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Could you do a gif reaction of when the member has a crush on you & tries to confess to you but fails awkwardly(says the wrong thing)? (You still said yes Bc like that SVT man 😍) Ps. I hope you do well on your new tumblr account!

Thank you anon!! This is my first request, so i hope you like it. I made this more scenario like.

S.coups - I think he would such a dork like normally he would be a huge flirt but around you, confessing to the most beautiful girl ever, he would say something dumb like “.. your bum looks nice” and your like “?? Wth” but this wasn’t the first time he’s said something like that ;) so you get the message and agree to be his girlfriend.

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Jeonghan - He took you out for ice cream and confessed to you, at the same time he was also passing you your ice-cream and it accidentally fell on your t-shirt. he kinda just stared at your chest area making it really awkward for both of you, You ended the silence because you have to say yes. You were just asked out by an angle.

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Joshua - He told you to meet him in the practice room to show you his new song. He came out in a tux with a rose in his hand. Walking over to his Ipod he played the song when Sisqo’s - Thong Song came on. You both stood there awkwardly. Obviously Joshua ran and changed the song to a self composed song he wrote just for you.

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Jun - You both were at your house with your mum. His crush on you was huge Jun had been subtly hinting and flirting more then usual. so you new something was up. Plus he wanted to make a good impression. “Oh (y/m/n) your so beautiful, … y/n you’re beautiful too … your mum is obviously beautiful … because she gave birth to you .. You realised what he meant and excepted his offer.

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Hoshi - You would probably go up to him and hug him. When you let go he tells you he needs to tell you something important but instead he screams really high pitched. Repeatedly. You are then confused for 30 seconds and you shut him up with a kiss. Which leaves both of you blushing and a couple :)

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Wonwoo - He wouldn’t even say anything. He would just stare at you awkwardly then laugh even more awakwardly. You would understand why he is acting like that and you would have to ask him if he’s okay. He would then ask you out with his voice going higher by the second. And you would have to say yes. Like come on he’s wonwoo. (Plus you get mingyu too ;))

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Woozi - He would probably say complete gibberish to you like he would start off the sentence and then start a new one saying random things “dubbhu your really pretty no, umm. Hshsjsb how shall I say this ?” You then stare at each other awkwardly and see his ears turning pink and realise what he’s trying to ask you. You would say yes, turning his ears even more pink.

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Dk - He would have asked you to join him in the park and when you get there. You guys see these little adorable children. DK comments on them and says “Our children would look just as cute right?” Which leaves an awkward silence and you two heavily blushing. He rephrases the question asking you to be his girlfriend which you say yes to cuz duhh he’s Dokyeom-ahhhh.

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Mingyu - He would be so flustered around you that when he confessed he said another girls name. There was a few minutes awkward silence but that was quickly over when he apologised and you knew he was just nervous because the light was hitting you right and you looked flawless. ;) someone help this guy.

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The8 - Smooth as hell. Probably more then Jun. But when you walked past he screamed “me and you y/n” then quickly and awkwardly looked away. You walked up to him and asked if he was okay and he declared his love for you, asking you to be his girlfriend, which you had to say yes to.

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Seungkwan - He came up to you and started telling you things he loved about himself. You just stared at him confused. He then hesitated and paced a bit before telling you things he loves about you. Small things you didnt even notice and then he asked you to be his girlfriend.

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Vernon - You hear your name and stick your head through Vernon’s bedroom door, you hear him practicing his confession to you. But then he drops into J,cole’s Wet dreamz and your face drops. You walk into The bedroom and say yes in your confident voice even though your a little flustered. Vernon was relived with your answer but it was so awkward when you asked about the song.

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Dino - He would probably be staring at you from a distance and then get really awkward when you caught his eye. He would come up to and try flirting but would say all the wrong things. Sighing he would truthfully confess about how beautiful he thinks you are and how he cant take his eyes off of you. You would so have to say yes to him.

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