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Are you killing me? (Gabriel x Reader)

Request: Hey I was wondering if I could possibly make another Gabriel request??? I know I already made one but I love the way you write him!!!! Plus who could get enough of him? Onto my request thing; Could you do one where the reader gets dragged up to heaven with him so he can do some business stuff, and Chuck keeps you company. While waiting you notice a lot of beautiful female angels flirting with him, and get jealous but also some self doubt? About you being a human and him an archangel?
Word count: 1132
Warnings: None. Jealousy and fluff!

Your name: submit What is this?

“What?” you asked in disbelief.
“I have to sort some stuff up in Heaven. I wondered if you’d join me,” Gabriel said again.
“In Heaven?”
“Am I dying? Are you killing me?” Your voice got higher and higher.
“No, silly! I just want you to come up and see what it’s like now, after Dad returned.”

It had taken Gabriel several tries to get you to finally agree. You were scared as shit, but also excited. Now you stood by the sandbox, ready - or not - to go. It lit up, and Gabriel took your hand and led you into it. The white piercing light forced you to close your eyes, and the feeling was inexplicable. But after a while, you opened your eyes and found yourself in a long white corridor. Gabriel must have seen your perplexed face, because he spoke.

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Dating in Detroit

I broke up with someone this evening.  I haven’t got anxiety like that since, well, for ages.  I wanted it to work so much. But it didn’t. We didn’t. And so I ended it. The bottom line, I suppose, was that our humour wasn’t aligned, at least that’s how I felt. And I think laughing through life together is important. Right? We never ever laughed.  

I second guessed myself through the whole seven weeks.  And I know seven weeks doesn’t sounds like much or anything; but dating in your 30s is different. You know more now.  You know more now so each relationship is more serious from the start.  We also spent quite a few nights together each week. It was nice. Someone to cook and eat and explore with. Someone to watch Survivior with (because apparently I still love that show, ha!). Someone to wake up next to. And now suddenly I’m alone in my apartment with a fresh taste of what a relationship feels like; before him I had almost forgotten what it was like.  It suddenly feels jarring to be alone; in this familiar feeling a mere seven weeks ago I didn’t think much about. 

He was in AA too. I knew absolutely nothing about AA before, except what I had seen on TV.  Two months ago had I listed out a list, my list, “AA” probably would have made it on. But then it’s different when you meet someone. Different when you find out later and already know them. It didn’t bother me at all except sometimes it did.  It made me think about my relationship with alcohol a lot. I never drink alone and am not a huge drinker, but I do enjoy warm patios and crafts beer and fancy bars and glasses of wine and I was shocked at how suddenly it seemed important to me. How I couldn’t imagine introducing him to friends or celebrating occasions… even though, I hardly ever even drink at them myself.  

He was nice too. Really nice. The type of nice you hope for; doors and bills and roses and chocolates.  But. But I learnt that kind isn’t enough. It came to the point where I preferred a night alone than a night of nice and kind and routine with him.  I asked so many questions. He didn’t. I talked a lot. He didn’t. I was curious. (I felt like he wasn’t).  

It’s weird, and this is a ramble.  But I am back to being single, back on the horrendous world of dating apps, back to hoping the next one, maybe, just maybe will work. 

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RFA+V&Saeran with puppies!!

:D. I love puppies too but can someone make a cats request later on? oh wait I think I made one already lol ~~ mod stranger

Zen: kisses and gives puppy love while looking adorable and hot at the same time (if you see this norman reedus please marry me)

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Jaehee: since she’s busy she’ll want to keep her puppy in check at all times (it still gets a lot of love though)

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Yoosung: he loves playing with a bunch of them at the same time (patron saint of puppies right here)

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Seven: he’ll probably play with a doge because memes

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V: he’ll be super gentle and show a lot of love for the puppy (I want to be that puppy ;-;).

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Jumin: *discards puppies and picks up two kittens*

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Saeran: he’s going to do some kind of weird dumb shit with the puppy

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Story time(?)

When I started to know about Undertale AUs, I made quite a few (mostly for fanfics since I write sometimes) but never posted them here (except Lucky and Unlucky Sans, but they’re just a design I made for fun). Although, there’s one AU I never posted on any site because I thought nobody would like it. I made it even before I knew who Ink was, to one who inspired me to start posting art for this fandom, and on those days there wasn’t many AUs/I didn’t know many AUs, but now I see it again, I regret not posting it because there are a lot now and some things that looks like I took them from other AUs and I don’t want people to think I stole them from popular AUs. In that time it sounded interesting and cool to me and a few days ago I had a nostalgia attack from it xD so I drew the design again, keeping the things the look like from other AUs because that was how I made it and I don’t consider it as a copy… and now I want to share it with you!

Here we go *breaths*


The AU concept is that, after finishing the first pacifist run, Frisk (a male on this AU) started a genocide route over and over… until one day, Sans managed to make him remember the good times he had with the monsters. However, this was just a strategy to distract him and kill him before he could do anything. Frisk started to feel guilty and pressed the reset button, but Sans killed him after he did it, making the timeline to glitch. The reset button was corrupted and destroyed, making lots of changes on the timeline’s code.

Frisk was sent to the beginning, but not alone. This time, Sans was with him in the beginning, confusing them more. And that wasn’t to only thing that changed: Frisk grew up to 14 years old (He was 8 years old) and Sans was again an 16 years old (in human ages, of course) monster (he also was shorter than frisk).

Sans ignored the weird changes and, still blinded by rage, tried to end the battle, until they noticed that neither Flowey nor Toriel had appeared. Making a temporal truce, they made their way into de ruins trying to get some answers.

What they didn’t expect was to some creatures made of black goop(?) started to appear and attacked them without  mercy. Sans was the first to realize that they were the monsters that lived there, only that they were now corrupted beasts formed from their dust from the past genocide run.  The timeline couldn’t reset itself and corrupted everything, even itself.

Frisk didn’t want to believe it, but it was confirmed when he found Toriel. The once nice goat lady transformed into horrendous creature and he had to fight her alone. Sans had teleported somewhere to look for his brother. The fight alone wasn’t easy, having to run away so he couldn’t get murdered. The fallen human felt like it was his entire fault.

Meanwhile, Sans felt like living one of his nightmares. He found his brother and he also was corrupted, not even knowing who his brother was and trying to kill him. He couldn’t do anything; he couldn’t stand looking him like that. Sans didn’t attack, jut dodged and tried to make Papyrus remember him. This actually worked, for his brother stopped for a moment, fighting himself with foreign emotions and vague memories of him living with his brother. Sans managed to approach him and gave him a hug, making the promise of find the solution to this chaos… but this only lasted a moment. Papyrus attacked again, breaking Sans’s left eye and trespassing a bit of the infected code to him. He was about to kill him when someone Sans thought was dead appeared and saved him: Gaster.

Since the code didn’t reach the void, the skeleton monster didn’t get infected and managed to enter the timeline. He took his son to his laboratory where Frisk was and took a bit of his cracked skull to investigate the virus. Frisk and Sans didn’t know what to do and felt miserable, thinking that this was their fate. Meanwhile Gaster studied the virus.

It took a few days, but Gaster found a little bit of hope: a program capable to change the code and stop the virus for reproducing. With that, he created a patch for Sans, so he wouldn’t become a beast. However, this wasn’t enough. They had to save everyone.

Using some of his previous investigations, Gaster created some weapons for Sans and Frisk, they were capable of capturing the creatures and teleport them to special cells where Gaster could investigate them. They took a long time, but managed to capture everybody. Now they just had to wait and find a cure.

The three of them lived a “peaceful” life, enjoining each other company and some good things that this corruption brought (such as the expansion of the barrier to the bottom of the mountain. They could now exit mount Ebott and explore the forest) until Frisk found something weird.

Flowey was missing.

The demonic flower wasn’t anywhere and that made them worry. They searched in every possible place, going pale when they found a tear on their dimension with some corrupted vine on it. Sans investigated and found the Flowey managed to open a portal to the anti-void, jumping to other dimensions and creating more weird beasts. They now had to go after him, traveling through different AUs and trying to not be seen by anybody.


badly drawn desing aaaaaa


A now 16 years old Skeleton who wants nothing but sleep without worrying about crazy creatures trying to kill him. He’s a lazy and somehow strong monster and Frisk’s best friend. His left eye is corrupted, making his magic to work badly. His Gasterblasters now have their own mind and often disappear in a fight. He misses his brother and hope they can save him and everybody. His patch works as a mini PC and communicator. It gives him information about the AU they’re in and makes him able to see the creatures, since they aren’t visible outside his AU. His ATTACK and DEFENSE remains the same, but his HP grew to 5. The cure doesn’t work on him for some reason.


 A 14 years old human. Frisk regrets his actions and feels guilty with all of this, but also is determined to save their former friends. He swore to not reset again once they turn everyone back, and now gives mercy to his enemies, even Sans who is now his best friend. Gaster made an artefact to him capable of use the powers of the six humans’ SOULS and materializes their power in a weapon (like the toy knife, the burnt pan and etc… only he doesn’t have to bring the objects in his bag). He also has the golden heart necklace as his armour and it gives him the ability to see the anomalies. Frisk is now more bad-tempered and often finds Sans’s puns… bad-timed *gets shot*


The former royal scientist who somehow managed to come back to his timeline (even though he’s still “dead”). Gaster is in charge of the search for a cure to the monsters and helps the “Anomaly Catching Team Aka ACT” to gather information of the AU they visit. He doesn’t let them see their friends very often since there’s a possibility of them getting corrupted by the virus. He misses Papyrus. He managed to make a cure to the corruption, but it doesn’t seem to work in the monsters from his timeline, only with monsters from other AUs. He gave it to Sans and Frisk so they could save other AUs.


He is the main enemy and the most corrupted being. Flowey is still conscious and wants to use his “powers” to destroy the multiverse. He can corrupt codes but it takes time to actually work… giving ACT chance to capture the creatures and restore them. It’s not a very good villain, hehe!

Goopy Beasts: 

Former monsters now corrupted. They were created form the dust of ACT’s timeline and try to kill every non-corrupted thing. The cure (named RESTORE) doesn’t work with them since they’re dead.


monsters corrupted with the virus. They have the same appearance as before being corrupted; only changing their colours to a grey palette. Once a monster gets infected, they become aggressive and attack everyone. The cure works perfectly on them, but they have to use it quickly before they change into a goopy beast.


-Sans loves to sit on the exit of the underground and looks to the stars.

-Frisk makes fun of him being taller than Sans.

-Sans’s left eye glows red and blue. His eyesocket often shows some binary codes with “X” or 2 on them.

-They try to not be noticed from their AU versions but fail miserably… then run away.

-Frisk opens his eyes and talks normally on his AU. Outside it, he uses sign language.

-They have the exact outfit but with some changes.


Hehe… I feel better now I shared this! I didn’t do it for the reasons I told you before (Ya see? Sans’s outfit looks like Quatumtale!Sans even though I didn’t know the AU when I made it) aaaand because I’m not good making comics… like, serious comics. I’m better with fanfics! Anyways, hope you guys liked it. I’ll probably draw them more lkjdksjlk


that’s all


*runs away*

Dear Journal,

This morning I got woken up by Sirius leaving butterfly kisses all over my face. He had a big bouquet of white roses in his hands. My favorites. He fell on the bed next to me and Kissed my lips lovingly.

“What’s the occasion?” I smiled.

“I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” He smiled, his cheeks getting red.

“How did I get so lucky?” I blushed too.

“Ready for the second part of the suprise?” He smirked.

“Why are you smirking?” I asked.

Then all of a sudden he sat down on the bed and spoke up.


The door of our closet opened and a little Teddy came out making this adorable bear noise.

“Wrawrr!” He giggled.

“Ahhh!” I yelled, laughing.

He crawled to the bed and Sirius picked him up so he could join our cuddles.

“We have a bear in our bed!” I laughed.

“Nooo Dadda!” He giggled, putting his small hands on my clean shaven cheeks.

“Oh! It’s only Teddy! C'mere my love..” I smiled, hugging his small figure.

We ate breakfast in bed together. Regulus and Sophie left for Spain early in the morning. Sirius had made some good cinnamon rolls. They were more than delicious! We decided to have a pyjama day and that made Teddy really happy!

“Pyjymama!” Teddy said, clapping his hands together.

We let Teddy watch the teletubbies and play on the carpet with his toys while we planned the wedding. We were sitting at the table, looking over Teddy. We already had the location. Paris! We only needed to send the invitations and make some calls for a cake and some flowers. For the suits, we were going shopping next week with James.

“Okay so I made the guest list, tell me if we missed someone.” Sirius said.

We were having a small wedding. Only family and close friends. We wanted it to be private.

“Okay so I have: Your parents, James, Lily, Regulus, Sophie, Marlene, Dorcas, Mary, the Longbottoms, Andromeda, the little Nymphadora and Peter even though he probably won’t come!” Sirius said.

“That looks about right..” I nodded.

“Meee!” Teddy yelled.

“Of course you’re coming love!” Sirius yelled back.

“Okay!” He said, playing with his toys.

“I’m really excited!” I smiled.

“The last time I saw you in a suit, it was the winter ball at Hogwarts.” He smiled, placing one of my curls back to it’s place.

“Merlin it feels like it was only yesterday..”

“If I could go back to my younger self who thought his life was over because he was disowned, and tell him that everything was going to be okay. That I would marry Remus, that we would have an adorable son, that Regulus and I would made up.. that I would be happy.. I don’t think he would believe it.” Sirius said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Someone did tell him.” I said.

“Tell him what?” Sirius asked.

“That everything would be okay.” I smiled.

“Yes, and that person was right.” He smiled.

He was talking about me. That day he got disowned, he was broken. I carefully picked up all the pieces and fixed him.

“I love you Remus. More than the words can tell.” He smiled.

“I love you two Sirius. To infinity and beyond.”

“Did you just quote Buzz lightyear?” Sirius asked.

“I did.” And we laughed.

I told you my love, everything would be okay.

May 9th 1998

A Minor Raven Boys Holiday Drabble

In previous years, Scholastic asked me to do a short 300 Fox Way holiday piece. This year, I decided I’d do one for Gansey. Like the 300 Fox Way piece, it takes place the December before The Raven Boys begins.


   There shouldn’t have been carolers, but there were.

   It was not that Henrietta wasn’t the sort of place to produce carolers on Christmas Eve. It was one of those small Virginia towns that expressed holiday spirit by delivering food to the elderly and decorating fire trucks for the under-aged and filling every public venue with seasonal programming. For a month, the downtown was made festive with shaggy old tinsel stars wired onto street signs. “Jingle Bells” wavered over loudspeakers by the drug store. Church groups offered egg nog at every turn. One didn’t have to sign up for any holiday performances. Henrietta was the holiday performance; one was volunteered to participate by virtue of breathing.

   Carolers fit perfectly into that general world-view.

   But it didn’t seem to Gansey that the carolers should have been here, standing outside in the overgrown parking lot of Monmouth Manufacturing, and it didn’t seem like they should have looked the way that they did. Despite the fact that his old orange Camaro was parked directly below the window he stood beside, the old factory did not appear remotely inhabited. And carolers in Henrietta should have been dressed in holiday sweaters and Santa hats. The van that brought them should have been parked nearby. They should have been singing “O Come All Ye Faithfulor “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

   This was not that. These carolers played diligently beside the factory’s side door, certain someone was inside to hear them. They wore strange, elaborate headpieces that increased their height by several feet: here an odd pyramid made of straw, here a twisted burlap mask with fibrous antlers above it, here feathers fixed round a yellowing deer skull. Bells tied around their legs shrilled with each step. A fiddle and skin drum sawed a raucous tune.

   Gansey stood at the top of the stairs and shoved the window open. The glass was already cracked, and the window popped as the crack deepened. It held, though. The pane would probably last another year; he had time to fix it. Cool air and fuzzy fiddle music seeped into Monmouth, everything scented with the ordinary odors of damp asphalt and the cheap burger place a few blocks away. Then the wind gusted and brought the smell of wood smoke and dead oak leaves and wet moss. This was the smell of the mountains that had drawn him here.

   He had half a thought the carolers weren’t real.

   The thing was that there always seemed to be carolers.

   He’d spend the last seven Christmases in seven different places, and it had become a bit of a private joke. Some years it was more obvious: the carolers knocking on the door of Malory’s home or playing outside the window of a German flat. Some years he heard them and turned just in time to see the edge of a fiddle or a woven horn disappear around the corner of a South American street. Last year they had come to his parents’ D.C. house while he was there, much to their delight. The Ganseys adored anything that could be loosely titled regional flavor.

   It was hard to say what region these carolers came from. Not here.

   “Oh,” said Noah, standing beside Gansey.

   Gansey jumped. “Jesus. I didn’t know you had come back.”

   “I was always here,” Noah said.

   “Right.” Both boys watched them play. One of the carolers had begun to chant. The sound was not particularly lovely. It was the uncomfortable hybrid of a drinking song and a funeral march. Gansey’s skin crawled agreeably.

   “What do you think they want?” Noah asked.

   It was a peculiar question, Gansey thought. No one asked what the firemen who decorated their trucks wanted. He shivered; it was colder outside than he’d thought when he first opened the window. Maybe they wanted money. Were you supposed to tip carolers? Or — what was the real name for what they were? He knew it; he’d seen them in Wales. Something mumbly. Mumblers. No. Mummers. He called down to them: “What’s the name of that song?”

   The singing did not pause, but the deer skull wheeled up to look at them in the window, feathers fluttering blue and black around the bone.

   “Creepy,” Noah said.

   “Regional flavor,” Gansey said.

   “ ‘The Raven King’,” said the deer skull. Maybe the deer skull. It was hard to tell when they were all wearing masks. Any of them could have said it. All of them could have said it.

   Gansey’s heart double-tapped excitement. Months before, he’d come to Henrietta for a clue in his search for Glendower, and slowly, he’d been running out of material to keep him here. It had weeks since he’d had even the slightest suggestion that he was on the right track. If it had been anywhere else, he would have already left, off to pursue some other lead in some other state or country or hemisphere.

   But he didn’t want to leave Henrietta.

   “Did you say Raven King?” Gansey called out the window. “Hold up — Noah, tell them to hold up, I’m going to get my journal and talk to them. I think—”

   A tremendous bang interrupted him: the sound of a sports car’s suspension under duress. A charcoal gray BMW entered the overgrown lot at a great rate of speed by way of the sidewalk. The carolers music tripped to a stop as the car scuffed to a stop beside the Camaro, the driver’s side door flinging open. All other odors were replaced by the smell of brakes and clutch after torment; the BMW had been ridden hard and put up wet.

   Ronan got out of the car. Even from the second floor, Gansey could still see the puckered brown scars up and down his forearms.

   Gansey was full of the knowledge that he needed to do something about Ronan Lynch before Ronan did something about Ronan Lynch. Christmas was a dangerous time to be a broken thing; the weight of tradition and history could too easily sink a lethargic swimmer.

   In the parking lot below, Ronan eyed the carolers. “Take a walk, you freak-sacks. Don’t just stare at me. Do I look like I’m joking?”

   There was no way that Gansey was going to make it down to the carolers before Ronan scared them off; not much could withstand Ronan when he was choosing to look malevolent. Gansey satisfied himself by pulling out his phone to snag a photograph of their strange departing forms. He’d show them to Adam later. Coincidence, Adam would say, knowing full well that Gansey didn’t believe in coincidences.

   “They freak me out,” Noah said.

   “I like them,” Gansey replied. He liked being freaked out. The prickle of hair on his arms, the curl of anticipation in his gut. He liked that sense that magic was coming for him, instead of the other way around. The door down below slammed as Ronan entered the warehouse. “Don’t come up, Lynch. We’re going out.”

   “To do what?”

   “What do we ever do?” Gansey replied. “To find a king.”

All That’s Dead, and Gone, and Passed

Summary: One-shot. They’ve reached the end of the book and gotten their happy ending, but Emma doesn’t know how to not worry about losing it. Fluffy, feelsy, future fic inspired by the song “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

Word Count: 1639

Rated: T

A/N: I was watching The Voice the other day and one of the contestants performed “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars and I was reminded what a beautiful song it is. So, naturally I listened to it on repeat a few times and ended up getting Captain Swan/end of the book (seriously was anyone prepared for that Isaac/Henry scene at the end of the episode?) feels. 

While this isn’t the first fic I’ve written, it is the first I’ve felt brave enough to post! I would love feedback! Thanks for reading!


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do you ship dettlaff and Regis or more regis and geralt?

Hmm nngh couldn’t you have asked anything easier, buddy???

The thing is, I kinda ship Dettlaff and Regis differently than I ship Geralt and Regis. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’m gonna give it a try. Are you ready to read a fucking novel? Because I have a lot of thoughts about this topic.

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Artielu lawyers BATB

So I saw it and I’m not full on trash like @jadeddiva or @alchemistc but I did like it. There’s just a lot of gaps that need to be filled in. So of course I bombarded JD with commentary as soon as I got out of the theater.

1) how did they fall in love “so fast”? Maurice leaves, goes home (one day, two?) says help to Gaston, gaston takes him out at night and they get lost, gaston ties Maurice up and leaves him at night, agatha finds him in the morning and revives him, Maurice goes back to tavern and accuses gaston, then the mob. That’s like… three days, maybe four.

Meanwhile at the castle. Stuff happens that’s difficult to gauge time passing. Then Belle gets attacked by wolves, beast rescues her and is too weak to walk. He stays in bed, has gashes on his back and maybe a fever. Gives her shit for the book, then actually gives her the library. Seems like she’s read a bunch of books by the next scene. Later he’s out of bed, limping in the snow. He gets ready for the ball via a bath and the gashes are gone. Then he’s fucking ballroom dancing with no problems. Gashes and fever… several days at minimum. Several books… another week. Limping to dancing… two weeks?? So we’re at a month from wolf rescue, maybe longer.

Plus, between the time beast releases belle and the mob attack, belle learned to love beast and vice versa.

So. Time must work differently on the castle grounds. It’s always winter, even in July. No one ages. The rose that should have withered in days has lasted years. This is the only thing that explains both how Maurice was gone 2-4 days, beast entirely healed from the attack, and belle fell in love with him.

I think it’s like a form of Groundhog Day. What better punishment than to stay young and haha nope you’re still not beautiful or liked as you would have been without my curse… prime of your life but actually enjoying it is juuust out of reach, figure your shit out, you narcissistic asshole Adam, love and kisses, enchantress.

So. Time passes differently in the castle and belle had a month there, at least. Probably several. Though it was only a few days for Maurice.

2) the curse mechanics. Y'all know I can’t help myself.

Here, the issue is that the enchantress made the curse and the condition for breaking it is that the beast has to fall in love and someone has to love him in return. Ok, fine.

And then she makes the entire town forget the castle existed, puts insane wolves in the forest or at last leaves the ones already there, and makes it perpetually winter.

But she helps them. She rescues Maurice from the tree (also, the (her??) wolves didn’t eat him… that seems odd that they couldn’t find a stinky tied up Frenchman in the woods in the long hours of the night). She nurses him back to life. She goes to the castle. She reverses her spell after the last petal fell, which should have meant that the curse became permanent in that moment. Why??

Frustration of Purpose. You make a contract but then you make it impossible for the other side to actually carry out the contract. So the contract should be void based on the enchantress’ interference with her own fucking terms.

How the fuck is anyone possibly going to break the curse if no one even knows the castle exists??? The reason no one knows about the castle is because she did that.

So I think there was a coven tribunal, like the wizengamot. Look Agatha, you were totally within your rights to curse this asshole. He deserved it. And the terms of the curse you made say he needs to make someone fall in love with him and him with them, also fine and also poetic, nice touch there. But Agatha, hun, you then made it impossible for them to break the curse - you made the entire world forget the castle and the prince, you surrounded her castle with feral wolves, and you made it permanently winter. Ain’t no one going in there. So your way to break the curse isn’t possible, because you made it impossible. Frustration of Purpose is against the Rules of the Coven. You know this. Go fix your mess or you’re getting sanctioned.

So. She is clearly known in the village and she knows them. She’s got her eye on Belle as a candidate. She sees her chance when Maurice gets lost. She breaks the tree in front of him and sends him on the path to the castle.

Then the village calls Maurice crazy when he tells the beast, because of the curse, because they all forgot. Which leaves Maurice vulnerable to gaston, gets him tied up.

Agatha, collateral damage of innocent bystanders. But for your curse and you sending him to the castle, he’d be home safe with his daughter. Fix. It. Now.

So she protects Maurice overnight, rescues him in the morning, revives him, takes him back to town, and then Maurice is still seen as crazy and gets sent to the sanatorium, which is a death sentence in canon.

Agatha, dammit. Fix your shit.

Meanwhile, Belle is in the castle (thanks Agatha) and they’re falling in love etc. But it took too long to get started because Agatha made it impossible.

So even though Adam failed to timely break the curse within the terms and conditions of the curse (last petal fell), Agatha still reversed the curse because it was void once she engaged in frustration of Purpose and prevented Adam from having a chance of breaking it in time. So she had to clean up her mess she created by reversing the curse, waiving the timing condition, else she would be facing consequences for her improper behavior.

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Hey!! Would I be able to request a Suga short story where you're both senior high school students and you both go home to his place for a cute study session? Thank you so much if you can!!! <3

Hi, thank you so much for the request!! I really hope this is what you wanted, I had fun writing it!! 💜

Study date with Suga:

Parts: One

Pairing: Suga/Yoongi x Reader

Genre: fluff

Word count: 1.553

Ya Y/N, he is looking at you again!” Your best friend told you as she sat down at the table, it was break time and you were enjoying some lunch, which she just ruined. “Who is looking at me?” you asked, fully aware that it could only be one person. “You know very well, who is looking at you.” she pushed you teasingly, which made you giggle and you were actually counting down for him to get up and get over here to talk to you. He had his own little club and far out one of the most handsome guys you had ever seen, he was friendly as well and yes did you have a little crush on him, you bet your ass you did. He was in your music class, he was writing music, most of the time whilst sitting behind one of the pianos. Sometimes he actually talked to you but most of the time he was in his own world.

“He’s probably just staring at the wall behind me, though.” you quickly took a bite of your ramen when your best friend elbowed you, which made you choke on your food. “YA, are you crazy!” She covered your mouth with her hand to stop me from talking but you were annoyed already as she didn’t let you eat in peace, so just bit her. “Are you a dog or something?” she mumbled angrily, we both looked up when we heard someone chuckle and that’s when she froze up, as we were staring into Yoongi’s eyes, he was smiling at you and it was like the world stopped for a second.

“I need a study partner.” he didn’t even explain but you were already nodding your head and pinched yourself under the table but you were definitely not dreaming. “What are we going to study?” you heard yourself ask, which was the stupidest thing ever because we only had one class together and that was music.

“Piano, of course, I tried to compose a song but I can’t get it quite right, so I really need your help.”

“Arasso, let’s meet up after school.” he nodded and left the table, which exploded by little screams. “OMG, he just asked you on a date.” you chuckled with your hands in front of your face, purely out of embarrassment. “Shut up okay, he just needs me to help him on his end project.”

“But what if.” you stopped her right there because only the thought of him maybe hugging or kissing you went just too far, there was no way you were his type and where did he find the time, as he just signed with Big Hit Entertainment, at least that was what went around at school, it did explain his absence all the time but you never really asked him. The next few hours went by really slow and you were beginning to get nervous, which was stupid right?

The minute the final bell went, you quickly gathered your stuff and walked outside, there he was waiting for you. He was next to a little black van, which was a bit odd, to be honest, you approached him and he eventually looked up and smiled at you. “We are going to my house, is that okay?” You nodded absentmindedly because you knew that wasn’t really living at his old house anymore and you were surprised when you stopped in front of a big building. “Where are we?”

“I live here.” he smiled friendly at me as he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him, the minute he opened the door, you were surprised to see there were a lot of shoes, different sized as well. “I’m sorry for the mess but I live here with  a few other guys.”

“Ah that’s okay, are they home?” He shook his head “Ani, they are probably practicing or at school, this comforted you a bit because the last thing you wanted now, was other guys barging in. He gave you a pair of slippers to wear and you couldn’t help but smile at the fact that they were too big. He entered a room, which was a small studio and in there stood a small piano, it really looked cute. “This is our studio, just take a seat behind the piano, the notes are already there.” he left me alone and even though you were really curious, you contained it and sat down. You took a look at the notes in front of you and started to play it at the piano, you weren’t sure what he thought was wrong but it sounded good to you. He came back carrying drinks with him, which he placed on top of the piano as he sat next to you, he was so close and it made your hands shake a bit.

“So what do you think? It’s missing something right?”

“I don’t really think it misses something but maybe you should play it to see if I missed something,” you suggested and the next hour we were re-writing, when he suddenly got up and engulfed me between his arms, he licked his thumb and wiped away a note and quickly wrote a new note and even though you were distracted by now you started playing and it finally sounded the way he wanted to. “I think we did it.” he hugged me from behind and he even kissed the back of my head, which shocked me deeply.

“Thank you for helping,” he whispered into your ear, giving you goosebumps. “I really didn’t do anything, I just played the piece.”

“That’s how you helped but let’s stop this and let’s watch “boys over flowers” before the guys return.” He pulled me up and walked to the living room, he pushed me on the couch and put on the channel, you were smiling as this was super cheesy but who were you to complain, he sat next to you and without saying anything he put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer. You sat like this for at least thirty minutes when he suddenly turned his head to you with a shy smile. “You don’t mind this right?” You shook your head because, to be honest, his embrace felt nice and warm and on a cold day like this, there was nothing better.

“Good.” it looked like he wanted to say something more but he quickly turned back to the tv and now that he said something you focused on his heartbeat and noticed that his went a little bit faster than normal. “Yoongi Oppa? Is something wrong?” you couldn’t ignore it and instead of answering you, he pulled you up and pulled you back into the little studio and sat you down behind the piano again but instead of playing myself he started to play one of my favorite pieces, which was also my end project but how did he know that.

“Ya how did you know?” he stopped and looked at me, there was definitely some determination, which made your heart skip a beat. He moved closer and put his hand on your cheek and it took everything not to move back, not because he was this close but because you felt shy but he didn’t give you much time as he pressed his lips against yours, this was your first kiss but it didn’t feel awkward at all, when he noticed that you weren’t pulling back he deepened the kiss, you moved your lips with him and the chills that went through your body told you just how much you liked him and as he pulled you closer you couldn’t help but moan softly, which he liked as he smiled against your lips, we sat like this for god knows how long when we suddenly heard someone yell Yoongi’s name. This broke the spell and you quickly moved away from each other,  this study date was over now that one of his members came home. “Let’s go.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you gently along. “Jin Hyung, you’re back already.” Yoongi kept your hand firmly in his and you couldn’t help but gawk at the person in front of you because he was really handsome. “Who is this?” Jin nodded to you and you quickly introduced yourself. “She was just leaving.” Yoongi started to walk towards the door and you quickly waved back at Jin, who was observing with a knowing smile, which made it even more embarrassing.

Yoongi walked you to the bus stop when he suddenly stopped and turned you towards him, he put his hands around your waist and locked eyes with yours. “Thanks for helping me out but it was not the real reason I asked you over.” You already knew his real reason but you kept quiet because he had to say it himself.

“The real reason is that I like you a lot but I wasn’t sure about how you felt.” You never thought he could be that shy and you smiled at him and before he could say something and tried to explain again, you decided to put an end to it. You kissed him and before pulling back you locked eyes once more and smiled.

“So today is our first day, right?”

Blind Date

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3322

(A/N: This isn’t exactly like the request, but I got really excited and carried away with it, so please forgive me)

“I don’t need a boyfriend.” you stated, looking down at the paper coffee cup in your hands.

“You know that’s a lie.” your best friend said, laughing and leaning back in her chair. Of course, she was absolutely right, but you didn’t want her to know that. She had been trying to convince you to let her set you up on a blind date for a few days now, and it was starting to get tiring refusing her.

“Who would you even set me up with?” you asked.

“It wouldn’t be a blind date if I told you, now would it?” she sighed, looking at you like you were stupid. You just made a face at her and looked back at your teacup. “It wouldn’t be that bad. The guy I had in mind already said that he was willing to let me set him up with someone.”

“Really?” you said, your head snapping up.

“I knew you were interesteeed!” your friend squealed, bouncing up and down in her seat. Damn it. You didn’t want to give her this satisfaction, but you couldn’t deny that your interest was at least a little piqued.

“…So what were you planning?” you sighed, finally giving in.

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mtl likely to date a person who only knows english (requested)













joshua and hansol are at the top for obvious reasons. soonyoung, seungcheol, junhui, mingyu, and chan would all find the challenge of dating an english speaker fun and interesting and wouldn’t mind needing to improve upon their english skills to impress them and maintain their relationship so as long as the other person either made the effort to learn some korean or was patient enough to wait for them to be able to communicate thoroughly. seungkwan and seokmin would definitely be open to it, but both are somewhat traditional and would probably prefer to date korean people anyway. if they did fall for someone who only spoke english, though, they’d put in a tremendous effort to be able to communicate with them (and seungkwan is above seokmin as he already tries very hard to speak decent english). minghao would be similar; not necessarily the traditional part, but the thing stopping him would be that he might become frustrated with having to become fluent in english, and although he’d still try, he’d probably just avoid the challenge completely if he could. jihoon, wonwoo, and jeonghan would find communication to be the most vital part of a relationship and most likely wouldn’t even begin to get involved with someone they couldn’t have thoughtful, deep conversation without broken language.

Theory time....

Alright so I want to talk about this

Now, I know that this has been talked about a lot (and I’ll probably discover that someone already talked about this before) but I want to give my thoughts, as I haven’t seen anyone say this theory yet. So hear me out please.

Alright, so far I’ve seen a bunch of different speculations about what is going on in the above picture. Back before season 2 came out, I think the largest theory surrounding this was that this was proof that he was galra, as it made his skin turn purple and shows his galra form. Even now people still think that is what it is even though they don’t need it anymore to try and prove that Keith is galra.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of theories about him also being a druid, and saying that that is why his hand looks like that instead of the glowy wounds like Shiro and Thace’s.

Then there is the simpler theories of the magic just burned his hand and the pure quintessence healed it.

All or any of these could very well be true, but consider this;

The purple in his hand is corrupted quintessence.

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