someone write a drabble of this please wow

Oops, I drabbled again...

I just wrapped up my third set of 100 Miraculous Drabbles so I should be done now just started a new one.

One Hundred Miraculous Drabbles: Oh wow, I’ll never write 100 drabbles. What a crazy goal I’ve set for myself.

One Hundred MORE Miraculous Drabbles: I still can’t believe I just started a second one of these. I’m ridiculous.

Three Times the Charm: More Miraculous Drabbles: Obviously I’m obsessed and please keep reading because I’m not going to stop.

Go Fourth and Read More Drabbles: Someone may need to send help.

anonymous asked:

If you ever write the extra scenes fic can you please write a drabble from Yuuri's therapist's POV. That poor character has suffered so much and I'd like to see their frustration at realizing that "wow no wonder my advice didn't work well since I was missing like 80% of his motivation in life" and their glee when a 100% happy and in love Yuuri returns after ch14

She gets a massive bunch of flowers in thanks from Yuuri after he finally opens up and he works through it all and then a few years later when she finally retires an anonymous someone bought her a new car in thanks for how much she helped Yuuri through the years (it was totally Viktor)