That’s right. You heard it here. I’m 12 away from 500.

    wishlist [ we once had a tree house ]

Muse a and muse b were childhood friends through their parents. Shy at first, the two quickly had built up a bubbling friendship as they were forced by their parents to spend time together. Spending their summer holidays swimming at a lake and having barbecues by each other’s cabins, they only met up when July was just around the corner and they traded textbooks and pencils for bathing suits and tree houses. But one summer, muse a’s family never arrived at the lake, and muse b was left confused and by their own. While muse b faithfully visited the lake on their summer holidays, muse a seemed to have disappeared out of their life. Now five years later, grown up and blossomed, muse a and their family finally show up at their cabin. Arriving to see a bewildered, and a quite surprised childhood friend of theirs.

     &. catfish with a twist ; F and M meet through the text section of omegle and immediately hit it off despite the unorthodox environment. they swap numbers and start texting & calling 24/7. however, M refuses to skype or add F on any of his social media accounts due to being wary about giving his info to just anyone. F understands this and doesn’t push the subject. two years of talking daily passes and F has still only seen photos of M from far away or behind – having no cue what his face looks like. convinced that she being deceived, F gives M an ultimatum – skype me to prove you’re real or we’re done talking. afraid that he might lose her, M reluctantly agrees. once their cameras connect, F realizes that she really has been talking to M this entire time. however, there was one thing M forgot to mention – he’s a four-time grammy winner who doubles as america's heartthrob. M explains that he concealed his identity because he didn’t want F to solely like him because of his income/status. after only a few weeks of skyping, M invites F come on tour with him now that she knows the truth. M wants them to finally meet and take their relationship to the next level. although F feels like she was tricked & lied to, she still also has feelings for the boy she’s come to know for two years, so she agrees. but will the savage paparazzi, screaming fans, and constant traveling be too much for F to handle?

But what about
freshwater mermaids?

Like living in coves in little river tributaries? Blowing bubbles and making the kids who are fishing on the banks laugh?

Making friends with river otters and beavers?

Playing under waterfalls in jungles? Scratching big jungle kitties behind their ears when they come for a drink?
Their tails are shorter and they’re tinier than sea mermaids, because maybe sometimes they grow up navigating through smaller creek beds and caverns?


sigh I need hot, college professor!blaine with glasses and maroon tweed jackets and he gets all flustered and nervous around kurt who is actually a dance teacher at the same school (or perhaps a student idc) and fiddles with the frames and keeps adjusting them and taking them off to clean them even though they aren’t dirty and kurt will tease him and take them off his face and put them on himself and squawk, “oh god, you’re blind!” and blaine will grab them back, blushing, and they’re just the cutest muffins ever uwu 

Reasons why I prefer villains: They are brilliant and the heroes are too stupid to even tie their shoe laces. The idea that they most idiotic people win makes me physically ill. So I have the urgent need to cheer for the villains and reassure them that they are poorly treated by writers. They might lose because that’s what the story wants, but they’ll always be the winners in my heart.

  • "my soulmate has the first words i'll ever say to him tattooed somewhere" aus posts:deep as shit, poetic, beautiful, moving pieces of art
  • me:but imagine enjolras growing up with this ugly af tattoo that says "BUT FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE" in a bold big font all over his ass and praying at night that his soulmate's tattoo would be something he will recognize right away, put where he can see it, and then the song comes out and he jumps and nearly cries everytime he hears it in vines/yt videos/from people everywhere and then one day he sees this guy grantaire taking a selfie and saying the infamous words and he has "I'M GONNA END YOU YOU SELFIE-TAKING PIECE OF SHIT" on his arm in like this enormous neon red underlined characters, and enjolras just smiles and cracks his knuckles.


…actually, it probably might do that. it’s kind of an ornery thing.
please protect your aesthetic.