friendly neighborhood eli here to say please don’t be shitty to people. you gain absolutely nothing by making someone else feel bad for the choices they make on their own blog. if they’re mutually exclusive? awesome. if they’re private? awesome. if they have mains? awesome. if they have exclusives? awesome. nobody makes these decisions to alienate or force anybody from writing within a fandom - they’re made for the comfort and safety of themselves and those who they decide to be mains or exclusives to ( which are, in most cases, close friends. ) think before you press anon. think before you even open someone’s ask form. it’s not your place to tell them what to or not do - it’s not your place to judge without knowing why they chose to do what they do. you wouldn’t enjoy logging in to rude anons in your inbox, so don’t force someone else to have to. it literally costs nothing to mind your own business.