Caity talking about Sara’s sexuality Facebook live - December 9th 2016

“There has been a lot of talk about Sara’s bisexuality and why she’s only been with girls and I think that’s .. something I talk with the writers and Sara is definitely bi. And someone – one of the fan’s said something, I think I retweeted it on Twitter but –  Like your sexuality can be fluid, it doesn’t have to be this or that. And everybody’s always trying to fit stuff in a box so that they can put a nice little bow and a label on it. You don’t have to know, you don’t have to figure it out either. You can just be whatever it is that you are. And right now, that’s what Sara is. – I mean, who is she going to like on the ship anyways? (makes a face)” 

Highlights of watching YOI with my brother

- chuckled darkly when Victor wolf whistled at Yuuri

- did a literal spit take with his beer when Yuuri licked his lips suggestively

- asked me to pause the show when Yuuri blew a kiss because he was so done with the Eros routine he had to have a time out to go make ichiban noodles and scream

- agreed that Yuuri is demisexual

- laughed every time the pork cutlet bowl metaphor got brought up , like he thought it was the funniest joke in the world . For the next at least 3 years im going to have to hear him use the line “im a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthrals men” on a regular basis i just know it

- when Victor and Yuuri were exchanging engagement rings he was so excited and was like “I know you said this show was really gay Oliver but this is like really really reeaally gay”

- laughed so hard he cried during the GPF banquet credit sequence

- correctly identified that Phichit Chulanont is 110% my type and was not surprised that Ches had made fun of me for the same thing already

- joked around about there needing to be a frozen routine , cue Tale of a sleeping prince

- joked about how if Yuuri was performing Yuri on ice , Yurio needed to perform Yuri on fire …. cue Yurios fire inspired FS outfit and ‘hellish’ step sequence

- When Yuurio is throwing a tantrum and says “Victor Nikiforov is dead” he agreed and said “ Yes, after the marriage its going to be Victor Katsuki duh”

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colbert has 100% shown fan art and fic to straight ships. he is super into it and use to talk about star wars and star trek fic all the time on his other show.

I definitely don’t remember there ever being straight fan art on Colbert but like….. even if there was, it’s just a general trend that fan art for gay ships gets made fun of and seen as like, silly and dirty and funny, like gay sex is a literal joke. And straight fan art is very rarely, if ever, brought up and shamed in that way. Almost every time Ben and Martin do a late night show promoting Sherlock, someone shows Johnlock fan art as if it’s a joke, as if gay sex is funny and a spectacle and as if that fan artist didn’t spend hours creating it. I just think that in general, fan art for gay ships is seem as humorous and silly and juvenile, while fan art for straight ships simply isn’t treated that way. Which is exceptionally upsetting to me because those who create fanworks for gay ships are doing so not only because they love the characters but because there is no real representation of television for us, and we’re forced to create our own. That’s why gay ships are more popular than straight ones in many cases. And to treat that hard work and desire for representation as a joke makes me really mad, and it happens quite frequently.

I say this as impartially as I can say, not as an Oilers fan, not as a Flyers fan, not as a Pens fan: Someone needs to explain to me how fans taking McDavid’s word at face value (and then feeling justifiably angry on his behalf) is any different than fans taking Giroux’s word at face value (and then feeling justifiably angry on his behalf) when he said Crosby intentionally went for his wrists during face-offs.

Because this McDavid vs Manning “discourse” feels so much like the he said/he said drama that circulated the Great Wrist Incident of 2012. It has all the same elements: accuser vs accused, Player A saying Player B did something intentionally, Player B saying he “didn’t” but basically “sorry not sorry” if that’s how Player A saw it, a great divide in fandom with Side A arguing that intent was there and Side B claiming that Side A is being dramatic for their quote-unquote overreaction.

The only difference I see is that there’s been a change of roles.

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Random thing but power and control by marina and the diamonds makes me think of oswald so much shrugs

Oh for sure! I think Oz likes to listen to that when he puts on his glitter coat. 

good nygmobblepot songs by them are also: Lies and Starring role. In fact, i think someone just made a fan vid using Starring Role. 

[gif by themadmiz

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Aww that makes me wanna cry. How could you be so mean to Jackson?

Same my love same😔 like the second I heard it got to the point where he had to beg “fans” to stop pushing and crowding and that he was willing to get down on his knees if he had to like how could someone who calls themself a fan push someone like wang Jackson an angel sent from heaven to such a point how selfish and heartless must you be😤 you telling me a pic or a video your gonna post online for some
Likes and Retweets is more important then you faves safety WHHHAAATTT KIND OF UGLY PERSON LOGIC IM. he deserves the best and when will ppl start treating him like it😔

Things Fic Writers Like:
  • nice comments on their fic, even if it’s just a smiley face or a “loved this!”
  • kudos on their fic
  • people who come into their askboxes to talk about their fic
  • photosets made for their fic
  • fic rec lists with their fic
  • fan art made for their fic
  • playlists made for their fic

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You hear about how the fans were treating Jackson at the airport I think?

🗣YES I HEARD🔥😤😡🔥 IF THESE UGLIES DONT LEAVE THIS BOY ALONE I SWEAR!!! They were literally crowding and pushing him so much he asked them “please If i get on my knees and beg will you stop” LIKE WHAAATTT REALLY WHY WOULD YALL TAKE THIS FAR TO WEAR HE WOULD CONTEMPLATE GETTING DOWN ON HIA KNEES AND BEGGING AND YALL STILL DIDNT STOP LIKE WHAT KIND OF FAKE UGLIES how can you call you self a fan someone who loves him but do him dirty like this😤 IM LIVID! The video was so painful to watch Wang Jackson deserves so much better like who he shouldn’t have to beg come on now YALL DO BETTER!

Could you just imagine if 80% of America’s favorite white fuckboys on TV got killed off by stray bullets ??