there is literally no better feeling in the world then taking in a stray cat and watching them flourish and be happy 😭😭 i hope a new stray shows up at my parents or someone i know’s place soon… i want another cat sf bad… a kitten… omg :’( i need one….. prissy would just have to deal i think she could deal with a kitten as long as she gets to be the boss. and she needs someone to play w/ 

@ god or whoever is up there please send me a kitten ok thanks

How the Doctors would react to you asking them on a date.

Nine: He’d be surprised, he’d thought you were amazing but he never thought you’d have romantic feelings for him. He’d try to play it cool as he took you to the most amazing place, subtly holding your hand and thinking about how lucky his is.

Ten: He’d be incredibly happy but also slightly panicked. He’d end up going incredibly overboard in an endearing show of affection. In the end, he’d just take you out for dinner and a movie on some foreign planet.

Eleven: He’d be overjoyed and try to make it everything you ever dreamed of. He’d always had feelings for you but never thought to act on them. After a long night of adventures and date-stuff, you’d sit at home watching cheesy movies and eating fish fingers. (With custard)

Twelve: He wouldn’t believe you. He’d get slightly upset about you messing with him. He’d tell you you deserve someone better, but after finally drilling it into his head that yes, you do love him, he’d be overjoyed and try to go all out to be the greatest boyfriend in the universe. His callous facade would fade away as he grew more comfortable in the fact that he loves you, and you love him too.

Aldnoah Zero AU



“Slaine, are you feeling better?”

The young boy feels the gentle hand placed on his forehead, he opens his eyes and looks at the woman standing next to his bed, a smile begins spreading across his face. “Yes, mother, I am feeling a lot better.” Slaine nods and answers.

The black haired woman’s name is Orlane, the young boy’s new mother. Half a year ago, Slaine Troyard had arrived on Mars with his father, a renowned scientist who spent his life researching the new technology that gave rise to the empire of Vers: Aldnoah.

Unfortunately, Dr. Troyard had fallen ill and passed away a month ago, leaving Slaine without a family or a home to stay. On Mars, discrimination against the Terrans is still very common, and there is no way of telling what would happen to this boy if nobody wanted to take him in.

“We have to adopt him!” After hearing about the boy, Orlane has told her husband, who shares the same thought. Although some of their friends disapprove their decision to adopt a Terran as their child, Orlane and Saazbaum are determined to give Slaine Troyard a home.

When she met the boy for the first time, she could hardly resist the urge to give him a big, warm hug. Hiding behind Saazbaum’s tall figure, Slaine Troyard nervously introduced himself to his new parents, thanking both her and Saazbaum multiple times for adopting him. Orlane soon found how sweet, polite, and well-behaved the boy was.

A month has gone by, and Orlane can’t even remember what their lives were like before Slaine has arrived here. Slaine has truly became part of their family.

Today, Slaine has woken up with a fever. Orlane is too worried to even leave the house, so she decided to take off work and take care of Slaine at home.

“I am glad to hear, the fever seems to be gone. I bought you some soup and your medication.” Orlane smiles in relief, helping Slaine sit up and bringing her tray of food over to his bedside. “Please do tell me if you need anything, Slaine.”

In her memory, Orlane can’t recall a time when Slaine has asked her or Saazbaum for anything. The simplest present would bring Slaine a great deal of joy and he always seems to be grateful for everything they give him.

“Thank you, mother.” Slaine starts drinking his soup happily. After coming to the Saazbaum household, Slaine has never felt lonely again. Of course, he does miss his father very much, and sometimes he hides in his room and cries thinking about his father. But Orlane and Saazbaum have genuinely done everything in their capability to make sure Slaine feels loved and happy here, and he can’t be more thankful for his new family.

“Your father will be home soon. He must be worried about you too.” Orlane says kindly.

When Slaine hears the footsteps coming upstairs, he face brightens and he turns towards the door in anticipation. Saazbaum is home.

“Slaine, how are you feeling?” asks Saazbaum as he walks into Slaine’s bedroom. He takes off his jacket and kisses Orlane softly on the cheek. His voice is full of concern for his little boy.

“Yes, sir, I am feeling a lot better than I did this morning.” Slaine sit up straight and replies immediately. He notices that Saazbaum has frowned a little and his heart sinks. Did he say something wrong?

“Slaine, I have told you that you are welcome to address me as your father.” Saazbaum glances at Orlane, who giggles and whispers proudly that Slaine has started calling her “mother” a long time ago. Of course, he completely understands that this must be a tough transition for Slaine, having to lose his father and adjust to a new home in such a short amount of time. But he can’t help but to wish that he can hear the young boy call him “father” for once……

“I am sorry……I……” Slaine lowers his gaze. It isn’t like he doesn’t accept Saazbaum as his father……contrarily, he is overjoyed to have a father like Saazbaum. He knows that Saazbaum is one of the most respected man in Vers, and he still has a hard time believing that he chose him to be his son. “Um…….father?”

“Yes, Slaine.” Saazbaum’s eyes lights up as he watches the young boy smiling shily at him. Slaine’s little face is full of excitement and hopefulness.

“Will you have time to tell me a bedtime story tonight? More about the history of Vers?”

“Of course, Slaine.” Saazbaum smiles, stroking Slaine’s soft hair. “Anything you want to hear.”

Saazbaum has found everything he ever needed: his family. With Orlane and Slaine by his side, he has no doubt that he is living in an embodiment of happiness.







Several months ago @haytaco commissioned me for a tattoo design (the first and only one I’ve ever done) with some really great specifications that made her a commissioner’s dream, and what came out of it was this. Just recently she finally got a chance to get it tattooed, and I feel now I’m more comfortable with actually posting the original design for everyone to see.

This has been super exciting, because I can’t think of a greater compliment than someone wanting my art to hold a permanent and personal place on their body. That’s just incredible to me, and I’m really kind of honored.

If you haven’t seen the final tattoo version, then please take a look here! It’s turned out beautifully in my opinion, and I’m so happy that so many people agree. (The tattooist also did a great job of making a much prettier font for the words ha ha.)

I remember the picture on the left, I was so uncomfortable I Really hated that I had to get my picture taken I felt so out of place.
I just didn’t want to be in front of the camera, now I am still someone who struggles with things like this but I am SO happy not to be where I was.
If you’re in this position please remember this can be done you just need to commit to it day by day, if you can handle one day you got the next!
Trust me you can do it however you choose, just take that one step!

Guy or girl whoever you’re make the choice to save your life!

Lose it to gain life