mbti - who they need in their life.

INTJ, INTP - Someone who can bring warmth to their coldness, light to their darkness, happiness to their depression, but also someone who understands how important the cold, the dark, and the depression is to them.

ENTJ, ESTJ - Someone who can challenge them, keep them entertained and interested yet keep them in their place.

INFP, ISFP - Someone who understands how complicated and simple they are, someone who doesn’t try to fix them or makes sense of them but just embraces them. 

ENFP - Someone who takes everything they aspire to be and help them make it a reality, someone who makes them understand that dreams are great but accomplishments are better. Someone who acts like a mirror to them, makes sure they don’t go off the tracks yet, enjoys getting lost within them.

INFJ, ENFJ - Someone who makes them smile without hiding a frown within, someone who brings out the real them no matter how difficult

ESTP, ISTP, , ESFP - Someone who can ride with them to no place in specific yet always knows where to go when things get too overwhelming

ISTJ - Someone who makes them read beyond the words and helps them see beyond the facts and the rules, someone who adds paint to their canvas

ENTP - Someone who takes all the hate and highlights all the positives, someone who is able to truly talk to them and challenge them

ISFJ, ESFJ - Someone who doesn’t need help from them, someone who helps them find what they want for themselves

I’ve done a lot of research on this recently and did you know the undead wouldn’t be able to use smartphones? Cause the touch screens rely on like the electricity that your blood makes or something idk the science of it just use this power for good for all your modern kravitz au needs

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Don't get me wrong, you and Tweek are so adorable but like? Don't you guys think you're too co-dependent on each other? Its kinda unhealthy

Life is just better with the other person around so we aren’t apart very often. Why be living a life where you know it can be better with someone else in it and not be around them?

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though i may be a bit late in the spirit of thanksgiving i wish to thank you for answering even my stupidest of questions and expanding my knowledge of tokusatsu

Thank you!  It’s what I really enjoy doing, helping people appreciate and learn about tokusatsu.  I may not always be right (and I actually enjoy being proven wrong and given corrections i.e. my ignorance of the difference between the Andro Melos picture stories and TV series) but I do enjoy sharing the things I know or can speculate on.  

I may not always answer questions quickly because I often have to do some research on the more esoteric ones that I do not have at my immediate memory reach but I do try and answer what I can that I am asked. 

That said, it is always very awesome to be told I’ve helped someone gain a better appreciation for the techniques, stories and concepts of tokusatsu.  One could even say it’s NICE!

Yes, there is an Ultraman Nice, he was a character created for a series of 1 minute commercials for Bandai’s Ultraman toys that aired during 1999 reruns of Ultraman Tiga. He is a hero from the appropriately named planet TOY-1.

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Hey, I'm thinking of learning a new language like French or Spanish and I was wondering how you are learning Japanese. Are u getting tutored or going to a language centre or just teaching yourself? And if so what resources and websites do you use? :)

Hi!! I’m self-teaching myself at the moment, though I lowkey want to go to a language school, but not sure if I’m bothered to go and also I have no job currently to actually pay for it!! So the resources I use (and mind you, I am like SUPER SUPER beginner, so I’m sure someone has a better masterpost somewhere):

- Genki I workbook and textbook: These are in structured lessons for you to learn the basics of Japanese. I bought them after hearing a lot of good things about them, they also come with CDs. They’re a little pricey depending on where you get them from. There was also another textbook called Minna no Nihongo but since you had to buy 3 separate books, I just went for the easier option.
- Duolingo/Memrise/Language Perfect: This doesn’t teach you any actual Japanese e.g. grammar and stuff, but moreso tests your Kana (because I’m at a lower level) and also random vocabulary and sentences. I wouldn’t use this to learn at all since there’s no explanation for grammar or vocabulary lists, but it’s nice to learn some things in advance (e.g. time, colours etc.) before I see it in my textbook.
- I have multiple dictionaries on my phone, I can’t remember what they’re called. There’s a great Japanese one that lets you draw the kanji characters in as you wouldn’t know how to search up the meaning without knowing how to pronounce the word. French is a little easier in that respect.
- Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese: apparently a really good grammar resource online!! It’s here (x). I’m also planning to buy a grammar dictionary when I have the time to get it.

Honestly though, there are so many resources online that I don’t think buying textbooks is necessary. It’s just the way I liked it since I studied French previously. 

French specific wise: my cousin’s husband is a French teacher so I got resources from him, and I also learnt it for four years at school. I remember at school I used Tapis Volant and Clic, though my cousin’s husband said they weren’t good textbooks LMAO. He gave me the ones he brought over from his job in London, which were GCSE French workbooks by CGP and Edexcel. Good luck!!!

no offense! everyone in hotline miami is literally a scumbag!! the fans murdered people, jacket murdered people, every 50 blessings member murdered someone, manny murdered people, evan murdered someone, you need 2 calm down!!! it’s video game!!!!!!!!! the game is literally….centered around murder and violence!!!

you cannot like any of the characters without liking a murderer. you cannot act high & mighty because you dont like a certain character or you do like a certain character or whatever.

they’re all the same, the games are like 5 years old just have fun and cool off!! if you’re genuinely getting overwhelmed and heated over these characters you should find a healthier way to consume this particular piece of media for your own sake.

u can have opinions obviously, no one is saying you cant! expressing them isn’t bad!!!!! but you have to understand you are not better than someone bc you hate this character or this character or whatever!!! this wont matter in 5 years just relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will not be a Robron Hug

Contrary to the popular belief, I think Robert’s breakdown will lead him to think that Aaron deserves someone who is way better than him and that he deserves to be with Alex (in his head) that his focus should be on his son, to grow and mature and accept his failures including letting Aaron go and that’s how he’ll “come in terms with life” and all of this could take place after he’s been hospitalized (if he got into an accident, Lachlan attempted to kill him). The ball then will be in Aaron’s court, he’s going to watch Robert becoming the best version of himself and he’s going to struggle with his own feelings not being able to let Robert go. 

Dammek isn’t a bad moirail and here’s why

Okay so this is gonna be a long post. If I miss any points I’m sorry.

So we all know everything Xefros said about Dammek sounded terrible and it made it sound like Dammek was some shitty dude who totally takes advantage of Xefros.

HOWEVER, does Xefros sound angry about any of the things?? Not really, right? It seems Xefros is scared that Dammek would leave him if he refuses to do anything Dammek says. I don’t think Xefros has ever tried telling Dammek how he feels.

How is Dammek suppose to know that what he’s doing is wrong of Xefros seems to be cool with it all? Even Joey has to tell Xefros that he should tell people when their doing something that bothers him.

So basically what I’m getting at is that Xefros is a pushover and he sees Dammek as someone who is better than he is and he finds himself so lucky to be his moirail and is willing to do anything to keep him happy.

Dammek is probably use to Xefros agreeing to everything and he thinks it’s alright but he most definitely WOULD NOT leave Xefros if Xefros told Dammek how he felt. Tbh though, Xefros doesn’t seem to mind it because he thinks it’s helpful to Dammek and the revolution (but hopefully Joey teaches him that he is allowed to have boundaries and speak his mind).

I defiantly didn’t cover everything I wanted to but I’ll probably add more to this later. PLEASE STOP HATING A CHARACTER YOU HAVEN’T MET YET.

Keep in mind that Dammek tells Xefros things such as ‘he likes it when Xefros smiles’ also Xefros AND Dammek’s hives are FLOODED with photos of the two of them hanging out and being happy.

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I don't think Kurt was bored with anyone that wasn't a musician. I just think he would've better suited someone creative (painting, writing, acting, film-making etc.) and someone fun lol. Not saying Tracy wasn't fun, she just seemed way too mature (which can be boring). That's my take on it. I just think he got bored.

yeah, she liked to stay home, and knit.   still does!  now mind you,  she was the one working the night shift to support kurt .   between sleeping, it certainly didn’t leave a lot of time to be creative on her part. we all owe her a great deal,

as her job allowed kurt to write his music.

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What would happen if FT sans found a fragile baby? Considering his size, what kind of 'techniques' would he choose or do? Btw I love your story, it rocks :)

Don’t worry buddy, you did alright.

Well, at first he’d be really nervous. A baby is really tiny to him, and considering their innocence and fragility he’d be scared to accidentally harm them or do something wrong. Nonetheless, he’ll try to do what’s best, either giving the child to someone better suited (and worthy) to take care of them (maybe Toriel) or if he has to he’ll do his absolute darnest best to care for the kid and raise them to his best abilities.

He might need some stuff from the dump though and burn his hands trying to pasteurize everything so the kid won’t get sick. He won’t be forgiving himself if he let anything bad happen to a darn innocent baby.

Over time though, as the baby grows and becomes stronger, and as he get’s used to caring for them, he’ll turn out to be quality dad material.

Plus if this is in a universe where he is caring for Frisk already, they’ll be a huge help to figure out how to take care of the baby.

But imagine Hades, the God of the underworld, the mighty and powerful seated on a throne of skulls handing out punishment to sinners cowering in front of his dark and fearsome aura and suddenly Persephone skips in the room, humming a bright tune, twirling in her pretty colourful dress and she skips to Hades and places a flower crown on his head and Hades is like ‘Honey, I’m trying to do my job here.’ or 'I have an image to maintain, I’m the God of Underworld!’ and Persephone just smiled cutely at him and pecks his cheek and Hades just kinda sighs because he’s so whipped by his little sunshine but it’s just so hard.

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