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hi!! how would the guys deal/react to a gf thats easily jealous + why?? thank you !! :)


Seokjin would be fairly good about dealing with it, I don’t think he’d ever get frustrated by it, but if it got TOO out of hand, he’d have to talk to you about it. He’d want there to be mutual trust in your relationship and if you were overly jealous about every little thing, it would make him feel like you didn’t trust him.


I think Yoongi would be the most irritated by someone who was easily jealous. He’d be fine with jealousy in understandable situations but if it got to the point where he felt as if he was being restricted from what he can and cannot do, it would cross the line for him. Yoongi is a laid-back person and would appreciate some freedom in a relationship, to which he would reciprocate for you, so if jealousy became a big thing, he would feel like he lost that freedom.


To an extent, he would probably find it cute because he would be kind of a clingy person and a bit jealous as well. But again, if it took it too far and he felt as if he was restricted in what he could and couldn’t do, it would bother him a lot. He’d deal with it maturely and talk to you about it, but if you continued, it could probably be a cause for an end of the relationship.


Jealousy could be a make or break it kind of situation for Namjoon. He’d handle some jealousy just fine (he could be a little jealous occasionally too) but if he was pushed to an extremity due to jealousy, he wouldn’t be able to handle it and would get very frustrated. Just like Seokjin, he’d want there to be mutual trust so if you couldn’t trust him with simple things, he’d view it as almost a waste of time.


Jimin would probably enjoy jealousy the most, teasing you lightly about it. He’d find it cute and it made him feel very secure that you loved him - he’d always reassure you that he only loves you as well. If it got to the point where you were jealous of him interacting with ARMY or spending a lot of time with the members though, he’d have to draw the line and make sure you’re very aware that he’s not changing either of those things.


He’d probably brush your jealousy off a lot but like Yoongi, he’d appreciate freedom in a relationship and if you held him back due to jealousy, it would bother him. He would never get angry with you over it but he would have a calm discussion if your jealousy became an interference with the flow of your relationship.


Jungkook would be exactly like Taehyung, he’d brush it off quite frequently but he needs his freedom. He’d be quite anxious to talk to you about it though because he didn’t want to hurt you in any way, but he also didn’t want your relationship to collapse. He would probably talk to a few of the other members on how he should talk to you about it and then go from there.

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TW Stiles and the flash Barry Allen crossover "really this guy!?" "Someone's jealous"

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“Seriously, Y/N?” Stiles was seriously pissed off.

“What?” I exclaimed, exasperated, glancing from him to Barry. “He’s super nice, and cute, and… I don’t know, I like him!”

Then Stiles made such a hilarious face that I had to put a hand over my mouth when I laughed as to avoid upsetting him even further. Rolling his eyes in such a dramatic and silly way.

“Really, this guy?!” He motioned over to Barry with a hand movement.

“Yeah!” I cuddled over to Barry’s side, still staring at Stiles in confusion since I thought he would react differently. “So what?”

“I just… I…” He was so agitated that he couldn’t even speak a coherent phrase. “Just, no, okay?”

“Someone’s jealous” Barry beamed, smirking and looking him up and down.

I opened my eyes wide with that theory. I introduced Barry, my boyfriend, to my best friend Stiles. Just because I thought they would get along and I wanted them to know each other.

But what if Stiles was jealous of Barry? At least it would explain why he was being such a child.

“Hey, I’m not jealous” He assured the both of us. “Who gave you the right, Smart Pants? You think you’re so great with your stupid… face”


kyungsoo and david lee on the set for ‘be positive’