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I rly need the gif of Baby Groot with his baby throw up after the 700 space jumps


As it turns out, Be More Chill’s Gerard Canonico (Rich) is listed as a cast member of Dear Evan Hansen! According to his IBDB page, he’s one of the “You Will Be Found” background voices. He also mentioned his role in the production of Dear Evan Hansen on Twitter.

it really frustrates me when I see people say “I could care less” because I always thought it was “I couldn’t care less” and shouldn’t it be? because if you could care less about something then you’re insinuating that you at least care a little bit already??

Oops, I’m having this weird anxiety about this fic I haven’t finished yet, but the big problem (aside from just… sitting down and writing it, which is always an issue, you know) is that… I can’t figure out how I want it to go? 
Primarily, I can’t figure out if I want it to be a sad or happy story??? 
Okay, so, look. The basic premise is that Main Character’s ‘boyfriend’ has died, but let’s say… a robot he used to own had downloaded his personality beforehand and has now decided that it is him (and does a passable job of it).
Should MC and the boyfriend-robot be together? or should the robot be made to understand that it’s not the boyfriend? 

I never finished Furuba Another but I just discovered Shigure is a dad???And the mom is Akito???? Shigure and Akito are parents?????

Their unhealthy dysfunctional relationship was fine bc whatever theyre not hurting anyone but like???? If there were ever two people less equipped to be parents I have not seen them. Holy shit dude.

That moment when you realize

I want to do die after this discovery

Let’s also talk about how Aelita and Allura are both elf people (aelita only in loyko tho) with stripes on their face clinging to memories of their father that they lost to an evil enemy that wanted to control a super weapon. They were then frozen in cryo for like, a bazilion years in a magic pod only to be discovered by the heros later, and both have some super magic like ability, with aelita being able to access the towers to go back in time, and allura being able to send their ship to where-ever they want to go through space.

Accompanied by your local nerd with glasses that can hack anything and everything, even a foreign super computer in a matter of minutes, the flirt sharp shooter that flirts with every new girl they meet, the emo one that fights with a sword and is way too serious and never talks to anyone about their problems, that black haired (probably japanese on shiros part? I mean his name, like, come on) serious character that takes things so hard you just want to protect them.

I got nothing on Hunk someone help me out here.

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I know this may sound funny, but I swear I'm serious. Please write that Mc gets stuck in a toilet, RFA+minor trio, please

This is really funny, it made me laugh out loud but… did… did this happen to you? Where did this prompt come from? I’m so curious.

Also, I have no idea where you’re from and if you meant “stuck in a bathroom” or “stuck in an actual toilet” so I wrote for both. That’s probably just me overthinking things, so you don’t have to worry about anything being unclear.


  • It was late at night
  • MC was sleeping over, and woke up because she had to pee
  • She didn’t want to turn on the lights and disturb Yoosung, so she made her way to the bathroom in complete darkness
  • However, she didn’t know that Yoosung had left the toilet seat up, so when she went to sit, her knees hit her chest and she let out a startled yelp
  • The seat the hit her in the back 
  • Once she’d calmed down (although a little frustrated at the situation), MC went stand, she realized she’d gotten stuck
  • Thankfully, the ruckus had already woken Yoosung, and MC was able to call for his help without disturbing the neighbors
  • Yoosung, the poor baby, felt really guilty, apologized a million times, and promised to put the seat down from now on so that it wouldn’t happen again


  • When she walked into the bathroom to find MC trying to pry her hand out of the toilet tank, where it had gotten stuck, she straight up called emergency services for help
  • As embarrassing as it was, MC was extracted from the toilet by the fire department
  • When Jaehee asked MC why she had her hand jammed in that part of the toilet anyways, MC holds up a plastic baggy with an engagement ring inside
  • She’s been hiding the ring the only place she thought Jaehee in wouldn’t look
  • However, MC also says that she’ll propose another day, because this is not remotely romantic and Jaehee deserves something special
  • Jaehee ends up laughing despite herself, and MC has so many mixed feelings as she flushes deep red


  • They were on location, Zen was shooting a scene, and MC really had to use the bathroom
  • So she ran off to the use the porta-potty they had set up nearby
  • While gross, MC was desperate
  • Once she had finished her business, MC went to leave, only to find the door stuck
  • This was bad
  • She tried calling out for help, banging on the door, but nobody seemed to hear her
  • So she went on the Messenger
  • 707: Hey hey MC! What’s up?
  • MC: you’re not going to believe this, but I’m kind of stuck.
  • Jaehee: stuck?
  • MC:….. nevermind. I shouldn’t have said anything.
  • 707: Traffic?
  • 707: gasp! Maybe she was abducted! Now she’s stuck on their space ship!
  • Zen has logged on
  • Zen: MC, where are you? I can’t find you anywhere! I’ve been worried sick!
  • Jaehee: she’s missing?! I’ll call Mr. Han!
  • MC: NO!
  • MC: Jaehee that’s not necessary! It’s not that bad!
  • Zen: Then where are you?!
  • MC: Zen…. I’m stuck in a porta-potty.
  • 707: lol
  • 707: lolololol
  • MC: 😓
  • 707: lololololololololololololol
  • MC: look can… can someone just help get me out of here? The door is stuck.
  • Zen: I’m on my way.
  • Turns out there was a truck parked in front of the porta-potty
  • Like, it backed up so it’s bumper held the door shut
  • If Zen didn’t cause a fuss about it, MC might’ve been stuck in there for hours


  • The newly painted doors in their newly finished were a fraction too big and their was a draft 
  • How did MC know this?
  • Because the door swung shut hard behind her when she had to run to the bathroom, as she’d been feeling kind of sick lately
  • Now the door was stuck because the paint caused the door to jam
  • Because she left her phone outside of the bathroom, MC had to wait for Jumin to wonder where she was
  • The moment she told him the door was stuck, he brute forced the door open himself
  • He’s a mix of angry and concerned, and after assuring that, yes, MC is fine, he makes a few calls to make sure that the doors will be replaced immediately so that this doesn’t happen again, especially when he’s not around


  • He had prank days
  • Saeyoung would booby trap the house and certain things would become unsafe
  • It was usually harmless, like switching the salt with sugar and such
  • This time, Saeyoung decides to grease the toilet
  • So now, MC was somehow sitting, with her butt lodged in the seat, unable to get out
  • But she refused to give Saeyoung the pleasure of seeing her like this
  • MC tries to pry herself out, but no matter what she does, she can’t seem to wiggle free
  • Whatever Saeyoung greased the toilet with, much to her dismay, works against her getting out
  • She manages to get out after about five minutes of struggling
  • MC cleans the toilet, then puts chili pepper and garlic powder in his HBC and waits


  • MC had politely excused herself to go use the bathroom while she was helping him go through some of his new work
  • V hadn’t thought to tell her that the lid was broken and he hadn’t bothered to replace it yet
  • Then he heard a loud snap, a crash, and the sound MC screaming
  • Immediately he was on his feet and at the bathroom door, knocking and asking if she was okay
  • It turned out she’d gone to the bathroom to text Jumin and ask a question about V she was too embarrassed ask to his face, had sat down on the lid, and it had given way under her weight
  • Now MC was more embarrassed about their accident than anything else, especially since her skirt was wet and she was stuck
  • V carefully helped pull her out, found a pair of old sweatpants that she could borrow, and put her skirt in the wash, reassuring her the whole time that it was fine and she doesn’t need to be embarrassed


  • The plumbing had burst at their apartment, so they were temporarily staying in a tiny hotel room until it could be fixed
  • Saeran was watching some TV while MC is taking a shower
  • He vaguely hears the water turn off, but he’s not paying attention until he hears a yelp, a crashing noise, and then a groan of pain
  • Saeran ignores it, because she’s probably fine…
  • Then she calls for him
  • When he walks in, he actually bursts out laughing
  • Because MC slipped and fell so that she’s jammed between the toilet and the wall
  • Honestly, she has no idea how she ended up that position, but arms are stuck and she can’t get out
  • After some help from Saeran and some wiggling, MC finally gets free
  • The only downside is that Saeran’s still laughing the whole time


  • MC had forgotten the toilet seat was broken, so she tried to stand on the seat to grab something off a shelf, the seat snapped, and now her foot was stuck
  • Vanderwood’s first react was to raise an eyebrow and wonder how in the world this happened
  • He helps get MC free, a little exasperated the whole time
  • Sometimes he’ll remind her and laugh

This is what I have so far:

Ken - Zeus (shown on his throne, cold, we’ve been expecting this since the first conception vid)

Hongbin - Hermes (shown with wings and a lantern, guiding souls to the afterlife)

Ravi - Dionysus (shows with wine, and a lot of it, also he is known to be connected with the woods, which goes with Fantasy. He has also successfully brought back someone from the underworld…)

Leo - Achilles (arrow pointing toward his heel, which is how Achilles dies. Also, we see him dipping into water, perhaps the river Styx which grants him his immortality?)

N - If Leo is Achilles, would that make N Apollo?

Also, something is going on with Hyuk/N. In N’s shot, the shadow is Hyuk. We also saw Hyuk trying to stop N from entering the underworld. How are these two connected? I’m also starting to believe that Hyuk is Demeter. We see him with falling leaves, signalling the harvest? Her daughter was taken to the underworld as a gift for Hades…. These are all connected.

What do you guys think?

Someone help me out here

There’s an old Hitchcock movie where, near the end, a guy shoots himself and the camera is in his POV, so we see the gun point to the camera and go off. It was a black and white movie, but as the gun goes off, there’s one frame that’s hand painted red. The final gunshot in TLD reminded me of that shot, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the movie.