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hello friend I have had a pretty bad day do you think you can hmu with some fluffy whizzer/marvin headcanons??

awww i’m sorry friend!! i hope you have a much better day tomorrow!! these are for you, lovely<3

  • whizzer practically melts when marvin strokes his hair or scratches the nape of his neck (canon) but the moment anyone else touches whizzer’s hair, neck or face attack mode is Activated
  • whizzer also likes it when marvin traces patterns on his arms and hands when he’s tired. he watches him because the movements are just mesmerising and it’s so relaxing
  • whizzer didn’t like to hold hands before marvin (or more like he didn’t really consider it – was more of a one night stand than a relationship guy) but marvin just loves holding hands so much and whizzer loves to see him happy. whizzer quickly grows to love it and they’re practically always grabbing at each other in public.
  • marvin is the one who will insist he’s not hungry but then whizzer will buy an ice cream or something and marvin will tell him he should share because it’s only polite.
  • whizzer even offers to go buy another ice cream for him but he’s “not that hungry, god whizzer
  • whizzer practically lives in the crook of marvin’s neck. in bed? cuddling? watching a movie? literal magnetic attraction. even when whizzer’s asleep he moves just so he can stay in place. also this is an obvious advantage when it comes to neck kisses.
  • they go to art galleries together and point at the “ugly” paintings and say “that’s you”
  • marvin: i love yoooou
    whizzer: *snorts* gay
  • they both agree that 80s pop is the most superior pop to ever exist. i’m talking duran duran’s rio and david bowie’s let’s dance. i want you to imagine them in their kitchen at 2am dancing.
  • whizzer: *wiggling and stalking over to marvin as toto’s africa plays*
    marvin, laughing and covering his mouth: you’re- *wheeze* ridicULOUS
    whizzer: but you love me?
    marvin, teasing: let’s not go that far
  • marvin & whizzer: *losing their shit to madness’s baggy trousers in the car*
    jason, mortified: DAD, PLEASE DRIVE
  • whizzer meticulously takes care of his nails and nails are one of the first things he notices when he meets marvin.
  • marvin: well, hey there
    whizzer: god, your nails are awful. ever heard of pushing back your cuticles??
    marvin: i- what…?
  • i’m heading into modern au territory but they’re the couple that insists on clapping along to the Friend’s theme tune no matter what. you’re holding something? tough shit, not anymore!
  • marvin’s a really nice, deep but soft singer and it’s one of whizzer’s favourite things. they could be snuggling together as marvin nuzzles whizzer’s hair and whizzer will request that he sing “their song” – which changes every month btw – and marvin will happily oblige. 
  • i imagine love will tear us apart by joy division is unofficially “their song”.
  • they’re both dad dancers i don’t make the rules. they’re terrible and embarrassing but they’re loved.
  • whizzer loves to gush about the latest fashion trends or photography and marvin is always so eager to listen. whizzer also listens emphatically as marvin tells him about his day.
  • they’re both outrageously competitive. they make bets over the most mundane things.
  • marvin: i bet you can’t scale that wall
    whizzer, already climbing: you bet, my ass
  • one of them gets sick, then both of them gets sick so they are both whiney and unwell in bed together. 
  • they try to get each other to do things with excuses like “but you’re taller!!” “THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING, MARVIN”. 
  • charlotte and cordelia save them from their bed illness cacoon with food and medicine, don’t worry.
  • whizzer has the World’s Ugliest Laugh (snorts and gasps and all) but to marvin it’s the most beautiful thing. goes out of his way to make dumb jokes and tickle whizzer just to hear it.

Apparently Michael has picked up on Jeremy’s Dad’s habits 🤔 @bmc-cast-answers

look i know i make fun of humanities and liberal arts majors constantly and rightfully so, but reading and writing are my primary hobbies and my biggest academic strengths (writing, analysis, argumentation), and literature is one of my most significant personal academic interests. so it’s nice to be in love with a bengali girl who is an english major. for the past few weeks we’ve been sharing articles with each other and discussing anything from men weaponizing feminism to coerce women into having sex with them, to vile and blatant racists harassing people of color in public spaces, to media sensationalism and the glorification of brutality and violence against black and brown bodies, to post-colonial literary theory, to consent and sexual violence, to music, and now about how much we hate the royal family and any romanticization of it. i love her so much. 

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Natemare dating an Asgardian siren?

yikees I feel bad for how long this took. So I’m gonna be honest I was having a hard time thinking of a storyline for this but I think I’ve made it work? I left details of the siren reader intentionally vague because all my siren knowledge is more Greek based.

The only thing I’ve really set appearance wise is that you are pretty tall because… I don’t know actually. But I hope you enjoy!

“You sounded beautiful up there.” You turned quickly on your heel, bright eyes narrowed. Just moments before some buffoon had grabbed you and forced you to descend from your perch. “Like angels themselves couldn’t hope to sound a fraction as lovely.”

“I’ve sung for gods and beasts alike, yet never have I received such praise as yours.” You returned warily, tilting your head. The man before you was a bit… shorter than you, but he held himself with pride.

Dark hair swept across a tan forehead, fringing over inky black eyes. Even the streaks - tears or makeup, tattoos maybe? - were dark. Everything about him seemed almost dismal, except the perfect white grin he bore. “Most girls down here don’t climb fountains to perform, so you definitely stand out in a crowd, babe.”

At that you frowned, crossing your arms and stroking at the fur that rested on your shoulder. “I am no child, strange sir.”

“Mare, you comin’?” You glanced off to the side, spying a man nearly identical to the one before you. He looked much more like the humans you’d met before.

“Nah man, I’ll meet you back at the apartment.” Your strange audience called back, never taking those shiny eyes off you.

Mare thought you were beautiful. He had seen your short lived performance, watched the crowd that had flocked to your voice. He had never seen another siren, but he was damn sure that’s what you were. With those gorgeous, unnatural eyes and a voice that clearly compelled the humans around him?

He’d seen it all before, just centered on him.

He held a hand out to you, noting the cautious way about you when you accepted it. He pressed cold lips to your knuckles, and his smirk grew when you shuddered. “I’ve never met a woman as resplendent as you.”

“I’ve never met a man as forward.”

“Stick around long enough, you’ll get used to it.” Mare straightened. “Where ya from, doll face?”

“I am of Asgard, where I performed for the gods. I must admit, I’ve not an idea how I made it to Midgar.”

“Here we just call it Earth.”

Natemare led you away from the fountain in the center of the mall. The two of you spoke for hours just walking around the outdoor center. He explained the technology surrounding you, and you giggled when he snorted a beer.

That had been your fault, he insisted, because you had somewhat rudely asked if the man serving you had a staring problem. Apparently you were used to men being a lot more tactful if they found you attractive.

The poor server nearly dropped the tray of drinks he was carrying, and Mare had found it hilarious for some reason. He made sure to leave him a nice tip. He hadn’t been staring that much, and he couldn’t blame him anyway.

“You are perhaps the first thing about this strange dimension that I have found beauty in.” You said later, too late to be night and too soon to be morning. It was chilly, the two of you holding cups of gas station coffees. He had an arm wrapped lazily around your hip, and you kept yours around his broad shoulders.

“I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things here. My other half has brought people together, his music brings joy to people… that’s something I can’t always do, and sometimes when I share my music, someone gets hurt. The love they have for me is temporary, but the pain they feel when I leave them? That’s the least of the damage.”

“I do not envy you, Mare. If I was restricted from my art I don’t think I could handle it.”

Silence fell around you for a few moments, his boots thudding on the grass, your bare feet enjoying the dewy blades under them. He had tossed your heels into the saddle bag of his bike after he suggested taking a walk.

“Don’t suppose you gotta place to stay tonight, do ya babe?”

“I do not, I’m afraid.” You looked down at him, a secretive smile on your lips. “Perhaps under one of these beautiful trees.”

“Mm, shame.” Mare shot back, forcing down a smile. “I have a rather large bed that feels way too empty some nights.”

“Perhaps a bedmate would cure your situation?”

“Maybe it would. So,” he stopped and offered his hand again. This time smoke enveloped him, dark and sentient and seeming to caress your ankles and toy with your hair. “Wanna join me for the night?”

“Only if you promise one thing.”

The siren tilted his head, the smoky tendrils now leaking from his eyes. He was enchanting, you decided in that moment. Danger hid just under his tanned skin, behind his eerie eyes. You loved it.

“Anything for you, angel.”

“Sing me to sleep.”

List of Mchanzo crossovers we need immediately

Star Wars - Probably THE most important crossover. Prince Hanzo Organa rescued from the evil clutches of Darth Shimada by Genji Skywalker and the ruggedly handsome Jesse Solo. Imagine Hanzo calling McCree a “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf-herder”. Also imagine Jesse being frozen in carbonite (“I love you.” “I know.”). JUST EVERY SINGLE HAN/LEIA MOMENT IN START WARS IS PERFECT FOR MCHANZO. ((Also, DO NOT imagine Slave!Hanzo in an incredibly skimpy outfit chained by the neck to Mako the Hutt. Don’t do it.))

The Princess Bride - AWW YEAH BITCHES TIME FOR THE CHILDHOOD. Prince Hanzo (once again) falling in love with his farm boy and servant, Jesse, who sets out, gets captured by pirates, and supposedly dies. Hanzo in turn getting forced into an engagement with your alternate ship of choice! Hanzo gets captured by three people (not quite sure who) and is rescued by the Mystery Man! Ooooh whoever could it be???!!! Jesse is revealed and Hanzo rolls gracefully down a hill after him. More capturing, Jesse is tortured, and TRUE LOVE. You get the drill. Bonus points for Reinhardt reading the story to

Attack on Titan - Not an exact crossover, but why have I not seen the Overwatch cast in the Aot/SnK universe yet? Where is my Hanzo and McCree meeting during training? Where is McCree getting in the Top Ten but turning down Military Police and joining the Scout Regiment because that’s what Hanzo is doing? WHERE IS MCCREE LOSING HIS ARM TO THE TITANS (or Hanzo losing his legs, if you’re sticking to that headcanon)? Extra bonus points for Titan Shifter!Genji whom Hanzo thought had died. Plenty of room for feels and angst. Let your imagination run wild.

Miraculous Ladybug - JUST BEAR WITH ME HERE. This doesn’t have to be an exact crossover either. My thoughts? McCree with a coyote kwami and Hanzo with a dragon kwami. And guess what. ANNOYING LOVE SQUARE! McCree has a crush on his really hot but stoic co-worker, Hanzo. But Superhero!Hanzo has a crush on his dashing, brave, and handsomely mysterious partner in justice. Just let me have this, okay? I’m trash. ((Extra extra bonus points for Hawkmoth!Widowmaker)).

Ace Attorney - Look me in the eyes and tell me that Hanzo is not Miles Edgeworth and McCree is not Phoenix Wright. I dare you. (Okay, admittedly this needs a bit of interpretation, but just think about it). Any fan of AA can just look to any interaction between Phoenix and Edgeworth and make it gay enough for Mchanzo so there isn’t much else to say here. ((Works especially well for the last case of Dual Destinies))

The Sound of Music - My personal favorite, actually. Sit your butts down, this might be long. Hanzo as Captain Von Trapp and McCree as Maria. Hanzo used to be married to another man, with whom he had adopted seven children from different parts of the world (some of the younger OW members, such as Tracer and Lucio and His husband died, however, and since then the children have been put under numerous governesses and caretakers, all of which have been pranked upon by the children, while Hanzo starts seeing your alternate ship of choice (if none, I find Widowmaker works decently enough). That is, until Jesse McCree shows up, probably assigned there from either Deadlock or Blackwatch. He falls in love with the kids, despite their pranks, and turns out to be the best mcfreaking caretaker they’ve ever had. He finds out that music is practically non-existent in the household ever since Hanzo’s husband died, so what does he do? Sits those runts down with his guitar and strikes up some notes. For the sake of simplicity, you know how the rest goes. I just feel like it would be a really fun slow burn with hints of angst. Also, did I mention easy-going and super cool Uncle Genji? ((Even more bonus points if instead of German Nazis, Hanzo is being pursued by the remaining members of the Shimada clan)).

That’s all for now! Just some ideas from here and there that I thought worked well. If anyone has other ideas for AUs or crossovers, I am more than happy to discuss them with you!

BTS Ideal Types - Again.

Rap Monster :  someone who is sexy, even to a brain. Someone that are thoughtful and confident .

JHope :  someone that think of me all the time and supportive at what i am doing

Jimin :  I don’t know many things about women because I haven’t experienced much. Please come closer to me .

V :  someone considerate, caring beside me.

Suga :  someone that’s indifferent, quiet. I’d like to meet a woman who can share hobbies together and are interested in music

Jungkook : someone that can teach me well and supportive

Jin :  I love puppy, so I like someone that looks like cute puppy, even to a personality.


I found out very recently the person I admired the most in life passed away. I don’t know how many of my followers here were friends of Farx’s or if you’re even still watching me after what happened between him and I last year. I don’t know if he told any of you, but I will recount my memories, describe what kind of friend he was to me, and tell what happened between us.

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Music plays such a large part of my life even though I can’t sing or play very well. I love music and I love songs and I love hearing other people’s music. I love it when someone shares their favorite songs with me. I love it when people send me songs that remind them of me. I love assigning certain emotions or moods with a song. I love kissing and have smooth songs play or hanging out with friends and everyone fights over what song to play. I love sitting in cars and signing along to the radio

Music is really beautiful

Loving You Ain't Complicated
Loving You Ain't Complicated

 wanted to share this hoping itd inspire someone tht follows me that makes music or just anything

 i made this song with a cheap toy keyboard and recorded my vocals on my phone because at the time i didnt have a microphone and the keyboard didnt have any line out to plug it into my laptop so i just said fuck it. the keys  reminded me of all the mexican music i had been listening to, and falling in love with at work…banda and ranchero all that stuff is so painful whether u understand what they r saying or not haha. 

when nosaj thing called me to tell me Kendrick had rapped on it and wanted to use it for his album it was crazy for a day or two but it honestly made sense after i heard the album bc music is music and he understands that.. not too many people do, 

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The first thing I think of when I come here to browse was the first time I feel like I connected with someone past shared basic interests like music or whatever. It took me a long time to find people I can call friends. These writings and snaps kept me company when I needed it. But also helped me grow with the people I love through understanding. I'm sure my story isn't someone else's exactly but I know other readers have benefited from this. (3)