Way to Speak

i need to ask again why you are doing this, It seems you are very intelligent and a beautiful woman and it just seems strange” – POT who doesn’t seem to know how to speak to women.

I really do not like when POTs say this. lol. It seems a bit condescending in a way, or a belittle comment to women who they do not find attractive? Are men that dumb? lol .. do they think beautiful women are just walking the streets aimlessly and stumble into this world?

I replied to him, “i just like someone helping me be stress free. someone who wants to make sure i’m afloat and enjoying my life the way i can help them enjoy theirs.” and he goes on to say, “it just seems that you can find a man looking for love and a real relationship that would cherish you and take care of you”

WHO SAYS I AM LOOKING FOR LOVE? why can’t a young woman just want to have the time of her life? why does love have to be involved in everything a girl does? it really doesn’t make much sense to me, honestly.

so he says, “but it seems that the women looking to do this are more trashy” and i said “there are very beautiful and classy women out there who are on the same page as me. trashy does not have to associated with this sort of concept either.” so he apologized and said he isn’t trying to be an idiot and he’s overthinking.

all this time he’s taking up talking to me and its taking so much out of me to just want to talk about $$ lmao… he’s supposed to “buy” my hello for our first meeting at Nobu 57 ($$$$) restaurant in NYC so i’ll be patient for the time being.

i am honestly so intrigued by the idea of billcest like imagine bill meeting his clone somehow because they’d flirt endlessly (and i do mean that literally)

like…. it’d start off like “man do i always look this good?” “yeah apparently, boy we sure are attractive” and it’d end with them practically on top of each other

meanwhile dipper and mabel are trying not to look and when dipper has finally had enough he screams “BILL AND BILL STOP FLIRTING AND HELP US OUT”

and then both bills just kind of smile wickedly and give each other a look that says “yay we’re pissing them off also let’s continue this conversation later”

like…… someone scream about billcest with me Please