someone write this i'm beg

soulmate AU where when you hit 16 you wake up in your soulmate’s body. Now imagine it with Tsukishima and Hinata. Tsukishima waking up on his birthday and looking down at his feet and wtf his feet are so tiny and his hands are so tiny and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK he’s the midget????? he’s HINATA??? and then he hears a phone ring, he answers it, and he hears his own voice saying,

“holy shit, the view from up here is great. the air kinda smells greater too. being tall is amazing, Tsukishima” 

You know how in the Avengers (2012) Natasha and Loki talk about Barton? And Loki says “Oh. Is this love, Agent Romanoff?

So I have this headcanon that Loki is a massive Clintasha shipper and whatever he saw in Nat’s head made him think they are together.

And now someone (tbh probably Thor) tells him that Clint has a wife and Loki is all smiles and asks: “Oh, so Romanoff finally said yes?” and Thor sadly shakes head and expalin that Barton’s wife is not Natasha and LOKI IS SO MAD AND CONFUSED. 

Like how are they not together? How Barton could’ve take another wife? And children??? Dishonor! Dishonor on his whole family! Dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow! And Natasha??? How could she ever let Barton be with anyone that isn’t her? HOW ARE THEY SO STUPID?!

Loki is livid. 

He goes to the earth to talk with them, to make them explain HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED.  And Thor tries to stop him, bc Loki on Earth is never a good idea, but Loki is a man on a misson. HE NEEDS ANSWERS GODDAMIT. 

person A is a kinky shit. but they live in an apartment, which means they have to share a public laundry room. this makes cleaning their Things a little difficult. they decide to have a specific day to wash Everything like lingerie/thigh highs/collars/tails/etc bc it’s easier to not get caught if they do everything at once. but on one of these Days, person B, another resident of the apartment, happens to come into the laundry room and see that every washer is in use. being an asshole, they decide to pull out someone’s things. this someone happens to be person A. “oh” says person B

Olympic au where harry and louis are synchronized divers and win gold basically ever time and no one understands how they do it but it’s because they’re in love and their miRRORING JUST HELPS THEM TF OUT AND NO ONE KNOWS CAUSE THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SECRET !!! someone write this for me

No matter the universe, no matter the timeline. I will find a way for us to be together. It doesn’t matter if we’re strangers or even enemies, I will find my way back to you and get you back by my side. (x)

I am so hyped up on space opera campery right now. 

What should the shipnames be? Do we have ships? Should Jupiter and Caine be #Jaine? Do we have Jupiter x Balem shippers? #Julem? 

We have to have femslash between Jupiter and Kalique Abrasax. We are gay space trash and we have to embrace that. For them, I like #Kaliter. Gay incest ship between Balem and Titus. #Batus. I can’t contain myself. Jesus Christ.