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When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

Friend visiting me has been separated from her wife for 1,5 weeks and she’s physically ill from the distress and longing. Like REALLY burn-out stressed bed-ridden ill.

And then there’s me, who has slightly-kinda-sorta missed someone only 3 times (each time a different person) for the past 34 years of my life. Kinda like “Yeah, it’d be so nice if they were here right now, it’d make my day so much better but I’ll survive without them, too.” 

I’m starting to think I don’t have a heart.

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*I kind of want to be your friend but I'm really bad at keeping in contact with people and I don't know if it's ok to just message you

I’m also very very bad at keeping in touch online bc I’m an awkward little dumpling but I can open up my messages if you could shoot me something off anon! ♡

i don’t want to be weird, but -

Cas in S12E07: “Dean, plaid is not sexy.”

Dean in S12E08

Dean in S12E10

Dean in S12E19

I really don’t want to be that person, but ever since Cas let slip he doesn’t like Dean’s ‘lumberjack’ look, Dean’s stopped wearing plaid around him (Sam hasn’t, because why would he?). I mean, I don’t know what happens in between episodes, and apparently a lot does, but on screen, every single time Dean’s been with Cas after Rock Never Dies he’s chosen to wear a ‘normal’ shirt.

The only exception is S12E12, but, whatever, I’ll forgive that episode anything.

And, of course, for the purpose of this post costumes don’t count, so I haven’t included suits or anything, but just as a reminder, this is what Dean changed into after Cas’ bad-tempered comment - and I’m willing to bet half my liver those were not random clothes he had in his duffel - he went out and bought them, because lumberjack? I’ll show you who’s a fucking lumberjack. Dick.

not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it

the first time lance’s sister lets him watch her kids she’s like… lowkey expecting the house to be on fire when she gets back lol but instead she comes home around midnight to find the house intact and dark save for the flickering of the tv in the living room, where her kids are asleep in a nest of blankets on the floor, sprawled out on top of their tío lance

Let this picture do the speaking for you.
What do you think it says?


Oh hey, I almost forgot about these.

Remember my “Nightmare has super strength” headcanon?

These drawings happened as a result of that.