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@fanciful-follies and I talked about this a while back, but then I had an URGE to draw it. I present a Legally Blonde AU! With Maria as Elle Woods. I might post a list of who’s who in this AU, but for this:

Elle - Maria Lewis
Warner - James Reynolds
Emmett - Angelica Schuyler
Paulette - James Madison
UPS guy - Thomas Jefferson
Professor Callahan - King George (like the parallels between “Blood in the Water” and “You’ll Be Back” is yes.)


I checked if astro had any smut written about them, to see if anyone was sick enough to write a smut about minors let alone a group that shouldn’t be “sexy”. Yet I see this blog and they are so fucking disgusting, they made someone legal a minor and made a “fantasy” out if it.

I understand reading smuts about other groups when they are of age and aren’t a “cute” group and have gone for sexy concepts. The groups that are acceptable to write about. But when you write about minors or a group that SHOULD NEVER BE SEXUALIZED is fucking disgusting and you should be ashamed. In the future you will look back and realise how disgusting you were and I hope this put some sense in you.

I swear if I see another sanha or any other members in a smut or even come across one I will fucking report you. I hope to not see even younger people or groups. E.g NCT which is disgusting I will lose hope in humanity.

The Law According to Dungeons & Dragons

By d20source:

Here are five reasons why you don’t want to live in the world implied by the Dungeons & Dragons rules - unless, of course, you’re an adventurer.

1. Theft is legal if the owner is already dead

Dungeons never belong to anyone. If they did, you wouldn’t need traps and monsters to guard your treasure - just an alarm spell that calls the police. Likewise, if you kill someone, it’s perfectly legal to take their stuff.

2. Orcs don’t have rights…

Neither do kobolds, goblins or ogres. You want to live in uncivilized tribes, you don’t get the protection of law. In fact, it’s considered polite to murder you on sight. The exception is if they’re an adventurer. If you’re a crazy enough orc to steal from dungeons instead of raiding caravans, the law begrudgingly accepts you as a good guy.

3. Adventurers pay no tax, ever…

Somebody must be paying for all these town guards, city walls, roads, abandoned fortresses and cultist-infested public sewers. The king evidently funds all of this with some kind of tax, but nobody ever taxes the adventurers. Impoverished farmers pay ten percent of their crop while millionaire dragon-slayers waste their savings on personal fortresses and marginally sharper magic swords.

4. Prices are fixed by the government

No matter where you go, a Magic Sword +1 costs the same amount. Whether it’s 2,000 gp in your kingdom or 360 gp, you’ll never get a better or worse price. Why? Clearly, the king is secretly price-fixing to control the supply of magic items. Otherwise, supply and demand would eventually let every peasant own a magic sword and the people would overthrow their tax-happy king.

5. Beggars are the richest peasants in town

If you’re a farmer, you maybe earn the equivalent of one or two silver pieces a day. A hundred gold pieces is more than you’ll see in a year. Imagine how much more profitable it is for the beggar in a major city, when a high-level adventuring party drops him 100 gold in “spare change”. All he needs to do is sit outside any tavern with adventurers staying in it, and he has a hard-working man’s annual salary. No wonder the peasants are fomenting rebellion.


guess who rewatched legally blonde the musical today

i didnt even finish it because i knew i’d draw more



Imagine Me and You | The Rich Man’s Daughter


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A just law is one that criminalizes an action that would be just as bad if it were legal. Someone who doesn’t murder or rape only because it’s illegal is a dangerous person. They don’t actually care about the rights of other people at all. They’d gladly hurt other people with no remorse, as long as they don’t get punished for it. They’d most likely go out of their way to find legal ways to hurt people. 

So if you find yourself saying that the reason people shouldn’t do something is because it’s illegal, there’s a very good chance that it shouldn’t be illegal.

I really hope that the bnha illegals series will touch on the fact that the quirk registry allows quirk users to update their quirk information on their own.

I mean, obviously the vigilantes won’t be able to outright /lie/ and say that they have, say, a snake mutant form when they look like a deer, but more subtle things that wouldn’t immediately out them as a vigilante in day to day life

  • For instance, someone with the ability to alter structures at a molecular level. Depending on how fast they are able to do so, they could punch a surface and shatter, making it look like a strength quirk (when in reality they f-ed up the molecular integrity and are weaker than heck).
  • Or they could boil water and say that it’s a heat quirk and not them just stirring up the molecules like a glorified microwave
  • Someone with a registered fox form mutant quirk; they have pointed ears, pointed teeth + large eyes
  • SIKE their hands can also morph into webbed wings. They aren’t a fox form mutant dumbass they’re a flying fox mutant (fruit bat)
  • Quirk that lets someone control fire. They constantly keep matches and/or lighters available, hidden, so they make it look like they’re conjuring the fire when in reality they really, really aren’t.

I just want to learn more about the BNHA society, tbh. It’s fascinating

I wanted to draw Kacchan, but then I also wanted to draw something with soft, pretty colors. The result?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*is taking a survey for work in order to avoid actual work*

*sees the same “we are super inclusive of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and creeds!” Message I’ve been seeing since I started working here*

*survey gives me male or female marker options and nothing else*

*rolls eyes*

*next question is “do you identify as LGBT”*

*laughs and exits survey, not about to out myself to a survey in which is not anonymous to my knowledge and for which I don’t know where and how my answers will be used*