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Mom if someone bought u hamilton tickets would you be able to come to the us or is it better for someone to buy u tickets to the us and u get hamilton tix

Oh man I would never be able to accept such an expensive gift from anyone. Im sure I could save up the money eventually but I have a lot of stuff getting in the way this whole year (school and work and so on) Maybe next summer! 

The Fault in My Code: Ch. 11

You can read Chapter 11 on Ao3 Here

Chapter 11: One Eye Green, One Black

           There were seven on the SWAT team, and only one of them had mismatched eyes –one green and one black. Much like the military, the psychiatric evaluations were intense enough that Will was convinced of the man’s bearing and mental fortitude without having to actually speak with him. It wasn’t until midnight, when the other squad members went to their appropriate placements throughout the hotel and the buildings surrounding that he even bothered to speak to Will, let alone make a conversation of it.

           “Coffee?” he asked Will.


           Another silence. This one was broken by the occasional sound of cups scuffing the particle board of the end table, the clearing of throats as Will perused Francis Dolarhyde’s patient file.

           “I’ve heard a lot about you,” the man said at last, the beginning of real words. Will immediately missed the silence.

           “I’ll bet.”

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Okay so I just watched the season finale of Supergirl (on a beach in Italy) and I have so many thoughts and emotions.

1. I didn’t love Mon-El but I my heart still breaks for Kara. Her saying goodbye to Mon-El was such an intense scene and Melissa did such an amazing job. Not gonna lie, I shed a tear. I know Kara will be okay, and she can find someone so much better, but heartbreak still sucks no matter what.

2. Cat Grant saves EVERYTHING. Please for the love of God someone tell me she’s going to be a constant character again in season 3.

3. J'onn and M'gaan (is that how you spell her name) IM HERE FOR THIS.

4. Sanvers. Fucking Sanvers man. Obviously I knew the proposal was coming but man I still almost cried. I feel like it was very in character for Alex to just ask out of the blue, because she’s Alex, and when she knows what she wants, she goes for it. Quote me on this, Alex Danvers has bigger balls than anyone I’ve ever met. BUT, with all that said, I still wish it was a little different. I don’t feel like it’s too soon, but I just wish we had gotten more. I wish we had gotten more throughout the season. I wish we had gotten more just about Maggie. And I really wish we had gotten more of the proposal. I would have liked to see Alex say a little more, and Maggie say yes, a kiss, a hug, anything. I just wanted more, but maybe that’s just me being selfish.

4. LENA. Someone please just give this girl justice.


I’m currently in the happiest relationship I have ever been in and this guy is all too wonderful. we’re so happy and he just makes me smile and gives me endless butterflies.

but stupid freakin mental Lexie can’t stop having anxiety that one day he’s going to find someone better. wake up and realize I’m not pretty enough. like I have no reason to feel this way because he literally spoils the hell out of me and treats me with such respect, but I think that’s why I’m scared. I’ve never had this before and something in my mind is making me think something just has to be wrong.

I'm tired.

I’m tired of feeling like I have to beg for attention. I’m tired of seeing an empty ask box besides requests. I’m tired of pleading and begging for a single ask. It never comes. I know most of you only care about my writing. But I just want to make friends with people.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong anymore. I thought people who never saw my face or heard me speak might like me more. But I have come to realize something. I’m still the exact same person on here as I am in real life.

A second.

Everybody I know in real life have someone better to talk to. They all have a friend that they can go to. I have no one. If any of my little amount of friends do that, I have nothing. I for some reason always get my hopes up when people write those ‘My good friends’ posts. I always think that people care enough about me to put me in there. I sit there and scan over it for a few moments and then realize, I’m not there.

I never am.

I know no one is going to read this, and if they do, no one will say anything. But I just want friends. I want people to come talk to me about your day or about anything.

I’m lonely. I just want friends.

I’m just lonely…

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For me as a girl who loves girls--This is why I just hate labels. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If I love the person, I would love everything about that person & would be supportive for whatever they're comfortable with (their bodies).Since it's not just the physical appearance of the person that matters for it will grow old and die eventually but the soul, which made me fall in love to begin with. But each to their own. It's better if you both go separate ways for you should be both comfortable with your selves.

I think labels can be important. When you find a word that describes how you feel you finally know your feelings are real and that you’re not alone and it can be very helpful so I’m not against them. I don’t think that caring about labels means that you only love the physical appearance, it’s more like a way to understand someone better?

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I 100% agree with about Louis, and thats why i think he needs someone better than Harry. All true Louies think so

Good thing I’m a Larrie then huh? I don’t believe there’s anyone better for Louis than Harry and I don’t believe there’s anyone better for Harry than Louis. I don’t make the rules.

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Howdy! Its nice to meet you, and I wish to say that I love your art. If I could draw like you, I'd probably have more followers on my Undertale AU, Haha! You do amazing art, and I hope you never stop! Continue to spread happiness in this world, but never forget to find your own. Have a nice day, and stay determined!

Hello!! Yay- Nice to meet you!! ㅇㅂㅇ)/   You can draw better than me! ㅇ0ㅇ)9 Always! X3 And Thank you very much- So sweet! I’m so glad someone feels better with my drawing! Again Thank you and You too always have a awesome day!

PLL 7x15… DAMN!

• How do you know this episode was good? 

When I find myself actually feeling bad for the character I don’t care for. If you didn’t feel bad for Paily here, then you need to get your heart checked. Emily and Paige… NAILED IT!

• Is it just me or was this not one of the best scenes? 

To watch Mona dissect the game and actually reveal the psyche behind it, it’s a thing of beauty. I love that they brought Mona back to the forefront, because in order to catch crazy, you gotta be able to think like them first.

• Can Ezra get any more annoying?

I still stick with my original theory of infusing life into Aria’s storyline. Watching her and Ezra is as exciting as watching paint dry. Aria, grow a backbone and tell your boy to figure his shit out. Trust me when I say you can find someone better. Dark Aria needs to rise!

• Why do people think alcohol and murder mix well?

First off your bartender sucks… I can see how Spencer Hastings looks like Elliot Rollins. Second, when will you learn that when you are covering crap up you need to have all your faculties as sharp as ever. 

But imagine Hades, the God of the underworld, the mighty and powerful seated on a throne of skulls handing out punishment to sinners cowering in front of his dark and fearsome aura and suddenly Persephone skips in the room, humming a bright tune, twirling in her pretty colourful dress and she skips to Hades and places a flower crown on his head and Hades is like ‘Honey, I’m trying to do my job here.’ or 'I have an image to maintain, I’m the God of Underworld!’ and Persephone just smiled cutely at him and pecks his cheek and Hades just kinda sighs because he’s so whipped by his little sunshine but it’s just so hard.