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So I think because one of the last things I saw before I passed out at 4 in the morning was one of your vines, I had a dream where we were hanging out and watching something idk. I felt this huge sneeze coming and when I was about to release it, you called my name. So I let out this monstrosity of a sneeze in your direction and holy shit you kicked my dumb ass. Like I mean the rest of it was you just destroying me. So I have to apologize even if it was just a dream. Holy fuck don't hit me pleaSE


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Matsu reaction to s/o being a professional Wrestler?

Oso: Wouldn’t believe it. He’d stare at you in disbelief until you pin him into submission. He’d probably bet on you at matches though.

Kara: “Heh. A truly passionate sport for a truly passionate lover.“

Choro: Enter: PANIC MODE. He’d freak out and ask you to be careful so you don’t get severely injured but besides that he’d be in awe.

Ichi: “A pro wrestler huh? That’s cool. Can you beat people up for me? I have someone in mind.”

Jyushi: Would want to fight you just to see how he’d stack up against a pro.

Todo: He’d think it was a strange profession but it would explain your strength. Overall, he’d be impressed.