Okay, so today a friend of mine and I were having a discussion about the future of Marvel movies, specifically Civil War. Because said friend is a douche they said that Bucky is irrelevant to the plot for CW and that he should have a much smaller role to let the other characters have their part as they are more important and that the creators of the movie probably feel the same. As someone who loves Bucky you can’t imagine how angry this makes me.

They wouldn’t listen to my argument when I tried to convince them that Bucky is actually a pretty important character and I have the need to show them that they are so wrong.

So if you could, please reblog or like this if you agree that Bucky is actually seriously important, that he should have a big role in this movie and that the people working on CW should feel the same.

I just seriously need to know there’s people out there that feel that way after listening to Bucky hate.

So in 2006 I went to a Panic! show

at a pretty small venue it was packed and amazing and after I was walking out with the crowd to the lobby and got separated from my friends and the crowd was at a standstill and someone gently put their hand on my shoulder and I turned around and it was actually Brendon and he said “sorry they just want me over there to sign stuff” and pointed to the merch table and then he told me to grab my friends and cut in line and he’d sign our stuff right away and he did. He was superfucking nice.

I was walking out of the stage doors tonight and someone asked me if Jesse and I were really dating…so me being me said, “We’re engaged and have two kids actually.” The look on their face was priceless. Then I explained to them that the ring was a Ring Pop that Jesse gave me as a joke last night and that our kids had four legs and purred, we all bursted out in laughter. I consider that a successful night all the way around. 

an actual thing that someone said to me today was “i actually like you now” and i mean??? ok……….

why do people always want to one-up eachother when they mention that they feel sick

‘yeah my stomach really hurts’
'same but my headache is really bad’

If someone said they twisted their wrist would you go 'um actually I broke my wrist so my pain is worse’ like not everything is about you just say something like 'I hope you feel better’ and let it go not 'um yeah same except mine is worse therefore more important’

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(1/2) I've had migraines since I was 8 and I had to drop out of 3 different schools because of it, I’m still trying to finish high school through an online school even though I should have graduated a long time ago, I had to get a disability ID to get money from the state, to help pay for the school (in my country severe migraine counts as a disability), but I’ve never felt comfortable identifying as such, because the one time that I told someone that I had a disability they said that I really

(2/2) shouldn’t call myself that just because I get “headaches” sometimes and that it’s offensive and disrespectful toward people with actual disabilities and I guess I kind of believe that myself, but the things you’ve written gave me a new perspective on what counts as disability and what not, so thank you for that. (I still don’t feel comfortable participating in noshameday or labelling myself as disbaled though)

there are different rules of thoughts for what constitutes a disability but in the end it’s important how you personally choose to identify and how you treat other people and their identifications

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Re the "What does it matter" post? If feminism IS your issue, aiming at a tiny group whom the rest of the world pays absolutely no attention to because YOU TOO are obsessed with a film actor you don't know, seems suspect to me. Have you written any outraged letters about the woman gang-raped while unconscious on a beach during spring break while a crowd looked on and video'd it with their phones instead of stopping it? Or is the feminism limited to Ms. Hunter-who life is not affected one bit?


Do you actually give a fuck about those women?  Because if you did you wouldn’t use their suffering in order to shame someone about their level of activism.

Jesus fucking christ.  Like I said in the previous post.  PEOPLE CAN CARE ABOUT MORE THAN ONE THING AT A TIME. And I assure you that in any week I spend a hell of a lot more time dealing with  more “pressing” matters re social justice than I do on this blog.

Congratulations. You’ve now spent more time berating me on one tiny thing I spend my time on than I do on this blog in a given day. So how bout you go off and write some letters of outrage yourself.  

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just a quick comment on that mayuzumi and akashi quote-- i believe that quote is directly taken from this post and should be properly credited? forgive me if i'm wrong, though: ao-yama(.)tumblr(.)com/post/78384571994/so-splashofsky-and-i-were-talking-about-how

so tbh we never actually credit quotes except bc literally everything here is taken from something else.  that being said, if you’re taking your incorrect quote from someone else’s post, please reconsider.  it’s one thing to use a joke from a different (copyrighted/official) show or media source and apply it to KnB characters, but please don’t use someone’s original KnB joke, okay guys?

here’s the post the quote referenced (it’s cool and colorful and animated).  
@ ao-yama, if you would like us to take down the quote, I absolutely will!  just let me know!

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i found someone who watches supernatural and we were talking and i said, you cant tell me cas doesnt love dean. and he replies, "cas and deans bromance is THE bromance of all bromances" and im like.. no i mean theyre actually in love *sends link of romantic movie lines vs cas/dean lines* but i got no reply lol. shawn and gus from psych is a bromance, ted & marshall is a bromance, dean and cas have friendship yes but its more than that ugh

Ahhh, yes, Dean and Cas and the brofound bond.

i thought my room mate’s father died or something bc i thought he was talking to someone on a phone about going to his funeral

I assumed he was a phone call until he started to went super poetic and repeat everything he said at least once, and he’s talking about killing the hairiest monsters in the outer space or some shit, at that point I realized that he was ACTUALLY practicing lines for an upcoming play

im so glad i didn’t ask him how he was holding up and when he’s leaving for the funeral. That’d be embarrassing. 


Noel Clarke on the line “The missus and the ex” in School Reunion | Doctor Who: The Companions

just because your friend is bisexual, gay, lesbian, etc. does not mean they like you.

it’s called personality traits, not gender traits. if a person is bisexual, gay, or lesbian, it does not mean they will at one point be attracted to you. it’s not as if they are going to like you just because you are a boy or girl. treat them as humans, not as something you should be afraid of. the sooner you understand this, the better off you’ll be.

He’s a phantom.

so, as you probably already know if you follow me, i’ve been pretty obsessed with Danny Phantom lately and it just so happens that today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of the show! in fact, the first episode ever was aired in 2004, which makes it exactly 10 years old today!!!

since i’ve seen some pretty rad fanart and since this is the show of my childhood i wanted to draw something too! i can’t say i put much time into this and it didn’t really turn out very good but oh well, i just wanted to be able to contribute with something anyway

happy dannyversary everyone! uvu