fairy tail 499
  • gray:loses his entire village and family
  • gray:loses his master
  • mashima:not enough
  • gray:loses ultear
  • gray:loses his father AGAIN
  • mashima:still not enough
  • gray:decides that his goal is to kill E.N.D. without knowing it's his best friend
  • mashima:...
  • mashima:what about a group suicide with his girlfriend?

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"There's literally proof that Rbb is the sound guy mark lol" 1. Where is this proof? 2. Why isn't he fired? 3. DO you really think so lowly of your faves that they would allow someone to mess with fans in such a way? 4. Why do you not think this "Mark" person is sad and should get a life (Bc that would be my mind set if I believed this line of thinking) 5. Whhhhy the fuck is this random crew member creating twitter acc and buying Rolexes, chairs, and clothes for A STUFFED BEAR?

so many questions.. 


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

Field Guide to Determining How Pretentious A Classic Who Fan Is By Asking Their Favourite Doctor:


One, Three, Four, Five - this is a normal person who just wants you to watch ‘The Silurians’ with them but definitely still enjoyed the 'The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood’ version of the story


Two - an outwardly harmless seeming fan who must be tread around carefully as they have cultivated impeccable taste and impeachable opinions

Six - you are dealing with an individual who delights both in holding contrary opinions and possessing a large amount of deeply obscure knowledge

Seven - WARNING: this person will likely engage you in a heated and well sourced dialectic political argument that you are neither prepared for or invested in



Just a friendly reminder that we fans are the faces of our respective groups. Please remember that we can leave such a lasting impression of a group to another person who merely watches from the sidelines! Prime examples of this would be how people view the BTS boys in almost a negative way due to the immature actions of ARMYs and this was the case for EXO-L’s in the beginning, so to NCT stans, rookie stans and just stans in general. Please remember to try and put your best face forward and to get pulled into petty fanwars! I know you love these kids with all your heart, I do too but don’t let them down by saying nasty things about another fandom’s group just because they did so to you. I know it’s hard but trust me, if you act like this, your group will acknowledge it and treat you with so much love and compassion that’ll really make a difference.

I’ve been sucked into 19 days fandom… I read it in 4 hours non stop last night, went to sleep 2:30 AM, and went to college at 5:30am. Couldnt focus in a single word my teacher said and waste my entire day thinking about He Tian X Redhead… I don’t know what im doing with my life…

Avi’s romantic: Avi Saplan

Avi’s lost: Avi Maplan

Avi’s chatty: Avi Yaplan

Avi’s dapper: Avi Daplan

Avi’s stuck: Avi Traplan

Avi dances: Avi Taplan

Avi smiles: Avi Haplan

Avi raps: Avi Raplan

Avi wears a hat: Avi Caplan

Avi lap dances: Avi Laplan

Avi buys gifts: Avi Wraplan

Avi get electrocuted: Avi Zaplan

Avi buys new clothes: Avi Gaplan

Avi loves Starbucks: Avi Fraplan

Avi gets taken: Avi Kidnaplan

- inspired by [x]