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For the Scorp girl falling for the Aries male here's my pro tip: date someone better to make him jealous. Like a rather smart, fit, ruggedly handsome, and artistic Scorpio who can cook and clean when asked nicely. In other words date me. Sincerely, a Scorpio


Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it. This is my personal mantra. Whenever I’m going through a difficult time, like a breakup, and I’m wishing to be the person who could get over it and move on, I tell myself to be that person. Instead of waiting to be inspired by someone else and being jealous that they’re living a life I wish I had, I tell myself not to wait for that moment and to start being the person I want to be … Think, if I have the energy to wish for it, I have the energy to do it.
—  Olivia Dunn