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who are your favourite tumblr people/friends? 💕

Hi! Here’s a list of some pals (in alphabetical order). I consider a lot more of my mutuals pals as well, but you said friends so I tried to limit it to people I have more conversations with and stuff :)

@626k @asirenscalling @bucky-plums-barnes @buckys-fossil @buckysglow @buckyslion @buckyywiththegoodhair @bxckytrxsh @canumoveyourseatup-no @denialanderror @harleyqueen7 @holtzmannishot @juggihead @marvelatthepeople @mellifluous-melodramas @poe-also-bucky @poptartcalum @radical1995 @rcbbiereyez @speedstxrs @teamspider-man @theassetseyeliner @winterscldicr

at this rate i feel like whoever plays mulan in the disney live-action is either not going to be chinese or is going to be half-chinese and white-passing like chloe bennet or what

im super mega pissed because: im a sorority pledge and im getting hazed to the point where ive had panic attacks at certain “events” and let good habits go down the drain due to the stress of potentially letting hazing ruin my scholarship… meanwhile my boyfriend who’s initiating pledges at his fraternity since hes two years older can only reply with things like “maybe you should have learned the roster better”, “we drop pledges with a noncommittal attitude” whenever i tell him how exhausted and upset i am. idk i just think that USUALLY when you really care for someone, you don’t defend things that make them miserable?? just feeling really fuckin stupid rn complaining about how im losing faith in women and regretting the entire semester right before he goes off to humiliate his own pledges…  shrug emoji

Separate post that I can delete later when my theories wind up embarrassingly WRONG!

Okay, the ghoul on the left: Has a white spot. Grucifix caught the light? White rose? Alpha?! But why is he on that side of the stage? And why is he playing a black guitar? Waaaait…that guitar looks like…no…The shape…is that a black Gibson RD?!? WHAT?? Okay. Okay. Okay. Spice. Calm down. But……..what is going oooooon??

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C'mon guys trust him a little more, he wouldn't be a Togami without knowing some level of first aids. Maybe he can stabilize Hina for now and tend his own wounds if he has some... They'll be alright, trust me, my gut is telling me.

You don’t need to tell us to trust him you know? Togami might be very capable but he isn’t a doctor plus I think you forgot about the fact that they probably don’t have anything to do first aids with as he told us that they lost nearly all of their things when they were attacked.

Being worried doesn’t mean that we don’t trust him but that we realize that he is human, he isn’t a machine. He can’t do everything.

Y'know it really just concerns me that people are so blind that they are now harassing a crew member, insulting her, telling her she needs to shut up all because they don’t like that she’s speaking on issues that go against the benefits that adults have in fandoms and how much control they really do have over these spaces that involve so many kids

Like that’s entitlement they’ve been sitting on for so long and I wonder how many members it’s gonna take until they’re actually at the point of flipping off the creator.