someone just submitted this but.. i already did it!! so

  • Loki: There’s three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Loki way.
  • Kate: Isn’t that the wrong way?
  • Loki: Yeah, but it’s more fun.
Not Just Fear (Pennywise x Reader)

So, someone on here that wishes to remain anonymous, submitted this to me. It was too good and too well written not to share. Again, I did not write this, but I wish I did. Sample: You watch him crawl forward, aware of drool gathering at the edge of his lower lip. You’re already pressed as far back as you can go - the wall is cool against your hot skin; inflamed with adrenaline after this stranger appeared in your room.

Falling - Jake x MC Endless Summer Fanfic

[A little note: I did it. I conquered my fear of doing an endless summer fanfic. There’s just so many about this pairing already and I wasn’t sure if I could ever do them justice. Originally, I was going to submit this for choicescreates but decided better of it because that quote has got me thinking and thinking. Hope it’s enjoyable!]

[Summary: Falling for someone is complicated - especially since it isn’t something taught but rather an experience learned, bringing people together. For MC it’s the sudden awareness that she’s fallen so deeply for Jake McKenzie that she’s afraid of what happens when she finally reaches the bottom].


That’s something they don’t teach us while growing up. Instead, they teach us not to cry over spilled milk. How important it is to be nice to strangers and to look both ways before crossing the street. But they don’t teach us about this. One of the scariest lessons in life. Falling. Falling so deeply that there isn’t any chance of even grabbing the ledge in time to stop yourself from tumbling down. A fall so steep that there is no choice but submitting, claiming it right before it consumes our souls. No. They don’t teach us that. And they certainly don’t teach us how to survive the fall.

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anonymous asked:

Uhh don't mind me but, uh, what made you start this blog? ( sorry if someone already asked this I'm kinda new )

I mange two other incorrect quote blogs. While I was working on getting quotes for those blogs, I randomly remembered @incorrect-bbs-quotes. I started submitting quotes to them, but constantly found myself wanting to use H2OVanoss, just Delirious, or just Vanoss. So I created this blog really not to spam them with one ship, or the same people. I also didn’t want to clog up my main blog, and my other sideblogs are not remotely YouTube related.

I’m happy I did start this blog. I’m having a lot of fun running it and talking to so many of you. ♥

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hi bev, i was wondering what your advice would be on college portfolios, since im having trouble picking what to submit (i thought id ask u bc your stuff is so inspiring) i know putting in a some observational drawings is a must, but i'm just really hesitant on what else to put in. i was also wondering if fanart (in your own style/compostion/etc ofc) would be a big no-no, especially if it's a technically competent piece. ive seen opinions both for and against it and was wondering what you think.

hmm I mean I would strongly advise against using copyrighted characters but I did submit something with Ophelia in it, and like.. Persephone, so I guess that’s technically fan art, but it’s really public domain. So I’d stick to public domain and original characters/content. And yeah my college portfolio was like 80% observational drawings (figure drawings and still lives), 10% acrylic paintings, 10% sketchbook pages. Colleges actually appreciate sketchbook pages a lot cause it shows your off-the-cuff skills, imagination, your creative process, etc. I guess if the piece is just conceptually influenced by someone else’s work that’s ok, the problem is if it’s taking an already-existing design that isn’t public domain