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Opinions on each member of the Kalos crew plus Emma?And Green appearing in XY arc?

X: He needs therapy and also his parents my poor sweet child
Y: Literally the strongest pokespe character she is so tough and wonderful and I want to see her get loved and supported and comforted and also to kick Malva’s fiery butt
Tierno: You go big boy you follow your dreams. Literally the most precious thing ever he must be protected. Not that he needs it bc he’s a kick butt dance WARRIOR
Trevor: He’s got orb hair, also needs a hug, and is Kalos’ Yellow. He’s one bada** trainer. I want to see him suplex Lysandre.
Shauna: Give the girl back her Furfrou and her childhood innocence. Sassy little lady, I love it. She’s the best
Emma: Someone get me tissues bc I’m gonna cry. She doesn’t deserve any of this she’s alone and homeless and in pain but she’s the sweetest and I want her I grow up healthy and happy and safe and AAAA-
Green: Low key unnecessary but also hilarious bc he’s a edgelord??? He thinks he’s cool but he’s not. *sigh* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯