someone's probably already done this but whatever

When someone in the public eye that a lot of people trusted does something wrong and REALLY shitty, People are fast to blame elements of their outer character and what they put out of the surface as THE thing to look out for. Maybe they were TOO nice or seemed TOO innocent, or had certain mannerisms that could explain why they are the way they are, and that we can use to avoid them in the future.

But that’s not how this works.

Abusers, harassers, and generally closeted bad people don’t show their true colors on the outside, and using their personas as a guide against people like them won’t work. You can’t tell on the outside when someone has done some scummy things that people don’t know about and that’s the entire point. It’s scary to think about the fact that there are sometimes things you can’t inherently use as tells for when someone isn’t on the up and up, and that a lot of the time, you have to just live with that until it’s too late. That’s just the unfortunate reality of the situation.

That isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t avoid certain types because you were burned pretty badly by someone like them once. Defense mechanisms are valid and important, and are usually good to keep up while you work through whatever trust issues you may have, if you even want to work through them at all.

Passing those personal defense mechanisms as advice, and smugly claiming that you knew it the whole time doesn’t do anyone any good, because you didn’t know it. You already had the self justified (In that it was justified for you, not that you justified it to yourself, though, yes, that as well) prejudice in mind, and in this instance, ended up being right.

When someone doesn’t want you to know they’ve done something wrong, you will probably not find out that easily, and when you do, it will hurt, but until then, all you can do is trust someone until that point. Certain tells can help, but judging someone from their outward personality won’t.

Excuse My French [Part 7]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Some Angst, Some Language
A/N: you guys are probably thinking - uh, what? she actually updated? it’s been like ten YEARS (and you’re totally right). I finally was able to finish this part, I ended up cutting it into two parts so yes, I’m dragging this series out to eight parts (lord save me if it gets longer than that). thanks so so much for sticking with me while I took so long to update, I hope you guys are liking it still and feel free to continue requests (it will be a while till I get to em). REMINDER: I do not have a tags list. I’ve been getting several asks and messages so please remember this!

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He’s Spider-Man. He’s Spider-Man. He’s Spider-Man.

Those were the only words that managed to go through your brain as Peter landed on the ledge outside your window. He held you steady while your trembling fingers managed to pulled the window up, and go through.

You remembered your mother jokingly telling you that the windows were perfect for sneaking out at night, because she knew you would never do it - yet here you were, along with the guy you dated for like two minutes, who also happened to be a crime-fighting hero.

After the events of the last hour, all you wanted to do was give in to your exhaustion and anxiety and pass out for a few hours, but Peter promised an explanation and you needed one.

He hopped into your room a second after you did, ripping his mask off and shaking his head like a dog, which you might’ve found funny in any other circumstance. Instead you wrung your hands together and stood in the center of your room, trying to breathe through your nose evenly before you freaked out.

You knew New York wasn’t the safest place in the world, that much was obvious, but you never actually thought you’d be caught up in a mess like you just had been. All you could think about was that man grabbing you, the things they said, if Peter hadn’t been there-

“Are you okay?” Peter interrupted your thoughts with a tense tone, his hands hovering slightly like he wanted to hold you again like he had in the alley, but was afraid of your reaction.

“I don’t know,” you answered truthfully, bitting your lip, “I-I almost got hurt right now, and now I find out you’re Spider-Man; I don’t know.”

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okay so it seems like the captions on youtube for RT shows, RWBY Chibi in particular, are being messed around with again - with people using them to put in jokes and opinions, and really, they need to stop using the captions as their personal platform to be funny

if you want to make jokes, do it with screenshots on your blogs or on twitter. while i don’t personally need the captions, thought should be given for those who do. they shouldn’t need to put up with your nonsense to experience a show they want to watch. and worse, often people think they’re official captions by RT

oh and then naturally there are always the whiners who respond with that “boo, no fun allowed” stuff because they find it funny, and apparently their amusement is more important than someones ability to enjoy the show. captions aren’t the place to be funny. they’re often the only way some people can experience the show and your input, your opinion and sarcastic crack, isn’t necessary. let them experience the show the way someone who doesn’t need the captions can experience them - captions are for accessibility, not for you to piss around in

and the sheer number of side captions has gotten utterly ridiculous - at this point it’s like there are more jokes and opinions put in there than actual lines and descriptions of background noises that matter. now you’re trying to be funny (spoiler alert, you’re not) and going out of your way to fill every second of the show with joke captions when they’re just obnoxious and unnecessary

and crowdsourcing captions for some of your content, like the podcasts and let’s plays because they’d need to hire people just to do those with how much of that there is, that’s understandable. but with scripted shows, they have a script - most of the work is done already, so fan-submitted captions aren’t necessary. some lines might have changed a bit, but you can probably catch all those changes with one listen through. leaving it all to apparently completely unmoderated, crowdsourced captions with a hundred different people, who all think they’re just the epitome of hilarity and can submit whatever they like and it goes straight through without even needing approval or checking over from someone at RT, and denying the accessibility to the very people those captions are for, is a very bad way of doing things - because, oh sure, maybe they were removed later, but there was no reason for them to be there to begin with


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Are other people allowed to make like tribal skeletons? As in the one from those doodles holding the coconut singing "tippity" and stuff? I mean I've seen others do it but I was wondering if it was only like your guys things💞💞 with like the darker bones but the teeth are white

OML I doubt I’m the first to draw skeles with sun-kissed bones or tattoos or tribal lookin!!!

Immean lookkit Error! JET #000000

That CERTAINLY isn’t “my thing” and even if it were, that shouldn’t deter you from exploring your character designs by any means!!! 

Immean, have ya had someone come up to ya and be like “WAAAAIT A SECOND. YOU HAVE THE SAME COLOR SKIN I DO, YOU’RE COPYING ME!!!!! #*($&*#&(%&Q#” 


You are absolutely ONE HUNDRED PERCENT allowed to make tribal, thugly, pirate, cursed, etc etc skellies.

That ain’t no crime. There was never just ONE pirate in all of human history, or ONE thug or ONE tribesman 💖

Like, when @blesstale and I made our first AU together, Plundertale, there were already at least 4 or 5 other pirate AUs but that didn’t deter us from making our own interpretation.

I will say this, Although it’s probably obvious:

taking what someone ALREADY made and claiming it as your own, is different. That’s theft. That’s “my thing” and shouldn’t be done. 

Otherwise, if you know your boundaries and you don’t got that gut-wrenchy “this doesn’t feel right” feeling, you shouldn’t feel an ounce of creative restriction, Anony. Create anything your heart desires, you don’t need me to encourage it but I’m charmed you went out of your way to ask me for assurance anyway!


INTP: Why I Love History

SUBMITTED by guessesmachina

(I don’t know if this would be applicable or even relevant in this case, but I’m a 9w8 (and probably don’t have 5 in my Tritype?).)

I wouldn’t say I love history in an affectionate, euphoric way, but see it in a more “this is a necessary – indispensable, even – tool and resource for the modern era” way. I agree with “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it”, but I personally have less of a… possibly eerie or grave feeling about it (compared to my ISTJ friend, hehe).

People have been doing things for a long time. If someone has done something, there was a desire for them to do it, a setting in which they did it, a methodology they went about, results, and some kind of reaction or response from the event’s audience. In essence, much of what we know about the history is after the scientific method and whatever opinions made it into writing (and were later unearthed/preserved/passed on/etc). Keeping these two things in mind — the scientific method and limitations of what historical events have “made it to the modern world” (defined by and working out of whether or not they were remembered or known about), things have happened in the past, and if someone has already done something I am curious about, I can probably just look up what happened to them, and I can further evaluate if the same thing would happen in whatever setting I was curious about to begin with.

If the thing I am curious about is not an experiment or a “what if someone did X”, it is typically about human nature. Aside from culture and other similar time period-sensitive characteristics, I personally don’t see human nature as something that’s changed much. It manifests and looks very different now (compared to hundreds (or even 20) years ago), but at the root, in its most abstract form, it has not.

My philosophy/rule of thumb/outlook is that I’ve thought or questioned something, someone else much smarter has already done so (and probably done and tried it), and there’s a reason why it hasn’t happened yet. I can find out who already looked into it, and what happened when they did.

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I don’t know if this is fetishistic, but I so much desire a butch-femme relationship specifically. My girlfriend calls herself soft butch but she still wears a lot of dresses and ballet flats and I think I’m just attracted to a certain kind of woman. I love her every way but physically. How would you approach this?

I mean I certainly wouldn’t go, “Hey hon I need you to butch it up for me,” but I don’t think “soft butch” includes regularly and comfortably wearing dresses tbh so I think if you’re into butches, I totally get why you’re feeling this way- she’s not butch based on what you’ve told me unless there’s some other personal stuff going on for her, WHICH I couldn’t know from this message.

BUT I don’t think it is fetishistic at all to be attracted to certain kinds of women and want to date them- that’s just being attraction to a group and wanting to act on it. I honestly just never suggest you start dating someone that you are not physically attracted to. Long term that almost never works out imo, and even short term it just is a big factor. It’s totally fine to want a partner you find sexually attractive- I don’t think you should go, WOW if she’s not the hottest woman I’ve ever seen then I won’t date her. But I certainly would never go, “I’m not attracted to this woman at ALL but I’ll go on a few dates with her and see how it works out.” Sexual attraction is a big deal, sex is a big deal, sexual compatibility is a big deal, etc. It’s not a bad thing to want a partner you are attracted to, who finds you attractive, and with whom you are compatible. It is part of what makes gay dating extra hard- any old gay doesn’t cut it.

I think you have to decide how big of a deal this is to you tbh. Maybe sexual attraction isn’t that big of a deal for you- I don’t get that, but I’m positive there are people who are genuinely fine dating people they aren’t attracted to. I doubt that’s you or you wouldn’t have sent me this, but you get the idea. If you decide that you want a butch/femme relationship more than you want to be with the woman you’re seeing (and that’s fair- I wouldn’t dog you out for that) then you should pursue one. If you decide it’s something you crave but not a huge deal, that’s also fine.

To be really real for a sec, though, I’m gonna guess this woman wasn’t butch when you started dating her and you were fine with it then. So if you’re not fine with it then, the “I want a real butch” thing is probably one small part of a bunch of other issues you’re having with her or I don’t see why this wouldn’t have been an issue way before the world “girlfriend” came into play. Anytime you start poking around for reasons to end it, and especially if you start sending anonymous messages to strangers on the internet who don’t know you or your partner and have very little information to work with, you’re probably already kind of done with it. But no, whatever you decide to do is totally fine but don’t try to pressure her to be someone she’s not. That won’t work and will make her resentful, and is a bad thing all around.

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Has their already been headcannons done for a scenario where Levi somehow accidentally makes s/o cry during an arguement or something?

I’ve mentioned before that I really don’t see Levi and his s/o getting into a massive argument nor can I see Levi being callous enough to make his s/o cry (since I think he’d date someone with a thick skin) but, if it did happen, Levi would stop whatever he was saying mid-sentence in shock.

He probably doesn’t witness his s/o cry often which makes him believe that he crossed a major line with something he said in the heat of the moment. The argument doesn’t matter anymore and he would apologize because the last thing he wants to do is intentionally hurt his s/o. I don’t think he would know exactly what he said to upset them, but he would make sure to talk with them calmly and end the discussion as quickly as possible. Levi, at the end of it, is a mature adult and will handle things accordingly!

Funny bone tickler (Undertale t-fanfic)

WARNING: Tickles, teasing, swearwords

I thought of doing this because i wanted to try out something new. I absolutely love the game Undertale, and yes… i got pulled into the Undertale-trashcan… i still can’t get out of it…
Also, this fanfic is long as fuck… hotdamn.

The two skeleton brothers have an arguement. It’s getting worse and worse by the second, until Sans says something that makes Papyrus extremely angry. After a little while, they make it up to eachother and Papyrus decides to start a one-sided ticklefight. (Lee Sans)

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!” Papyrus screamed out of the top of his “lungs”. “Oh, are you deaf now too?” Sans answered him, “I said that your cooking sucks AND that your “spaghetti” ,which does not even look EDIBLE, could be the death to anyone who eats it!“
“Excuse me, “mister i have to do everything alone”, but who pays all the bills again? Who works everyday to get money again? Because i certainly don’t think that that is you!“ Sans points to himself with his thumb. “I HAVE TO DO ALL THE WORK HERE.” He yells to make it harder for Papyrus to answer him.
But Papyrus is not done with Sans yet… “YOU CALL *THAT* WORKING? YOU’RE JUST SLEEPING HALF OF YOUR JOB. AND THE OTHER HALF YOU’RE EITHER GOING TO GRILLBY’S, READING CAR MAGAZINES, GOING TO THAT BIG DOOR WHERE THERE IS JUST NOTHING TO DO, OR YOU LITERALLY JUST WALK AWAY FROM YOUR STATION AND DON’T COME BACK.” By now the stamping of Papyrus’ foot is causing the floor to shake a bit and their pet-rock has fallen of the table in the livingroom.
Sans’ hands form shaking fists of rage, but he manages to keep them to his sides. “THAT IS NOT TRUE, I DO MY FUCKING BEST TO GET SOME FUCKING MONEY. WITHOUT ME YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A HOUSE. WITHOUT ME YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A BROTHER ANYMORE!” Papyrus hands have also become fists by now.


Sans looks at him in shock for a moment, but then his look turns into a deathglare. His white pupils who glow when they are switched on have dissapeared. His smile is gone. All you can see in him is pure anger. “You did not just say that.”


“Hehehe…” Sans sarcastic and humorless laughter fills the room. “That will not ever happen…” Papyrus stands his ground. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? IT *WILL* HAPPEN. I *WILL* LEAVE YOU WHEN-” “I’m not talking about that…” Sans interrupts him. Papyrus looks a little confused by this. ‘Then what won’t happen?’ he keeps asking himself in his own mind, hoping that his body has the courage to say that to his wreck of a brother. But before Papyrus even opens his mouth, Sans already tells him the answer.

“You will never become a Royal Guard.”


“You will always just stay like this.”


“Undyne will never let you become the captain of the Royal Guard.”


“You’re not good enough to become one.”


“If Undyne ever tells you that you are one of them, then that’ll be the best joke i’ve ever heard.”

‘Stop.’ His hands compress into fists again.

“You’re not good at fighting.”

“Stop.” Papyrus’ face is shadowed, he is extremely angry, but he stays in his position.

“You don’t have any friends or fans, and i assure you that you *won’t* ever get any friends nor fans.”

“Sans. Stop.”

“I hate you.”


Sans’ smile has returned…


“I SAID STOP!!” Papyrus screams at him and lunges out a bone-attack. Sans tries to avoid it but fails…


The bone hits him right on the left-side of his skull. He falls over backwards, but manages to turn in mid-air and fall on the palms of his hands. He touches the spot where it hurts. A warm, red liquid flows out of the crack that the attack had made.

“Sans… i…”

Papyrus looks at his hands in shock. What has he done… WHAT HAS HE DONE.
“Sans… i didn’t mean to… i… i only… i am so sorry…” Papyrus runs towards his brother and checks his left HP.

Sans - 0.1 HP.

“Oh no…”

Sans doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t move, he even refuses to look at his brother… Papyrus picks him up and gently sets him on their couch in the livingroom. But before Sans even tries to look up to him, Papyrus instantly runs out of the room towards the kitchen to grab the first aid to run back to Sans and heal him.

“Papyrus-” Papyrus hushes him and directly tries to take care of the wound, while still trying to heal the damage that has been done.
“I know Sans…”

Sans - 1 HP

Sans’ health has been healed to his maximum HP and his skull has been returned to his normal state by Papyrus’ healing magic and some help of the AID-kit.
“Well that was unexpected…” Sans says while rubbing the spot where the crack still was a few minutes ago. “Sans, i am so sorry… i didn’t mean to do that. I was angry and- and…” Papyrus’ eyesockets water up. He tries to hold his tears in his eyes and almost succeeds, but still one tear manages to escape his eye. It rolls down his cheekbone only to fall on his brother’s hand. Sans brushes it off by rubbing the top his boney hand on his leg covered by his shorts, and looks at his brother. “It’s fine Papyrus. I’m okay. I shouldn’t have said what i said. I was being a asshole. *I* should be sorry. And i AM sorry. You will become a Royal Guard someday, i am sure. You just need to practice a bit more…” he says trying to comfort him, before two arms (a little roughly) grab him and pull him into big, soft hug. Papyrus cries into his brother’s arms, letting all of his tears go. “I am s-s-so-so sorry… you could’ve died, i cou-could-could’ve k-killed you, i could’ve killed m-my own b-brother…” Papyrus’ sobs make it hard for Sans to understand him, but he doesn’t need to hear what Papyrus has to say to comfort him. With every word that Papyrus says, he cries more and louder. Sans feels so sad for him. Then it stung him. It was all HIS OWN FAULT. How could he say that to him? He made him do it. Sans feels horrible, knowing that he made his brother so sad, that he’s now crying into his arms, sobbing about how he almost killed him… Sans holds him closer and pats Papyrus’ back, comforting him by telling him that it’s okay, over and over again. Papyrus holds him even closer and it’s getting a little harder to breathe for Sans…. well, he doesn’t *need* to breathe, but you know what i mean!
“Uh Pap? Paaaap?” Sans tries to slowely get out of the strong embrace, but fails. At least Papyrus has stopped crying and is now merely sniffing, but he refuses to let go of Sans anytime soon. Sans tells himself to stay in the same position as where he is now, if Papyrus has calmed down more, he will-
Papyrus hands accidentally grab Sans’ sides, pulling Sans out of his mind. 'Oh no… For the love of Asgore, please let Papyrus let go of my sides.’ Sans prays to whatever might be listening. If someone *was* listening to him, they probably decided to prick with Sans. As Papyrus sets more grip in his sides. 'Shit.’ A smile was already beginning to form. He hated this, he always did. He has to stop Papyrus before he starts to torture him with it. “Papyrus? Are we done?”
“What?” Papyrus says, grabbing Sans by his sides with a little more grip each second without even noticing it. “Uh-uhhh, can you let go of me now? Are we done?” Papyrus thinks for a small moment, considering his options. He decides to hold onto his brother for a little longer. “No, i don’t want to let go yet. Do you?”
Sans smile has gone ridiculously big, and he is trying his best not to make a sound. “Sans? Why won’t you answer me? …You want to let go don’t you? I understand. But you can just tell me when-”


Sans throws his hands in front of his mouth, preventing to laugh. It doesn’t help very much. “Sans what was that?” He finally pulls away from the hug but his arms won’t leave his sides. “I-I-It’s nothing, really.” He tries to contain his blush and big, goofy smile. But he can’t. Papyrus looks at him, and then at where his own hands are placed.


Papyrus’ innocent expression turns into a big smirk. “What’s wrong brother? Why are you smiling?” Papyrus softly, slowely and playfully digs his fingers into the sides of his brother. “Pfft- Bro stop!” Sans tries to push away the hands which cause a tingling feeling to bubble up in his sides. Giggles are starting to escape his mouth. “What’s so funny Sans? Is this funny?” Papyrus stops his fingers and waits for an answer. “Is it?” He adds towards his question to make Sans realize that he has to answer.
“Well… like… it kinda… uh…” Sans starts to sweat. He’s in for it now isn’t he? “You know what? If you let go of me now, we could do something fun! We could cook together or… we could play a gaAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!” Sans shrieks with laughter. His brother didn’t have any more patience to wait for what his brother would say to try to change Papyrus’ mind from tickling him to his death. Even though they both already knew, Papyrus would do it anyways. “What did you say Sans? I can’t understand you. What does "gaaaaaaaahahaha” mean?“ He says while spidering his finger all around his brothers sides. Sans doesn’t really have sides, since he is a skeleton and has no flesh. But because of the magic that makes Sans… well… a Sans, makes him have some sort of an invisible body. Sans keeps laughing. He’s trashing all over the place, but his brother keeps him on the couch. "THIS IS TORTURE! AHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Papyrus has shifted from tickling Sans on his sides to tickling on his ribcage. “Is it? Is tickling really that bad for you? I thought you liked it. Since you are laughing so hard. You should see yourself! You have the biggest smile on your face, your laughing uncontrollably, you are trying to lay on the couch in a comfortable position… It seems more like you don’t mind being tickled.” Papyrus picks his brother up and puts him in his lap, giving Sans a small break to “breathe” only to tickle him even more. “How about a little teasing? Does that make this more fun?”
“NONONOHOHOHOOO!! NO TEASIHIHING! HAHAHAHA!” “Sorry brother, but i can’t hear you over all the fun that you’re having. I guess i will just do it, if you don’t like it, just tell me okay? But you have to speak in less ohoho and less ahahah, okay?”
The fingers have now found their way onto Sans’ spine, making Sans laugh so hard, that he starts crying. Tears rolling down his cheekbones onto Papyrus’ battle body. “Sans you’re crying! That’s not good… That is not supposed to happen… You’re supposed to be happy! Don’t worry! I can do that for you!” He innocently says.
“Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle~”

Sans doesn’t know what is worse… the tickling, the fact that his body is tiring itself out, the uncontrolled laughter, the big smile on his face, Papyrus knowing that he is crying right now, the teasing…
Probably the teasing. It would be a lot more fun if Papyrus stopped the teasing… wait… fun? No. This isn’t fun! This is something that Sans hates, he always hated being tickled…


“Sans are you happy?” Papyrus asks him, not even thinking of stopping at the moment.
“FUHUHUHUCK NOOOOHOHOHO!” Papyrus shrugs. “Alright, i guess i’ll have to keep going.”
“NONONONONONONOOHOOHOOO!!! PAPYRUS!! I AM HAPPY! I AM HAHAHAhaaaaappyyyyyyyy!!!!” Sans laughter is starting to become silent. “I am not Papyrus anymore, i am…”
“The tickle monster.”
“And the tickle monster has found a nice meal! NOM NOM NOM!” Papyrus nibbles at Sans’ ribs while still tickling his spine.
“FOR FUCKS SAKE PAHAHAHAP!” It’s all too much for Sans, if Papyrus keeps going like this, Sans will pass out! “I am almost done, i swear Sans! I just need to find the best spot! Oh wait! I got an idea!”
Papyrus leans his head closer and closer to Sans’ invisible belly. Sans sees what he is trying to do and tries to push his head away. But each time Sans tries to use his arms for protection, Papyrus digs his fingers into Sans’ “magical sides” and Sans’ body instinctively pulls his arms back to his side.
Papyrus pulls Sans’ shirt up, laying his mouth on Sans’ belly and inhales deeply, looking at Sans for a moment. “huff. Don’t… huff. You… huff. Dare…” Sans manages to say in between big gasps of air.
“Oh i dare.” And with that, Papyrus blew as hard as he could.
Raspberries are the worst.
Sans again burst into laughter. His mind going crazy. His body is so tired, it gives up and lays itself bare to the feeling that is not welcome. A few twitches come up here and there, but that’s all. Papyrus sees the condition where Sans is in right now and decides that this is a good moment to stop.
“Okay okahay. That’s enough haha.” He says while setting Sans on the couch and then lets go of him. Sans blankly stares up at the ceiling and lets his body do what it has to do. The laughing goes on for a minute until it slowely goes to silent giggles. Sans softly rubs his entire upper body, in a small attempt to make the tingling feeling go away. “That was awful…”
“It seemed more like you were having fun brother.” His brother tells him with a wink. “Ugh… never do that again please…” Sans finally stares at Papyrus, who is smiling at him. At least Papyrus isn’t sad anymore, and it had been a while since Sans had actually been tickled… It’s been years since he really got tickled for as far as he can remember. so maybe it was a little worth it, maybe it wasn’t all *that* bad… “Never again? This was just the start Sans, i am going to tickle you everyday now!” Sans cringes at the thought. “Please no… i have had enough for a couple of years. "Come on, it DID get you to smile didn’t it?”
“It made me tired, not happy.”
“But you’re smiling!”
“I am FORCED.”
“Whatever, i am 100% sure that you liked it.”
“Well i am sure that i did NOT like it.” Even though Sans wasn’t 100% sure of that. What is this? Tickling isn’t fun… It’s annoying, childish, and tiring… But then what is this feeling? He IS smiling, he can feel it, but he isn’t forced anymore…
“At least i got to know what tickles you the most.”
“Yeah yeah… sure. But i gotta admit it bro…”
“You really tickled my funny bone there~”
With that, Papyrus walked of into the kitchen to cook his “oh so famous” spaghetti.
Sans laid there, knowing he couldn’t get out of the torture that was going to happen. He felt so wierd… He didn’t understand why, and he would NEVER admit it to anyone…

But he suddenly really looked forward to the next day.