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Caleb: Did you make this salad, darling? It’s amazing!
Jane: Well I’m glad someone in this house can appreciate it. I always throw up no matter how hard I work on it. This fish however, is absolutely delicious, thank you, I’ve been starving lately and no one has been by the house in days.
Caleb: Well, knowing you that bag won’t hold you forever…I’ll bring someone by later today.
Jane: *excited squealing*

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A glow stick has to crack to be able to shine. (Until it cracks a glow stick does not shine.)

Sometimes we can’t recognize our true brilliance until we’ve hit that wall. When we finally come to that place where something doesn’t come easily anymore. When we really get challenged, and almost (or do) give up. Know that it’s in there. Like a glow stick, it’s just waiting to finally be cracked so it can glow. 

Sound of Silence

Characters: Klaus x Mute!Reader

Prompt: Can you do a klaus x reader one shot please? Where the reader is maybe mute but klaus still loves her. And it’s such a surprise and even his siblings are confused but they see how gentle and affectionate he is with her

A/N: italics are things the reader signs

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Klaus speed over to your side of the car, opening the door for you and offering you a hand.

You placed your hand in his and let him help you out of the car with a grateful smile.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Klaus started to take an interest in you. You had tried to stay out of his way, but he appeared everywhere you went, silently keeping your company until one day you couldn’t take it anymore and scribbled down a note on a napkin – What do you want?

Klaus had scanned the note before leaning back in his chair.

“You are intriguing, love. I know you don’t like me right now, but you will.”

You had raised your eyebrow, but Klaus only smirked. The next few days Klaus showed up even more often and you found out that he was able to understand sign language. You were surprised at fist, but considering his age it wasn’t unlikely that he learned it.

You were still wary, but you found yourself enjoying Klaus’ company more and more – he was charming, a gentleman and you were able to have deep conversations with him.

Once he asked you out on a date your fist instinct was to decline, but he seemed so genuine you just couldn’t.

Letting Klaus take you out on a date was probably the best decision you ever made. No matter what people said about Klaus you never had such a loving boyfriend and the deep connection between you both was undeniable.

Klaus led you towards the mansion, holding the door open for you. He offered you a place on the couch before he poured himself a glass of whiskey. Setting the glass down on the table he vanished, appearing only a few seconds later with a glass of wine for you.

“Here you go, love.” He said, handing you the glass.

Thank you.”

Klaus sat down next to you and effortlessly pulled you on his lap, one of his arms curling around your waist while he held his glass in his other hand. Content you leaned into his hold, resting your head on his collarbone. You had been so excited during the art exhibition Klaus had taken you to that you now were exhausted, but it was so worth it.

Klaus chuckled when you yawned, his warm hand slipping under your shirt to gently trace your skin.

“Seems like someone was a bit too excited today.”

You lifted your head so Klaus could see you roll your eyes, “Don’t act as if you didn’t love it. You bought 5 paintings.”

Klaus laughed, lightly squeezing your hip, “To be fair, I bought 3 of them for you, love.”

You didn’t?!”

“Oh, I did.”

Knowing that it was no use to fight with Klaus you let your head fall back on his chest.

Thank you, but you really have to stop buying me stuff.”

Klaus pointedly ignored your words, pressing a kiss on top of your head instead.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Rebekah strode into the room, flashing a grin at you.

“Ah, y/n. Has my brother finally brought you back? I still want to show you the new dress I bought, but my dearest brother never seems to let you out of his eyes.”

Klaus groaned, pulling you closer to him, “Sister, can’t you see y/n and I are spending time together right now?”

You hit Klaus’ chest, glaring at him for being so rude before you turned to Rebekah with a smile.

Why don’t we have a sleepover tomorrow, Becca? You can show me the dress then,” You signed, making sure your movements were slow and distinct since she just recently learned sign language.

Rebekah’s face lit up, “Perfect! You can sleep in my room and no sneaking to Niklaus in the middle of the night!”

Klaus groaned again and dropped his head on top of yours, “But I wanted to take you to dinner, love.”

“Too late, brother. Y/n and I made plans first.” Rebekah sassed.

Knowing that they would be bickering for a while you took a sip from your wine, only half listening to them arguing about who would be spending time with you tomorrow.

Their argument was cut short when Elijah walked into the room, loosening his tie with a sighed. You waved at Elijah from your spot on Klaus’ lap.

He nodded at you politely, “Good evening, y/n.”

“Ah, Elijah. What is troubling you this time?” Klaus asked, placing his whiskey glass down on the table.

“There are some witches in town. I do not know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything pleasant.” Elijah explained.

Klaus placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles across your skin. Rebekah and Elijah started to discuss if they should pay the witches a visit, but you soon blocked out their voices focusing on the feeling of Klaus’ arms around you.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay attention to Rebekah and Elijah either, instead he randomly placed kisses on your head or nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Roughly 20 minutes later the front door slammed open and Kol came strolling into the room, a bottle of whiskey dangling in his hand.

“Brothers, Sister,” Kol greeted nodding towards the rest of the Mikaelsons, “and the lovely y/n,” he added, walking up to you and lifting your hand to press a kiss on top of it.

You smiled at Kol, but Klaus gracefully pulled your hand from Kol’s grip, glaring at his brother.

“Can’t I have any peace in my own house?” Klaus complained, holding you a bit tighter.

“I see. Still trying to hog y/n all to yourself?” Kol joked.

“As always. I still wonder how she managed to turn him into such a softy. I saw him opening the door for her again today,” Rebekah chimed.

“He’s definitely very intrigued by her, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying this changes. Klaus is a lot easier to deal with when y/n is around. If she wouldn’t be here he would already have left to kill the witches,” Elijah added.

Klaus snarled at his siblings, flashing his eyes. Suddenly the room around you blurred and when you opened your eyes again you were laying on Klaus’ bed. A pair of arms sneaked around your waist, turning you around to face a smirking Klaus.

“Now I finally have you all to myself.”

Smiling you lifted your head and gently pressed your lips to Klaus’. Klaus reacted immediately, pulling you closer until you were unable to tell where your body ended and his began. His hand cupped the back of your head, his lips lovingly working against yours. No words were needed, the kiss revealing all your shared feelings.

Sometimes silence spoke louder than words.


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Oh I know why u break the photo up i just thought it was funny haha sorry!

You’re fine, I did not like the photo it was ugly in my opinion. 


My first real attempt at something. I tried to keep this as realistic as possible but let’s be real, I’ve never been backstage of a Broadway show. This is working on the prompt list I reblogged that is on my blog. Please be gentle. 

Pairing: Lin x reader

Rating: PG

Words: 2135 (holy shit)

Prompt: “I’m not pretty, I look like an ugly, dirty rat.”

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Trimberly Fic (Part 2)

Trini hated being at school. It was bad enough she was the new girl, even worse, being different. It felt like she wore her label branded on her forehead, and everyone at school could read it. Her locker was sprayed on with words like “freak” and “loser.” She hated this school, but she hated home even more. She stared at her locker as tears threatened to fall. She swallowed hard and composed herself. She wasn’t going to let these idiots see the pain they caused her. She composed her backpack in one shoulder before making her way down the hallway.

Her eyes met Kimberly’s briefly before she quickly fixed them toward the double doors of the school exit. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Kimberly. I mean who didn’t like Kimberly Hart? She’s beautiful, she’s popular, she’s Kimberly. Although, she doesn’t quite understand why the girl is so insisting on being alone these past few weeks. She did hear about her knocking some guy’s teeth out though, which gave her some sense of pride. If she didn’t know she was gay then, she definitely knows now.

Kimberly Hart makes her want to smile. Kimberly Hart makes her head spin and her stomach flip. Kimberly friggin’ Hart makes her feel things she does not want to feel. She’s guarding herself. In a year’s time, her parents are going to move again, and she will be left heart broken, not that her parents would ever care.

She slammed her hands on one of the exit doors and stepped out, letting the heavy door slam hard against the frame. She wasn’t going home. The last thing she needed is her mother yelling at her. Instead, she sets her mind to go to the mines. It seems to be as good a place as any, but this one is quiet, peaceful. This place was her safe haven. Somewhere she could breathe and not worry about what anyone else thought about her.

She put on her headphones and pressed play on her phone. The music blared through the speaker as she walked down the familiar street that lead her to the mines. She was half way there when she pulled her phone out and scrolled through her Tumblr. She came across a blog that had reblogged an audio with “Girl, grow a pair and ask her out,” written at the bottom. The small Latina was curious and pressed play on the audio.

“Hey guys, today hasn’t been my day,” Trini quickly paused the audio upon recognizing the voice coming from the podcast. It wasn’t that hard to recognize the voice, I mean she’s heard it countless times at school. She debated on wether she should continue listen or not. It feel at bit strange, like she’s invading Kimberly’s privacy somehow, which is ridiculous, because the girl posted it online for everyone to hear.

She decides she wants to listen. She wants to hear what the girl has to say. She wants to know about her life. As she hits play, she taps on the name of the blog where the audio originated and she noticed a few more entries under the one she’s listening to. She wants to listen to them all, but for now, she’ll listen to the latest post entry. “Remember that girl, I told you about -” Trini zones out while listening to Kimberly talk about her day, and about some girl she wants to get to know.

“Does she know who I am?” Kimberly’s question comes through the headphones, her voice so soft and beautiful.

“If she doesn’t, she’s an idiot,” Trini found herself answering. She finally reached her spot at the mines, that spot at the highest point of the mountain. The spot where she can see everything below her. It’s an open space, made up of mostly rocks and a few scattered trees here and there, that provide her with shade if the sun’s heat gets to be too much for her.

She sat underneath one of the nearby trees and settled her backpack right next to her. She pulled out her water bottle and took a sip from it before turning her attention back to her phone.

She searched through the blog hoping to get a link to the first ever podcast. Luckily, Kimberly had sorted out her podcasts by month on her archives so it was easier for Trini to find the very first entry. “Hey people of the inter webs,” Kimberly’s voice came through her headphones once again. A smile spread across Trini’s face when she heard the silliness in Kimberly’s voice. “If you haven’t guessed who I am by just my voice, then sucks for you. And if you have? Welcome to my daily diary. Here you will hear all about what I think, what I feel, and what I do on a daily basis.”

Trini’s heart began to thump so hard against her chest, she thought it might explode. She is about to hear the first entry if Kimberly Hart’s podcast. She had never been so excited to get to know someone the way she was today. Kimberly Heart is about to share out her thoughts and details of her day. She can now at least know if the girl she secretly has a crush on, had a good day or bad.

She pressed play, and Kimberly’s voice came through the headphones sending a mini shock through Trini’s spine. “This is my first post, and today I will tell you about someone I saw at school today.” Trini thought nothing of it. Besides there really isn’t a date by which they were posted. “Today, she walked into my classroom and I just about lost my shit,” Kimberly continued. “Yeah, me, captain of the cheerleading squad, me, almost lost my shit over a girl. Now I’m not saying I’m into girls, I mean, I’ve always dated guys, and I’m mean, I’m currently dating one. But -” Kimberly took in a deep breath followed by a brief silence. “Anyway, this girl is - I don’t know how to describe her to be honest. Didn’t get much interaction with her. Didn’t get any at all, actually.” Trini decided then, that she wanted to know who was the girl who had Kimberly Hart losing her shit. She was too chicken to ask the source directly. Which meant, she had more podcasts to listen to see if she could find out who the girl was. Little did she know that the girl on mentioned on the podcast was her.

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So seems like someone saw Sam and Cait hanging out today. Are you excited? Why isn't there more excitement about this?

Surprisingly I don’ feel anything. I actually feel sad that I am indifferent. Glad the fan ran into them and I am sure there are those who are excited. Nothing wrong with that; I’ve always subscribed to “fan as you wish” policy.

New Pet  |  Part 8

Warning: language and smut

Word count: 1,920 words


* 3 weeks later*

“It’s nice to see you again Handsome.” I giggle at J as he comes to pick me up from Arkham.

He smiles, showing his flashy grill, “Mmm it has been long,” he says while wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me in closer. As he walks me out of the grungy building to the bright shiny Lamborghini I get excited, know that I wouldn’t be staying there anymore.

Once home I swing open the passenger door and run into the huge home. I had forgotten how amazing this place was. How the light would reflect off of all the marble and light up every room. ‘Where is Brooke?’ I hustle into the kitchen glancing around for her, looking out into the backyard, she wasn’t there. As I’m getting ready to head upstairs to look J grabs me as I zoom past the front door.

“Hold still Y/N! A little more work than expected was done to you.” He laughs, grabbing a hold of my shoulders and sitting me down on the couch.

“Where is Brooke?” I was frantically looking around the room and over my shoulders, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

J let’s go and takes the seat next to me, “She’ll be back.” A light reflects off of the small corner of something from J’s pocket.

“What is this?” I ask while snatching it from him.

“Your phone. Logan’s, Brooke’s, some of the guards, and my number is on there. Those are the only people allowed to be on this phone. Do I make myself clear?” He asks, slightly tilting his head down and giving me a ruthless look.

I swallow down the small ounce of fear in me, “Why of course.” I bow my head at him like I was his servant. I thought it was funny but once my head came back up J had an unamused look drawn across his face. I laugh a bit, “Yep!” I say in a perky voice as I grab his neck and kiss him. We sit there locked in the moment as he lays me across the couch, his body on mine. He grabs my arms and holds them above my head to the arm of the couch as his other is working its way down my chest. He slowly unzips my pants and pushes them down, followed by my underwear rubbing his fingers on my clit. This man knew how to get me wet in seconds. I can feel him smile softly as he thrusts two fingers into me.

He let’s out a soft growl, “It’s been so long baby.”

I look up and his eyes were like sparkly blue diamonds, and the way they looked at me made me melt. “I know daddy.” I groan as my head falls back onto the couch. He lets go of my arms as he reaches down, wrapping his hand around my neck, lifting my head back up towards him. He pushes me up the couch so my head was now resting on the arm as he starts to slide down my body. His hand wraps around my thigh squeezing it tightly and moving his tongue the rest of the way down. I scream his name, not caring who was home or who might hear it. “Daddy..” I say while grabbing a hold of his fluorescent green hair.

His eyes shoot up at me, giving me permission to cum. With that my back arches up as a feel myself release to him. I had missed this feeling. I started to laugh as J slid off of the couch and I sit up. As he kneels down grabbing my knees he says, “Clean up, Brooke will be home soon.” As he goes to stand up he kisses me on the forehead and heads upstairs to his office, having Logan and one other guard stand outside of the door.

I head to our room to change into some normal clothes, I was so glad to open my closet and see all of the beautiful clothes that J had bought right before I had left. I grab a tight fitting silver dress with a low cut back and some dark purple leather heels from the closet and put them on. Since I hadn’t been able to do my hair in a while I go into the bathroom and start to curl it. Once finished I was sure that J would let us go out tonight. I walk out to Logan and the other guard to see what J was doing.

“Sorry but you can’t go in there Y/N.” Logan says while holding his arm out to me.

I brush him off and try to see if the other guard would let me in. “I’ve never met you before, what’s your name?” I ask him, biting my lip a bit and twirling my hair around my finger tip.

Logan gives the guard a stern look as he stiffens up a bit. “My name’s David.” He wouldn’t even give me eye contact.

I gently grab a hold of his cheek, tilting his head down towards me. “David, that’s a great name. How long have you worked for Mr. J?” I ask, getting a little bit closer to him.

“Logan and I started together about a year ago.” He slowly lifts his head back up, I could tell he was trying really hard not to let me get into his head.

“Well David, here is the thing. I just got back from not seeing my handsome man for a few weeks and I would really like to spend time with him. Could you please let me?” I smile at him, resting my hands behind my back and rocking on my tippy toes, trying to play the innocent card.

He glances over at Logan and Logan let’s out a small sign. “Fine Y/N, only for a few minutes. Deal?” He gives me a hard look, letting me know that he was being serious.

“Deal!” I screech out, reaching up and giving Logan a kiss on the cheek. The two men stepping to the side to let me in J’s office.

As I slowly open the door I hear J say from the other side, “Who the fuck…” he pauses once he sees me. He face goes from pissed to innocent when he stands up and kisses me on the forehead. “Y/N I have work to do. Can this wait?”

“J, I want to do something. I haven’t seen you in so long.” I put on a puppy dog frown as a sit at the chair across from his desk.

He walks back over to his computer and start typing quickly, pausing for a moment and looking up at me, “I really can’t. This man, he is fucking me over. He is the number one gang leader in Midway City. I need to tear him down, so I don’t have time.” He went straight back to typing, not paying anymore attention to me.

“Are you serious J? You send me away for weeks and when I get back it’s like I don’t even exist. I might of well just stayed at Arkham.” I throw myself up from the chair, resting my arms on the table as I shout down at him.

He stands up slowly, his chair rolling back into the wall behind him. Giving me a rough look he exclaims, “Not now. Get out.” He waves his hand to the door.

“Fine! Have fun with your business J, I’m going out.” I leave the room, slamming the door shut behind me. Logan gives me the look of ‘I told you so’ and I just brush it off. “I need a ride!” I am anxious to get out and do something different for a while.

Logan and David look at each other and Logan asks, “Does Mr. J know you are leaving?”

“I told him. I am leaving either way. So who is driving?” I glance at Logan and then over at David, waiting for either of them to offer.

“You take her, but watch her the entire time.” Logan says to David as he hands him a set of keys to one of the vehicles. We walk down the stairs and out the door, I wait on the sidewalk for David to pull up. I hear the roar of the matte black Lamborghini as he pulls up to the curb next to me.

I step in the passenger seat, closing the door behind me as I look over at David, “So, where are we going?’

He gives me a confused look, “What? You were the one that asked for a ride, you tell me.” He wraps his hands around the steering wheel, gripping it tightly.

“I just wanted to get out of there. Let’s just drive around town.” As soon as I say that we launch forward. I didn’t know David that well so I decided I would ask him questions, prying into his life a bit.

“What made you start working for J?” That was always my favorite question to ask people because nobody is born into the life of a gang member, they have to be taught it.

“We kind of grew up together. My father was one of his guards when we were little. I was the only kid in the ‘family’ that was his age so we hung out a lot. Once we both got a bit older the guards would take us on missions with them. When I was 17 we went on a mission and I got extremely hurt, ending up in the hospital for a few months. When I got out I just never went back, I’m not really sure why. I had a job at a bank for a while when J called me out of the blue one night. My father had been killed on their mission that night and he was wondering if I wanted to see his body before they buried him. Of course I went to the burial and that is when J asked me to come back. I had missed the life a bit, the excitement of holding a gun towards someone. That leads the story to today.” He didn’t look at me much when he told me the story. I couldn’t tell if it hurt him or if he just wasn’t one to make much eye contact.

“That’s neat that you have known him that long. I’m also sorry about your dad.” Just in case it did hurt him I decided I would try to comfort him.

He looks at me and smiles, “That’s alright, he wasn’t much of a dad more of a boss.”

As he looks back at the road I see his eyes widen quickly. I turn to look at the road and I see the two bright lights of a semi coming towards us as our car starts to break hard and tries to skid out of the way.

Total darkness. It was like the world had froze over for moments.

I hear the muffled sound of sirens as my eyes open slightly. I see people running all around the mangled vehicle. I look down at my body and see myself laying in a puddle of blood. I try to stand up, taking a few dizzy steps as I hold my head. A man looks at me and as he starts to run towards me I watch as the world goes dark again.


Someone is Excited 😂😂😂

I set up playdate for Nahri today. Her little friend Rashaad is coming over while his dad handles business. We are still moving in the castle and I think this would be great for Nahri. While we fiinish getting her room ready, her and Rashaad can play. My baby and I are going to take some selfies and FaceTime little Rashaad until he comes over.