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take this burden - 39

[ you haunt me - sir sly ]


Eventually, He Tian and Mo Guan Shan had to face the fact that they were going to need to get out of bed.

‘What time do we go to work?’ Mo Guan Shan asked softly.

‘You don’t have to come if you’re not feeling up to it.’

Mo Guan Shan rolled onto his back, stretching with a groan.

‘No, I want to. Sitting here and dwelling on it isn’t going to make me feel better.’

He Tian studied his face in profile.

‘Ignoring it isn’t going to make you feel better either.’

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PROMPTS 👏🙌 can I request #5, 25 ooorrr 45 for our babies pretty please!? Thank you :)

Sansa climbs into bed, but Jon lingers at the window for a long moment. King’s Landing is still new to him–still beautiful. Sansa remembers when it was beautiful to her, too.

“Won’t you come to bed?” she prods at last.

Jon turns to her, smiling. “I still have trouble believing this place is real. That it’s…”


“Aye.” He joins her in the bed, settling back against the pillows. “I know you don’t like it, but we won’t stay here longer than we have to.”

“I know,” she said quietly. “But I’m afraid we’ll have to stay here a long time.”

Jon wraps an arm around her shoulders. “No one is going to hurt you this time,” he murmurs. “There aren’t any Lannisters left to torment you, no Tyrells and no Littlefinger to use you. You’re safe now.”

“No one is ever safe,” she mumbles. “Not even princesses.”

“Hey.” He curls a finger under her chin, tilts her head up so that her eyes meet his. “You will always be safe with me, Sansa. I won’t let anyone hurt you. You must believe that.”

Sansa bites her lip. “I do. I just…”

“I know you’ll always be afraid, and I don’t blame you.” He drops his gaze. “And I know it isn’t fair of me to ask you to stay here.”

Sansa gives him a wan smile. “But you have no idea how to navigate court.”

“I don’t,” he admits. “And maybe I would have learned, but…Stark men don’t do well here, I’ve noticed.”

“Neither do the women.” She sighs, nestles her head against his shoulder. “But never mind that–we’ll look out for each other.”

He kisses the top of her head. She is a sweet and lovely woman, his wife, but he pities any man who tries to cross her.

“Should we get out of the water, it’s getting kinda chilly.” You mumbled, looking at Loki.

He smiled, gliding his hand along your bare shoulder, watching the gooseflesh rise beneath his touch. “I suppose, you do look cold.”

“I like being in here with you though.”

“We can always swim tomorrow.” Loki tilted his head up, looking towards the sky. A smile graced his lips as he watched the twinkling lights. You followed his gaze, admiring Loki’s angular jaw and the way his hair cascaded around his head. “Yes, come love, let’s get out.”

You swam over to the edge of the pool and slowly lifted yourself from the water.

Loki watched you closely, admiring the curve of your body, the movement of your muscles, your hair hanging in dripping curtains. You pulled yourself up and turned around, smiling coyly at him.

Quirking your finger, you motioned for him to join you.

Loki’s grin widened as he moved forward, resting his hands on either sides of your legs. You wrapped your legs around his torso as he lifted himself from the water. Pulling himself up, Loki met your lips in a soft kiss, lifting himself and slowly pushing you back until he crawled out of the pool, sliding you back and pressing his body against yours, planting soft kisses on your dripping flesh.

You giggled at the feather touches, reaching for the large towel to wrap around the pair of you. Loki wrapped his arm around you, the towel enveloping the two of you. He leaned his head down and pressed a soft kiss into the crown of your head before lightly rubbing the corner of the towel through your hair, drying it off.

As Loki held you tightly, sometimes drying you off, other times just planting soft kisses, the two of you kicked your feet in the water, lightly splashing and enjoying the texture of the water.

“Look at the stars.” You finally interrupted the warm amicable silence.

“They’re beautiful tonight.” Loki agreed, following your gaze. “Thank you for this lovely evening.”

“Thank you too.” You replied.

Loki cupped your chin and pulled you in for a deep kiss, his lips melding against yours. Your eyes sank shut, melting into his touch.

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top ten anime characters go!

This is pretty tough, that’s a lot of characters to pick from 

1. Holo

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2. Kraft Lawrence

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3. Spike Speigel

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4. Kujo Jotaro

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5. Oshino Shinobu / Kiss-shot Acerola Orion Heart Underblade

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6. Gon Freecss

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7. Akemi Homura

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8. Kaiki Deshu

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9. Hiiragi Kagami

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10. Ayaname Rei

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i can’t believe that i am rl evan hansen
- gets consistently stellar grades on writing assignments but when it comes to Speaking is driven by emotion & cant keep a handle on what’s actually being conveyed to listeners (jared: “you know they think you’re gay” evan: “..oh my god” / 6th period lunch: “so you’re selling pot brownies” me: “..oh my god”)
- sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry s
- sweaty hands McGee
- fidgeting, Shakey Foot, hands in Mouth
- innocent to a ludicrous point
- bi as hell
- likes a good tree
- would rather lie and deceive than hurt ppls feelings or face any kind of conflict whatsoever
- has a good collection of fiery comebacks but will never use them bc “no no no i don’t even THINK mean thoughts i didn’t mean that n”
- ‘you’re breaking up with me’ ’… im not?’
- ’ if i stop smoking drugs’

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merchant!bakugou scenario where he comes and the reader has a plan by the king to kill him??

if anyone has seen magi or sinbad no bouken, i based merchant!bakugou off of the character sinbad soo yeah!

bakugou katsuki

You heard a very important merchant from Tokyo was going to land at the dock soon. You knew your King did not trust him so he decided to use you the only way he thought was effective. Using you and your body to lure the merchant to bed then killing him. While pulling on your sheer shawl, you remembered what the King had told you before hand.

“This… Bakugou, he is very dangerous and could bring ruin to our country,” The King began. Your fingers drew circles into his chest, your lips mouthing small kisses into his jawline. “I need you to figure out what he’s up to.” You chuckled softly while pulling your now entangled legs from his, sitting up and stretching your arms above your head.

“Are you asking me this because you know I won’t ask you any questions?” You said smoothly, your skin glistening from the sweat of the previous activities and of the reflection of the gold canopy above the bed. The King’s hand moved your hair away form your shoulder before pressing a chaste kiss onto the skin.

“Maybe, and also as your King, I can ask you to do whatever I so please.” His free hand running lower to cup your exposed chest. You decided to let out a slightly wanton moan, leaning back into the royal man.

“You’re right, and as your servant, I shall obey.”

The gold anklets jingled while you treaded through the market place, your eyes scanning for what has been described as a purple haired man. You gave small smiles to the townsfolk, hugging the small children who came to hug your legs.

“Ah, sweetheart! Are you in the market in search of something?” One of the shop owners asked when you turned on your heels quickly. With a small smile gracing your features, you fixed your shawl.

“Yes, I am currently looking for someone. Thank you!” You replied shortly before beginning to speed walk towards the end of the marketplace since you had seen a glimpse of blonde hair turning the corner. You brought your shawl up to cover your mouth as you turned a corner. Shit I lost him, You thought while looking around. How the hell did I lose him?

“It seems like you’re looking for someone?” Was whispered in your ear, but before you could jump, two hands placed themselves onto your bare stomach, pulling you back into a muscular torso. “Could it be me?~” Your turned your head slowly and saw the blonde haired man who fit the description given to you of how Bakugou looked.

“Maybe so, or are you looking for me?” You said slowly, lowering your eyelids to give him a sultry gaze. Your hands began running over his, lightly pressing into his skin. Bakugou gave you a small smirk, his hands moving towards your hips. “Now, why don’t you tell me your name?” While turning to face him, your hand brought your shawl down, letting it rest along your shoulders.

“My name is Bakugou and what is your name, beautiful?” He asked, his thumbs rubbing stars into your hips.

“My name is iishraq.” You replied smoothly, looking up at the merchant through your lashes. You ran your tongue across your lips, trailing your hands up and along his muscular arms, gold bracelets jingling by the movements. Although that wasn’t your real name, you liked how it sounded and whenever you did this type of work, you never used your name.

“Iishraq, huh? What a beautiful name for an exquisite girl.” His red irises twinkled from the lanterns around you both. Your plan seemed to be working but you knew from what has been told to you about this man, it was hard to keep him pinned down. So you decided to kick it up a notch.

“I must go, till we meet again Bakugou.~” You said in a smooth tone, moving back to turn on your heels and leave. But before you could leave, you felt his hand grip your wrist.

“Will I see you again, Iishraq?” He asked, a smirk present again on his face. You pulled your shawl up to cover the bottom half of your face before replying cheekily.

“You’ll see me when I want you to see me. Goodbye, Bakugou.” You pulled your hand from his grip, walking away from him. Making sure to sway your hips more noticeably, your jewellery jingling.

*iishraq in arabic means sunshine

sometimes i think “oh no i have to catch this screenshot immediately while the video’s in action!!” and then i remember i’m watching off crunchyroll and the view bar or w/e just disappears after i pause and it’s beautiful

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hello I'm back again bc two things; one, I failed to mention prior how much your blog gives me life, I just read and reread everything and I never fail to laugh. two, I was thinking about magi and mario kart and now I need your opinion on who they would play as, and other thoughts you may have, if any

Thank you so much!
And yeah, that’s an awesome au! That would be hilarious, can you imagine them yelling at each other?
I’m just gonna do a few characters off the top of my head cause I’m tired, but here:

Alibaba: is clumsy with the controls and rarely wins but enjoys playing a lot nonetheless. Usually plays as Koopa Troopa.

Aladdin: doesn’t win much either but finds the game relaxing, and plays as the ‘cute’ tame characters like Toad and Shy Guy.

Morgiana: quiet, focused; saves up good powers to attack others when they least expect it. Plays as Rosalina (my personal favourite to play as).

Kouha: a badass. Doesn’t necessarily play to win, just attacks everybody else so they CAN’T win. Plays as Baby Peach.

Sinbad: plays as Bowser or Dry Bowser. Plays to win. Focused and good. Has an abundance of red shells.

Judar: plays as King Boo cause he thinks he looks cool. Plays to win but isn’t as good as he thinks he is, and pouts when he loses.

Hakuryuu: will play as whoever is left over, but prefers basic characters like Luigi. Is pretty good when he gets serious. He and Judar are kickass when playing in team mode.

Yunan: plays leisurely and only when invited cause he doesn’t much care for the game, but is really good when he gets focused. Likes to play as Peach or Daisy cause he finds it funny.