someone's probably already done this but whatever

  • Shaw: *is lost somewhere in a crowd*
  • Root: *hands a random man a card* please read this, I'm trying to find my friend
  • Random Man: Root is honestly just the evil, female counterpart of Harold and is completely irrelevant to the team
  • Random Man: *gets kneecapped*
  • Root: well she's still lost, but that's nice to know

steven universe + songs 1/?

I cannot wait for episode 13 of The 100.

Episode 13: When we all die. Probably. 

Episode 13 has a stellar director. 

A hug - cough, Bellarke :’) 
Luna’s clan :D
And, an episode so awesome, it kept someone up all night.

Episode 13 is their Christmas episode… whatever that means. 

Finally, we get to see this scene in episode 13 :’) 

I am so damn excited.