someone's in love with someone

I need more positivity for trans boys with abnormal names!!! so shoutout to trans boys who:

-have been called attention seeking for having a different name

-named themself after a fictional character

-have a unique or made up name

-have been told to just choose a “real name”

-use multiple names!

-have a hard to pronounce name

-named themself after a kin!

your name choices are valid and you deserve to have your name(s) respected! Your name is your choice and if people dont respect that they don’t deserve to know you by any name.

yall is this normal im literally tearing up rn just thinking of mark and how wonderful he is, how far he has come and that i love him so much it hurts??? im not even kidding im so emo rn ;-;

Since this is becoming a thing with people I am close to:

So this seems to be happening a lot lately—where people get down in the dumps, and then suddenly, I have people coming to me (because I know the person upset) and asking me to ‘go make them happy’ and they’ll tell others to join in.


I know your heart is in the right place, but your mind is not.

If I come to you—you, and you alone—and talk to you about something personal (even if it’s talking of suicide or even a disease I might have or a death in the family), it shouldn’t be your responsibility at that moment to go tell everyone what we just discussed and blast it on the airwaves. A community should support one another as one, and I certainly get that, but sometimes we just need that ONE person to talk to and to listen to.

When we get a bunch of strangers talking to us, it can get weird, feel overcrowded, and make things worse; especially, depending the situation and the country in which that person lives.

I was born and raised in America, so I have rights and freedoms that other countries do not have. I didn’t realize how useless and not to mention, stupid, my support and ideas to address this one friend’s problems in another country halfway across the world sounded until I spoke to someone a bit more ‘in the know’ about that countries’ policies and how they handle things this morning. I found out, things are a lot more dire than I realized, and what I should be doing is just being there to try and distract their mind from the problem and hope that the pieces will fall where they may. (Seriously, I wish them the best, and I offer my support best I can as their happiness means a lot to me).

But in the end, I feel that if someone wants their problems to be public, they will make them public. It is not up for you, especially not as a friend, to decide that for them. What you may see as just a ‘oh, it’s fine to tell people about this’ moment could be super personal and upsetting to the person you’re talking to.

If I tell everyone that I am feeling like shit, mostly, it is to let you guys know why your questions have not been answered, why there’s no update, or why I seem to be avoiding people in the private messenger system. People around me seem to assume more than realize what’s going on, and I’d rather the news be there for you to see than nothing at all.

Truthfully, there are only THREE people I trust with my feelings right now, and those three will be the main women I go to during such low times—nobody else. I could be dying, and I would feel it is better they know over anybody, because I am the closest to them, and I feel that death would most impact them.

So please, guys—I am begging you all, in the future, to be respectful and mindful of the people you call your friends. Don’t just jump the gun because you’re upset they’re in a bad spot; think of them first and foremost before doing something irrational.

Note to self never watch the perks of being a wallflower ever again, it will only bring you pain and sadness. I’m far too much like Charlie, except I have no interests and I never go out.