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P1/2 Why are people acting like SC were ALL over social media these last two weeks talking to everyone but each other until banter today? Am I missing something? I remember Sam making a few MPC/work related posts-like at his agents Equality thing+a few w/ friends like at the bball game. But Cait was MIA until her award night, which Sam tweeted her first thing next morning. Besides that & posting promotional pics for events they attended & who styled them they've been pretty scarce online.

P2/2-we’ve seen a lot of Sam online this week but none of that was him posting it. It seemed like he was gallivanting w/ MM on his arm but every pic of them from wedding to Oscars came from someone else. If anything he ignored all MM on his personal SM, not Cait. He tweeted C when she was on she just wasn’t on much. W/ knowledge that he was w/ M I can see how it looks like he was ignoring Cait & strategically bantering w/ her now to fluff fans. If you think about it it’s actually the opposite.

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Dating Cad Bane headcanons???

Cad Bane? More like Cad BAE….I’m sorry I just really like this space blueberry. 

  • Odds are most people wouldn’t even know you were a couple. This is because in public he’d act cold and distant. He had a lot of enemies, and it would kill him emotionally if someone used you against him. His solution is to make people think he doesn’t care about you. In private, however, he treats you like royalty. 
  • He’d prefer you to be a bounty hunter yourself, just so he wouldn’t have to worry about your safety too much. If you’re not, however, he makes sure to keep you far away from his work. Even teaches you to use a blaster just in case something happens. 
  • Showers you in extravagant gifts. I’m talking about gold jewelry, expensive clothes, luxury food, etc etc. To him you deserve the absolute best, and he knows he can afford it. 
  • He absolutely loves back massages. His joints can get a bit stiff, and he’ll often ask you for one. 
  • Just because he can be a loving boyfriend does not mean you are free from his extreme sass from time from time. Sometimes he doesn’t even mean to do it, and it just comes out from habit. 
  • You are the only person allowed to wear his hat. No other exceptions.

i know breaking up with him was the right thing to do. we weren’t in the same place. he liked me a lot more than i liked him. it wasn’t fair to him that dates felt like an obligation to me. i wasn’t in it 100%. i was wishy-washy. i didn’t know that i wanted things to go any farther. i think what i liked most about him was what we had in common, not his actual self. i missed not answering to anyone but myself. i’m not ready to change even small things, like wanting space and peace at the end of a work day, for someone else.

i still feel like garbage. like, even if its right, even if i owed him honesty, i still hurt someone that cared about me. and i still become some bitch he used to date.

i’m 26, and the two months dating him were the longest i’ve actively been with someone. barely anything happened. i had my first kiss, it was really chaste, it didn’t happen again. i think i realized that my main concern with my lack of a dating life was FOMO. like, i always felt like it was this last piece of a puzzle to make me feel like an adult. but i honestly think it just might not be for me at this time in my life. i genuinely like alone time. i’m used to alone time. i’m happy on my bed with my dog and my cat. my goal is to live alone someday soon, and that wont change.

but, man. it sucks to have to be the bad guy to someone you have no actual negative feelings about. it just felt done. i didn’t want more.

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What do you think of pop culture paganism and spirit work?

Well if you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that I work with spirits myself and think its pretty awesome. And I don’t know a whole lot about pop culture paganism in itself, but I think if someone wants to worship a deity from a video game, or whatever, let them. Its no more or less valid then any other religion. Pop culture spells are pretty fun too. Let people live their lives, who am I to judge who they worship? 

Didn’t think I’d say anything on this because there’s already enough, but I would like to put in another perspective about the QR debacle that doesn’t really have to do with race, but rather, entitlement.

I just saw someone ask a QR artist “why dont you try making them in 3 shades to start with and see how people will like it.”

That’s a great suggestion, but, do you see anything wrong with it? “Hey yeah so I see you’re doing this cool thing here that takes a whole lot of time and working with an incredibly limited and tiny art program just out of your own passion and free time, but some people are getting offended so how about just because I said so you put in a bunch of extra work for ME and the other people who MIGHT be offended if you don’t”

Does no one else see how fucking entitled this is? How many people in this argument have actually tried making a QR dress? It takes hours if you want it to actually look good. The program isn’t easy to work with. Get off your goddamn high horse, no one owes you anything. If you want some clothing in your skin tone, make it yourself. Or, kindly ask the artist if they could put out an extra version of the clothing you’re interested in.

My argument is not about race. My argument is about respecting that the artist does not have to appease you, because, shocker! You’re not fucking paying them to create something, they are doing it for free.

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how are u so connected w krn culture? ive shunned away my culture for so long bc i tried to assimilate.. im so lost!! my family doesnt celebrate holidays and such anymore :( i want to make ceramics and get in touch w all those traditional stuff like u!

I love being Korean lol Id die for Korea. I think a lot of it is rooted from my family n upbringing, when I was young n my parents had no money n we were living in someone else’s basement n they were working from 9am to 11pm every day, they would barely make rent but would spend money w no hesitation on a Korean tutor for me to ensure I would not stop learning. they wouldn’t respond to me or look at me if I spoke English at home. if I didn’t like a particular Korean dish they would feed it to me more n more frequently, bc a lot of the Korean palette is just based on familiarizing yrself w the taste (I hv grown to love everything). since I was young they would wake up earlier than they had to to ensure I got one Korean meal a day, the whole set w the rice, soup, so so much banchan, tea, even today breakfast w my parents are my favourite because it is so extravagantly Korean, the ultimate “home” made meal for me…some of what they did may sound extreme but they were so terrified of losing me to westernization (altho, or rather, because it’s so inevitable) n I think it helps to have a mother who has always been deeply in love w history, I think if u are interested in history at all you are bound to come across events/ppl/sites that amaze u and make u very proud to be a part of it all, every time I learn a lil piece of Korean history I am blown away like, wow! this is my home! this is where I come from! these r all the achievements of my ppl! but, as poc we all share similar experiences of childhood where we neglect where we come from, shun it, soil it, n grow up to regret it. it is also part of the experience to understand that that’s ok, and it’s never too late. it is not ur fault, nor ur family’s fault, and u don’t have to feel discouraged…u are not any less Korean than me

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hey anne! I think my ask was eaten up by tumblr so I'm just gonna ask again. For the prudential concert, how does merch work? will they be selling stuff there and how does that all work? is there any way to possibly buy the tour merch before the concert so it doesn't take up time and stuff?? this is my first time going to a concert so I'm clueless. thanks and lots of love from nyc ^.^

hi anon~ pls refer to this earlier ask sent to me that powerhouse advised that there will be merch on the day of the concert. At least for the Newark stop, it would be best to try and contact or email Powerhouse for further info! ^_^ I unfortunately have no idea how these things work either so I dunno if I can give any advice ;_; maybe someone here who has been to concerts in the US can share to us any info~

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so, you're saying that Cookie stole your translations. and at the same time Cookie is claiming that they're falsely accused of stealing. and lots of people are defending both sides with no conclusion being made. is this Case 5 irl?

Haha, in that case we’d both end up dead! 

But you’re right, honestly, I’ve been thinking this feels a lot like irl Danganronpa with the way I’ve been needing to refute people’s accusations with solid proof. 

Unlike Cookie Translations though, I have a lot of solid evidence to back me up. My Google doc, its revision history, a word-for-word comparison, the testimonies of other people who found my translations before Cookie, a testimony of someone who experienced a similar but not as severe problem with Cookie Translation using their work without permission, the fact that I can prove I can translate more than just the love hotel events, the fact that I’m a Japanese-American fluent in both English and Japanese, the fact another Youtuber is crediting me for my other translationsthe fact yet another Youtuber used the same exact translations of the love hotel event and gave me credit, the fact that Cookie Translation deleted my comment, the fact Cookie Translation hasn’t replied to me or anyone accusing them, the fact I can go into detail about every decision of every single phrase and word in my translation

What has Cookie Translation used as evidence for their claim? Nothing, just an 8-second video saying I’m a liar. Most people seem to believe in them off of baseless assumptions. I don’t want to go so far as to accuse Cookie Translation of not even knowing basic Japanese or translation knowledge, but they don’t even have proof they have translated anything else. Their whole Youtube channel is filled with the love hotel events I translated. 

Manlyronpa themselves told me they asked Cookie if they can do other translations for them, but Cookie said they were too busy, despite the fact they were constantly asking for requests. Which Manlyronpa thought was a bit suspicious. Cookie also used the gameplay footage from Manlyronpa’s compilation video of all the love hotel events, and Manlyronpa included in the title with big capital letters “TRANSLATION IN DESCRIPTION” with the link to my Google Doc. Isn’t it safe to assume Cookie found my translation there if they saw Manlyronpa’s video?

And it’s a little strange how they aren’t even replying to comments that say things like ”translations are just nothing”. As a translator, wouldn’t that come off as offensive? At this point, Cookie Translation doesn’t even have proof they even can translate. Let me be clear though: I’m not implying this as fact, just speculation. 

I would really like to hear Cookie Translation’s side of things, but they still have yet to reply. 

If I still can’t convince people I’m right, even with all this evidence and reasoning, I honestly don’t think anything can. It really is ironic, that fans of Danganronpa, a mystery game all about laying out the evidence, would be so blind to these facts. 

I’ve laid out all the evidence. But I can’t make people believe me. Please draw your own conclusions without averting your eyes from the evidence at hand.

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(air freshener anon) a japanese folk @ pixiv requested me to draw like 20 characters rip. they seem like such a nice person tho and i couldnt say no. so i told them immmmmm gonna finish it in like a few weeks and they were ok with that, plus im gonna do them in chibi style which takes me shorter, send me good vibes bc im also busy @ school aaaaaa

h oly heck is this a commission or just a request because?? that’s?????? a lot of work for just a request???????????? like pls understand even if someone is super nice, if you don’t have the time or energy for something like that, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it for free, you have zero obligations to go through with it ;;

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How would Wolffe react if he meet his s/o's overprotective and scary older sibling?

  • He’s not too thrown off by it, and would probably scoff at them if they tried to intimidate him, but would be grateful his s/o had someone looking out for them.
  • The two probably bump heads a lot when it comes to what’s best for his s/o, but Wolffe would try and make sure it never got physical. Even if they were completely incompetent in his mind, they were still important to his s/o, and he would respect that. 
  • As time went on he’d make more of an effort to get along and get to know their sibling. Offers to work out with them and such. He doesn’t want to be their enemy, and he’d make that clear to them, but he would also make it clear that he would never hurt his s/o. 
  • All in all even though they weren’t his favorite person, he’d come to respect and appreciate them. Wouldn’t object if his s/o wanted them to all hang out.

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2, 11, and 16!

02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?
i found i love you a lot easier to say through text so i guess either to @snugglyhowell or @phanperra when they were helping with my emotions:’)

11: Do you like someone?
if it’s about crushes, i’m not sure because idk if i’m still not over her or not over the feeling of liking her. if it’s just generally of course i like almost everyone lol

16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
luckily I’m alright today and i worked a bit,, after lunch I’m a bit tired now but my mood is still quite nice:)


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Wow that other anon was rude. So now we are judging how people talk to others based on artistic ability? God - that is not how that works! Besides - I have been following Jeb for months and I have seen their art improve a lot! Everyone has a different style and a different point in learning art and just judging how someone's art is at that point in order to make a suggestion is just wrong. Other anon - rethink that statement you just said.

Thank you so much ;-; I love you guys so much

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people are literally calling connor the "white devil" while praising asher like?? why do they hate mentally ill people who show actual symptoms so much? connor can be an ass but asher is?so?much?worse? where do you think that's coming from?

I think a lot of it comes from Pete Nowalk trying so desperately to erase season 2 from the viewers minds. I mean obviously it’s working because many people in the fandom seem to just love him and acting like he’s the same asher from s1. 

He gives asher these lines to provide comic relief and all but, it just isn’t the same anymore since he’s a murderer. That line he said about going red wedding on anyone who goes to police. Not funny when it comes from someone who actually killed someone. 

Obviously connor has some issues but, pete nowalk has failed to give the audience any background on why he acts the way he does. I am really hoping and praying that he gives us that in S4. 

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Do you have any Pharah based/themed stimtoy recommendations?? I don't have any allergies, and am really looking for more fidgety toys, as I always need to be doing something with my hands. Thank you in advance!!

I sure can! Thank you for your patience!

A small variation of the ever-popular fidget cube, the various designed buttons work great for someone who enjoys this particular kind of stim! This runs for $16.50 and can be found here!: X

Spinner rings are super great discreet fidgets and I cannot swear by them enough. They’re silent, unassuming, and can be brought anywhere! This particular one runs for $9.50 and can be found here!: X

A small, noiseless fidget toy used for spinning! These come in a lot of different designs, but this particular one runs for $10.22 and can be found here!: X

A bracelet + rolling bead fidget with color preferences and a satisfying click when you roll them! This runs for only $.150 and can be found here!: X

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Oh gosh, how do you write all your fandom so well,It's insane! If you would,could I have some info on how to fluster the Crystal gems? -LP

I know I have a lot of older ones to do, but this is so short and cute I can’t resist. And thank you!! It means a lot, hun!! -Mod Quinn


-She doesn’t get flustered. Ever.

-No matter what anyone tries. Flirting, pick up lines, compliments, anything. She’ll just spin it so that it flusters them instead.

-Ruby and Sapphire on the other hand?

-Physical affection flusters Ruby. Cuddles turn her into a blushing mess.

-Sapphire gets flustered by deep, emotional conversations and goofy nicknames. There’s no in-between.


-Being cutesy and stuff in front of her usually works. If she sees someone she likes acting cute, especially to her, she will get flustered.

-An excess of physical affection flusters her, too. She’ll blush a lot if someone showers her in bear hugs and little smooches.

-It’s worth noting that her version of being flustered is blushing, pretending nothing’s wrong, and trying to escape the situation as fast as possible.


-It’s surprisingly hard to fluster her.

-She doesn’t really understand pick up lines or most flirting, so don’t try that. It will only confuse her.

-Physical affection will fluster her a little bit, but not by much…

-Sweet notes left where she’ll find them are probably the best bet. She thinks small, cute stuff like that is kind of adorable.