Please, I don’t know what else to do, please give grace-of-turt your encouraging words. She might be mad at me later but if she comes on I’ll know she’s still here. Please help her she’s in a bad place right now, so bad she’s thinking of drastic decisions. Please just take a little time to tell her you do care, that you want her here and well, please. I want her happy, please show her that someone is here for her.

I think my view of relationships is currently so skewed because the only relationships I’ve even tried to have in the last like 3 years have been online and that’s not what my soul needs!!!! I’ve been so anti relationship and anti emotions for so long and it’s such a lonely place to be and realizing that I truly need companionship is something that is very difficult for me but it’s the best step to take right now. this is so hard and unfamiliar but I want to encounter someone that can fulfill my intellectual and sexual needs, and I want to please someone fully and give them everything to make them happy. I’m scared as fuck of getting my hopes up and getting emotionally destroyed but it’s bound to happen lmao I think it’s actually be worth it though because I feel like I’m ready for something better !!!!!!!

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Not trying to sound rude but it sounds really ungrateful to complain about your family taking you on a trip like that. It seems like you have trouble with your family but they still took you on a nice trip that so many people would love to have taken

Don’t judge a situation that you know nothing about.
Someone can be miserable and have a lot of money just like someone who has nothing can be happy. So maybe I’m ungrateful to the mother that beats me and the step-father who tells me I’m worthless and selfish, and then takes me places. And there are probably a million people who have it worse. But just because someone has it worse doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to feel pain. I could have wonderful parents and a happy family and feel miserable. And the places were lovely. So please don’t sit and anonymously message me about being ungrateful when you don’t know anything about me or my life. And even if you did, my pain is my pain and I have a right to feel it. 
You can’t take that away from me.

I was talking with Andres recently. He was going through some stuff and while I won’t go into details because it’s not my place to speak on his behalf, I said to him that if he needed to talk to someone to please tell me, because in growing up, I never had anyone to talk to when I was sad or confused or whatever.

Truthfully, that’s probably part of the reason that I’m as fucked up as I am now.

The point is, I just wish I could take all of that away from him and from any of you who may be going through something difficult. All of you deserve to be happy. I wish I could carry your burdens and your pain for you.

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Tell you a secret~ well I've been self harming since the last time my dad smacked me around and threatened to kick me out.

please don’t harm yourself. I know that you are hurting and I can’t believe you’re in a place where you are being harmed right now. But please take care of yourself and give yourself so much love because you deserve it and in a situation where someone is hurting you and you need love you should watch out for yourself and care about yourself and nourish yourself back to health and happiness instead of harming yourself. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to come to me off anon( or on) any time.