disclaimer: i might have gotten some things completely wrong lmao LIKE LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED THIS i was like wait…. what are you saying about these official images being divided in half…. i mean you pointed out yourself that the eye line is not really halfway so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? these faces were constructed with thirds weren’t they?? WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THIRDS ((spoiler it’s bc i always use halves then add hair on top (see fig. 5))) and then i was like “would it be worse to spend another day trying to work this out and correct it, or spread misinformation on the internet?” ……and i was tired of looking at this so LOOK AT THE IMAGES FOR YOURSELF AND LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!! 

…or not…. lmao i do swear you can use this method, but although ive been drawing almost daily for over 10 years, most of my knowledge is based on my own observation and not official teaching so take it with a grain of salt. i hope some of the stuff here is still useful to someone anyway.

bc well, over time ive had several people say stuff to me like “teach me how you draw” and idk how serious they were about it, but here’s my answer… or an attempt at an answer? although this is focused less on how i draw and more on (hopefully) developing observation skills.

there is much better facial proportion reference in existence and i highly encourage making use of the wealth of resources that’s out there if you google!

let’s make even more akoyas! happy drawing!!

uhm…. idk ok but i just feel that it’s not someone’s fault if you cry over them or you lose sleep over them… that’s like ur own fault. you CHOSE to do that. 

ya know instead of focusing on someone’s mental illness, it would be better to talk to them about better things such as things they like. if they like pokemon go, then talk to them about it. ask tips. you don’t talk to a cancer patient about cancer and how bad it is. 

Olympic AU part 12/12

the last days of the olympics are spent in a daze. red and liz are never far from each other. she has moved into his room and they eat dinner together in the village every night. they still train, even though liz has no more events. once or twice she’s managed to coax red into the water, but he’s always very reluctant and never stays long.

at the closing ceremony they stand cuddled together looking in awe at the dancing and celebrations. as the fireworks explode across the sky, red takes her face in his warm hands and kisses her softly but with a passion that takes her breath away. as she pulls back to look into his eyes, shes struck by the strangeness of their situation. how he appeared in her life one day and managed to make it so much better and richer than it was. how he seems scared of her sometimes yet viciously attached the next. she wouldnt change a single thing about these months theyve spent together. she sees him looking at her quizzically, obviously sensing her mind is far away. she smiles at him, and with all the sincerity that she can muster, tells him she loves him. 

hes awestruck. all he can do is swallow and blink back against the sudden emotion filling him. she laughs at him. after a while he’s helpless to join her. they stand under the stars and the bursts of light, laughing and falling into each other’s arms. he kisses they side of her head and tells her that he’s ready to go home. with her.

Srsly i need someone to scream about dance line and how much i want to throw a chair at Jimin and Hoseok.