I just got home and i finished reading the chapter, here are a few thoughts:

  • BLESS YOU, NISHIKI 🙏 heroe of heroes. 
  • kaneki’s interrogation session ccg style to figure out if she’s pregnant 👀 i know he suspects.. and his reaction didn’t seem to be negative at all, for what i can see…
  • Kaneki “not ‘no’, but, well…” he can’t deny himself.
  • fuck you mutsuki .l. 
  • *grabs crucifix and prays for toukachan*

Never underestimate the power of supporting a small scale fanfic writer. They may end up writing novel length fanfiction that is beloved the whole fandom over. They might go on to write original fiction and be published. And they might just be really happy and keep doing what they’re doing.

All are good things.

Support the writers <3

Here on Tumblr I see so many people, rightfully so, demanding more representation of how our world is in Hollywood blockbusters, and superhero films especially. This weekend a film that did that organically and with love and realism at it’s core pushed that ideal onto the big screen, and not very many people went to see it. If you’re not being the change you want to see in the world, you’re failing everyone. Power Rangers is the film we have all been asking for, and it’s done what Marvel and DC outside of television are still struggling with. They put their all into diversity and character driven, beyond face level representation handled with care, but Hollywood will just see that it opens second to other films. It went beyond queer baiting and checking boxes. Don’t let love and hope lose again like it did in November. Bring a friend, bring your children, demand those around you to, in this world that feels increasingly less accepting with films that feel less inclusive to everyone, go support the movie about five completely different people of different skin colors, genders, and sexualities coming together to take on oppression and greed on the same level, pushing toward a better future. The future we all demand, but didn’t show up to support.


tf when your entire life revolved around the concept of justice, but then suddenly everyone you ever cared about is either dead or gone except for your goofy murder-crazy boss who’s like “lmfao I’m bringing your friends back to life with SCIENCE” and ur like… ppthgb fuk


Last night dream. Allura and Coran discussing with Paladins how they should start keeping in mind of choosing potential substitute pilots of their lions and then..

Hunk: Like, we can choose anyone we think has potential?

Coran: Yes Hunk, like I sai-

Hunk: *slams hands on table* SHAY