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I know you say that you don't promote ed, but posting thinspo and pro ed content is hurting other people going through the same thing as you. I know you can't just wish an eating disorder away but you do have the choice to not surround yourself with content that will just make it worse. I know it's hard, but I believe in you, and wish you a nice day and a good recovery ❤️❤️

What I don’t think you understand is that this blog, and basically all blogs like this, are the only place that people like us can find others who are going through similar emotions and journeys.
If I didn’t have this blog, I would be a lot worse off than I am, and so would loads of other people.
I don’t support ed, and I don’t want other people to develop it, but the thing is, if someone is searching these tags then they probably have an eating disorder anyways and feel alone and isolated.
Eating disorders are mental disorders. People need a safe place where they feel supported and can talk about things that bother them. For me, that’s my blog. So please don’t message me all ‘sweetly’ and make me feel even worse about my life. If you don’t like it, then block me and don’t follow me.

If anyone feels like they are alone or scared, then please message me and I will be there to offer any support I can.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, then please seek professional help.

Have a nice day.

internet tips

-look at people’s pages before asking if they’re on other sites - chances are their links are on their page

-before asking what something is from, check the source’s tags

-if you don’t know the name of a song, google the lyrics

-not sure if someone has blogged about something? use /tagged/ and /search/ on their blog

-read FAQs

-learn how to reverse image search on google (upload the image using the camera button)

-don’t cite wikipedia, but you can cite the sources wikipedia cites

Keith: Me had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!

Lance: Nope don’t remember, didn’t happen!

Keith, internally:

So I was thinking yesterday about that post about people being able to summon Danny (which is glorious- here’s a link because my tablet won’t let me add one to click: ) and I wanted to share an idea that came to me

Because this whole idea is great crossover material and it blends into the world of Supernatural so much, I would love to see a Superphantom crossover that includes Sam and Dean summoning Danny. Maybe they’re trying to summon the ‘Ghost King’ that they’ve heard so much about and then they’re surprised when it turns out to be a fifteen-year-old kid (who seems very /alive/). Or maybe they’ve already made friends with Danny and they summon him and he’s like: 

Danny: What’s going on? Do you need help? Is the world ending again?

Dean: Nah man we just need you to settle a bet for us. Do ghosts sleep?

Danny: …And you couldn’t just call because…?

Sam: Dean’s phone got destroyed on a hunt and we lost your number. Sorry.

Danny: Really? You lost my number but you didn’t lose the three pages of Latin instructions on how to summon me? Gimme that.

And then Danny would write his phone number on the top of the page and they’d go out for burgers and pie or something. And also wouldn’t Danny be able to call Sam, Tucker, or Jazz  to summon him back? Yeah idk but this thought amused me and I wanted to share

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Now here's a question: Gladstone's an aloof fellow. But his luck seems to operate regardless of if he wants it to or not. If he tried to completely not be around his family anymore, would his luck just HAPPEN to keep bringing them back into his life?

You know, I really do think it would? Also I love this and can totally see it as the basis for a comic.

I’m wondering if I should say anything about this (especially after a long, draining shift at work where two things went wrong – but those two things were enough to occupy me the whole entire night), but –

I just think it’s unfair that there have been callout posts for artists who have drawn Pharmercy in an offensive way, but have admitted their mistakes and have apologized for them.

It’s one thing to call them out if they didn’t. But the thing is, they owned up to their mistakes, and one of them is even reluctant to draw Pharmercy now because of it.

I just think Tumblr is too obsessed with being right and having this moral rectitude that’s personified in callout culture, to the point where even people who make simple mistakes are punished for them via death by crucifixion. 

If you really want to help someone out, you’d engage with them one on one instead of getting thousands of people to shame them, and then smearing an entire subset of a fandom with the same brush, especially since there are members of that fandom who admit that there is a problem with racism, fetishism, whitewashing, etc. and have actively spoken out against it.

And in my case, I’ve even taken hits for it from members of my own fandom, and have lost people that I once considered friends because of it.

So yeah, Pharmercy fandom does have a problem with racism and bad portrayals of Fareeha, etc. And that should rightfully be discussed. Most of us are aware of this, and are trying our best to counteract it. But I do think it’s unfair to make callout posts for misguided artists who have made mistakes, and who have also apologized for them.

And that’s all I’m gonna say for now.

yallbetterquietdown replied to your post “Have you ever just kept an ask in your inbox for safekeeping because…”

wht even happened during the rae rdrama i missed ir

oh boy buckle up ‘cause it’s a long one:

Basically tumblr user rae “i can’t handle rejection” sleepyflannel pretty much went off the rails after i blocked her and pretty much ended being friends with her. The reason i blocked her was because she jumped on a post talking about how it’s possible for straight women to become lesbians and accused op (a lesbian themselves) of being EXACTLY like gay conversion therapist. i shit you not she pulled the “replace _____ with ______ sounds pretty _____ phobic doesn’t it?” shit on them.

i vagued her a bit, though it was also directed at mutuals reblogging her stupid ass commentary, saying that the whole “sexuality isn’t a choice” debacle is dumb. because while some people do genuinely feel differently about it, i feel like it’s not at all helpful to questioning people or people experiencing compulsory heterosexuality. i had some people ask me questions about it and i gave my responses.

Rae, like a dumbass, decided that instead of quietly talking this out with me or asking someone to message me about it, knowing that this is a big intracommunity issue that a lot of gay/bi/trans people have talked and debated about, made a full on CALLOUT for me.

she cropped out my comments made about gay conversion therapy to act as though i fully supported it as well as my comments made about how i have no issues with people who feel like it isnt a choice so long as they don’t act like idiots and shove it down people’s throats like rae did.

I woke up to losing dozens of followers and 40+ messages (it actually reached around 100 in a matter of minutes) telling me to kill myself, misgendering me, calling me a fake lesbian, calling me slurs, comparing me to homophobes and saying things like “well i guess i deserved to be ABUSED huh???? cause it’s a CHOICE!”

Apparently not only did Rae form a shitty callout for me, but she made several posts talking about me nonstop, comparing me, a fucking black lesbian who has homophobic parents, to the very people who would be happy to subject me to mental and physical torture to convert myself.

She even had the nerve to refuse to ask people to stop sending me slurs and telling me to kill myself because “”””””anxiety”””””

When I made my counter post to defend myself and call Rae’s stupid ass out, Rae suddenly lost her “tough” persona and began playing the victim. She even started asking for nice messages and whined about her mental illnesses. despite causing this whole mess being entirely her fault. 

From what I understand, final straw for Rae was that she found out a lot of her mutuals were liking my posts and defending me, she even went as far as to screenshot them and accuse them of being “traitors”.

She used this as an opportunity to threaten suicide and talk about how no one loves her, claiming that she’s going to kill herself afterwards to guilt trip people into feeling bad for her and to side against me.

Instead of doing that of course, she just made her blog private and then deleted it. she sent me an atrocious apology to me on her new blog and then blocked me when i wasn’t having all it.

All i know is that she said she’s going to leave tumblr because it’s “affecting her mental illness” (eye roll), but knowing her, she’s probably just hiding on this site some where.

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Hey, I'd recommend not using the term "a-spec" in relation to ace/aros. A-spec is a term inherently used with the autistic community and they're rather upset and offended by this adoption by a community that has no legitimate claim to it, it's rather crass in all honesty. Hope you take this into consideration.

@tara-hates-maps @autismserenity

…..Many autistic people have said that it did not come from them, and in fact, it came from the automotive industry, so if anyone were to be mad, it would be them. “On the spectrum” is autistic language. “A-spec” is for aces and aros. Funny enough, someone searched the tag, and the only use of “a-spec” someone could find for autism was about a month ago. While ace people have been using it for…years. 5ish. 

Short answer: How many other people did you send this to? No.

me: thinks of weird alternatives to ship names, messing up the stable ship-tagging system of our ancestors

Did I just draw a horror fan art of Jacksepticeye with a crop top (kinda)? Hell yeah I did.

Finished my entry for the #septicart event, created by @therealjacksepticeye! :D Oh boy, almost 10 hours of drawing,  with ‘all the way’ on loop through most of the process. 100% worth it!


Aaron Tveit performing Creep at Irving Plaza

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Hey! I really really love your blog! I've almost read everything here! This is my lifeline <3 Thank you so much creating this!! Also I wanted to ask if there were any pet name fics/fics in which taekook use pet names a lot? I'm sorry if this is an odd request but please try to! Thank you!

here are some I found! sorry if it’s not much but people don’t usually tag stuff like that haha you could probably find a lot of smut fics where they use pet names if you just search through our smut tags! someone asked for bottom tae fics with pet names a few months ago and you can find that here

(I’m not sure if you want pet names in a fluffy way or smutty way, so I’m giving both!)

make this chaos count  by aetoms - Taehyung struggles and battles with himself a lot during a three-month break the band is given. Jeongguk is somehow always there despite everything.

(this is a pretty heavy fic - but with hurt/comfort & a happy ending - but it was the first thing I thought of because guk calls tae “peaches” in it and it’s super cute)

same old mistakes by lualovespugs - Taehyung wanted to try out new things –he just went a bit overboard or, Taehyung is a sucker for pet names and Jeongguk is a whipped man.

i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks - “Do we have a deal, angel,” Taehyung repeats, and Jeongguk can hear that he’s losing his patience, hands resting on his hips. Jeongguk lifts his head, snapping the lid closed. “Pleasure doing business with you, daddy,” he nods, sending a grin up to Taehyung who just narrows his eyes at him. “You’re lucky I like you,” Taehyung mutters, sounding mildly threatening as he steps over to him and tilts Jeongguk’s chin up, leaning down to press a kiss against his lips. Lucky doesn’t even come close. Or, Jeongguk’s trying to figure out how he ended up with a sugar daddy when all he wanted was a couple packets of instant noodles.

(lots of pet names!!!! “petal” being the cutest one)

you the one that i dream about all day by locks - Taehyung finally convinces Jeongguk to do the boyfriend tag/boyfriend does my make up tag.

The Devil Wears Socks (In Bed) by officialkth - Taehyung spends the night at Jeongguk’s place for the first time and Jeongguk is, for lack of a better word, shitting himself. Until he realizes Taehyung wears socks to bed. (part 3 of the adventures of shy!guk and model!tae series)

don’t call me baby (not before i’m ready) by sleutheryn - The three times that Taehyung called Jeongguk ‘baby’ and the one time that the latter did. 

see me, feel me by aeterisks & aetoms - Jeongguk never thought he would end up stumbling upon his Twitter crush’s nsfw account, much less discover he’s a camboy. As if that wasn’t enough already, he ends up at Jeongguk’s place with something he can’t refuse.

untitled by sweetlyblue - tae in heels, bby!jk and humiliation

little fangs by bapstae - Even though Jeongguk constantly teases Taehyung about the size of his fangs, he still adores both them and Taehyung.

Nice dream by frevan - … And he awakens, drenched in sweat, to see Jeongguk leaning over him. He feels an unmistakeable tightness in his pants. How embarrassing.“Are you okay?” the other asks, face pink. Taehyung blinks a couple of times.“Yeah, just a dream, no worries,” he reassures, voice scratchy. He hopes Jeongguk can’t tell.

Love, Laughter and Happily ever After by minyoonD - Taehyung tries to surprise Jungkook on their anniversary but Jungkook’s excitement gets the best of him.

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