key cards to ensure your escape.

You were so going to die.

Slowing your footsteps, you stooped at the snake door as it stood in front of you dauntingly. It seemed to burn an image into your mind, the key held within your sweaty palm. This was the door to Lucas’ room. In a normal instance, you would stop and walk away as it was someone’s room. Someone’s privacy. But you had already broken into Granny’s room and Zoe’s life was on the line.

A deep breath and you were in.

The room was surprisingly nice and untainted in comparison to the rest of the house. There was a childish purple and green colour scheme and a stack of cube-shaped pillows were situated in the centre of the room. Three trophies stood on the far left of the room, held above a single bed with an oak shelf. From where you stood, the engraving promoted a mechanical contest. Another sat next to the bed, its shape used to make a lamp.


A journal lay open on a nearby desk.

The words were written in dried ink, the entries obviously very old from the language used. The first page was sort-of endearing. Obviously, before the fungus had entered the household, the Bakers were good people and had a happy family. There had been Jack, Marguerite, Granny, Lucas and Zoe. From the first entry, Lucas obviously had a good relationship with Marguerite, his mother having bought him a puzzle and accompanied him to the Doctor’s with no violence involved. The remaining entries…

Not so endearing.

Lucas really stretched what could be described as ‘childish innocence’. Despite the Oliver child being a bully, the kid didn’t deserve to starve to death in Lucas’ attic. And how did his parents not know? Maybe the Bakers had always been rather twisted. Your eyes froze over the last word, your thoughts thrown to the wind, and the muscles in your back tensed up. A breath of hot air fanned over your neck. The hairs stood up as another breath was exhaled over the delicate flesh.


No. No. No-

With utter fluency, you flipped through the letters and hoped that person behind you wouldn’t see through your act. For someone deaf, you really did lack the other ‘enhanced senses’. Hoping that your unintentional gulp was quiet, you placed the letters down on the desk and braced yourself against the wood. You could feel the presence of someone still lingering behind you, the burning sensation of the loaded gun in your front pocket causing your fingers to twitch cautiously.

A hand slammed down beside your arms and a tall body pressed against your back instantly. Your breath quickened at the uneasy contact and another hand grabbed your forearm, forcing your body to turn in a jerky motion to face your captor. Full-blown, grey eyes bore down at you as the familiar features of Lucas Baker came into view. The twenty-something-year-old man seemed to laugh either at your surprised expression or the fact you hadn’t noticed his presence earlier.

‘____, _____, _____,’ he tutted. Your eyes focused solely on his mouth as the eldest of the Baker children grinned.

‘Don’t ya know that breaking into someone’s room is an invasion of privacy!’ Lucas laughed again, his eyes crinkling at the sides and his grip loosened on your arm. ‘And breaking into a boy’s room- MY room. Well, ain’t you somethin’?’ Lucas stepped back, his arms falling to his sides.

You took a breath of stale air, your eyes scanning Lucas’ left arm warily, worried that it may fall off suddenly. Glancing back up to his face, you found that Lucas was watching you with an unexplainable expression. It looked almost sadistic with his twisted smile. You rose a hand and trailed your index finger from the tip of your thumb and across your palm.


His smile fell.

‘I’m pretty sure you know what I said, ___.’ He took a threatening step forward and you tried to form an escape route away from the threatening character. ‘I know that you can read lips, otherwise, how would you have gotten so far?’ Lucas bent down to your height and his eyes met yours. ‘Just cause you’re deaf doesn’t mean we can’t have a party, does it?’

The glimmer of sadistic joy in his eyes caused a kick of adrenaline to course through your veins. You pushed the man back and turned to run out of the room, probably to be killed by a random goop monster wandering about. Lucas’ quick hands prevented this. Your body was drawn back, your form now chest to chest with the maniacal inventor. His body language held hostility and a little pride from his fast impulse.

‘Nuh-uh-uh!’ Lucas waved a finger in front of your face. ‘That ain’t nice, ___. I invited you to a party and that makes me the host!’ He cackled and hooked his fingers through your own. ‘Now, I expect you to solve the invitation and come join everyone waiting for you~ And being the gracious host I am, I’ll help you!’

You took a moment to catch up with Lucas’ fast speech and felt his fingers squeeze your hand roughly. You attempted to tug away from his grasp, shocked at Lucas’ words, but his hold only tightened further. The man scowled at your actions and pulled you closer to his side, Lucas’ spare hand tilting your head up despite your resisting muscles.

‘Hey, I’m tryin’ to be nice ___. If Eveline finds out about this,’ he glanced at your entwined hands, ‘we’re both dead.’ Lucas kept your gaze until you nodded timidly, his lips stretching into an easy grin and nodded back.

‘Good. Now don’t keep our guests waiting~’

You remained wary as you backed away from the tall man and began wandering around the bedroom, Lucas trailing behind closely. It was slightly frustrating that he persisted with holding your hand, his grasp not slipping in the slightest despite the dirt and moisture on both of your palms. It became obvious that it was a rather large nuisance when it came to slipping items into your backpack and Lucas seemed to find your struggling amusing, making quips and comments about it. The two or three times you had caught his mouth moving, you sent a glare his way. Those several times almost caused you to have a heart attack from your own actions but Lucas seemed to find them funny.

Surely it was only a matter of time until he killed you or tried to.

And that time arrived fairly fast.

After having to drag Lucas from his room and through the main house, past Zoe’s trailer and through the keycard door (and having Lucas actually help you with an unheard monster), you had arrived at the ‘party building’. Lucas looked rather smug at his glowing decorations.

You weren’t going to deny it.

He would make a good party planner.

‘Looks good, doesn’t it!’ Lucas cackled and you resisted an impulsive eye roll. Lucas was pretty arrogant but had a good sense of humour for a homicidal cannibal. At least he was more human than his parents. Ignoring the random thought, you yanked Lucas up the steps and entered the ‘party room’. To your surprise, there stood a television set and a chair. Looking back at him expectantly, Lucas suddenly looked a cross of sheepish and annoyed.

‘I couldn’t get everything ready, alrigh’?’ He exaggerated and seemed to glower childishly. ‘I was being helpful and forgot!’ You nodded slowly and that seemed to cool Lucas down remarkably. Only a small pout remained present on his face.

You chose to keep walking to divert Lucas’ attention from his failed distraction. There was nothing worse than a grumpy maniac intent on killing you.

As you pushed open the awaiting door, you felt Lucas’ fingers fall from your hand. There was now an emptiness where his hand had been and you twirled round at Lucas’ sudden reconsideration of the hand-holding tactic. Your eyes were met with an empty room, the TV and chair standing out against the bare walls. Lucas had vanished… Or had simply run out of the room if the open front door indicated anything. It was clear that something behind the door had either been too dangerous for him to enter or he had grown sick of ‘assisting’ you. Most likely both.

Well. It appeared that you had to throw on your badass bitch boots.

____’s coming.

Annnnnd that’s how you would have liked to have acted, but after falling over the first trip wire and being caught in an explosion- you were pretty certain that you weren’t a badass bitch. It was lucky that you stocked up on medicine. And it was also lucky that you had stocked up on a motherload of bullets as HOLY FUCK THERE WERE SO MANY MONSTERS. You were sure going through your supplies fast, especially since you couldn’t hear the monsters hunting your ass.

Quite a few of the corpses got a hefty ‘fuck you’ from you and your hands.

It sure would be helpful if Lucas came back just so that he could alert you of passing monsters. The number of times you had backed into a monster or turned a corner to be met with a pointed maw was beginning to become uncountable. It would also be great to have some proper human contact again, unlike the human contact you had shared with Daddy and Momma- which had been mostly stabbing and shooting. Lucas had been the only human to actually speak to you and not murder you right off the bat. And he somehow had a decent concept of sign language. Sure, he was about to kill you with all the stupid contraptions he created and releasing the unholy number of goop monsters at you, but he appeared as a somewhat decent human being for at least an hour and a half.

Pouring a bottle of medicine over your torn skin, you flexed your fingers and watched as the skin melded together. The blood washed off with the cut and made you feel a little more energetic than your previous sluggish nature. Now that you had sorted out your items, killed the monsters hunting you down and had recorded your findings in another tape recorder, you began walking back to the steel door within the storage room. In fact, Lucas had appeared within the sealed off room, spouting random series of codes for the panel on the far right. Any human could tell he was bluffing, but something told you to go along with his childishness. He found entertainment as you typed in one of the three codes he had mouthed. It had been wrong and you could have been killed by swinging iron polls, but Lucas had grinned and walked away happily.

That weird, homicidal genius.

Approaching the steel contraption, you typed in the right code 1408 and pushed against the door. You felt a faint shock and pulled away, a projection appearing through the wired mesh reading ‘Yo, ____, this is a test of skill. No cheating. That shit you’re carrying- get rid of it.’ You silently groaned at the message and dumped all your items into a nearby chest.

Fucking Lucas.

Pushing the door again, the meshed entrance swung open and allowed you to enter. You approached the nearest object- a weird clown animatronic- and picked up the candle. A sudden flicker of the flame caused you to turn around as Lucas shut the door and relocked it.

‘Have a nice day.’

He hesitated for a moment, then abruptly turned and walked away.

You were now stuck in a secluded section of the building with an animatronic and a candle. What is this? A knock-off Five Nights at Freddy’s? You let out a rasped chuckle at your own joke and began to explore. And not even halfway through your exploration, you noticed a cake with three other candles stuck into the frosting. Walking through the doorway, water sprayed you from head to toe, sufficiently causing the candle to go out and the building’s lights to flicker on. You frowned and shook a few droplets of water from your hair.

Great. Now you were wet.

Now wet and without a lit candle, you approached the cake and the lights flickered off, a projection reflecting off the wall. You took your time reading over the letters and groaned at the message. ‘Alright, let’s get to the game! All you gotta do is light the candle and put it on the cake.’ You casually flipped the wall off and the message switched to ‘Language, loser.’

For fucks sakes.

‘There are children in the building- somewhere- I think. I’m not sure anymore.’

That message made an ugly snort escape the back of your throat and you couldn’t help but crack a smile. Lucas really was a peculiar person.

Besides the small distraction, you carried on trying to solve the puzzle and found a door tied with a piece of thick rope. Relighting the candle on the kitchen stove, you set alight the rope and found a series of balloons cascading on top of you. The room was filled with grey balloons and a sense of childish glee caused you to jump into the pile. A series of pops and balloons flying was what happened in the aftermath.

Honestly, you were so goofy.

Wading through the onslaught of balloons, you stopped at a worn door that stood against the far-left wall. On the latch was a lock with five letters spelling out ‘happy’ and appeared to be the only entrance into the room with a water valve.

But what word contained five letters?

… Could Lucas truly be so arrogant as to use his own name?

Twisting the letters to make Lucas, you learnt that your captor wasn’t as arrogant as you believed. But that still left you without the password. Maybe it was something that involved you? Your hair colour? Eyes? Skin? Name? Or-

Slowly turning the letters to form Loser, the padlock undid in your hands. Proud with your fast-thinking, you strode into the water valve room and pulled it from the wall. A satisfied grin stretched across your lips as the lights flickered off and you walked through the small apartment, being drenched once again, and attached the valve to the water pipes. Twisting the valve, you felt the tension increase within the pipes and grinned as you had finally figured the puzzle out.

Relighting the candle with the kitchen stove, you walked back to the cake and slotted the candle on neatly. You waited for a projection to emerge on the wall again and were surprised that instead of a message, you were struck with a heavy force as the cake exploded and threw you back onto the floor. Blinking rapidly, a new message appeared on the wall and you felt your blood freeze up as an object was thrown down.

It looked like a bomb.

Panicking, you didn’t read the message and grabbed the bomb to see there a timer of twenty seconds left. Scanning the room over, you noticed some loose boards in the wall and frantically pulled them away, allowing the bomb to be thrown into the space. Darting out of the room, you crouched near the clown animatronic and felt a vibration when the bomb finally exploded. Standing up, you cautiously approached the room, your eyes widening at the flaming entrance that the bomb had formed.

No way.

Stepping through the torn walls, you coughed at the smoke and carried on through. Turning left at the nearest exit, you stumbled through an open doorway and leant against the non-flaming wall with closed eyes. The sensation of something grazing your cheek caused a prominent squeak to escape your lips and a set of familiar eyes gazed back at you.

Lucas Fucking Baker.

An angry bubble formed within your chest and you shoved Lucas backwards, your fingers moving rapidly to spell out the man’s name in an enraged blur. You also formed a few other phrases that you were happy that Lucas probably didn’t understand. The key feature of these movements was that you were pissed. Not only did this man make you withstand several explosions via tripwires, crates and a cake- he chucked a bomb near you in hopes of killing you. As much as you shouldn’t have been surprised, you were angry that the only person you had properly spoken to was trying to kill you just like the others. You thought maybe Lucas had some moral standards! Especially with his controlling and monstrous parents dead.

You had been through an absolute inferno today and this was the final straw. You didn’t understand why this ‘sudden betrayal’ was causing you to finally break, but it was and you were. You had almost died countless times, you had upright murdered two people and watched an officer’s head be sliced in half with a shovel. Not only that, there were horrific creatures hunting you down! You think this shit would be hard for a normal person? It was worse when you couldn’t hear where someone or something was going to attack you from! You were so sick of this. You wanted to go home, to the place where your friends were and watch some bad movies with a box of pizza. You could feel the tears beginning to form in the corners of your eyes.

Through your blurry vision, you noted how Lucas was stuck between trying to approach you and drawing further away. Why wasn’t he running? Or a better question;

Why wasn’t he killing you?

With sloppy motions, you asked Lucas through weak sign language and waited patiently for a gun to be held up or a monster to burst through the door. The hooded man seemed to hesitate, running through your movements and trying to figure out what you had asked. You noted that his eyes had widened, surprised at the notion that you were basically asking him to put you out of your misery.

He stepped forward, your eyes trained on his lips as he spoke slowly, ‘I ain’t going to kill you.’

You scoffed and repeated your previous actions with another question.

Why not?

Lucas now stood less than a few inches away from you, his eyes scanning your face closely. The larger man stooped down and caressed the sides of your jaw gently, his fingers holding you in place with a near-bruising pressure when you tried to pull away. You noted that something seemed wrong with Lucas’ eyes. They were no longer grey- but a sickly yellowish black, but you made no comment as he smiled. It was much less malicious than when you first met, making you notice that Lucas’ teeth were surprisingly nice for someone who lived in a decrepit swamp.

‘Because it looks like Eveline needs a new Momma.’

And with that, Lucas pushed his lips against yours’.




Welcome to the family, ____.

did someone really say finn falling for rose would be a “downgrade” because of her race? because if so my asian ass has a few bones to pick. u trying to tell me him getting with the white girl takes priority over him getting with an asian?? that a white girl is an “upgrade”?? u gonna tell me that to my face??