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Okay so I'm in a mood for angst, so (if it hasn't been requested) how about RFA + minor trio reacting to MC saying she had a miscarriage? I love your blog btw k bye

So there were two requests that were very similar so I just merged them.

Hopefully this is angsty enough to your liking.


  • When she got pregnant, Yoosung was ecstatic
  • They moved to a bigger place, made a nursery, prepared Lisa with a toy baby for her to get used to
  • MC was super excited too, but she kept having this horrible feeling that something was going to go horribly wrong
  • And sure enough, it did
  • It started with a mild pain in her abdomen, which then grew into a horrible one, like a knife twisting in her gut
  • MC called for an ambulance, and once she was in the ambulance, despite the EMT’s protests, she called Yoosung
  • As soon as he learned the hospital she was going to, he rushed over
  • By the time he got there, it was already over
  • The baby was gone
  • Once he heard the news he went to MC to cry with her
  • They were so excited and now this… worse, they had a whole room at home dedicated to this baby they weren’t having
  • As soon as MC was out of the hospital, she was in the nursery, removing things and putting them in the closet in that room
  • Then she closed the door and left it closed
  • Lisa seemed suddenly antsy without the doll to cuddle with anymore, but Yoosung respected MC’s wishes to keep it put away to stop the reminders
  • About a year later, Yoosung approached her about wanting to try again, and although she was reluctant, she agreed
  • The next child was healthy, happy, and whole
  • And Lisa loved the little tyke despite the occasional tug of her tail or fur


  • The IV treatment had been a success and they were so excited
  • They got a little preemptive in their planning, though
  • As was evident when, after two months, MC had what appeared to be a period
  • She went to a doctor, who explained that, early enough in a pregnancy, a miscarriage can appear as a period
  • He assured her that she had been pregnant, but now she wasn’t
  • MC told Jaehee that night, they sat on the couch and cried for a little while
  • About a year later, Jaehee started IV treatments and got pregnant
  • They were very happy when this baby came to term and MC was more than happy to stay home and coddle the little tyke


  • A few weeks after Valentine’s Day, MC realized she was late
  • When she told Zen, before even taking a test, he was shocked…. but then remembered it was plausible since they’d had A LOT to drink on Valentine’s and neither remembered using a condom
  • But, it was a happy accident
  • MC was cautious, announcing only to the RFA what was going on, and saying that they shouldn’t take any big steps until around 4-5 months
  • Around 3 ½ months, MC felt something wrong
  • She couldn’t put her finger on it, but…. it felt like the baby wasn’t moving, like she wasn’t pregnant anymore
  • MC went to the doctor and found out that she had miscarried and they needed to preform a removal of the fetal tissue since she wasn’t expelling it herself
  • MC called Zen, but he was in the middle of a rehearsal, so she called Jaehee, asking her to come to the hospital and be her emotional support until Zen could arrive
  • By the time he got the message and rushed over, the procedure was already over
  • Zen held her and they cried, but MC was able to go home soon enough and he took a few days off to be alone with her
  • The second night, they were laying together on the couch, talking, when Zen said that someday, he’d like to try again, because he loved her and would love to see her heavy with his child
  • Neither of them ever really get over the loss, but when they have another happy accident a while later, they’re both much more cautious and have a healthy baby boy
  • MC just can’t help but think to herself, “He’s going to be such a ladykiller, just like his father.”


  • The moment MC had thrown up (morning sickness) he’d forced her to lie down and called the doctor to come check up on her
  • The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, so he asked if it was possible she was pregnant and ended up sending on of the guards to get a pregnancy test
  • After confirming that it was only morning sickness, Jumin was able to take a breath
  • Poor Jaehee, she thought cat projects were bad, now she has to deal with a Jumin’s new obsession with baby projects
  • MC, of course receives the best prenatal care money can buy
  • Two months in, MC feels something wrong and asks for a guard to take her to a doctor
  • When she gets there, she’s started to bleed and is promptly rushed into a bed and given care and testing
  • Once they determine it’s a miscarriage, they assure her she’s fine, give her the care she needs, and because she got there early in the day, they send her home
  • When she gets home, Jumin’s just leaving for the hospital, because he was terrified when he heard she went to the hospital and frustrated that she didn’t call him or say anything
  • She quickly has him take her upstairs so she can explain
  • MC cries when she gives him the news and he holds her, hoping to comfort her
  • He’s broken up too
  • He probably got too excited too fast
  • He’s relieved they hadn’t told anyone outside of close friends and family yet, because that could have been messy with the press and he doesn’t want to put MC through that
  • Jaehee is the next person to know and she immediately offers her sympathies
  • Baby projects die quickly and are replaced with cat projects again
  • It’s not until about six months later that the baby projects start up again and Jaehee knows


  • The moment he heard he was going to be a dad he was simultaneously thrilled and terrified
  • He even did a little dance
  • MC only laughed at his antics
  • Saeyoung read a ton of books on parenting and bad dad-joke books
  • But then they go out for a drive
  • They get rear ended, pushed into another car, and the airbags deployed
  • As far as everyone can tell, the only damage is to the cars
  • Until, that is, MC cries out in pain
  • Her abdomen hurts really badly, and she doesn’t know what’s happening
  • When they get her the hospital and are told what’s happening, Saeyoung blames himself
  • He’s cursed
  • He did this to her
  • But she forces him to stay by her side because she needs him
  • She’s broken up about this too, but she decides that worrying about the baby is a lost cause and she needs to keep Saeyoung from slipping away
  • MC manages pull Saeyoung back and they’re able to grieve together
  • About three years later, MC gives birth to a healthy set of twins


  • First, he thinks of himself as a burden to MC
  • So when he finds out she’s pregnant with his baby, he’s further wracked with guilt because he believes he’s been too selfish with MC, taking too much
  • She ends up convincing him it’s a good thing up until the day that something goes horribly wrong, although neither is sure what
  • A miscarriage is hard for anyone, but V, much like Saeyoung, thinks he’s cursed
  • All of his good intentions are destroyed and his good deeds soured
  • When he tries to tell MC that he’s poison and she needs to move on and find someone better that will make her happier, she starts yelling at him in the hospital room
  • Is he fucking serious?! Trying to break up with her right after she had a miscarriage?! And trying to play it off as he’s being selfless and letting her go?! BULLSHIT!
  • She says that saying that and doing that right now is incredibly selfish and hurtful
  • If he really wants to do what is best by her, get over here and hold her and grieve with her over their lost baby, and if he still wants to break up with her in three months when the grief has lessened a little, then they can break up
  • He apologizes profusely for his behavior, and of course he doesn’t want to break up, so he stays with her like she wants because he wants it too


  • MC was so scared to tell him
  • He’d been pretty clear about his issues with family
  • Not to mention he was still pretty messed up in the head
  • But before MC could tell him, he found the used pregnancy test in the bathroom
  • He confronted her about, more shocked than anything else and she fessed up to it
  • And that she wanted to keep the baby
  • Saeran didn’t say he was against having a baby, he was just scared
  • Being a father was a big prospect
  • But he had almost a year to absorb it
  • Four months in, Saeran was finally coming to terms with being a father
  • He was even starting to look forward to it
  • Then MC woke up in a pool of her own blood
  • He rushed her to the hospital, they were informed that she had miscarried, and gave her the medical attention she needed
  • MC was distraught, but not once did she raise her voice or lash out
  • Instead, she just curled into a ball whenever she could
  • Saeran didn’t know how to comfort her
  • He was upset too, but he knew he wasn’t nearly as broken up about it as she was
  • At some point after her brief stay in the hospital, Saeran was by her bedside and she couldn’t stop crying, but she was trying so hard to be quiet about it
  • Saeran ended up climbing into the bed with her and holding her
  • He knew it always comforted him when she did this, so maybe it work the other way around?
  • She only started crying harder
  • He thought he did something wrong and started to move away when she grabbed tight to him
  • So he just held her and rubbed her back and told her everything was going to be okay
  • At least, he hoped it would


  • …parenthood wouldn’t be his forte
  • I just don’t see him willing having kids
  • So MC having a miscarriage… well she wasn’t exactly sure how to tell him when she found out and….
  • ….well, once she’d miscarried and it was all over, MC didn’t think it was necessary to tell him
  • Of course, bottling stuff like that up never ends well, so MC eventually admits what happened a month or so later, not sure how he’ll react
  • Well, Vanderwood isn’t sure how he should react, either
  • But, he would probably pull MC into a hug and just sit with her in silence, letting her take whatever comfort she needed  

Pebbles (NSFW)

Sixpenceee Stories Contest (September - October 2016) Second Place Winner

Story by Sixpenceee user UnsettlingStories; Tumblr

We thought we were having a hell of a hailstorm when we woke up in the middle of the night to a peal of thunder and the sound of our cabin being pelted. It went on for about a minute, then it stopped. There wasn’t any rain, which was strange. We went back to sleep, faintly aware of the smell of something burning. I figured it was probably from a lightning strike somewhere else.

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third time isn’t lucky when it’s meant to be (harvey/mike)

The first time it happened, Harvey saw it coming even before Mike did.

When Harvey arrived at the church he told Ray that they just needed to wait for a bit, that they’d be making a cross state trip within the hour. He didn’t even bother walking into the church, he just stepped out of the car and waited, right there on the sidewalk.

The only surprising thing about the day was how long it took for Mike to come rushing out of the church doors. Harvey thought they’d be on the road by now, but he didn’t begrudge Mike in the least. This was the hardest thing Mike was ever going to have to do, of course he wanted to take all the time he could, while he still had it.

When Mike emerged and saw Harvey standing there waiting for him, there was a flash of surprise before his face melted into rueful acceptance. “How’d you know?” Mike asked.

Harvey just looked at him, incredulous. “I know you,” Harvey replied, and it was enough.

They got in the car and Ray started driving, already knowing the destination. It was going to be a long drive, ninety minutes of the nerves and anticipation ratcheting up to boiling point. Harvey wanted to distract Mike, but every idea he came up with was too lame to say out loud, so in the end he left it up to Mike.

“Talk to me,” Harvey said gently.

Mike huffed out a laugh. “That must be the first time you’ve ever asked me to tell you about my feelings. Normally you run for the hills whenever I get within five feet of the topic.”

Harvey smiled slowly. Even in his darkest moment Mike was giving Harvey shit. It was stupid, but it somehow made Harvey think that maybe things would be okay. “Well, you’ve got-” he checked his watch, “-seventy minutes to spill feelings all over me without me complaining. When are you gonna get an offer like that again?”

Mike smiled weakly at him, but didn’t reply straight away, so Harvey started to worry it was all for naught.

“Rachel’s going to hate me.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. That girl was crazy about Mike and anyone could see it. “No, she won’t.”

“I’m not going to ask you to look after her while I’m gone, because that would be patronizing and she doesn’t need it. But … just, look out for her?”

“Of course.”

Mike spent the next few minutes looking out the window. “I’m scared,” he whispered, and Harvey could feel his heart splitting into a thousand pieces.

Harvey wanted to tell Mike that everything was going to be fine, but he couldn’t lie to him like that. He wanted to tell Mike that he was scared too, that he was terrified that prison was going to change Mike. And for all that Harvey gave Mike crap in the early days of their relationship, as much as he tried to mould and better Mike, the truth was that he didn’t need it. Mike was perfect the way he was, flaws and all, and he didn’t want prison to beat the goodness out of Mike like it had so many others.

But he didn’t say any of that. This was about Mike, not Harvey, so instead he slowly reached over to where Mike’s thumb was continually tapping against his thigh. He covered Mike’s hand with his own, squeezing it, and before he could pull away Mike gripped back, holding onto Harvey like a lifeline.

They stayed that way for the remainder of the drive.

When the car stopped outside of Danbury Mike immediately got out of the car, like a man on a mission. Harvey, confused, hustled to catch up, and he was barely out of the car before Mike was there, throwing his arms around Harvey in a hug. Harvey immediately wrapped his arms around Mike, holding him tight.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Mike murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And I need you to know, no matter what happens in there, I don’t regret it. Not a single day. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was worth everything that’s happened since.”

Harvey felt himself welling up, but he tried to push it back down. He needed to be strong, for Mike. “I’m getting you out of there, Mike. I swear it.”

Mike nodded, said, “Okay,” and then he pulled away, turning and walking into the prison without looking back.


The second time it happened, Harvey was completely blindsided.

The wedding, though small, had been planned for months. The caterer had been booked, dresses and suits carefully chosen, an uncle of Rachel’s had been enlisted to perform the ceremony, Harvey had combed through his record collection to find the best music to be played at the party…

Mike never said a word.

Harvey had taken Mike to Vegas for a five day bachelor party two weeks prior to the big day. It was just the two of them, and they’d spent their days exploring, going to the Grand Canyon and the Neon Museum and Red Rock Canyon. Harvey even managed to get Mike onto a golf course, which of course he sucked at, much to Harvey’s delight. And then they spent their nights on the town: eating fabulous food, drinking, gambling with obscene amounts of money and winning more often than not because of Mike’s genius brain. There might have even been a tipsy skinny dipping session late one evening in the hotel pool. They had an amazing vacation, and throughout all that, the days and nights they spent together, the copious conversations that they had, Mike never once mentioned that he was having second thoughts.

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Can you do a fic where Y/N is in an abusive relationship and Josh tries to get her out and then says he's in love with her and all that. I know it's dark but I think it would be cute if you did


The sound of your own soft sniffles fill the silence of the lonely bedroom. The whimpers and the sound of faint, barely audible hiccups makes the room seem less comforting than its supposed to be. This was always your safe place.  Your eyes are so tired from the tears still falling and the bags that are under them. You’ve bitten your lip far too much, causing the pink flesh to appear swollen.

You were deep within the blankets of the bed, and you lie there motionless, your knees curled, causing you to look as though you were curled up into a small ball, much like a wounded animal. Last night was supposed to be perfect. Last night marked a year of you two dating, and you ruined it, just like always.

Alex is very handsome and good looking, but not well put together. With dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, tall and masculine figure, he’s extremely blunt when it comes to you, always pointing out your flaws and giving you “tips” on how to fix them.  Not to mention, he’s very over protective and controlling of you, treats you as though you’re a child and even has rules for you to follow.

But no matter how rude and harsh Alex got, you always reminded yourself that he loved you and that’s all that mattered. You didn’t care about getting yelled at for small things, or being forced to have sex even when you didn’t really want to.  You took the pain and dealt with it as though it didn’t bother you. But it did.

At the end of most nights, you find yourself crying your way to sleep because of all the harsh things Alex has said to you.

“Stop talking, your voice is irritating me.”

“Can you cover yourself up? Stop wearing those tight outfits and such, you look like a slut. Is that because you are one?”

"Get down on your knees for me.”

“You’re an ugly cow, you know that. It’s embarrassing having you around me.”

He forced you to throw up your dinner one night to help you lose some weight. You’ve been doing it ever since and although it hurts, you just really want to be perfect for Alex.

Alex got you drunk one time and when you weren’t even aware of your surroundings anymore, Alex took advantage of you for the very first time, taking away your virginity, the only pure thing you had left inside of yourself.

But he loved you.  He loved you and that’s all that mattered.

Last night, their one year anniversary, was a bad day for the two of you though. You woke up early in the morning because you wanted to make Alex breakfast in bed, but Alex wasn’t there. And he didn’t leave a note. You tried calling, but Alex wouldn’t pick up, which meant he was out and didn’t want to be bothered.

So you spent the day alone. You weren’t necessarily disappointed, but you were a little upset.  But it was all okay because you loved Alex and you would wait for him. And since he wasn’t home, that gave you time to bake a cake with the words “happy anniversary, Y/N + Alex” written in blue icing on top; you even decorated it with flowers and hearts of all sorts of colors.  You’d have to thank your best friend, Josh, for the baking tips.  You spent the latter portion of the afternoon on the phone with him, after all.  He told you what ingredients you needed and how long to bake the cake.  

“God, I hope he likes it.  Tell me he’s gonna love it…”  you beg.

“He’s definitely gonna love it,” he tells you with a shaky laugh from the other end of the line.

Once the cake was complete, you grabbed some candles and spread them all around their empty bedroom because you knew that you two would be making love tonight. It hasn’t happened ever before, but you hoped it would tonight.  It was always rough sex, even if you weren’t up for it. Never has Alex once went slow on you.

So you waited all afternoon for him to come home. You spent an hour talking to Josh on the phone, spent an hour watching Netflix, spent a few hours cleaning up anxiously. You skipped breakfast and lunch just so you’d feel extra skinny tonight, took a bath and shaved your legs and underarms because you knew Alex thought you looked ugly with any body hair. You prodded and prepped yourself for Alex’s return and when he finally came home, the peaceful silence and calm aroma of the house was immediately replaced with intensity and anger.

Your entire being seemed to light up when the door slammed shut and you quickly picked yourself up off the couch, rushing over to Alex and throwing his arms around his neck. “Babe I missed you! Happy one year!” You spoke with a huge grin. You went to press a kiss to Alex’s cheek but instead, got forcefully shoved away, and thrown to the ground.

A pathetic whimper left your lips as his relief and excitement died. You slowly looked up to Alex, who was now taking his shoes off. Did you do something wrong?

“Is everything okay?” you spoke softly, taking a few moments to lift yourself up off the ground and stand up, brushing yourself off. Alex scoffed.

“Yeah everything is great. Are you fucking stupid? Obviously things aren’t okay, dumbass.” The taller of the two rolled his eyes and moved past you, walking into the kitchen and taking out a beer. You quietly followed him in, noticing the cake was still sitting down on the counter but you decided not to bring it up.

“What happened?”

“I fucking lost at the slots.” He shouted in anger, slamming the bottle of beer down on the counter. You flinched and slowly backed away. Alex noticed and smirked.

“Please don’t do it anymore.” you whispered, frowning as you thought about all the money he wasted in the casino.

Alex looked over to you, and moved in to corner you against the counters. He brought a hand up and smacked it across your cheek. “Don’t you tell me what to do, slut.”

Your head whipped to the side as you felt the sting on your cheek. Alex was powerful and strong, so of course the slap hurt like a bitch.

"You baked a cake?” Alex asked, raising an eyebrow at the homemade cake. You nodded, keeping your hand on the cheek that was slapped. “How’s that supposed to help you lose weight? You can’t eat stuff like that, idiot.“

The words hurt but Alex loved you, so it was okay. You looked down to your stomach, which was slightly poking out. You hadn’t been throwing up your food lately like you should’ve been.

"Hello?” Alex forcefully hit the back of your head to get you back to reality, and you found yourself whimpering loudly with tears pooling in your eyes. This seemed to make Alex smile, but it wasn’t a comforting one. It was full of pure evil and sadism, but you didn’t want to believe that.

He hits you again, striking the back of your head, harder this time.  “What’re you fucking daydreaming about now?” he snaps.

You take a deep breathe, trying to summon some courage before speaking, “I was thinking— about how I wish you’d stop gambling all our money away.”

Your words are shaky and unsure of themselves, but they’re out there.  The dark look on Alex’s face assures you that they’re out there.

“You fucking, entitled bitch—“ he snaps harshly before raising his fist.  He swings it in a blur, his hand colliding with the side of your face and ear, making things ring out.  It’s harder than he’s ever hit you before.  You quickly feel a warm, wet liquid falling down your face and you know it’s his rings that have cut you open.  Before you know what’s happening, Alex is turning you around and shoving you against the wall forcefully, “Someone needs to fix you. Someone needs to perfect you. And who is that, Y/N?” Alex shouts, pushing your head into the wall harder and harder before starting to strip down.

“Y-you,” you whisper, it’ll always be him.

Alex forcefully shoves himself inside of you, making you cry out.  You squeeze your eyes shut and bite down on your lip, waiting for it to be over.  Once Alex finishes, he released the tight grip around your arm and lets you fall to the floor pathetically, before walking into the living room, remembering to grab his beer first.  

Your entire body hurt, but at the same time, you felt completely numb and you didn’t know how to fix it.  You wanted to perfect yourself so you can stay with Alex, because you loved him and you don’t want to give up everything that you and Alex have. Alex is your first love and you wouldn’t just give that up, you couldn’t.

But there’s something in the back of your head screaming for you to run. Run and never go back to Alex because this wasn’t right, this relationship wasn’t right at all. A voice that’s been there, but you’d been ignoring for months now.

You decide to finally listen.

You collect yourself off the floor and clumsily try to gather yourself.  You’re dizzy from being hit so hard, but you know that you have to get out.  

Alex has plopped himself in front of the television with his beer balanced on his knee.  You look carefully at him, your vision blurred from tears and blood before tiptoeing towards the door.    

You sneakily made your way to the front door as Alex continued to yell at some sports game. You quickly slipped on your shoes on and slid out the door, being sure to close it very quietly. Thankfully, you makes it out successfully and run off to the only safe place you know.


By the time you make it to Josh’s place, you’re severely out of breath.  This is the reason that you need to get more fit, because you’re too fat to even run.  

You see as single light on in his house and his car in the driveway and sigh a breathe of relief.  You weren’t sure what you would’ve done if he hadn’t been home.  

You rush up to the front door and knock hastily, feeling anxious and agitated, like Alex might’ve followed you the whole way.  

Josh answers the door, his face dwarfed into pure confusion before elapsing into horror.  Seeing him look at you with those wide, disbelieving eyes makes your insides sink.  His face soon softens and you see him swallow a lump in his throat before whispering your name in sympathy.  

“Hey,” you whisper back.  “Can I come in?” your voice is choked, but Josh nods, stepping to the side while holding the door open for you.  

Josh gets you a glass of water and offers you about a million things to eat.  But you politely decline, and take a seat at the kitchen counter instead.  After getting your water, Josh sits in the chair beside you and sighs deeply.  

Josh is probably the only friend that you have left. When Alex forced all those rules on you, your friends gave up on making plans because Alex wouldn’t let you go out. Josh on the other hand, stuck with you, and promised to always be there no matter what. You’d been friends since grade school, and here you are now, still in the same town that you grew up in. You both were practically inseparable, but when Alex noticed that, he flipped a shit and told you that you couldn’t hang out with him anymore.

But that didn’t stop you.

After regaining your breath and sipping the water, you looked up to Josh, who’s hair was longer than ever. It was now a bright yellow color, pushed back with a beanie. He had a sympathetic smile across his lips.

“Can we go to the bathroom and check out that cut?” he asks finally.

You bring your hand to the side of your face and touch the tender spot, flinching slightly at the pain.  You nod and let Josh lead the way into his bathroom, where he flips both sets of lights on and gets a washcloth from the cabinet.

“What the hell happened?” he finally asks, his tone is gentle.

“I fell,” you lie thickly.  “I wanted to see you tonight, but I tripped on my way—“ You’re almost certain Josh knows you’re lying, but he doesn’t push further.  

He’s careful not to press too harshly on the cut, but he pokes and prods mats of your hair away to get a better look at the cut.  He tells you it doesn’t need stitches, because the bleeding had stopped.  

“Are you okay alone?” he asks nervously.  He’s wary to leave you to shower, but you insist.

“I just feel gross,” you tell him.  “I really want to clean up.”

“Okay,” he agrees.  He backs out, “Holler if you need me.”

It feels like you shower for hours. You want Alex’s scent to go away for good. You want his germs killed. You want the numbness to go away. You shower in hot water and scrub your body for the longest time, shampoos your hair at least three times and conditions twice. You want everything of the night gone without a trace.

When you’re done, you open the door and notice Josh setting up a pillow and blanket on the couch.

“You can have my bed-“ he says, once he sees you’ve emerged from the bathroom.  “I changed the pillow case for you, put some extra blankets on the side.”

You nod, crossing your arms awkwardly around you.  

“You know where my shirts and stuff are, too.  So help yourself.”

“Thanks, Josh,” you say, grateful for your best friend.  

“I’m really tired—“ you say, making your way towards his room, before your voice can break.  “I think I’m going to lay down now.”

Josh nods quickly before standing up, “If you need anything, I’ll be here.”

“Thanks,” you say again, offering him a small smile before retreating to his bedroom for the night.  You dig out one of his old sweatshirts and tug it over yourself before crawling into his bed.  You sigh heavily and start biting your lip harshly, thinking back to how you managed to fuck the night up so badly.  You had such high hopes for a romantic evening but you went and ruined it.  You end up crying yourself to sleep once again.


You slept most of the night at Josh’s.  When you finally wake up to the moonlight shining through the open curtain, your chest fills with a sudden rush of panic.  Alex was going to be so angry at you for leaving.  What were you thinking being gone so long?  You quickly slide Josh’s sweatshirt off and change back into your original clothing.  You quickly move to throw your shoes on before rushing out of Josh’s bedroom.

“Y/N?” Josh says sleepily, sitting up from the couch and rubbing his eyes.

“I need to go.” you shake your head and stand up, starting to quickly make your way to the door. Josh runs after him and grabs your wrist, causing your sleeve to roll up.  Josh looks down and notices the influx of bruises scattered around your forearm.   His sudden movement caused you to flinch harshly, throwing your arm up in defense.  Josh immediately releases his grip and takes a step back, looking worried.

“I have to go—“ you repeat, embarrassed and so flustered.  You couldn’t think about anything besides how mad Alex was going to be.  You leave Josh’s stunned face with a slam of the door.

As you walk home, you go through all the texts Alex left you, texts that said “where the fuck are you?” “Did you sneak out?” “You’re such a fucking pain.” “You’re gonna get it when you get home.” You know what to expect when you walk through those doors and when you do, you’re not surprised that you’re shaking with fear.

“Where the hell were you!?” Alex is immediately in front of you, slamming you against the door with your wrists pinned above your head. You cry out and shake your head because Alex is going to be so mad when he finds out where you were.

“You weren’t here all fucking night! Do you know how that makes me feel?!” he yells, starting to dig his nails into your skin. You whimper and shake your head fast, closing your eyes. You refuse to make eye contact with him.

"Look at me and answer, bitch!” The wind is immediately knocked out of you when you’re kneed in the stomach. You try not to fall to the ground when your knees suddenly become very weak, and it takes all of your energy just to regain your breath. You slowly open your eyes to look into Alex’s narrowed and angered ones.

"I was with Josh but-” you were quickly interrupted with a slap to the face.

“Didn’t I tell you not to hang out with him?”

“Yes but-”

“After all I do for you!?” Alex screams, and proceeds to grip your wrist and throw you against the wall.

“You were a pathetic piece of shit and I helped you!” Alex accuses and lifts your head back up, dragging you to your bedroom. You try to keep up but you’re in too much pain, whimpering and crying as you listen to Alex’s rant. Everything he says is true.

“Im fucking helping you fix yourself! Your flaws, your weight, your worth, everything! And this is the thanks I get!?” You’re thrown against the dresser.

“I fucking made you. And you cheat on me!” He spits in your face.

“I wasn’t cheating!” You managed to say.

“You’re so ungrateful!” he grips your shoulders and slams you into the other wall, before punching the mirror beside your head, the glass shattering over your shoulder and onto the floor. “I thought you loved me!”

“I do!” you whimper loudly but Alex just slams you back into the wall. This is the worst he’s gotten, but it’s just because he’s mad.  You shouldn’t have gone to Josh’s, it was your fault.  He was doing it because he loved you and he was just mad.  

As Alex continues shouting, you continue to cry. You almost think that you hear the doorbell ring but you convince yourself it was just your imagination, making you get your hopes up for help. You want this to end, you want to leave and never come back. You want to die because no one will ever love you. Nobody will ever stay with you because of how ugly and fat and annoying you are. No one will ever date you because you’re an embarrassment to this world. You’re disgusting and repulsive and slutty, and only Alex will ever know that.

You were crying too hard to realize that Josh came inside the room. Once you feel Alex’s grip loosen on your shoulder, you look up to see Josh’s angry face gripping his shirt collar.  You could hear profanities- a lot of profanities being shouted out throughout the house. You see physical violence and punches being thrown and that only makes you want to cry more. You cover your mouth and curl up against the dresser, shriveled up into a ball and squeeze your eyes shut. You were just so done with this, done with everything in your life.

And before you knew it, your entire being gave out and the only thing you remember hearing is something about treating you right. And then everything went black.


When you wake up finally. You haven’t opened your eyes yet, and you’re sure you don’t want to. You don’t know what happened, except for Alex being way more aggressive than usual. You assume that you passed out in the middle of this rage and you’re waking up in the middle of the afternoon because of the pain.

Pain. That’s all you feel. It’s all over you. Your head, throat, tummy, arms, emotions, everything. You just feels pain, and that makes you whimper with tears forming in your eyes.

You lift the blankets off of you to look at all the bruises you might have gotten from yesterday, except you’re wearing an unfamiliar sweatshirt and a pair of boxers- a pair that don’t belong to Alex. In fact, as you look around the bedroom, it doesn’t look anything like yours.

It’s Josh’s.

“Y/N?“ A deep but soft voice interrupts your thoughts. You look over to the door, and there’s your best friend, poking his yellow head out before walking inside, closing the door behind him.

You ignore him- somewhat- and lift the sweatshirt up to look at the bruise Alex gave you this morning.  You deeply frown, and then slide the sleeves of your sweatshirt up, looking down at your wrists, which have little crescent shapes indented in the skin, all thanks to Alex and his sharp finger nails.

"Can you check my back?” you ask, voice cracking as you slowly sit up.

“I did when I dressed you..” Josh bit his bottom lip as he sat down at the foot of the bed.


Josh frowns, ”There was a huge bruise on it. Did he hit you?“

You don’t want to talk about it but Josh has a right to know.

"He slammed me into the wall, and I fell to the floor.”

"I came over because I had some leftover brownies for you. I knew you were feeling lousy and I wanted to cheer you up.” Josh chuckles for no reason and looks across the bed at you. “I rang the doorbell a few times but no one answered, so I just let myself in.

"I called for you but no one answered, that is until I heard yelling and screaming. So I set the brownies down and hurried to where I heard everything. And that’s when I found him hurting you.”

“I yelled at him. And pulled him off of you as quick as I could. He started cursing me out and telling me to fuck off because I don’t own you, but he said that he did.” You shake your head, and let a tear fall from your cheek. Josh inhaled deeply and frowned the scared girl in front of him.

That’s when you notice a bruise on Josh’s forehead, near his hairline and your chest tightens.  

You bite your lip, trying to fight it, but you can’t.  The force of tears is too powerful for you to ward off and before you know it, you’ve burst into tears.  Josh is quick to scoot across the bed and wrap his arms around you.  And that’s when you collapse into his chest and cry. You cry because it’s your fault.  It’s your fault Josh followed you home and found all of this out.  It’s your fault he got hurt.  

“I’m sorry—“ you choke out, but your words are blubbery and hard to understand.  

“Shh,” Josh soothes, scooping you into his lap and rocking back and forth on the mattress.  You lean into his chest and inhale the smell of his t-shirt sharply, hoping that his squeezes were enough to keep you held together.

You finally look up at him once your tears have subsided, Josh has wetness in his eyes but he is quick to wipe them away. It shows how much Josh cares about you, and suddenly that’s all you want.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Or anyone?” Josh sniffles, more tears forming in his eyes. “I could’ve helped.”

You shake your head, ”I loved him.“

But Josh shakes his head back, a sad moan leaving his lips as he lays his head back against the headboard. "That’s not love.” Tears start to stream down his cheeks, and the sight of Josh crying over this situation has you starting to cry again as well.

You thought what you and Alex had was love. You did stuff for him, pleased him because you thought it was love. You suffered because you thought it was love. You thought Alex loved you and you thought he loved you back. But everything was just a lie. Your entire relationship sunk into an ocean of lies.

“I don’t know what true love is. It’s not my fault.” You sobbed, and that’s when Josh cupped your cheeks and wiped the tears away. You made eye contact, and it never broke.

“Love is feeling passion inside of you, whether you’re thinking about the person or looking at them, or being with them. It’s when your entire world lights up and everything seems possible. It’s when you and them know everything about each other and share everything and do everything together. Love is gentle touches and kisses, it’s acceptance and compliments, it’s admiration and cheesy pick up lines. Love is an unconditional passion you have towards someone else. It’s most definitely not what you and Alex had. Not at all.”

You don’t really know why you’re doing it, but you do. You lean forward to press a kiss to Josh’s lips, and it feels so much better than the kisses you’d shared with Alex.

It’s sweet. It’s very sweet. It’s so calming as Josh moves his soft lips against your chapped ones, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just so nice, and you don’t ever want it to stop.

When you pull back, you’re quick to lay your head back on Josh’s chest, encouraging him to wrap his arms around you once again.  Your eyes flutter shut as you find yourself murmuring, “show me what love really is.” Because that’s all you’ve ever wanted since the beginning.

Josh presses a kiss to the top of your head, his hand moving to the back of your neck to comb his fingers through your hair, lips lingering against your hair as he murmurs, “I’d be glad to.”

Because it was Josh all along.

Refreshed (M)


Genre: Fluff, Smut, Oneshot

Just plain smut (outdoor sex). Read with caution.

Word count: 1,691 words


“Do you hear that?” Hoseok asks you, cocking his head towards the open window before slowly leading the car to the side of the road and stopping.

At first you grunt an accent without actually trying to comprehend what he said. You don’t mind too much that he woke you up at the crack of dawn for a quick hike up the hill not far from your house but now that you’re on your way back, you just want to get some sleep. Then you hear it. With Hoseok turning off the car engine, you can hear the sound of flowing water in the distance, but just barely. You wonder if he has super hearing on top of his many other talents. “Yeah, I can hear it.”

Upon hearing your confirmation, Hoseok brings the car back to life, only to drive it off the long stretch of road into the shade of the trees. “Come on,” he says as he gets out of the car.

“Wait, where are you going?!” You call out in frustration. He only waits long enough for you to get out of the car so he can lock it with the remote before he is bouncing off into the forest. You try to keep up, and in the end he comes back for you and takes your hand to walk with you towards the sound.

It doesn’t take long for you to see the source of the sound. The trees parted to reward both of you with the stunning view of a stream, crystal clear and unpolluted by people. You are rooted to the spot for a few seconds, drinking in the breathtaking sight while Hoseok quickly strips to his boxers and getting in.

“Come on!” He urges you again, but you plant your hands on your hips and shake your head. “Nuh-uh. I don’t want to get my clothes wet. I didn’t bring any extra.”

“Nothing wrong with a little skinny dipping,” he grins.

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi uh dad uh could you maybe do a reverse bad boy au where Taehyung is the bad boy? K LOVE YOU BYE

Yoongi’s parents made a spare house key for Taehyung after the first time he tried to sneak over. 

It had been pretty hilarious actually. Yoongi had been texting Taehyung after he woke up late at night because of a nightmare and honestly all he had wanted was some comfort in the form of his soft bad boy bf. He hadn’t expected to hear some tapping noises on the window next door to his only a few minutes after telling Taehyung he missed him. 

The tapping continues for a bit until Yoongi finally walks over to his own window and his eyes widen when he sees his boyfriend, with his tattoos on display hot damn, sitting on the tree nearby tossing pebbles on his parents window. 

“Taehyung what the fuc-” 

Yoongi is cut off as the window to his parents window opens and his father is raising an eyebrow at Taehyung. 

“Oh…. wrong room….” 

Yoongi acts like he hates it tbh but he highkey gets the biggest boner when Taehyung casually and randomly opens the door to his classroom to pull him out of a lecture when he’s horny. This time Yoongi’s in algebra trying to learn about numbers or something and Taehyung walks in, leather jacket and a cigarette between his teeth, and wraps his hand around Yoongi’s wrist to pull him up from his chair all while ignoring the teacher telling him he’s not supposed to be there. 

“Yeah yeah whatever you say, he’ll come back to class after i cum.” 

Taehyung blows out some smoke from his cigarette and Yoongi laughs at how red the teacher’s face is in anger. It’s honestly so hot to see Taehyung not give a fuck.

At first Yoongi’s parents and friends didn’t like Taehyung. They took one look at his bright red hair and the tattoo over his right eyebrow and they were quick to tell Yoongi the boy was no good for him. 

Of course Yoongi didn’t listen to them 

They came around to liking him though when they saw how he defended Yoongi. Of course Yoongi is capable of defending himself but Taehyung would prefer he gets in trouble over Yoongi. It’s during a shopping mall trip with Yoongi’s parents and a few of his friends that Taehyung really shows how much he cares for Yoongi. 

Taehyung had been walking kind of behind the group as they shopped because he knew how they felt about him and he didn’t want Yoongi to feel uncomfortable. He’d only turned around for a few minutes  while everyone ordered something to eat at the food court when suddenly he heard a very loud yelp come from his boyfriend. 

He quickly tuns and sees some guy smirking while Yoongi looks angry and covers his backside. Taehyung’s boyfriend instincts quickly kick in.

“This asshole grabbed my ass.” 

That’s all Taehyung needs to hear to pull his arm back and punch the shit out of the guy so hard he’s pretty sure the guy’s nose is broken. Yoongi’s mom gasp as Hoseok moves closer to Yoongi and that’s when Taehyung notices the guy had friends that were now trying to fight him. He punches another guy and one of the guy’s friend elbows him but that’s about all they can get in before Taehyung is throwing himself at them to headbutt and punch them. When the fight is done everyone kind of expects Taehyung to do anything besides come straight to Yoongi and look over him worriedly but that’s exactly what he does. 

“Are you okay babe?” 

Yoongi’s mom speaks up before Yoongi can. 

“You just got in a fight and you’re asking if he’s okay?” 

Taehyung just nods like it’s obvious. 

“He just got groped i want to make sure nothing else happened.” 

There’s one time where Taehyung manages to convince Yoongi to sneak out of his home and go swimming in his neighbors pool. It’s not really hard to convince him really but it’s still fun. 

Yoongi is highkey scared they’ll get caught but Taehyung is giggling and smiling the whole time they’re jumping the neighbors fence. 

“Babe what if someone sees us?” 

Taehyung’s already stripped down to his boxers while Yoongi turns to ask him the question and Yoongi literally feels like the breath has been stolen from him. Taehyung looks so fucking hot. He doesn’t really have abs but he does have ink trialing all over his hips stomach and chest. Taehyung winks as he catches Yoongi staring and runs before jumping straight into the pool. 

“Come on in beautiful, the water feels almost as good as you feel around my dick.” 

Taehyung is so fucking blunt Yoongi laughs and jumps in so Taehyung can wrap his arms around him and hold him. They spend about an hour playing in the water and racing back and forth in the pool before Taehyung gets Yoongi pinned against the pool’s wall. Yoongi whimpers as Taehyung sucks hickies into his neck and he knows he should be quiet but fuck Taehyung knows his weak spots. 

Taehyung is in the middle of marking up the other side of his neck when the back door opens and Yoongi’s neighbor is yelling at them. Rather than be scared at getting caught like he though, Yoongi laughs the entire time as Taehyung holds his hand and they run away.

Taehyung is that cliche bad boy that spends two week tagging a wall with different colored spray paints just to surprise Yoongi on their anniversary. 

Yoongi worries a bit the week before their anniversary because Taehyung has been basically missing. Sure it’s normal for Taehyung to skip class or just be up to no good but it really worries Yoongi because Taehyung’s never just up and disappeared for days. At one point Yoongi even worries that Taehyung might be cheating on him because he mistakes some paint on Taehyung for a hickey. 

It’s the day of their anniversary and Yoongi’s mood is horrible because Taehyung had literally just kissed him on the lips once that morning before disappearing all day. He just wants to curl up and nap and forget that his boyfriend is being shitty but Taehyung doesn’t let that happen. Around 11 in the night Taehyung uses his key to Yoongi’s house to wake up Yoongi and drag him into his car. 


Taehyung rolls his eyes as Yoongi shouts at him the entire time Taehyung is driving to the place he’s surprising Yoongi. Even when they get out of the car Yoongi is cursing Taehyung out until finally Taehyung smiles and turns Yoongi around so he can see the giant realistic heart painted on the wall. 

“V + SUGA” 

The letters are in cursive and wrap around the heart and Yoongi’s eyes water because what the fuck how can Taehyung be this fucking romantic it’s not fair. 

“I was going to paint a sun and moon on it but i liked the heart better.” 

Yoongi turns and kisses Taehyung hard. 

“It’s perfect, you asshole. I love you.” 

Tales of Lovebug & Smitten Kitten Ch 2

(Grooming - AO3)

Marinette had just turned off the lights and snuggled in, Tikki in her own spot above her head, when she heard the thump above. She waited, not being able to see much in the dim light, to see what other sounds she might hear. It could have been nothing after all. Eventually though, there was more sounds above her, a pacing of sorts. Marinette saw a shadow cast over her ceiling window, and then it was gone, only to appear a moment later.

Finally, Marinette couldn’t take it anymore. Ripping the covers off herself, Marinette stood atop her bed and opened the window. Outside, on her roof balcony, was Cat Noir, who looked surprised to see her. “Do you want to come inside?”

The black clad hero of Paris nodded, and soon she had him dropping down on her bed. “Sorry,” he started to say. “Today was sort of awful and…”

He stopped only because Marinette had put her fingers in his hair, her nails lightly scraping across his scalp. Cat Noir didn’t even realize he’d started to purr as he closed his eyes, leaning into her touch.

Marinette for her part started to giggle lightly, only muffling her glee when he opened his greener than green eyes to glare at her for a moment before closing his eyes again. Marinette didn’t mind how her boyfriend leaned on her shoulder, emitting happiness like a domestic cat might. “You should detrans-… Wait, how much product was put in your hair?”

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Marks (Requested)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Okay so this might not be your thing but I love the idea of an OC/reader Avenger with healing powers (like Deadpool). And her boyfriend (ideally Bucky) being a little shit and sneaking up on her to leave fresh new hickeys since the ones from the night before heal so quickly.”

Word Count: 2439

Warning: references of smut or brief smut, hickeys/bruises/a cut, Bucky being a little shit, Pietro being a little shit, Tony being Tony, Steve being a dad

A/N: I’m sorry I’m just no getting it up, work has been hell and my laptop was down for three days! Anon, thank you for the request that was both incredibly sexy and flat out hilarious to me. I hope I delivered what you had in mind!  <3 Also… pouting, whiny, confused Bucky might be my new favorite thing.

(Image not mine. Couldn’t find an image of Buck/Seb that I liked for this.)


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Richard Siken Quote Starters
  • I woke up in the morning and I didn't want anything, didn't do anything, couldn't do it anyway.
  • I say I want you inside me and you hold my head underwater. I say I want you inside me and you split me open with a knife.
  • Vanity makes you say things like "I deserved a better life than this."
  • I sleep. I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly.
  • Your world doesn't make sense.
  • Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure. I'm sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.
  • A man takes his sadness and throws it away but then he's still left with his hands.
  • I've been in your body and it was a carnival ride.
  • Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again.
  • Love always wakes the dragon and suddenly, flames everywhere.
  • You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won't tell you that he loves you, but he loves you.
  • Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars for you?
  • To them he is a mirror, but to you he is a room.
  • You want a better story. Who wouldn't?
  • Let's admit, without apology, what we do to each other.
  • If you love me, Henry, you don't love me in a way I understand.
  • He was pointing at the moon, but I was looking at his hand.
  • I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good.
  • Fairy tales have rules. You are a princess or you aren't.
  • You wanted to think of yourself as someone who did these kinds of things. You wanted to be in love and he happened to get in the way.
  • We have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven.
  • If this isn't a kingdom then I don't know what is.
  • Your body told me in a dream it's never been afraid of anything.
  • You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.
  • Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.
  • Everyone needs a place. It shouldn't be inside of someone else.
  • I'm sorry I came to your party and seduced you and left you bruised and ruined.
  • Everyone could see the way his muscles worked, the way we look like animals, his skin barely keeping him inside.
  • I'm pulling you out of the burning buildings and you say "I'll give you anything" but you never come through.
  • Dear Forgiveness, I saved a plate for you. Quit milling around the yard and come inside.
  • You wanted happiness, I can't blame you for that.
  • I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you've taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.
  • Oh, the things we invent when we are scared and want to be rescued.
  • I do believe his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars.
  • He had green eyes, so I wanted to sleep with him. Green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool. You could drown in those eyes, I said.
  • Damn if there isn't anything sexier than a slender boy with a handgun, a fast car, a bottle of pills.
  • The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of time.
  • You play along, because you want to die for love, you always have.
  • You're trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist.
  • Moonlight making crosses on your body, and me putting my mouth on every one.
  • I wouldn't kill your pony. I'd like to believe it, anyway.
  • Imagine a story where everything goes wrong, where everyone has their back against the wall, where everyone is in pain and acting selfishly because if they don't, they'll die.
  • You're a train and I'm a train station and when I try to guess your trajectory I end up telling my own story.
  • The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I'm alive.
  • I'm just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.
  • I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time.
  • Imagine a story, not of good against evil, but of need against need against need, where everyone is at cross-purposes and everyone is to blame.
  • You looked at me long enough to see something mysterious under all the gruff and bluster. Thanks.
  • In the wrong light anyone can look like a darkness.
  • You just wanted to prove there was one safe place, just one safe place where you could love him. You have not found that place yet.
  • This is not harmless. You are not breathing.
  • Lesson number one -- be sneaky and have a plan.
  • I know history. There are many names in history but none of them are ours.
  • You know that a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless he keeps his mouth shut, which is what you didn't do, because you are weak and hollow and it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
  • Sometimes you get so close to someone you end up on the other side of them.
  • When someone is trying to ditch you, kill you, never go back.
  • All wars are the same war.
  • We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
  • I'm not suggesting the world is good, that life is easy, or that any of us are entitled to better.
  • I wanted to be wanted and he was very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving.
  • Okay, so I'm the dragon. Big deal. You still get to be the hero.
  • Actually, you said Love, for you, is larger than the usual romantic love. It's like a religion. It's terrifying.
  • You take her out into the rain and you fall in love with her and she leaves you and you're desolate.
  • Sorry about the scene at the bottom of the stairwell and how I ruined everything by saying it out loud.
  • Someone is digging your grave right now.
  • There's a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly.
  • Your co-workers ask if everything's okay and you tell them you're just tired.
  • Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.
  • At this point in the story so many things have gone wrong, so many bad decisions made, that it's a wonder anyone would want to continue reading.
  • Eventually something you love is going to be taken away.
  • I wanted to hurt you but the victory is that I could not stomach it.
  • Tell me we're dead and I'll love you even more.
  • I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back.
  • I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again.
Loner 4.0

This may or may not be the last of this story. But for now, it is.

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Her head was pounding when she woke up, probably from the amount of fire whiskey she drank the night before.

Hermione never had been into a party uninvited, but since Ron had dumped her, Ginny was there to say, “Let’s go to a party and forget about my idiotic brother.”

Letting out a quiet sigh, she attempted to roll over when she noticed something was weighing down on her waist.
She blinked twice like an owl and stared blankly at the ceiling, eyes fixated on a spot where the paint was starting to peel.

Where am I?

She knows she wasn’t at home, this wasn’t her room or Ginny’s. She must've went home drunk with some stranger and slept in some dirty motel.

Events of last night flooded through her memories, and the stranger that lay beside her was proof of everything that had happened.

Glancing at him again, she realized just how awfully handsome he was. His blonde hair was a mess, sticking out in every dire-!


As she looked at the man beside her again, she took the time to look at his features.

The aristocrat nose, the sharp jaw, the way he lays on his stomach, with his face half facing her and the other pressed into the pillow.
His lashes casted soft shadows on his cheekbones, his breathing slow and even as he slept, unconsciously hugging her closer to his warmth and burying his face into her neck. She bit her lip as her body was tugged flushed to his side.

Being so close to him, she could smell the faint scent of sweat and cologne clinging to his skin.
It was intoxicating. She thought.
As she lowered her head towards his head, a couple of strands of his hair fell over his eye and she reached out to push them out of his face.

Thinking about it, with her mind still completely hazy from last night’s drinks, she feels like she has seen a face like this before, in her past or was it yesterday when she was walking home to Ron? her mind was still hazy, but she knows that she has seen a face like this, but whose? Without hesitation, Hermione She gently stroked his cheek and played with his hair.

The blonde man stirred when her fingers skimmed against his skin, and Hermione froze, afraid that he would wake up. The groan that left his lips seemed to resonate loudly in the cheap motel room, breaking the silence that hung in the air before. His eyes fluttered open, and when his gaze fell onto her, he shot her a sleepy grin.

“Morning, Granger.”

She stiffened and held her breath. Somehow that voice seems familiar to her.

Hermione didn’t know what to do. This man knows her name but she doesn’t know his, and she just realised that she; the best friend and one-third of the Golden Trio, the Know-It-All had just had a mind blank of what she should’ve do next.  

She blinked a couple of times at his behavior when it dawned on her that this man greeted her. she forgot the name of the guy who she spent the night with. “Hey…" 
“You forgot my name, didn’t you?” he chuckled lightheartedly, shifting onto his side so that he could face her properly.
A sheepish look crossed her face as she gave him a small smile. “Sorry. But you look like someone I know. I just can’t remember who it is.”

“Forgetting me already Granger?” the man chuckled. 

“I’m sorry, I’m not usually like this.” she shoved her face into her hands as she tries to hide her blushing face from the half naked man. 

“It’s fine.” Lips curving up into a smirk, he leaned towards her. “It’s cute how you’re not so stuck up when you’re sober.”

 "Oh Merlin…“ Blushing furiously, she asked, "W-what did I do?”
He laughed, and the bed shook below them as he did so. “Don’t be so tense. I’m just teasing.”

“Did I do something embarrassing? Oh, I did, didn’t I?”

Their conversation died down as Hermione realised that he’ll never answer her question anytime soon.

“W-what’s your name?” she stuttered.

This is not you Hermione, stop stuttering!

What is wrong with her? The Hermione Granger never ever stuttered in front of anybody. So why is she stuttering in front of him?

“Malfoy.” her eyes widened as she heard his name.

“Draco Malfoy.” he smirked at her shocked face.

“Regret sleeping with me now? You know, you were screaming my name, I’m sure that the owners downstairs could hear you screaming my name.” Draco whispered in her ear as he trailed his fingers down her naked back and Hermione was enjoying the warmth his fingers were giving her.

Then she heard it.

The rustle of the sheets.

Her eyes shot open when cold air hit her bare skin.

“You’re leaving already?” She whispered.
He was silent for a moment, the covers pooled at his waist as he sat on the edge of the bed, turning his back towards her. “I thought you regreted it. So I thought It’d be better If I’d just go. I understand that last night to you didn’t mean anything.”


“Well, that clears things up I guess.”

“I-I mean D-Draco.”

He moved to stand up when she grabbed his arm.

“Please, just…just stay a little longer.”
Draco turned towards her, a disapproving frown on his visage. “That break up with Weasley must’ve hit you hard, huh, Granger?.”
Upon seeing the frown look on her face, he slowly went inside the covers, laying next to her body.

She leaned back into the soft sheets, pulling the covers to her chest as she turned her body towards his.
“I know there’s nothing going on between us, and I’m not expecting anything from you. I would just like to not remember anything from before the party.”
Having worn his boxers, before going into the bed, Draco slipped back the covers and hugged her body.

“I’ll stay with you, just a little longer, Granger. You can forget all about Weasley.”

He didn’t answer her question as Draco patted the frizz from her curls.

“Go out with me.”

“What kind of person would break off a relationship with the famous Hermione Granger?” He grinned.

“Ronald. I suppose.” She frowned.

When he noticed the sad look on her face, his expression turned softer as he said, “I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I’d never dump you like the way he did that got it all plastered on the Daily Prophet.

Feeling a sense of gratitude well up in her, she leant her forehead against his chest when he inched closer to her.
"Thank you.”

“Going to give me an answer anytime soon?” he chuckled as he held her neck, leaning down as he looked at her lips.



Could’ve Fooled Me

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1,630
Warnings: Smut. Cussing. Drinking. Unprotected sex.
Challenge:  This was written for @whispersandwhiskerburn’s We’ve Got A Fic For That - Angel’s 750 Follower Celebration Challenge! My quote, from the fandom Breaking Bad, was “Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to their head
Request: ( @plaidstiel-wormstache ) Hey Toni, sweetheart, princess, light of my dashboard… how are you?! I know you’re requests are temporarily closed, and I appreciate that. But could I maybe … I don’t know, request something for when you do get back into it? I’m in need of John smut. I know you have it, it’s been done, i know, i know … BUT i was thinking reader’s a hunter and bumps into the boys while John’s MIA but when he joins up with them … hello! I know there’s one out there but … you and John smut … hmmm

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Hell and Silence || Chapter One


Warnings: Swearing, Heavy petting

Word Count: 6,360

A/N: Ah, yes. What a long chapter. Great start, right? Well I hope you all enjoy reading it, because writing it was fun af. Also! If you guys ever have any ideas for the story, or requests for me to add, or requests for imagines or ANYTHING just ask!!!! Okay, I’m done.


^^That would be Vanessa, the protagonist of the story. 

Uh, also, calling all gif makers! I need some serious help. I’d like to make personalized gifs for each chapter so if you know how to make GOOD QUALITY GIFS, please hmu.


Derek stood helpless as he watched the omega tear into the girls’ chest. She didn’t have anything to do with this. She had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldn’t have been older than sixteen. Derek let out a deafening howl. The howl seemed to faze the omega that had sunk it’s claws into the girl. As he charged at it, it ran. It ran faster than Derek could, and he knew he couldn’t leave the girl to chase after the omega. He contemplated it… It would just be another body added to the Beacon Hills count. Blood was rapidly pooling around her already unconscious pale body. He recognized this girl… He knew her- he knew her well. His heart dropped to his stomach. At this point her heartbeat was faint. No hospital could save her now. Derek knew what he had to do to give her even a slim chance of survival.

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A/N: tbh I wrote this at 10 pm and its a mess with hidden svt lyrics and memes. I thought abt memes and suddenly here’s a Vernon one shot. also have you seen vernon’s isac archery pics? really damn fine whoops. 

Pairing: Vernon and reader

Genre: Fluff  are memes a genre 

Word Count: 1367

Summary: Feelings are hard to deal with and Vernon tries to put them in the right direction by confessing to you. 

Most of the time, Vernon would tell himself that things would go smoothly. That last math test? It went fine. Avoiding responsibilities? That went fine. Sleeping in class? That went fine. But when it came to the topic of you, his brain couldn’t function properly. He really, really liked you. Sometimes he did strange things -the rhetorical equivalent of splashing in a pool- to get your attention. Blasting ‘Careless Whisper’ on his saxophone in band class was arguably the best of many. Not only did he get your attention, but he also embarrassed himself for the rest of the year.

Yesterday he barely managed to ask you over to his house. Barely. Before he called you on his cell phone, he had to watch Shia Labeouf’s infamous ‘Just Do It’ motivational speech to give himself confidence (twice. He watched it once more for good measure).

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text meme 2/∞

i’ve been collecting funny/cute texts & texts from texts from last night for about 2 years. they’ve been sitting in a word document for a long time so with all the text memes i’ve been seeing around, i decided to take all the texts i’ve saved and make a meme with them bc why not. there’s a bit of everything bellow: fluff, silliness, nsfw, angst, etc etc

[text] Thanks for the pic It’s going to be lovely dealing with my boner while I’m in a meeting with your father.

[text] I got to the apartment, I was handed a beer within 20 seconds, I’m glowing in the dark, there’s fog everywhere, and now I’m wearing a sombrero because apparently it’s silly hat night. I never want to leave. 

[text] She had a group on her phone called “great fucks”. I was in it. It’s almost like making the forbes list

[text] should my break up email to my English professor be in MLA format?

[text] You look good in that new shirt.

[text] I’ve been thinking about you all day.

[text]  You stood in front of a yellow Camaro and kept yelling at it to “Transform already!!!!”.. yeah, I’d say you were pretty wasted.

[text]  I just got this text “hi this is Julie, I met you last night in the bathroom. You asked me to text you and remind you that you ate an entire lime, because you figured your sober self in the morning would be confused.”

[text]  You named all of the cocktail shrimps and then tackled a guy for “eating Henry”

[text]  [insert really romantic bullshit about how much i love you and how beautiful you are so you will suck my dick tonight] 

[text] I just followed a trail of feathers and glitter to class. Today better be fucking magical.

[text] He passed out drunk on top of me. Fully erect. Still inside me. Woke up like 1 minute later, and continued.

[text]  You’re the 8th person from last night to text me this morning and ask if I’m ok.

[text] College reaches a new low. We just carved a shot glass out of a potatoe.

[text] Oh well shit happens. This is my not worried face. This is also my still decently drunk face.

[text] You told him about your cats? I told his friend to put his dick in my mouth, and you talked about cats!?

[text] In line at the grocery store. The girl ahead of me is in a wetsuit and just bought 3 cases of beer and a bottle of vodka. I want to go where she’s going…

[text] I’m bringing my passport in case we get drunk and wind up in Mexico

[text] You kept hiding under tables and grabbing people’s legs and shouting SHARK ATTACK.

[text] You grabbed your house keys, threw them at the door and asked, “did it open?”

[text] Geez don’t go to a bar for a few days and everyone freaks out. 

[text] I was wondering why the cops were making such a big deal then I realized I was naked

[text] The stripper told you to sort your life out    

[text] Everyone was so shocked to hear that she was a virgin they were speechless. I said I could cure that problem for her and we hooked up. It was that simple.

[text] she gave me her number. found out it was already stored in my phone as “bathroom blowjob”

[text] Be still, my beating vagina.

[text] I believe some people would call last night an orgy.

[text] The bouncer at this strip club is my new best friend. He is also very persuasive. He got me to strip onstage for a t shirt. It’s a nice shirt.

[text] I just walked thrugh the woods having a conversation with every spider I saw in it’s web. They all have English accents. I’m drunk and this weed is incredible!

[text] I’m not sure who’s apartment i woke up in but i just showered here and their shampoo in phenomenal… 

[text] I just remembered that last night when we tried to walk off the spins you said “pretend i’m your pet dinosaur” so i walked you around on an invisible leash while you made t-rex hissing noises.

[text] omg bring my wallet when you come get me tonight. i’m buying a fucking giraffe.

[text] Is it a good thing or a bad thing when you wake up naked with two naked guys in your bed, while holding glow-in-the-dark toy dinosaurs in your hands, and listening to the lion king soundtrack?

[text] She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2 am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love

[text] A little alcohol is good for the soul! Fuck Chicken soup, I’m going to write a book called “hard liquor for the soul” It’s going to be a best seller.

[text] This is NO TIME for pants!

[text] Why did you just messaged me and saying you’re praying for me… 

[text] you’re the one who came to me for relationship advice !

[text] I just found your ripped underwear on my chandelier. Care to explain?

[text] Are cops allowed to hit on you if they’re in uniform?! Serious question.

[text] I hope you get stoned and think that you’re a seal in shark infested waters

[text] I can’t believe you guys got into a sword fight over a chicken nugget

[text] My one night stand from last night is currently mowing my lawn for me.

[text] Just walked by a girl saying to her friend “honestly you coulda given me any dude and I woulda fucked him”

[text] Well if you don’t want to be kicked out before last call don’t I would suggest stop drinking whiskey and don’t call the giant bouncer with the neck tattoo “princess”

[text] Was just messaged by someone in a Power Ranger suit on OkCupid… Figured you would approve

[text] I do feel like I owe you an apology for trying to fuck your dad last night but in my defense everyone knows I shouldn’t drink tequila.

[text] I’m gonna be the best dressed mother fucker to ever get kicked out of that damn bar.

[text] I think “we’ve never met sober” is a great relationship to have with someone

[text] Just met my French neighbor. We watched a crow die together, so we’re pretty tight.

[text] An d I’d rather cry while putting a waffle in my mouth than cry on my pillow, ya feel me?

[text] I want my tombstone to read “making poor life decisions since 1993”


[text] He started saying the pledge of allegiance so his boner would go down. Merica.


[text] I just remember lots of butts and something about ranch dressing. 

[text] You introduced yourself and she said “wow that’s a long name” and you went “yeah well you should see my dick.”

[text] He got naked after doing the Ice Water Challenge and it was still enormous. So, yeah, I stayed over.

[text] Had to walk of shame past Westminster Abbey this morning. Pretty sure a Japanese tourist took a photo of me.

[text] Summers almost over and we haven’t golfed, got naked or had sex yet. Let’s do all three in one day, no particular order.

[text] Yeah, last night in the parking lot was hot. I’m sure whoever has the surveillance tapes thinks so too.

[text] Don’t do this to me right now. 

[text] The first guy I ever sexted is having a baby.. Is this what adulthood feels like?

[text] I decided not to look up the nudes, because I believe that there is a line, and that mocking my old classmate’s horrid nudes alone crosses that line.

[text] I think the cashier could tell I was sad. All I bought was penis shaped food and chocolate

[text] ugh I gave you morning sex and you don’t even text me back for my bagel order

[text] Don’t have sex in a tent there are so many opportunities for infections

[text] You showed up at my apartment after 3 am wasted with a plate of cookies and tried to hook up.

[text] There’s going to be a pool, lightsabers and alcohol. What could go wrong?!

[text] Ordered a large pizza and definitely just paid the cab driver in pizza slices. I’m glad there’s someone out there that’s just as fat at heart as we are.

[text] You broke into someone’s house and stole a pan of lasagna.

[text] So two questions…why am I covered in muffins and are there pictures of this.

[text] I like how the only thing you spelled correctly is “i’m tequila” 

[text] Sorry about your blender, your tiolet, your weed, and your dog…

[text] you looked like a weeble wobble. everytime we thought you were going to fall you bounced back up…you’re an amazing drunk

[text] You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

[text] Is it bad that we’re talking like nothing happened?

[text] I feel like tequila is Gods way of lighting my fuse to do something awesome

[text] You got so drunk you kept singing the Sailor Moon theme song and kept making everyone call you Sailor Venus.

[text] i just used google streetview to figure out where i spent the night last night

[text] I woke up hugging a loaf of bread and a water bottle this morning

[text] I see an opportunity for you to use your nakedness to cure my boredom.

[text] I was so fucking worried.

[text] my passenger side seat is covered in alcoholic jello with a nude mannequin in it

[text] Tried to eat a chip. Mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Nearly died. 

[text] I feel like sober is me a distant relative that I only see on christmas..

[text] let’s just skip the pleasantries and go back to my place for pizza and casual sex

[text] I’m 99% sure I high fived a girl over mashed potatoes last night

[text] You almost died !!!

The Scarf - Newt x Reader (Part 1)

Alrighty. I know I’m supposed to be writing those Christmas fics, but I just cannot. I don’t have any idea why. And then this popped into my head, and I had to write it down immediately. I know you’re probably thinking “wow dude, what’s with all the newt x engaged/married!reader fics? u ok?” and my answer is: I have no idea. Maybe I have commitment issues. Maybe it’s a weird coincidence. Who knows.

Anyway, I’ve got part 2 all planned out!! This one is sad as hell but the next one will be better.

Warnings: Adult themes and references to intercourse, but nothing explicit. Death and serious illness. Harassment (unwanted persistent advances). Cheating. Yeah, this one’s dark and super angsty, sorry ‘yall.


You stirred, blinking your eyes open, and when you realized where you were your heart caught in your throat sharply. You wanted to close your eyes, you so desperately wanted to just go back to sleep and forget what the events of the night before entailed. You squeezed your eyes shut, your lip trembling. You bit it to try and get the shaking to stop, but you couldn’t seem to hold back the hot tears that were bubbling up and spilling down your cheeks. You shook your head firmly, sniffling a little and wiping your face hastily, scrubbing away all evidence of your pain. you had to disappear. You had to disappear immediately, and there was nothing you could do to make it hurt any less. You had to get the hell out of there before newt woke up, because you couldn’t look into his sleepy hazel eyes or feel his soft lips on your cheek or lay in his warm, comforting embrace one last time, no matter how desperately you yearned to. One last time had been last night. Another time, and you weren’t sure you would be able to leave.

You slipped out of his strong arms, careful not to wake him but relishing in the brush of his skin against yours as you gently detached his grasp around your waist. You sat up slowly the cot, hanging your legs over the side and staring at the ground. God, you felt so guilty and so wrong. you had done a terrible thing, but there was no going back. You had tried to talk to Newt. You really had. But he had peered up at you, looking so hopeful, his eyes partially hidden by his beautiful cinnamon hair, and you had unraveled completely and slipped into the blissful state where you allowed yourself to imagine that the ring on your finger was his. You were surprised that he hadn’t noticed the ring over the course of all that had happened. It was an awfully prominent and sparkly thing, that despicable man had made absolutely sure of that. The ring wasn’t from Newt, much to your dismay. Instead, It had been from someone you never in a million years would have considered you might end up marrying. It still didn’t feel real.

Your fiance–the word made you shudder when you associated it with him–had slipped it smugly on after you had made the deal with him. It was like he was claiming you as his property, and the ring was to ensure that nobody else forgot who you belonged to. You shuddered again, your chest feeling suddenly cold. You didn’t want to belong to somebody. Newt had never tried to own you, he had just wanted to be with you, and you felt as though a knife was twisting in your abdomen. You had to get out of his case, and you had to forget about him and put your feelings behind you. This wasn’t about you or him. It was more important than how you felt about each other. This was more important than “true love”, or at the very least the genuine connection you had. It was about life and death, and you had to go through with it. There was no time for dwelling on “what ifs” or “what could have been”, and it was far too late to turn back.

You felt awful. It was a sort of feeling that you couldn’t seem to articulate properly, that weighed down on your every movement and pooled in your gut like the harsh burn of alcohol. You rose to your feet, and heard Newt shift behind you. Against your better judgement, you turned around and gazed at him for a moment. The two of you had shared a blanket, but it was just covering his legs. His torso was bare. He lay on his side, his arms stretched out to where you had been sleeping in them only moments before. His eyelashes fluttered softly, his lips parted slightly in a thoughtful, sleepy manner. The soft light that seemed ever-present in the case illuminated his skin lightly, the constellation of his freckles a sharp contrast against his pale skin. His chest rose and fell in a calming and familiar way, and his hair was even more tousled than usual. He was crisscrossed with scars, and your gaze lingered on them for a moment. You knew the story of almost each individual mark. He had told you over and over, and you had memorized the canvas that was his torso, spending hours tracing your fingers over the rough patches of skin and marveling at his bravery. You closed your eyes and took a deep, slow breath. Now was not the time for reminiscing. Now was the time for getting out of there as fast as you could, no matter how beautiful he looked in his early morning slumber; no matter how much it would break his heart to wake up and find that you had disappeared without so much as a goodbye.

You had to remind yourself again that this wasn’t about his feelings, or yours.

You wrapped your arms around your shoulders, rubbing to calm yourself, and then you pulled Newt’s white button up shirt off and laid it beside him on the cot, searching for the pile of your own clothes. You found it and pulled each article on swiftly. All you had been wearing were your casual clothes for around the house, an old sweater and some slacks. You put on your slippers, snatching your wand and climbing out of the case, careful to close it behind you. You smiled to yourself when you got out, remembering that you were actually in your little flat. Why hadn’t you slept in your bed rather than the cot he kept in his case? You supposed it hadn’t occurred to you at the time, and you shut the case as quietly as you could.

You slipped into the bathroom to wash your face. You had to disappear from your apartment for a while, and hopefully he would be gone when you got back, your mind racing as you mentally mapped out a note or something you could leave him. He had only come over to help you pack. He came over often, and when you had mentioned that you were moving in a letter you had written, he had surprised you with a visit. Despite how mobile he was, he would write to you whenever he could, and if there was a return address you would reply as quickly and as enthusiastically as possible. You kept a box of his letters under your bed, and you reread them when you were feeling down. 

Your love story was a peculiar one. You had been only seventeen when you had met, and it felt like an eternity ago. When you thought about life before him, it seemed wrong, unusual, unfamiliar, and you sometimes wondered what your life would have been like had you never met him at all. While you were staying in your summer home in Europe, you had run into him completely by coincidence and you had hit it off immediately. Was it really, though? you mused to yourself sometimes, entertaining the idea that it was meant to be, or that if it hadn’t happened then it would have happened eventually. You weren’t really a firm believer in soulmates, but if you had one, it would most certainly be Newt. The two of you had never really needed to say out loud what your relationship was, but you were about as in love as two people could be.

You were the daughter of a wealthy single father, and he took you every year to the house in Europe. At first, especially immediately after the death of your mother, he had hovered over you like a hawk. He wasn’t entirely sure how to raise two daughters on his own. The way things had always been was that caring for the children was women’s work, and he was simply supposed to support the household financially. When he lost his wife, he had no idea what to do. You didn’t fault him for that, as it was just a result of how he had been raised, but you thought all the notions about “women’s work” and “men’s work” were complete hogwash. He had done his best to stick to the things he had learned about the way men and women were supposed to behave, and he had tried very hard at first to try to get you and your sister to behave like “young ladies”. It had taken some learning, but he had eventually realized that he was squashing who you really were, so he moved back to give you room to grow. You loved your father dearly, and you were very proud of all the growing he had done simply by abandoning all notions of what he was supposed to do in favor of the well-being of his children.

Your older sister preferred to stay home and read, but every chance you got, you’d slip off into the woods to adventure. You were seventeen when you had met Newt for the first time, and it had been the most interesting event of the entire summer. Some relatives were over, including your insufferable cousin-in-law Duncan. His mother had married your uncle two years before, and he was acutely aware of the fact that you and he were not related by blood. You went to Ilvermorny together, and he was your neighbor back in America. He never passed up an opportunity to try and chat you up, and you had very politely excused yourself from the party to use the ladies’ room, only to climb out the window and stalk off. Nobody really took notice of your absence, and you were fine with that.

Newt was only a year older than you, and you had quite literally ran right into him during an expedition into the thick forests nearby your father’s summer home. You had almost knocked him clean over, as you hadn’t been watching where you were going. Much to your surprise, he had grabbed your hand wordlessly and dragged you off with him, sprinting as fast as his legs would carry him. As the two of you had approached a more heavily wooded area, he had darted down a little slope and slipped underneath an overhang beside a riverbank, snapping open the tan case he had been carrying.

“Get in,” he had told you breathlessly, and you had looked at him with wide eyes. He had just swept you up out of nowhere, dragged you down the bank beside a river, and now he was trying to coax you into his sketchy case. You weren’t even sure what had prompted you to run with him in the first place, but something in his eyes and his tone had convinced you.

“Why? What the hell is going on? Who even are you?” you had spluttered, and in that moment it was as though he’d seen you properly for the first time. He had looked you straight in the eye and offered you his hand, gesturing for you to get into the case.

“We don’t have time for this. I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to trust me,” he had said firmly, his hazel eyes flashing and his face an expression of genuine seriousness. And for some reason, you did. Completely. You took his hand to steady yourself and stepped down into the case, descending the ladder without questioning him again.

He followed immediately and pulled the case closed behind him, and when he had turned to you he had blinked at you for a moment, just staring.

Your dress was muddied and the delicate white shawl you had been wearing had caught on some brambles and gotten left behind. The torn sleeve of your dress hung off one shoulder, exposing your skin, and his eyes seemed to longer there curiously for a brief moment. Your hair had once been pinned up carefully in a beautiful style, but now the pins were either dangling loosely or lost entirely. Your face was smudged with dirt and your skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. your tights were torn and your shoes had clearly not been designed for running or forest terrain. He noted that this could not have all been from the quick run he had dragged you on, and it made him smile a little to think of you traipsing through the forest in your fancy dress, paying no mind to the twigs and sticks that tore at your legs, or the insects in your hair. He thought to himself that you were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and the fact that this idea had so suddenly appeared in his head surprised him thoroughly. His face went red and he dropped his gaze.

You took no notice to the unusual boy, looking around with wide eyes. The case was much, much bigger on the inside, and you stepped out of the little shack you had fallen in to look around a little further.

It was mostly empty, to your surprise, and you blinked at what little it held. The only things you noticed were a little heap of earth covered in soft green grass and a small structure with what appeared to be bamboo growing out of it. But what caught your eye the most was what slept on top of the heap of earth. It was what appeared to be a huge ferret. It was laying on its back, its head thrown back and its jaws parted slightly. You peered at it, amazed, then remembered the strange boy who had shoved you down into this case in the first place and whirled around to face him. “Am I asleep?” you questioned, wrinkling your brow. “That would explain a whole lot. this is just bizarre enough to be a dream, and if it is a dream I won’t have to worry about the absolute mess I made of my clothes,”

He smiled slightly. “I’m afraid it’s real,” he replied.

“That’s a Jarvey, isn’t it? these things in your case are magical beasts,” you said, jabbing your finger at the massive sleeping ferret. 

He looked surprised. “How do you-”

“Dad used to have one for the garden. It took care of the gnomes. My sister tried to play with it and it got all aggressive so he had to get rid of it,” you said dismissively.

“So you’re a witch? That saves me some explaining,” he said, walking past you to the little stand with the trees.

“You still have a hell of a lot of explaining to do,” you retorted sharply, following him.

“I was looking for Bowtruckles and they happen to be very common around here,” he said simply, as though that was all the explaining he had to do.

You squinted at him disbelievingly. “Why in the world did you think we had to run from Bowtruckles? From what I learned at Ilvermorny, they don’t like to leave their trees,” you crossed your arms. “Something tells me you don’t know what you’re doing, and that something is also telling me to get out of this crazy person’s case,” you half-teased, trying to read his expression. He smiled faintly as though amused by your implication that he didn’t know what he was doing.

“I upset a wasp nest in the process, and they are more than willing to leave their trees,” he responded. “I didn’t want to get stung, and I was planning to apparate before I ran into you and decided that it would be rude to leave you behind to deal with the consequences of my actions,”

“How thoughtful of you,” you replied dryly, but you smiled a little. You had taken an unexplainable liking to him. “So you’re a fan of magical beasts? How many do you have in this suitcase of yours?” you inquired, leaning on the little stand with the bamboo. He was carefully coaxing a Bowtruckle out of his sleeve and onto the bamboo, where you noticed two others peering out at you.

“Two, well, three Bowtruckles now,” he said, nodding to the little stick-like creature. “His tree was dying and I couldn’t just leave him there. He was the only one there, and the tree was basically rotted completely. There was nothing left for him to protect. It took me a few hours but I got him to come with me,” he said fondly, still trying to gently brush him from his hand. “And then there’s the Jarvey, of course. I plan to study many, many more creatures, but this is all I’ve managed to find so far,” he said.

“You’re British and all, I can tell by the accent,” you said, and he nodded, still not taking his eyes off the little creature, who was now shyly approaching the other Bowtruckles.

“And you’re American,” he said, his lips twitching with amusement. “I can tell because you’re incredibly nosy,” he teased, and you could tell that he didn’t really mean it in a negative way.

You opted not to reply to his remark. “So you’re at Hogwarts, right? Or you were, before summer break. Do they have a good class on magical creatures there? The one at Ilvermorny was only a semester and it was terribly vague. It mostly taught us how they could be avoided or disposed of,” you said bluntly.

He looked at you again, his eyes gleaming. “Our curriculum was…sparse…as well. I hope to change that,”

You still remembered the determination you saw in his expression, and it still excited you. His passion, his drive, it was incredible. You admired him for it, and once he helped you mend your clothes and determined that the threat of wasp attack had passed, he offered to walk you home.

You had been writing to each other ever since.

That had been seven years prior, and now was the day it had to end. You could never see him again, for both of your sakes. You had to marry Duncan and move on, and you wished with every fiber of your being that there was another way. Much to your despair, you had tried so hard to find one and it was clear that this was the only option you had.

You shrugged your casual clothes off and pulled on a black skirt that fell to your shins and a gray sweater, moving immediately to search for your hairbrush. You were moving your things to Duncan’s home today, and you had to look presentable.

Duncan had been a neighbor when you were younger, and he had never been pleasant. He was a spoiled, loud bully who had developed a crush on you as children and never let it go. That crush had developed into something of a mission as the two of you got older. He was the most smug, self-involved man you had ever laid eyes on, and he was intrigued because you had become something that he wanted, but couldn’t have. You were a conquest of sorts, and he was completely determined to make you his. He had won at last, but you were not happy about it.

You stood in front of the smudged bathroom mirror, and felt your heart settle in your throat. Much to your dismay, the collar of your sweater hung just above your collarbones. It left your neck exposed, and your coat had a collar, but you would have to remove the coat upon entering Duncan’s house. You tilted your head to the side to further examine the pale marks Newt had left behind. There were too many for you to dismiss them as bug bites, and they were too prominent for you to just hope Duncan wouldn’t notice them. He couldn’t. He simply couldn’t see them, that would ruin everything. You traced your fingers over the purple marks, all four of them, that trailed from your pulse to your collarbone. There wasn’t a spell that could hide these immediately. It would take a poulitice, and it would take at least four hours to properly make them disappear. You didn’t have that kind of time.

“Sorry about that,” came a soft voice from the doorway. Startled, you whipped around, face to face with an apologetically smiling Newt. He had his hand on the doorframe, and he was completely dressed in all his usual layers. The case sat at his feet.

Your chest twisted painfully. “It’s alright,” you murmured, refusing to look him straight in his beautiful hazel eyes. “I thought…I thought you were asleep,” you said lamely.

He leaned on the door frame, his eyes on the floor. The tension was palpable. 

At last, you both went to speak at the same time.



You smiled awkwardly, shifting and waving your hand to instruct him to speak first.

“I’m sorry I slept with you even though I knew you were engaged to Duncan,” he said, his head bobbing up to study your face. Your heart dropped.

“You…you knew? How did you…?”

“Your sister wrote to me and begged me to visit and talk you out of this,” he said with a small sad smile.

“You have to understand,” you said, tears blurring your vision once more. “Nobody can talk me out of this. I’ve made up my mind, and this is something I have to do. I couldn’t-” you paused as your voice cracked to wipe a tear frantically away before it could roll down your cheek. You sniffed, then straightened your back and continued. “I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I could have done something but I chose not to,” your voice wavered, but it was reasonably loud and firm.

He nodded slightly, his eyes seeming to look anywhere but yours.

“My father has gone completely bankrupt and we have nothing left to pay for my sister’s treatment. She’s so sick, Newt,” you whimpered the last few words, closing your eyes and putting your hand briefly to your face. “and there’s no other way. I’ve tried so many things, but this is the only way we can get her to a doctor who can cure her. I can’t stand to the side and watch her die. It’s not an option. Duncan is very wealthy, and he is more than happy to pay if it means that I’ll marry him,”

Newt looked at you finally, his eyes glassy. He managed a quick, forced smile, trying to reassure you. “I know,” he said softly.

You fixed your gaze on the ground, out of things to say, and you felt his warm, calloused fingers brushing over the marks he had left. “I can get rid of these. I’m sorry,” he murmured, his forehead brushing against yours as he ducked to look at you, his hand still resting on your neck.

You nodded silently, and he slipped a little bottle out of his pocket. “I threw this together before I came up,” he said softly, tipping the contents onto his fingers and brushing it over the sensitive skin of your neck with care. You looked up at him gratefully when he was done. They wouldn’t be gone soon enough, but perhaps they would be faded enough that Duncan wouldn’t notice. You couldn’t possibly ask Newt for anything more than he had already given you, you thought to yourself.

But he was already a step ahead of you. He pulled off his signature Hufflepuff scarf, wrapping it around your neck with such tenderness that all you wanted was to collapse into his warm embrace and forget about your sister. Forget about the money and the wedding. You wanted to throw it all to the wind and grip him tight and never let him go, but the yearning was fleeting. You couldn’t. The warm scarf that smelled just like he did would have to be enough. You smiled at him sadly, hoping that he saw the gratitude that shone in your eyes. You couldn’t bring yourself to say anything for almost a full moment, his hands dropping to linger on your forearms and your eyes locked into his.

“You don’t have to write to me anymore if you don’t want to,” you murmured to him, closing your eyes. “If it hurts too much,”

He didn’t reply. A soft, chaste kiss was pressed firmly to your forehead, and when you opened your eyes he was gone.

You stood in your bathroom and cried, burying your face into the soft scarf.

He deserved so much better than what you had ended up giving him, but despite all that, there you stood, alone, wrapped carefully in his favorite scarf.

Love Her Like Me

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,628
Warnings: Cussing. Minor violence.    
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: (Anonymous) You write the best Pellegrino fics !!!! <3 Can you do one where the reader is dating someone else and Mark is in love with her and finds out the boyfriend is cheating and has to tell her with a fluffy ending

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Of Frogs & Princes

As my first tribute to the FFXV fandom, I have written a cute Promptis drabble based off of this adorable and beautiful piece of fanart as well as a mini section from this one! All creative aspects belong to this two, I just wrote the words! 

Summary; so what does really happen when Noctis is turned into a frog?

Prompto sighed as he turned around another boulder, twirling his gun around his finger from where it was slid into the trigger hoop. The lake was starting to find its form again, both in vast size and appropriate animal life. Just weeks ago it had been overran by red giants and flans, taking all the natural resources out of the land, effectively slowly killing off the other inhabitants in area. Now, thanks to Noctis and the team, it was clear and being maintained by the local hunter group.

A small smile crept up on the blond’s lips as he thought about the battle they had fought just a few feet away. He remembered the banter, Gladiolus telling him to get back up on his feet as Noctis was asking Ignis for instructions, wanting to nail the beast’s weakness while it was still down and vulnerable. Prompto had taken the liberty of sending out a bright flash, knocking the other surrounding daemons further back with the light. It had given Noctis just enough time to get the lightning into his blade before slashing down on the giant.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, can I get Chrom, Inigo, Henry, and Lon'qu for "I just had a terrifying nightmare that something happened to you and when I woke up you were not there next to me" please? Thanks!

hoo boy i put a lotta time into this

Chrom: It’s the same sequence of events again. A bolt of Thoron passes through your hands to impale itself into your husband. His look of triumph dissolves into pure horror and a grimace of pain and he falls on to his knees. “It’s not your fault,” he coughs out as blood stains his lips in a shade of red you never want to see again. “Save yourself,” he begs with his dying breath and his hand falls to the ground before you can even grab it. It’s the moment when his fingers still on the floor that you wake up.

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