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More things Oikawa

I always swoon at all the detailes and bits of ideas authors put into their works. Like things that seem ‘not-so-important’ or ‘just-wanted-to-put-this-here-no-special-meaning’, that no one even thinks twice about. And then ages later they just go BANG!! and a ‘one-of-the-most-important-things-EVER’, and you are like “WOW! He/she thought this so beforehand! Cool!!”. I’ve seen those in Naruto and Bleach a lot of times.

And well. Oikawa. Who is called ‘DaiOu-sama’ (a Great King) by Hinata. And who is born on July 20th, the day Alexander the Great is supposed to be born. Alexander the Great, who is called in Japanese  アレクサンドロス大王 - Arekusandorosu DaiOu.

And then there is Iwaizumi, born on June 10th. The day Alexander the Great has died.

And the absolute harmony, the ‘A-Un no Kokyuu’ (阿吽の呼吸), where ‘A’ and ‘Un’ actually “symbolically represent the beginning and the end of all things.” (c)



Edit: Here is the source for the birthdays, as I did not research that myself but have heard from a friend who herself just stumbled upon it. There are more there!

Bad Omens

Scenario: You meet a fallen angel at a diner. He asks what you’d be willing to sell for your soul for. All you really want is a taste.

A/N: I know there probably has to already be some Taehyung!Fallen Angel smut out there, buuuut I couldn’t help myself. It’s my first time writing for him, in general, so I hope someone out there enjoys this.

Genre: Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3022

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Warnings: Smut.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“It ripped out my wings, so yeah, it did hurt.”

Taehyung tossed his cigarette to the wet pavement. This time not bothering to stomp it out for good measure as he blew the smoke out into the night. His hands diving into the pockets of his trench in search of the warmth midnight denied him.

You pulled your coat closer, your high heeled feet clicking against the pavement. Taehyung was always like this when you asked questions he found idiotic. Of course, this question was beyond stupid. You weren’t sure why you asked it. Well that wasn’t necessarily true, either.

The first night you’d meet Taehyung was at Minzy’s Diner. He’d been stationed in his usual corner booth seat when you’d walked in. Your head covered with a drenched newspaper as you tried to locate shelter from the current monsoon from outside. You’d been heading home from another long night of partying. The faux fur of your coat mushed into soaked clumps that matched the state of your once curled hair. The dress clinging to you even more so as you let out a hiss of annoyance at finding another tear in your pantyhose.

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I need Viking Jamie too!! But seriously, why don't YOU write it Kal?

Well…hm…because I currently have several unfinished fics and don’t want to sell my soul to another one right now? ahah. I’m a reader first and foremost, so I thought I’d share the idea in case someone is inclined and has the time for it presently. :) <3

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Thinking about Bucky having sex for the first time is 70 years - GIVES ME LIFE. Like like, him being about to trust someone enough to be intimate with them, and also allowing himself to Feel Good. And then actually experiencing an orgasm - I'm just. I would write it but every time I try to make fics I just scream. Just sayin' if you wanted to write that, I know a ton of people would wholeheartedly appreciate it <3

Yes!!! Like it would be extremely emotional for both of you and to see him just fall apart 😩 *flips table* is legit sell my soul for that!!

And tbh I’m thinking about it (-;

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*adds to my list of fanfics i need to write*

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6, 8, 10,11, 14, 24, 28, 32!

Thank you, anon!

6 :What would be the biggest compliment you could hope to receive on your current WIP?

If someone were to ask me if they could translate it into a different language. That’s never happened to me before.

8 :What author would you be most excited to be compared to?

Ooh, that’s a hard one! I’d have to say… Neil Gaiman. I’d sell my soul to be able to word like he does.

10 :Do you brain-storm story ideas alone or with others?

I tend to brainstorm alone, though I have been known to start blabbing about stuff here on Tumblr.

I’ve never really been comfortable brainstorming with other people, at least when it comes to my own work. Maybe it’s time I tried it out.

11 :Do you base your characters off of real people?

Yes. There’s no better reference than real life (though it’s usually bits and pieces of other people instead of one entire person. I’m basically Frankenstein and OCs are my monsters.)

14 :Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?

“There are no recipes. We have no Julia Child. Successful professional writers are not withholding mysterious secrets from eager beginners. The only way anybody ever learns to write well is by trying to write well. This usually begins by reading good writing by other people, and writing very badly by yourself, for a long time.”

-Ursula K Le Guin

24 :When did you start considering yourself a writer?

Part of me wants to say since I was eight years old and wrote my first short story– in this case a comic book called the Adventures of Dogboy and Puppypal. Another part wants to say that I still don’t consider myself one, mostly out of fear of the label. Once you consider yourself a writer, you’re a writer for life. Whether or not you continue to write. It changes something on an atomic level for you.

28 :On a scale of 1-10, how much do you stress about choosing character names?

20. Names have power. You gotta choose the right ones. (God help me if I ever have to name an actual blood and bone child.)

32 :Do you give your side-characters extensive backstories?

Fuck yes! As the author, it’s my solemn duty to know everything about my characters. Doesn’t mean my readers have to know, of course, but I’ve found that the more I know about a character, the easier it is to write them.


If someone would casually end up writing some Nesta x Cassian fanfiction to make my little fangirl heart happy, I would casually be eternally grateful.
/I’d probably actually sell my soul to Satan/

Now that I think about it, I reaaally want the 3rd book to not only have Rhys’s pov in it. But also Nesta’s or Cassian’s.
They’re mates. They’re going to fall in love. I feel it in my bones..

Somewhere along the way, I learned to accept myself for who I am. Maybe it was when I let you go, but I’ve learned how to love myself, flaws and all. It’s not a perfected art; sometimes I think I would sell my soul to be someone else, or just to escape my mind for a day. But every scar and quirk that I have is beautiful and unique, and I now know that I don’t need a man in my life to make me believe that.
—  Self-Appreciation~ 💖