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RANGER BAND AU AHHH your addition was on point, and also your tags like what kind of clusterfuck genre bending these hoes are gonna pull, godddd them wearing the ranger colors and just being the hugest little shits about it i LIVE. ITs too good man, it fits stupidly well. p.s. have loved your blog and fics for aaaages now and i am SO HYPE that youve jumped on the ranger train bc its my most recent obsession as well.

LISTEN, anon, I am so into this Band AU I can’t even TELL you. Like good lord, I am 100000% there for it and I have been thinking about it all morning. It would be more accurate to say that the Power Ranger train has HIT ME IN THE FACE rather than me doing any voluntary jumping. (But thanks ;D)

But let’s talk more about this AU and how I am now willing to sell my one (1) soul to someone if they write/draw/manip/WHATEVER it. (Or body swap. I also REALLY want body swap.) Important things to consider:

  • What is their band name? 
    • I feel like every time Zack suggests a name it’s ‘Zack and the ___s”: Zack and the Screw Ups, Zack and the Zords, Zack and the Rangers, Zack and Some Other People and Also Billy
  • Alpha 5 on triangle is inspirational, but I would also put forth Alpha on woodblock a la George Michael in his brief stint in  Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
    • Alpha: “If you want me on wood block, I can keep perfect time. Some call me “The Human Metronome.” You notice how I’m always on time? I’m never late for things”
    • Like, okay, I’m trash so I’m going to say it: obviously there is shipping. And ship wars. 
      • Trini is a little shit whose totally sarcasm encourages things
    • There are always trolls and the Rangers all get them, but one time someone says something mean about Billy and it is an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. 
      • Trini challenges the twitter user to a duel
      • Jason says the band is Cancelled until a formal apology is issued 
      • Kim points out that it would be easy to find the dude’s address and swing by with the zords and everyone worries a little that she might ACTUALLY do it
      • Zack writes a song called ‘twitter user GateGamerGeoff is a dick’ 
      • (A formal video apology is issued to Billy)
  • Everyone knows SOMETHING is up with them and the theories are crazy (aliens, mind control via music (Josie and the Pussycats style), secret agents, etc.) 
    • There’s like one person who is just THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY THE POWER RANGERS and has like… height comparison charts and super detailed excel sheets about the time of incidents and when the band all mysteriously disappeared but everyone is just like OH THAT WEIRD KOOKY FAN who thinks they are Power Rangers how HILARIOUS
  • There is definitely a song called ‘to the moon’ or something and it’s definitely about slapping Rita into space. Everyone thinks it’s some beautiful romantic metaphor. But it is not.
  • Kimberly Hart in an over-sized, slashed, pink tank top, okay?
Bad Omens

Scenario: You meet a fallen angel at a diner. He asks what you’d be willing to sell for your soul for. All you really want is a taste.

A/N: I know there probably has to already be some Taehyung!Fallen Angel smut out there, buuuut I couldn’t help myself. It’s my first time writing for him, in general, so I hope someone out there enjoys this.

Genre: Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3022

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Warnings: Smut.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“It ripped out my wings, so yeah, it did hurt.”

Taehyung tossed his cigarette to the wet pavement. This time not bothering to stomp it out for good measure as he blew the smoke out into the night. His hands diving into the pockets of his trench in search of the warmth midnight denied him.

You pulled your coat closer, your high heeled feet clicking against the pavement. Taehyung was always like this when you asked questions he found idiotic. Of course, this question was beyond stupid. You weren’t sure why you asked it. Well that wasn’t necessarily true, either.

The first night you’d meet Taehyung was at Minzy’s Diner. He’d been stationed in his usual corner booth seat when you’d walked in. Your head covered with a drenched newspaper as you tried to locate shelter from the current monsoon from outside. You’d been heading home from another long night of partying. The faux fur of your coat mushed into soaked clumps that matched the state of your once curled hair. The dress clinging to you even more so as you let out a hiss of annoyance at finding another tear in your pantyhose.

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au where Yoongi is a mafia boss with Jimin as a weapon specialist (and his lover ofc), Taehyung is the tech guy, Hoseok is the car guy that gets all the get away cars and sweet rides for everyone and Yoongis right hand man, Namjoon handles all the outside business like politics and stuff also Yoongi’s left hand man, Jungkook is like the hand to hand combat specialist guy and then Jin is the undercover specialist who does most undercover missions bc of his a1 acting skills and bitch I wish I could write this myself but I suck at writing

More things Oikawa

I always swoon at all the detailes and bits of ideas authors put into their works. Like things that seem ‘not-so-important’ or ‘just-wanted-to-put-this-here-no-special-meaning’, that no one even thinks twice about. And then ages later they just go BANG!! and a ‘one-of-the-most-important-things-EVER’, and you are like “WOW! He/she thought this so beforehand! Cool!!”. I’ve seen those in Naruto and Bleach a lot of times.

And well. Oikawa. Who is called ‘DaiOu-sama’ (a Great King) by Hinata. And who is born on July 20th, the day Alexander the Great is supposed to be born. Alexander the Great, who is called in Japanese  アレクサンドロス大王 - Arekusandorosu DaiOu.

And then there is Iwaizumi, born on June 10th. The day Alexander the Great has died.

And the absolute harmony, the ‘A-Un no Kokyuu’ (阿吽の呼吸), where ‘A’ and ‘Un’ actually “symbolically represent the beginning and the end of all things.” (c)



Edit: Here is the source for the birthdays, as I did not research that myself but have heard from a friend who herself just stumbled upon it. There are more there!

Seokjin returns home to the sight of Yoongi continuously banging his head onto the keys of his laptop. “Another paper?”

Yoongi speaks in between each smack of his forehead. “Due- tomorrow- why- do- essays- exist-”

Seokjin shakes his head, and walks over to pat Yoongi on the back. “Calm down; it’s going to be alright. Also, as much as I’d hate to break it to you, keyboard spamming does not equate to typing out coherent sentences.”

Sure enough, Yoongi stops, resting his face on his laptop keys. He lets out a long groan. Somehow, the placement of his nose leads to a string of “e”s following the gibberish he had so eloquently smashed out just seconds before. Seokjin can’t help but chuckle at the sight. He sits down and wraps his arms around Yoongi’s torso, planting a sweet kiss on his boyfriend’s head. “It’s okay, babe. You’ll work it out.”

Yoongi finally sits up, turning to face Seokjin with a pained expression. “Okay, seriously though. Why do essay prompts have to be so vague and deep? I signed up for a course for the credits, not an essay topic that’s got me reevaluating my life choices and values. How the hell am I supposed to persuade someone if I can’t even persuade myself?”

“Sounds like someone’s just coming up with excuses.”

Hyuuuuuung!” Yoongi whines, indignant.

“Okay, okay, there, there,” Seokjin smiles in amusement. “Hey, at least you’ve got ideas, right? Maybe just write them down first, spill them all out. Then organize them later.”

Yoongi gives Seokjin a peck on the lips as a sign of gratitude, and Seokjin giggles, his ears turning red. As Yoongi types away on his keyboard, pressing the “backspace” button to clean up the mess from earlier, he mutters, “I guess, if this whole ‘paper’ and ‘being a college student’ thing doesn’t work out, I’ll, I don’t know, sell my soul to an entertainment company or something.”

Seokjin rolls his eyes and smacks Yoongi on the back. “Ugh, you can be so dramatic. Sometimes I wonder who’s the theatre major between the two of us.”

“Mmhm. Love you too.”

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Localization Blog #3

Greetings and salutations, true believers!

 Trails of Cold Steel has officially launched, and I’m excited! You may well be one of the pre-order platoon, leading the vanguard, or perhaps the game is making its way to you through all the holiday postal congestion at this very moment. Either way, you’ll soon know what we know: good things come to those who wait, and here at the tail end of 2015, one of the year’s finest RPG adventures stands ready to be unfurled (though let’s be honest…with the length of the game, you’ll probably have said “Happy New Year!” before you roll those credits). Work on Trails of Cold Steel II is already well underway, so worry not – you won’t have to wait too long to see more of what happens to Rean and friends.

Brittany wrote last time about all the effort that goes into the process of voice recording, and she was right on the money – it’s a lot of work. More than I’d predicted, actually. See, this was actually a big first for me. Sure, I’d written for voice work before, but Trails of Cold Steel marked the first time I went into the studio to help supervise the recording of an English dub. The whole process – which took about 20 working days for all the voice work – was like one long course in the particulars of going from script to a finished dub – hugely instructive and informational, but also harrying with how much new info about the process I was absorbing all the time.

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Somewhere along the way, I learned to accept myself for who I am. Maybe it was when I let you go, but I’ve learned how to love myself, flaws and all. It’s not a perfected art; sometimes I think I would sell my soul to be someone else, or just to escape my mind for a day. But every scar and quirk that I have is beautiful and unique, and I now know that I don’t need a man in my life to make me believe that.
—  Self-Appreciation~ 💖

Picture this: Jimin as the cheerful worker of a sex shop that is happy to show customers around and inform them about the various objects in the store.

In comes Yoongi, grumpy and super pissy because not only does he have to leave his studio, but he has to go to a fucking sex store because Namjoon, the damn destroyer of worlds, has managed to destroy a buttplug. How, Yoongi actively tries not to think about it, but somehow Yoongi got roped into going into the damn sex shop and getting him another one. 

But walking into the store, Yoongi is overwhelmed by the cutest ray of sunshine that’s standing right behind the register. Obviously the awkward turtle that he is, he would walk right past Jimin in the hopes of finding whatever Joonie sent him out for and leaving, but of course, the universe hates him and he has no idea where the fuck the damn butt plugs are.

Being the helpful worker that Jimin is, he would offer his services and unintentionally throw in as many innuendos as the situation could possibly handle before realizing what it was Yoongi was looking for and pointing him in the right direction. 

Completely embarrassed, he literally grabs the first one that is at arms length and goes over to the counter to pay. Jimin actively tries not to look up at Yoongi as he’s ringing this black haired cutie getting the biggest butt plug that is carried in the store with a jewel but it’s his prerogative not to judge. Trying to be as natural as possible, Jimin goes through the proper usage and caring for the toy as well as the individual.

Yoongi naturally goes home, throws the item at Namjoon and yells that he’s never doing it again before stomping into his room and screaming into his pillow about the most awkward experience of his life with the cutest boy alive. Again, the universe hates him and he ends up at the store again.

Jimin keeps an eye out for the grumpy teddybear that bought a huge butt plug and is thrilled when Yoongi ends up at the store once more. The two end up talking and it becomes a comfortable routine where Yoongi just shows up at the store and manages to spend endless hours talking and laughing with Jimin and leaving the store with a smile on his face.

Naturally, he actively restrains himself from asking questions about the items stocked because god help him if he has to deal with Jimin explaining toys to him without him getting hard and ruining the single friendship he’s managed to make outside of his five friends. 

But the universe hates him and a question slips out and of course, Jimin being the helpful sunshine that he is, offers to demonstrate. Needless to say that becomes an awkward “ No! N-Not like that!” and “It’s okay!” and a lot of blushing and talking over one another before Yoongi realizes Jimin was talking about using his fingers to demonstrate the use of a cock ring. 

Unable to deal with the situation like a normal person Yoongi would end up storming out of the store and exiling himself until he can think of Jimin without sex and how much he wants to have sex with the most innocent looking boy ever working at a fucking sex shop.

After a week of self imposed exile, Yoongi storms back into the store and gives a very loud speech about how he’s sorry he fell off the grid and how much he wants to have sex with Jimin but also how much he wants to curl up next to him and take care of him and take him out to dinner and just…. Yoongi word vomits before he has the time to process that Jimin was not, in fact, alone but being talked to by his manager Hoseok, and holy shit Yoongi just spilled his guts in public.

Understandably Jimin is surprised and Yoongi is embarrassed, but before Yoongi can storm back out of the store Jimin grabs him and demands Yoongi buy him dinner before having sex, because he’s he may work at a sex shop but he’s not that easy. 

- Okay tho I totally blame this shit on @queercoffeeshop because I was a normal human being before they introduced me to this fucking concept and holy mother fucking shit am I into this okay. Someone please write this. I would sell my fucking soul. 

All I've Ever Wanted

| “ i hope someone saw the fic suggestion: Camila is in school and everyone wants to ask her out, everytime she says no and no one knows why. One day Lauren come back from war and surprises her girlfriend Camila at school. with extremely fluff because i would sell my soul for this fic. Can someone please write this? Thanks in advance and i love all you writers, really. you’re amazing. Same goes for the Admin team! Thank you all so much “ |

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I have two motivations when I write there’s,

 I want to write something that might make a difference to someone maybe even an entire generation, something I’m going to pour my whole heart and soul into and love like a child!

And then there’s,

 I want to write a ,like, twenty page alien erotica and call it ‘First Contact’ and sell it on Amazon next to those weird dinosaur-human sex books, I don’t give a fuck


If someone would casually end up writing some Nesta x Cassian fanfiction to make my little fangirl heart happy, I would casually be eternally grateful.
/I’d probably actually sell my soul to Satan/

Now that I think about it, I reaaally want the 3rd book to not only have Rhys’s pov in it. But also Nesta’s or Cassian’s.
They’re mates. They’re going to fall in love. I feel it in my bones..