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I’ve been thinking a lot and I know a lot of you are excited about claire destroying frank and while claire is the reason of my existence and I want her to rule the world I CAN’T SEE THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER

the writers completely crossed the line with that scene from the last episode where frank grabs her neck, like have you lost your mind? frank would declare world war iii just to protect claire (like with petrov, dunbar, spinella in s1, etc.) LIKE IF YOU LAY A FINGER ON CLAIRE HE WOULD DESTROY YOU. what were they thinking? that scene was crazy as fuck. Lmao and I remember Adam telling Claire “it’s a fucking joke claire” in s2 and frank was all like “do not talk to my wife that way”. I MEAN SERIOUSLY DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WATCH FRANK TREATING CLAIRE THAT WAY  AND SIT HERE LIKE “OK IT’S FINE”??¡¡?¡?¡??¡????

I’m weak and I can’t see the underwoods hating each other, I need my old frank and claire back please don’t judge me I AM VERY WEAK. I’m afraid they have ruined them so much that there’s no turning back I am after blood now.

s4 better be about frank doing everything to get claire back including him putting a crown on her head and making her the ruler of the universe.

what do u guys think?

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