someone who would help you deal with your father's rejection because they would love you so much and only you

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A/N: This was actually requested by @allipotterhead1 (my first request, may I add) and I got a bit carried away but I didn’t want to miss anything out, I hope you like it, I tried my best!

Request: “Jughead x plus size reader, where their relationship is a secret. In which the reader is Kevin’s sister and one time they have a heavy make out session and Kevin, Veronica, Betty and Archie just walk in on them and Betty and Veronica are losing their shit because they ship it so hard, Kevin is totally sweet but excited and already plans their future but Archie asks him why he would date someone like her? I know it’s really specific but I can’t get this idea out of my head and I’m an awful writer… (And I don’t mean to hate on Archie, I really love him, but I love me some good angst)”

Word Count: 2,761 (jeez, this is long)

Warnings: Angst, Archie’s a bit of a dick, there is a swear word, and some makin’ out.

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|| True Love ||

[prompt: soulmate au where you and your soulmate are connected by a visible red string where only a few people can see.]

ohhh boy, this is going to be told in a different way than most of my other peter parker imagines in that there is a third character involved (much like how ||a different story|| was) and how it is based on reader and peter’s relationship through THEIR eyes.

Once you read the story, you’ll know what I mean ;)

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

peter parker only tags: @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


Flash never knew the reason why he was given this ‘gift’ of being able to see everyone’s red string of fate.

Now, being a sophomore in high school, Flash didn’t need to worry about seeing any of the red strings connected to anyone else since everyone was too young to have found their soulmate at such an early age. Sure, it was an annoyance to see the constant bits of red in his periphery, but in a way, the young man was used to it.

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Words: 3941

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genres: Angst/fluff

AO3 version

Summary: Before we could go back to being the best of friends, I had to only think of him as a friend. So this resulted in avoiding him for two weeks until he caught me in a club, backing me to a wall, and wanting answers that I stubbornly refused to give. I love him, but he shouldn’t need to know that, right?

The music drifted out of the club like a vibrating pulse. I could feel it in my bones. The night was alive with possibility. I could even imagine myself floating through the sea of people, forgetting about the life I’ve lived up till now but mostly forgetting about him.

Once I walked through the entryway of what I viewed as freedom, I immediately wished the sea of people would drift me right back out, or better yet, drown me.  

There he was.

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anonymous asked:

Hello :) I just want to say that I like your blog and I hope in a future you write that big Analysis of our lord Ieyasu ❤(ӦvӦ。) Because our lord Ieyasu is a lovely complex character, his stories show a fascinating developing of the character and he looks so adorable when he blush ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ Have a nice day (≧▽≦)(^_^)v

Thank you so much my lovely! I’m so happy to have you here with me! Let’s get right to it! Get comfy!

When we first meet Ieyasu, he has assumed control over his clan after having spent almost half of his life in captivity. 

Ieyasu was born Matsudaira Takechiyo, son of Matsudaira Hirotada, a daimyō. His parents re-married other people, and resulting in Ieyasu having 11 half brothers and sisters.

It is important to remember that Ieyasu was held captive twice.

When he was five, Takechiyo was saved by Nobunaga’s father, Nobuhide, who had learned of the plan to bring him to Sunpu under Imagawa Yoshimoto’s conditions.

When Nobuhide said he would kill Takechiyo if Hirotada didn’t cut ties with the Imagawa, his father said go ahead! He saw it as showing how strong his alignment with the Imagawa was, if he was willing to sacrifice his own son. Hirotada, despite being the one to suggest it in the first place, refused to kill Takechiyo, and so he was held for three years in a temple.

After the deaths of his father and Nobunaga’s, Takechiyo was held captive yet again, when Nobunaga made a deal to send him back to the Imagawa. In order to end a siege, Takechiyo was sent back to Sunpu as a hostage, where he remained from age nine to thirteen.

Knowing all of this, it isn’t surprising that he wants to butter up Nobunaga. Nobunaga’s father spared his life, but Nobunaga gave him over to the enemy. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to be afraid of it happening again. 

The only person that Ieyasu goes out of his way, tearing his ass to please, is Nobunaga…before he met his MC.

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Severus Snape X Male!Reader - suppressant.

title: suppressant. 

Alpha!Severus Snape X Omega!Male!Reader
warnings: sexual themes, mpreg, smut ensues
he/him pronouns used for reader
when you see ’–’ it means some time has passed/pov shift
omegaverse au
**au where there is no threat of voldemort
***reader is around 26ish and this would take place during harry’s fifth year

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Shu Sakamaki

(Name) watched the two little boys run carefree through the field of flowers. A benefit to visiting a past event the girl had the chance to interact with anybody or anything. The possibilities were endless of what could or would happen if she decides to interrupt. This specific scene wasn’t new to (Name); Yuma’s past was dark, but his memories with Shu were the only light he in them. When she had visited the first time a nine-year-old Yuma declared he’d make her his fiancée. “Hey Shu look, there’s a pretty lady over there!” Yuma shouted pointing over to where (Name) was sitting; pushing the blond down he took off to the young lady. She couldn’t help the giggles that came out from that event, Shu quickly got up and joined in the race. Shu smirked watching his friend breathe heavily trying to catch his breath, ‘No one could beat a vampire’ the blond thought. “Excuse me do you have a husband?” Yuma asked after he finally could speak again and making Shu hit him in the back of the head. (Name) giggled this was precious that the two loves of her life were so adorable and fighting for her affection. “I’m sorry young man, but I’m already engaged to someone.” (Name) informed the red head who’s smiled drop; Shu must have had a sixth sense due to the smirk that appeared on his face. “Well don’t worry I Edgar will steal your heart away!” Yuma declared making his best friend face palm and (Name) to laugh so hard she almost fainted.

Reiji Sakamaki

“Yuuto stop spending all your time reading dull academic books.” (Name) lectured her eight-year-old son who was currently enjoying a novel over psychoanalysis. Viewing the future wasn’t (Name)’s intention, but after a fight with Reiji, she couldn’t suppress the urge. Upon seeing her handsome son Yuuto Sakamaki all her anger melted. He looked and acted exactly like his father, his (e/c) eyes were from his mother. “Father says playing isn’t how a prefect child should act.” Yuuto stated his eyes never leaving the text of the book; yanking the object away (Name) gave the look every man or boy knows all too well. Even though she hadn’t been a mother for too long (Name) didn’t want her son not enjoying being a kid. “Go play with you cousins or you won’t live long enough to taste your first drop of blood.” (Name) threatened making the young boy leave without hesitation and was soon tackled to the ground by his three younger cousins. “His IQ will sharply decline if he plays with those heathens.” Reiji sneered as he placed his arm around his wife who simply ignored him and watched the children play. “Even if he’s not perfect we can always have another for you to ruin.” (Name) smiled placing Reiji’s hand on her stomach where there was a small bump forming. Even though the couple had their issues (Name) wouldn’t give up this future for anything.

Ayato Sakamaki

(Name) was woken up with a knock coming from her door; stumbling to the source of noise she picked up a white button-down shirt to cover herself. Opening the door, she was a not surprised to see Reiji standing there, or the irritating expression he wore when he saw her appearance. “How may I help you this early Mr. Perfectionist?” (Name) yawned not caring if she didn’t use proper manners due to it being so early and having no respect for the uptight male. “A young lady should never open the door almost naked.” Reiji scolded the girl who just rolled her eyes in response. “In the future as our guest the household would not like to be informed of you and Ayato’s private activities.” He added making it clear the Sakamaki family had heard the screaming and moans from her room last night. “I’ll let Ayato know he should quiet down next time. Thank you all for caring so much about our healthy sex life.” (Name) sarcastically remarked shutting the door in Reiji’s face and then locking it. Taking off the shirt (Name) crawled back underneath the covers to get more sleep. Before beautiful darkness could overtake her, an arm slowly wrapped around her bringing her to a broad naked chest. “I told you that I should’ve put a ball gag in your mouth.” Ayato smirked proud knowing his brothers knew who (Name) belonged to. “It must run in the Sakamaki family that the males never know when to shut up.” She sneered pushing the male off the bed and wrapping herself in all the blankets annoyed with the brothers.

Laito Sakamaki

(Name) was a regular visitor in Laito’s past, even though it was full of pain and suffering there was something beautiful about it. One day while visiting the past (Name) didn’t take enough precaution hiding from Cordelia. The older woman threatened to murder the girl unless she proved to be an asset to the family. And that is how (Name) became Laito’s piano teacher, ironic situation isn’t it? Laito thought (Name) was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen superior to his mother, because she was both alluring inside and out. (Name) thought it was so adorable that the brunet would bring her a pink rose every lesson. For a reward, she’d let the little boy sit in her lap to play for the last ten minutes of the day. “(Name) will you become my wife?” Laito asked after they finished for the day; it’s darling that even at a young age the brunet loved her. (Name) gave the boy a sad smile knowing this would have to be her last visit or should could alter her own fate horribly. “Oh, my dear Laito I would love to be your wife.” She spoke lovingly making Laito break out in a big grin. “But I have someone else to return to my dear.” She added watching the happiness drain from his sweet face. “Don’t worry when I get older I’ll find you, then your husband will regret the day he stole your heart.” Laito declared sending (Name) in a fit of giggles of his younger self wanting to steal her from himself.

Kanato Sakamaki

(Name) could only stare at herself in the mirror not believing this would be the day she foresaw A knock on the door broke the (h/c) hair girl from her trance. Stealing one last glance at the gorgeous wedding dress, she was ready to face the world. It was a tradition in (Name)’s family that the bride must take a long journey to arrive altar. This was supposed to be the time the young woman reflects on her decision if this was the right person to marry. Every woman who married or was born into the family had ran away from their first wedding. Marriage in the vampire culture truly meant death until do us part. The Sakamaki siblings guarded every entrance that (Name) passed as to taunt her there no escape. After all a deal is a deal no matter if someone agrees or disagrees. With Kanato as the groom who knows what type of fit he’d fly into if he was rejected. Arriving at the ceremony’s entrance (Name) was greeted by the man who only donated the sperm to make her. “There’s still a chance to walk away.” Ezra told his youngest daughter who just walked right past, but only stopped to send a warning to him. “I finally have a man who loves me without using me for a power gain or use me to fix their own mistakes. If I see you knew this family again I won’t hesitate to kill you father.” (Name) threatened pushing the doors open to marry the one person who loves her.

Subaru Sakamaki

(Name) was marveling her new addition to her own little section of the garden. The Cebera Odollam or the Suicide Tree was a quiet grandeur as it demanded attention from standing out among the roses. Gardening was her peaceful hobby to get away from all the testosterone household and if she felt like killing an enemy it wouldn’t be hard. She made it deathly clear to Yui to stay away of her flowers or she’d end up dead. Of course, living with a bunch of sadists meant that (Name) kept a close eye on her beauties. She only planted the most elegant and poisonous flowers the world had to offer. Reiji had no issue with the hobby as it helped his own research and potion creations. “You should stop planting flowers that kill people or Kanato may get a new tea recipe.” Subaru commented as he appeared behind (Name) looking at her collection and new addition. “You may see death in my oasis, but allure always comes with a price. Besides most my blossoms are only dangerous if someone consumes them. Your brothers have enough brain cells to know not to touch my garden.” She stated before watering the Aconitum. Subaru will never admit this, but watching the girl work was adorable. Sometimes he would spy on her from a secret hiding place and catch (Name) talking to the blooms. “If it will soothe your nerves I do take care of none deadly flora.” (Name) reminded Subaru by pointing to the healthy and vibrant white roses.


“ I want to share every single one of your sunshines and save them for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rain falls hard. I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. ”

I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. Namely, that there’s this idea that appears every so often, and that’s if Thomas ever knew what James became or what he’s done, that he would reject James or simply not love him anymore or that things would never work between them again. And I just for the life of me can’t understand where this idea comes from because I can’t see any canon backing for it and from everything shown with Thomas, it seems to go completely against what we were shown. And I’m not trying to stomp on anyone’s opinion; it’s just that Thomas is my favorite character for a myriad of reasons, so I am very passionate about this.

I have three motivations for talking about this:
1) Fanfic writing reasons;
2) This post, which has been in my likes forever and which I’ve always meant to answer
3) And this idea has been around awhile and still crops up every so often, and I’m here to make a rebuttal

But it comes down to this: you are never going to convince me that Thomas, who has shown himself numerous times to be an extremely loving and forgiving person, who was willing to fight for imperfect strangers at great personal cost, who watched an execution of someone who was deemed guilty and came to the conclusion that he was going to help these people, that were already known to be violent and dangerous, and whom he cared about despite their actions- you are never going to convince me this Thomas would not still love James all the same or not understand him.

Rambling under the cut.

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Finally - Chapter 10: Finally

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

This is the last chapter, folks. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, liked, and reblogged this fic. It was so much fun to write! And, once again, I need to thank @justkillingtimewhileiwait for her motivation and support whilst writing this (and my fics to come!).

It only occurred to him once he was fully recovered and back to work from the shooting that Erin hadn’t disputed his want to spend the rest of their lives together. Even if he had been joking about annoying her for the most of it.

It hadn’t come up again, but in true Erin fashion, Jay wasn’t sure if that was because she had brushed it off or was refusing to deal with it. He had experienced the same kind of doubts when he had asked her to move in with him a year earlier, where she hadn’t directly addressed that step in their relationship until he had pressed her. And when he had, he had been pleasantly surprised to find that she was at the same place as he had been.

But this? This was something he definitely wanted. And unless he was actually asking her the question, it wasn’t something he could ask her about. So instead he had dropped a couple of hints to try to gauge her reaction to a bigger commitment and a future together, mentioning retiring in Wisconsin again and investing in a new car because, let’s face it, both of theirs had seen much better days.

Erin had smiled at the idea of Wisconsin, jibing carelessly about needing to sort out the creaking panels on the stairs, however, if she was going to stay there for more than a week. But it was her reply to the car which had given him the reassurance he had needed.

“Okay, but babe, you do realise we still have like 4 years left on paying off this place right? Unless something spectacular happens to them, why don’t we just put it on the back burner until we’re official homeowners?” she reasoned as they sat lazily on the couch in front of the TV, relaxing after a finishing up a tough case that had last for the better part of the past week.

Jay smiled to himself at her reply, glad she was unable to see from her position sprawled across his chest. “Yeah, I guess so. We do use the GMC more often than not these days, anyways.”

“Exactly. And who knows what else might happen in the next 4 years. If there’s one thing my sabbatical taught me, it was that saving up for rainy days isn’t the worst idea,” Erin added. The subject of her relapse over two years earlier was barely ever addressed, but when it was, Jay had found that she had made her peace with it. It had been a terrible time in her life, but pretending it hadn’t happened would only mean she hadn’t dealt with it.

Pressing his lips to the top of her head, he muttered into her hair, “I really hope your sabbatical taught you more than that, otherwise we’re gonna need to have a talk.” He tightened the arm around her waist to show he was just joking, laughing when she slapped him on the abdomen with a dramatically outraged gasp.

“You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that? ‘Cause your sense of humour is nonexistent, and that’s just sadly unattractive,” she told him with a huff, tilting her head up to glare at him though the smile she couldn’t keep back ruined the effect completely.

Jay leaned down to kiss her chastely. “Yeah, well, the joke’s on you because you’re the one who’s stuck with me.” Erin hummed noncommittally at that and he took it as a win.

Which was how he had found himself texting his boss the next free Saturday they had, asking if he could pop over for a quick visit. He had done it without thinking, knowing any second guessing would give him cold feet, or worse, doubts.

Voight had replied not 10 minutes later, telling him he had some time that morning if he made it quick. So with an excuse of seeing Will and making sure he was alright after his break up with Nina, Jay had kissed Erin goodbye and headed straight out.

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A/N i really loved this prompt omg message me if you want a part 2


Pairing: Daughter!Reader x FatherFigure!Negan (idk)

Type: Angst

Setting: S6 Finale - S7 Premier

Warnings: Cursing, Gun, Lucille, Open ending, message me if you see one i didn’t get!

It had been about a few years since you joined the saviors. You were once with a group with your dad, Rick Grimes, and your twin brother, Carl Grimes, staying at a prison. But all hell broke loose forcing you to leave your family and group and fend for yourself. You had run into a band of men on motorcycles and you were hurt. They pitied you because of your age and took you back to their camp. Their leader, Negan, had taken you in. He was like your father now. 

You’d come to love the saviors. You were treated like royalty there. Everyone, even grimy Dwight whom you hated, seemed to be scared of you. They knew if they had messed with you like some sick bastard named Drew had previously done, they would get the iron and have to deal with Negan. You had also become a partial leader, even though you were only seventeen. You could fend for yourself and were mostly independent, a trait you learned from being alone in the woods for a year when you were only thirteen.

You sat in your room, looking out the window overlooking the outside world when one of Negan’s henchmen came into your room. Dwight was on a run somewhere, so you were thankful it wasn’t him, but your thankfulness eventually faded. You faced him and felt him look you up and down and lick his lips. Fucking scum, you thought.

“What do you want,” you crossed your arms tightly over your chest.

“Negan wants to talk to you,” he drawled. You walked up to the doorway, which his scrawny frame was guarding.

“Then why don’t you move?” You locked eyes with him, giving him your most annoyed face. He didn’t budge. You took it upon yourself to shove his shoulder hard and push past him. 

You reached Negans door and let yourself in. He was fixing his jacket in the mirror with Lucille leaning against the dresser, the room filled with the dozens of his wives. 

“Y/N!” Negan exclaimed and walked over to clap you on the shoulder.

“Hey sweetheart, I’ve got to go deal with a group that is trying to run from me. Most everyone is coming, and I was thinking you were old enough to tag along, I also don’t want to leave you damn near alone here,” he stated.

“Yeah sure, why not,” you decided, twiddling your thumbs, glancing around at the few women staring at you. You and everyone else knew someone was going to get killed when Negan was going to ‘deal with a group’. You disliked the idea but thought it would be nice to get out for a while.

“Great! And Dwight will be there so if it gets to be too much he can drive you home…” Negan trailed off, using a knowing tone. You rolled your eyes. 

“No. Never in a million years.” You knew Negan wanted you to be with Dwight. You had rejected the idea about a million times now, and you were going to keep rejecting the idea. 

“Whatever. Dress warm. We leave in about ten minutes at sunset,” he said, grabbing Lucille.

You exited the room and went back to yours and grabbed a fur jacket and smoothed your hair down a bit. You looked into the reflection staring back at you and saw parts of your parents staring back at you. Your mom was dead, and your dad and brother were as good as dead. The small necklace dangling around your neck with a small heart pendant was from your mom and dad at one of your birthdays and you haven’t taken it off since you separated from them. Maybe sometime you will meet them again, in a better world. You took the pistol from your bedside drawer and put it in the waistband of your jeans. You slipped on some shoes and exited. You walked past all the men who were staring and into the front area. Multiple vehicles were loading and you loaded into the one with Negan driving and sat in the passenger seat. 

It was now nightfall, and you were sitting with the rest of the saviors in a clearing in the woods, waiting for the rest of the group you were waiting on to arrive. They had captured one of the men in an RV and taken the RV and tied the man up. You didnt get a look at the mans face because you were so cold the second the RV was open you jumped in. You sat on the couch, with Negan chilling and pacing. When you heard the whistles from outside, you both knew it was time. You told Negan you’d much rather just sit inside the RV for the time being, as it was chilly outside. 

When Simon opened the door for Negan he threw Lucille over his shoulder and exited, leaving you alone in the dark RV.

After a while of hearing Negan give a speech, you made the decision that you wanted to go home. You were bored, and even though you hated Dwight, you would rather be in your room having Dwight guard your door making sure you wouldn’t leave. You wrapped your jacket tightly around yourself, and opened the door to the RV.

You walked out into the dimly lit clearing and Negan turned around to you. 

“Ah, Y/N! Whaddya need?” he enthusiastically said, high off of the power he had right now. You detatched your eyes from the ground and began to say something, but it was cut short.

“Hey, I want to…” Your voice got quieter as you looked at the group on their knees. Time paused. Slowly you started to realize faces one by one. You saw Daryl with a bloodied shoulder slumped over, Glenn, Maggie who looked awful, and lastly, you saw Rick and Carl. You choked on your breath and said just over a whisper, ‘Dad?’ 

Your eyes filled to the brink with tears. You came back to reality when you started backing away, but tripped and fell on your ass. Rick had seemed to be crying and loosing his sanity at the sight of you. And Carl, he had a bandage wrapped around his face and you covered your mouth with your scratched up hand. 

“Shit, sweetheart, are you alright?” Negan asked. You didn’t move.

“Someone come and fucking help her up! Take her back, someone. Dwight offered, but Negan shook his head. Arat came forward and helped you up and led you to a truck and sat you in the passenger seat. She came and got in the drivers seat and started the truck up and began to drive away. You looked behind you as you saw them, your dad, your brother, your group, get smaller and smaller behind you. Tears fell as you turned to face the front and you covered your mouth with your bloody hand, shaking. Only one thought was crossing your mind in that moment: escape.

A/N: Okay, this might have a part 2, message me if you want one! I REALLY loved this prompt :D xoxo

EDIT AS OF 3/17: send in your ideas for a part 2 if you want one!!
Lucifer 2x14 Meta

Uggh, this episode messed me up so bad!

Originally posted by queerlysad

At the end of 2x11, Lucifer gives Chloe a long-winded speech about how he’s not worthy of her. Chloe’s response is, “Maybe you’re right,” and to kiss him anyway. From an audience’s point of view (and Lucifer’s) we never see Chloe express her feelings about their relationship to his face.

What words of affection does Chloe give Lucifer? If you look carefully, her praise of him is all around their relationship as crime-solving partners, not as friends or romantic partners:

2x01: Look, I don’t know what your deal is, but you make me a better detective. And you’ve always got my back. What more could I ask for?

2x07: If I’m gonna take this guy down, I need my partner and that’s you. Lucifer Morningstar.

2x10: Lucifer is the best partner I have ever had. And I can only hope that he can count on me as much as I count on him.

Lucifer really believes that he’s not good enough for her as a romantic partner. His worst fears are confirmed in 2x12 when Charlotte manipulates him into discovering his Father asked Amenadiel to bless Chloe’s mother and create a “miracle child”.

At the end of 2x13, Chloe asks Lucifer if he wants to pick up their relationship where it left off. Vague words, because Chloe is scared of rejection, and by now Lucifer thinks her feelings are fake, a grand manipulation by his father.

Which brings us to 2x14.

Lucifer tries to stay away from Chloe. Maybe he even tries to take his love of punishing bad guys and solving crimes to Las Vegas, where he saves the life of the woman we know as Candy. But Lucifer can’t stop thinking about Chloe. (Or apparently talking to Candy about Chloe and his work and how hellish almost losing Chloe to poison was and how gut-wrentching it was to have to confront his worst fears of being trapped in hell with no hope of redemption was. I have the head-canon that there must have been some grand adventure that really bonded Lucifer and Candy together. I mean he freely initiates a hug with Candy, which we’ve only ever seen him do sincerely with Delilah and insincerely with Dan to steal his badge and gun.)

So yeah, Lucifer is not in a good state of mind and he can’t stop thinking about Chloe, but he doesn’t want to trap her in a relationship that his Dad set up. He concocts this hair-brained scheme to use Candy to push Chloe to drop her pursuit of him romantically. Don’t think for a second that his real motivation was getting information out of Charlotte. That was a nice side effect, but could have been done without Candy posing as his wife.

This scheme is, in Lucifer’s words to Amenadiel, a way to give Chloe back free will. To allow her to make a “choice” about their romantic relationship. It’s a poorly-thought out plan, because how will Lucifer know if Chloe is really acting on her own accord if she chooses a relationship with him? The only way this plan works is if Chloe obviously chooses not to be with Lucifer, defying God’s plan. It’s a false dichotomy where Lucifer has set himself up to lose no matter what.

Lucifer seals his fate by sabotaging his reunion with Chloe by having Candy walk into the station (come on, did you think Candy who is helping Lucifer by acting like his wife would just decide to take her acting gig so seriously that she would waltz into a police station). He really wants to drive home the point that Chloe shouldn’t trust him romantically, which we can see by his excited, “Yes, just friends!” statement and his desire to “get back to the way things were before” they kissed.

But it back fires. Chloe doesn’t trust him anymore, and wants him out of her life. She’s too broken up to tell him that her heart is broken, so the next best thing is to limit her contact with him and fire him from being her partner in crime.

So now you have Lucifer, who is so freaking scared to have a romantic relationship that his Dad set up, who has only been praised by Chloe for being her partner in crime, who has only ever felt wanted and respected by the people at his job, suddenly lose it all.

Is it any wonder that he spends the entire episode trying to prove he’s a worthy crime-solving partner? That’s been the only relationship connection that Chloe has ever expressed affection and appreciation for. Lucifer has never had a romantic relationship before, ever, and sex is off the table, so he goes about proving his worth by desperately trying so hard to prove that Chloe needs his help solving crimes. He has his musical talents, and Chloe did bond with him over piano playing, so he concocts the hair-brained plan to sing a song from her favorite band and catch a killer.

Lucifer’s just so excited when he catches Marla. Absolute joy on his face when he strums her base in the crime lab. “See, the department needs me, including you.” Only Amenadiel finally calls him on his delusions, reminding Lucifer that it doesn’t matter if Chloe was manipulated by Dad into having feelings for Lucifer; her feelings are real and valid in her mind.

So we have the final scene with the killer band member, guitar cord wrapped around Lucifer’s throat, and Lucifer calls out to Chloe in the only way he knows how: by giving up, by acting out, by pre-emptively striking out against someone he’s afraid of being hurt by. “I’m useless to her. The Detective doesn’t need me anymore.” He urges the band member to strangle him or Chloe to shoot him. Chloe eventually shoots the band member.

But what really breaks my heart is when Lucifer complements Chloe on her aim, and she says, “I was aiming for you.” Again, there’s no verbal confirmation, no words of affection other than Chloe touching his face and asking him if he’s ok. They leave it with Chloe telling Lucifer to “not be late” to the precinct tomorrow. Again, she’s letting him back into his work, giving him that inch, but she’s not letting him back into her life just yet. And that is what has me being a very sad fangirl this week.

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Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern (Part One - The Runaway)

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AN: So this will contain MAJOR spoilers for people who haven’t read the books. Also this is super au in the fact that Jonathan is way, way out of character. 

It started this a few years ago to sort of deal with what he did in the books and wrote a few parts but was going to delete it because no one really read it.

However some people are interested so I’ll give it one more shot.

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Hello Goodbye (3)

one two three four five six

Jung Kiseok          

          I didn’t know how bad I treated her for almost six months, but I did notice how uncomfortable she was, how she often fiddling her fingers when she’s nervous and secretly glancing me then looked out the window, avoiding my eyes.   

          She must be scared of me.     

          I glanced at her then Yoona from the mirror view, they didn’t talk too much. Yoona was sleepy and started to drift off to sleep while Eunha was too anxious on her seat.     

          “Are you fine with seafood?” I asked, trying to engage a conversation. I knew Eunha wasn’t a shy girl, in opposite, she was cheerful and talkative. I often heard her chatting and joking with the other employee, she loved to laugh, but I never witnessed her laugh in front of my own eyes.        

           I have known her since her very first day working at my dad’s company, she worked hard and she’s an honest worker. My dad often praised her, he told me and my mom how he felt helped by Eunha’s presence. Knowing my dad wasn’t easy to praise someone, I thought this Eunha must have something in her.     

           And yes, she was. I knew she took her job seriously even though she’s Yoona’s bestfriend, she worked professionally, I noticed it when I took my internship at my dad’s company. Since then, I could see her grown as mature and skillful assistant personal.     

           But after all, she’s still a girl and loved to play that bubble burst game which often got caught by myself when I secretly accessed her laptop.       

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Review for Mystic Messenger

Hey all you lovelies, time for probably one of the more controversial reviews on my list since everyone seems to be in love with Mystic Messenger. I just want to give another warning that this review is in no way objective (as it is a personal review) and you’re free to disagree with me on this.

If you want a link to the original ranking list that I posted, here it is: x

As a warning: possible spoilers, TMI about my personal life, and oversharing. I’ll see you all on the other side of this cut. :)

Mystic Messenger is second on my list of favorite otome games, so great job Cheritz! Of the two games of yours that I’ve played, both have made the top two on my overall ranking of otome games. I had a little bit of a problem with this game as I didn’t have all that much control over the pace of the game (minus max speed in chatrooms) and I was responsible for being on time to make chatrooms and receive calls.

While Nameless opened new doors for me, Mystic Messenger pushed me to explore those doors. To be honest, I was going through a fairly rough patch in my life when Mystic Messenger was released, and while it’s brought me a lot of joy, it’s also caused me a lot of heartache and self-loathing. Namely, that I had to watch my absolute favorite character get a lot of hate from the fandom for his obsessive tendencies.

You guessed it, Jumin Han is my favorite. I’d always been scared of coming off as too possessive with my friends and driving people away because I have a fear of abandonment. Seeing people lash out at Jumin for being possessive and being fearful of MC leaving him really felt like a personal attack for me because I felt like I understood where he was coming from and I was frustrated that other people couldn’t look past his aggressiveness and see how fragile he really was. 

Here’s a lesson guys: if you want to help a possessive person get better, keep reassuring them of your love, even if it’s tiring. Pulling away suddenly doesn’t help you, it just makes it worse because you’re negatively reinforcing their belief that you’ll leave them if they don’t “make you happy”. I’ve spent hours crying over the thought that I was driving my friends further away from me just because I wanted to pull them closer to me, and I can tell you that it wasn’t fun at all. Remind possessive friends/people that you’ll always be with them, even if you’re not physically next to them. One of my best friends understood this before I did, and now I’m securely attached to them as opposed to anxiously attached to them. I’m not scared of her leaving me anymore, and rather, she’s become a safe space for me to go to without fear of judgement.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic (and shared wayyy too much information about myself). While I loved Mystic Messenger, I felt like its supporting characters weren’t particularly memorable aside from being horrible human beings. I mean, you have the antagonists on Jumin and Zen’s routes (Sarah, Glam Choi, Echo Girl), Jumin’s womanizer of a father, and Mary Vanderwood 3rd, but we didn’t really get to spend that much time with them. Granted, I understand that this is a different game from most otome games, where there’s always a supporting character who is just a friend to the MC. But it was sad to know that everyone that the MC was allowed to be in contact with were either romantic partners, romantic rivals, or mild antagonists (or in V’s case, taken).

As for a lesson that Mystic Messenger has taught me, it’s that people do crazy things for love. People become blind to those they care about, and there’s a lot of self-deprecation and obsessiveness that people fall into. In other words, it’s much too easy to hurt the people who mean the most to us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t heal them. It doesn’t mean that we can’t make amends, that we can’t look for different ways to solve problems, and most definitely does not mean that we have to spend the rest of our lives wallowing in anger, hatred and sadness. There is a way out.

In regards to voice acting, I thought it was very well done. There was enough variation between characters voices and I loved the emoticons each character had. My only complaint is that we don’t get voice acting in some of the VNM moments that really would’ve hit hard, like kiss scenes or dramatic scenes between characters. You’re good Cheritz, but there was just a little more I would’ve liked to weasel out of you. The soundtrack is also pretty good (the opening theme is addicting) and I feel like while each character track is fairly accurate in regards to each character’s personality, some of them were too similar to each other for me to really appreciate them. I mean, 707′s stood out like a firecracker in a sea of sparklers, but as for the others, they all were fairly similar in terms of pacing and mood.

And finally, for the breakdown (out of 10; total score out of 60):

MC = 9. The choices that you could make as the MC were limited at certain points, but I felt like her personality was fairly versatile and you could get a sassy MC, which was fantastic to me. My only complaint is that sometime the choices were a little too polarized; you either groveled, tried to play mediator, or you talked shit, and as annoying as this sounds, I would’ve liked some more subtle choices so I would actually have to think about the choices I was making instead of picking the first one that sounded moderately okay.

“Dateable” Cast = 7. The character flaws of each character were resolved at the end of their routes, but I had a really hard time liking all of the characters. With Jaehee, her route was particularly hard for me because I already liked Jumin and I felt like I had to give her away to Zen just to make her happy. Echoing the rest of the fandom, I hated being compared to Rika in Yoosung’s route and Zen’s narcissism and overall defensiveness really stung me. While some people can forgive narcissism, it’s something I can’t get over because I already struggle with body-image and self-esteem, and seeing someone gloat just makes me feel like shit. I also had a really hard time on 707′s route because I don’t deal well with rejection and by the time he opened up to me, I had already slunk away to lick my wounded heart. The good endings of each character made me happy, but I had too many festering wounds to scar over properly. I also personally want a V route and even a possible Mary Vanderwood 3rd route even despite knowing that V is dedicated wholeheartedly to Rika. But just saying: he deserved better.

Secondary Cast = 7. Not the worst, to say the least, but it definitely wasn’t good enough to deserve a standing ovation. The secondary cast was large (I included guests as part of the secondary cast) and while the emails in particular were difficult for me, I enjoyed the characters of all the guests. I already commented on the almost antagonistic nature of all the other supporting characters that you actually meet in the routes, and just to reiterate what I had said above: they were good, but the fact that MC was completely alone in this world with no friends to support her, it was difficult for me to feel accepted and feel totally immersed in this game.

OST = 8. Pretty great; I was freaked out whenever the hacker music would cut in and the screen would flash and each character had songs that more or less fit them. Again, only complaint here is that everyone with the exception of 707 had very similar songtracks and I would have to listen for a while before being able to identify whose song was playing.

Mechanics = 10. Despite the fact that this game has crashed on me multiple times and I’ve had to deal with frozen moments, I’m grateful to Cheritz for frequently updating the game to get rid of bugs. Also, Chertiz gets brownie points for gifting hourglasses whenever an update comes up. Also, as much as I love Jumin, it does get annoying when I accidentally press on his profile while trying to get out of another window.

CGs = 10. CGs were pretty fantastic (not surprised, since Cheritz is amazing) and dazzling. The characters appeared pretty consistent throughout all the CGs, and while some people may think it weird that I point this out, sometimes CGs differ in the way that a certain character is drawn or proportions are a little out of wack.

Overall Score: 51/60. Cheritz really made an amazing game out of Mystic Messenger, and while it has its flaws, it’s a fantastic otome game. I’m glad that it’s getting a lot of attention because hopefully this paves the way for more otome games to be translated for English-speaking audiences. 

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Doctor!sterek please??

Here you go!   -Emmy

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Accidents by countrygirlsfun

(1,780 I Teen I Complete)

Derek is standing at the nurses station down in the ER. It’s his turn to be on call in the clinic and he’s been grateful for such a quiet night so far. Quiet in the sense that they haven’t had many patients, but that’s the only way it’s been quiet because Suzanne has been harping on him from behind the desk for the last ten minutes without letting him leave.

Well, it’s more he shouldn’t leave, he needs to stay ready in case something happens and he’s needed. Oh boy, does he wish someone would come through those doors and need a doctor.

From Beginning to End by Nival_Vixen 

(2,736 I Mature I Complete)

Derek has good and bad days. His good days begin with Stiles, and involve seeing the kids at work smiling and happy, playing and laughing with each other, and usually end with Stiles. His bad days can sometimes begin and end the same way, but the in between part is what utterly destroys him. He loves the kids in the paediatrician ward, wishes he could make every single one of them better, but he knows that logically, it’s not possible. Sometimes bad things happen to good kids, and try as he might, Derek just can’t change that. He’s a doctor, not a wizard.

Houston, We Have a Problem by ImpassionedWriter 

(3,828 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles has trouble getting off. Derek… fixes it. [Doctor/Patient AU and Softcore Porn]
(Did you really expect anything else from me?)

Let Me In by IdontlikeIobsess

(4,112 I Teen I Complete)  *single parent!Stiles, doctor!Derek

Derek is tired of being woken up at 4 AM every single night by the baby living next door. He could help, if only his neighbor would let him talk.

Thorough Examination by Viet_joker 

(5,086 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles accidentally injured his muscles in his back thigh. He said it was fine, but Scott and his father urged him to at least get it checked out at the clinic.

Well, he did get it checked out, but it was more than just his thigh.

Little Talks by Vendelin 

(5,387 I Mature I Complete)

“Your favourite is here,” Danny says, smirking. “I tried to steal him away by giving him some extra attention, but he just looked uncomfortable.”

 Stiles snorts, though he’s secretly pleased by his regular rejecting Danny. “He always looks a bit uncomfortable. I bet he’s married with a kid and a permanent guilty conscience when he’s here.”

 It had been quite the surprise for Stiles to realise that he had a regular. A pretty young, hot regular, on top of that.

In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

The New Intern by Ladynight 

(5,434 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek’s a great doctor who gets assigned with an annoying intern. A chatty, annoying intern that has  big long fingers and a gorgeous, amazing pink mouth.
Derek. Is. So. Screwed.
“Ok, Stiles will be your intern Derek.” Isaac walked the same path he came by, looking over his shoulder with a sarcastic smile “I’m going to let you two work now.” And he was gone. He knew how much Derek hated working with other people, which was weird as shit because he was, in fact, a doctor.

Isaac jerks off on his misery. Son of a bitch.

“How old are you?”

Stiles actually took a few seconds before realizing that the question was directed at him, since Derek asked while looking at some piece of paper. “Oh, I’m twenty-six.” Derek couldn’t mask the surprising expression that took over his face, because shit, the guy looked like a teenager. “Surprised Doctor Hale?”

Fight Me! by JR Granger (JR_Granger) 

(5,690 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles has a… zoning out problem and his mom makes him get tests done - even though he’s totally //fine// - and in the process meets a very cute nurse. Or is he a doctor? Stiles has no idea; he just knows that Derek is really nice. And did he mention attractive?

No Words Left Unsaid by countrygirlsfun 

(7,776 I General I Complete)

Derek makes the appointment himself. That in and of itself is a big deal for him.

It’s been ten years since he got his family killed. Six years since he let Laura, his sister, get killed, leaving only himself as the sole survivor of the Hale family.

And it’s been five years, eleven months since Derek has spoken.

Mend My Heart by lucianowriter 

(12,352 I General I Complete)

Stiles is a single father to a toddler. Life is complicated and messy as it is. When his father has a heart attack, Stiles watches as Derek Hale enters his life and complicates it even more. However, this grumpy doctor may just surprise Stiles in the end.

Might as Well Give In by Hepzheba

(14,600 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek thinks that moving across the country and start at a new job would be the most drastic changes he could make. Then he meets Stiles, and even though he suspects Stiles is a patient that has escaped the psych ward on the tenth floor he can’t help but be intrigued by the teen.

Just a Good Time by Dexterous_Sinistrous 

(36,042 I Explicit I WIP)

Stiles was used to getting called at, most of them men offering him money for sex. He had even accepted a few times, pinched for cash while having a stone-hearted landlord meant that he didn’t have a lot of options.

Deep down, he knew he could always go home—that despite the fight, his dad would always let him come home, even with James. That was why he hated himself more every time he accepted the cash.

(Or, the one where single parent Stiles strips and prostitutes himself out to feed his kid.)

Dive In By alexxxford

(40,358 I Mature I WIP)

Hollywood has never been kind to its young stars and Stiles Stilinski was no exception. After a long downward spiral of self neglect and alcohol Stiles finally snaps. The result: court ordered rehab.

Derek Hale is a junior doctor who’s had a tough ride. Perhaps specialising in alcoholism wasn’t his smartest decision. He’s learnt not to become attached to his patients and with one more case to get through he can finally finish those 7 torturous years of training.

Stiles and Derek butt heads immediately, with personalities that couldn’t be more different it’s certain to be a painful 3 months for all involved.

Hold Me Tight (Within Your Clutch) by est_in_manus 

(85,636 I Teen I Complete)

 In the last year, Derek found his life had taken a complete turn for the better. There were ups and downs, sure, but most of all he found a family. Of course Derek has always had a family, he was even lucky enough to be born into a big one. His parents, his sisters, and even his uncle Peter had special places in his heart.

 But this family? This was Derek’s, and he found it all on his own.


 In the last year, his entire life changed for the better. He wasn’t alone anymore, his nieces had a strong male figure to look up to in the areas that Stiles may lack, and Stiles had a strong male figure in his-

 Never mind, that was dangerous thought territory to go down when he was already running late.


As Derek handles his transition from being a Nurse to a full on Pediatrician, Stiles handles his own personal situations at the high school. Their families are so happy they found each other. Though others are out to try to ruin them.

Hopefully Scott remembered the rings to his own wedding…

An Artist’s Personal Statement by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf) 

(87,818 I Explicit I Complete)

Being the middle child of five siblings, Stiles was used to taking the backseat. He was twenty-one years old, mouthy, pale skinned, and twitchy, and was probably the most overlooked in such a talented and good-looking family. Not only that but more often than not, he was bullied, teased, exposed (in a literal sense) and also ended up getting banged up and bruised. Thank goodness, there’s Dr. Hale to patch him up after all is said and done.

Just a monster of a fic with doctor!Derek and artist!Stiles, complete with a couple more Stilinskis and a gang of well-meaning friends running around trying to hook them up and keep them together.

Fallen part 2-Derek imagine

A/N : Hiii people requested a part 2 of this imagine so here it is :) 

When you fell you thought this is how far it goes. You never thought you could fall even further, But then Derek Hale kissed you.

It was as if your body was reacting to his touch, vibrating almost.

It had been three akward days since that and you had yet to let it go. How could you ?

‘’Tell me y/n…’’ Peter said suddenly getting bored of the TV
‘’why did you fall..i mean why did you really fall ?’’ he asked.

‘’plotted against Lucifer. They were planning to attack, some archangels and I stopped him. ‘’  you explained.

‘’This Lucifer guy…does he accept credit cards ?’’ Peter asked and you sighed.

‘’he’s not gonna turn you into an alpha Peter. Not without stealing your soul …’’

‘’he’s gonna have to find it first’’ Peter winked and then Derek t entered. You suddenlty felt conscious. You were not used to that feeling. Why should you care how you look just because someone happened to be around ?

‘’we have a problem…’’ he announced and looked at you.

‘’is she pregnant ?’’ Peter asked and Derek rolled his eyes.

‘’what happened ?’’ you asked.

‘’The Calaveras know about you..’’ He said.

‘’who does what ?’’ you questioned again

‘’Mexican family of hunters want to make pillows out of your feathers.’’ He explained and you felt your blood freezing in your veins. Why would someone want to do something like that.?

Derek approached you.

‘’we need to leave. ‘’ he said grabbing you.

‘’what ?’’

‘’y/n. This is the first place they’re going to look. I have to get you out of here until we deal with them’’ You felt something that Lydia taught you was worry, in the pit of your stomach.

‘’but if this is the first place they’re going to look , why isn’t Peter coming with us ?’’ you asked innocently and Peter got up, glad someone was defending him.

‘’he agreed on stalling them..’’ Derek said smirking

‘’I NEVER-‘’ Peter was about to protest but Derek shut the door in his face.

You found yourself in Stiles’ jeep along with Scott and Derek. Stiles who hadn’t seen you in a while stared before finally speaking.

‘’you look different..’’ he whispered and your eyes widened in concern. And though you could not see it so did Derek’s

‘’what..hhaha…what do you mean ?’’ you said scratching the back of your neck.

‘’I can quite put my finger on it..but-

Stiles was interrupted by Derek.

‘’nobody is quite putting their finger anywhere’’ he said parking the car. You looked around to see you were at a motel.

Scott explained they did not yet have a plan so for now they were playing  moving target,. they’d constantly change you locations avoiding the Calaveras.

Scott booked two rooms. One of them had two beds and the other one only one.

‘’I’LL SHARE WITH Y/N !’’ Stiles exclaimed. Derek looked at him, his hands on the reception counter.

‘’ yes, you do that. And when the Calaveras attack you both in your sleep I’ll get rid of the bodies in the morning..’’ He said in a completely straight face while taking the key to the room and your hand.


You were lying in bed staring at ceiling, wishing it wasn’t there. You wanted to look at the stars. You missed heaven. Earth was remarkable but you missed heaven. Yu sighed but your eyes landed on the back of Derek as he took off his shirt , his muscles flexing. Lydia told you the feeling you had now was sexual arousal . And you did your best to fight it.

‘’Here you can wear these..’’ Derek handed you an oversized hoodie and a loose pear of sweatpants. You obeyed getting up and pulling down your pants causing Derek to chuckle and place his hand over his eyes.

‘’at least give me some time to turn’’ he said inbetween chuckles.

‘’oh right..sorry’’ you kept forgetting the whole getting dressed and getting naked rule.
You had never wore a hoodie before so you wrongly put it on the other way around.

‘’all done !’’ you smiled and when Derek looked at you he burst out laughing.

‘’what ?’’ you suddenly felt bad looking at your reflection on the windows.

Derek shook off the laughter and walked closer. He held the lower part of the hoodie and lifted it over your head taking it off again.
The movement sent shivers down your spine causing your wings to flatter but you held them hidden not wanting to show him the effect he had on you. He turned the hoodie on the right way and was about to place it over your head again when he paused.  You were naked beneath, your chest breathing against his, butit wasn’t the time he would have seen your tits, and that was not what he was focusing on.

‘’you need to lift your hands’’ he said looking into your eyes. You looked up at him and did so, feeling useless. He placed the fabric over your head and slowly, very slowly dragged it down, making sure his knuckles touched your skin.  He then let his head drop and sighed.

He himself feared what he was capable of. He feared what the Calaveras would do , if he did not protect you, but more than anything he feared the look in your eyes when you stared at the ceiling.
He knew you missed heaven. He just didn’t want you to.

‘’There is a way to deal with the Calaveras..’’ you said in realization and he lifted his head again to look at you.

‘’what ?’’ he asked.

‘’they want me as long as I’m an angel…what if I’m not ? What if I turned human ? I’d be useless to them right ?’’

you remembered Stiles’ words of looking different. Of course you did. You were gradually turning. But both you and Derek knew what would seal the deal.

‘’no’’ Derek said.

If you turned human there would be no way back. You’d be stuck here forever. Whereas being a fallen angel , you had chances of going back up there again.

‘’fine, but..if. if things turn too difficult and we don’t find a way to deal with the want  you to do it..’’ you whispered.

Your words reached Derek’s ears and firstly warmed him but then confused him. He could not do it. Not like that and not for these reasons.

See, for an angel to fully become human, they must develop and satisfy all human needs. You had already eaten, taken a bath, slept , developed feelings, but nobody had touched you yet. Once you slept with a human you’d turn human yourself…and you did not like the idea of anyone else taking that from you.

‘’  you should sleep..’’Derek said exiting the room. Lydia had told you , this was called rejection.  

———-2 DAYS LATER————

You were constantly running, changing locations and had yet to get over with the Calaveras.

‘’we can’t hide her forever!’’ Stiles argued while stopping the jeep for the new location.

‘’you’re right’’ Derek said taking your hand.

‘’you can’t. ‘’ he started walking away with you.

But Scott and Stiles followed him anyway.

You entered a house and looked around , wondering what was this place. It looked old and abandoned.

‘’where are we ?’’ you asked. Neither Scott or Stiles spoke, they just looked at Derek who kicked the door open and blew the dust of the house away.

‘’did I say something wrong ?’’ you whispered at Scott.

You all moved furniture and made some space that would serve you for the night, but after a couple of hours Derek was nowhere to be seen.

‘’I’ll go find him..’’ you said and got up. You went up the stairs and searched every room until there was only one left. You opened the door and there was a small wooden balcony that once you exited had this sort of wooden platform against it. It seemed like an extra outdoors room…with no ceiling. Just like you wanted it.  

Then you noticed a shadow caused by the moonlight, and you got out the balcony to find Derek.

‘’hey..’’ you softly said.

‘’let’s go back inside’’ he said as soon as he aw you 3which caused you to feel somewhat offended.

‘’Derek, what is wrong ?’’ you asked again. No reply.

‘’and what is this house?…who lived here?’’
Derek looked away sucking one big breath and then looking straight into your eyes.

‘’someone like you, pure and all. Perfect and then I ruined her. ‘’ he said and you remembered the story Peter had told you about Derek and that girl. This was her house ?  

‘’I’m sorry…’’ you whispered.

‘’I just hadn’t been here in a while…’’Derek looked around as thoughts started running in your mind. Did he used to come her often , was that her room ? her balcony ?

‘’it wasn’t your fault..i mean you couldn’t have known..’’ you tried to make him feel better.

‘’But it was. And this is exactly what I am trying to tell you Y/N. I won’t give you the I destroy everything I touch line, but it’s true. I can’t turn you human Y/N, It’s not your nature. You can’t even wear a hoodie properly. ‘’

‘’Derek it was not my choice to fall…’’

‘’but it will be your choice to turn human…I just wanted you to know I will not …help you..’’ he finished. This was not what Lydia called rejection, this was denial and disappointment and sadness and oh ! this is what Lydia told you they called heartbreak.

You stared at him for a couple of minutes and then you felt something weird running down your cheeks.

‘’it’s raining’’ you whispered and then Derek’s thumb wiped the tears on your cheeks and you realized it was not raining and you felt stupid for saying such a thing. You pulled away from his touch.

‘’At first I didn’t understand why my father loved you so much. And then he told me to notice you and I did. I didn’t understand you but I envied you. All those capabilities, emotions, trapped in such a tiny vessel that doesn’t even have any wings. When I fell I thought it would have been okay to be human, because I could experience all that. And now look at you Derek Hale, proving me I was right all along for not accepting my father’s love towards you. You can’t love back can you ?’’  

you said and looked up. The stars were fading, the sky becoming darker…lost in a background, all behind Derek.

Then before you knew it he was holding your waist , your bodies together. Breathing each other in, all this energy in your eyes, radiating from your bodies into one another.  He kissed you passionately and softly enjoying every second, so softly he feared he would hurt you.  You kissed him back and felt your insides erupting. You could not feel more human than this.  You felt his cheeks his jaw, his neck his torso his arms his legs everything against you and before you knew it you were both on the floor.
You helped Derek out of his shirt and he helped you out of yours as you kissed again. You paused for a minute to look into his eyes and you saw the reflection of a falling star. You turned to look at it and smiled. You felt his fingers in your hair massaging your head. You were both naked, you on top of him as he stared at your figure.

You leaned down to kiss him and opened your wings for one last time.

tacite-aime  asked:

Can i ask what will RFA member do when they want to marry MC? (i mean like asking for permission to MC's parent, preparing or proposing) thankyou! (( gonna use this for my ff tbh ))

( oohhh good luck with your writing, and I hope these hcs help! )


- Probably get some confidence lessons from Zen before doing anything. He wouldn’t be able to propose to you if he couldn’t say the darn sentence!

- The two of you had been dating through his college years, and now that he was graduating, he wanted you to be with him in that chapter of his life too. And the rest of his chapters. 

- His ring wouldn’t be fancy. It’d be a soft silver band. He just hoped you’d look beyond the ring, and see the meaning behind it. 

- He’d schedule a secret meeting with your parents and ask them. He’d remember Zen’s confidence lessons and explain what his plans where after graduation. 

- Your parents already loved him as their own son, and admired his traditional approach. They’d be ecstatic to have him as part of the family, and they know he’d treat you well. 

- He’d propose to you on Lolol lol. Defeat a boss together and then you’d get a marriage request. You know Yoosung doesn’t so anything solely for the benefits. He’d then kneel infront of you in real life with the ring and propose. 


- He’d get you a simple but elegant diamond ring. 

- He would be banging his head against the wall. He was a famous actor! He could act anything! Why was he getting so bent out of shape over a question!? 

- He’d try to do it at home, in a restaurant, and even a rehearsal, but each time he’d chicken out. He’d be so nervous! 

- Eventually during a performance where he’d be swarmed by his fans, he calls you out to him. 

- Then in front of all his fans he kneels down and proposes to you. 

- Then in front of his fans he proclaims that if anyone publically hates his fiancee or harasses her, he’ll quit his job. 

- You never have to deal with angry fans ever. 


- She vents to Zen about her worries. How do girls propose to each other? Is there a different way than from the traditional kneel and ring? What if your family is against it? What if you two fall out of love? Who’s suppose to propose?! 

- Zen would have to distract her with some coffee and soothe her and then let her have some alone time. 

- Zen is a great wingman btw. 

- He’d text you that Jaehee has something urgent to talk about. And you’d hurry home to see what was wrong. 

- Jaehee would finally confess her feelings and thoughts and worries. This was a lot to take in at once, but the fact that Jaehee had been thinking this for who knows how long… it was so endearing. 

- You kiss her during her rambling and silence her. 

- You both think a spring wedding would be nice. :3


- He is SO nervous about this, but he doesn’t outwardly show it. Jaehee would be the first to pick up on his emotional turmoil, when he was reading documents upside down, answering his calls willingly, and spacing out even during a meeting!

- Jaehee would contact V, and get him to talk to Jumin. They were best friends so surely he could do something!

- V would hurry to Jumin as soon as he could and talk to him about what was bothering him so bad. Jumin would give in and admit that as much as he wanted to marry you, he was scared. Not because of rejection, or that he was unworthy, but that you two might divorce sometime down the road. He didn’t want you two to end up like his parents. 

- V would assure that you are nothing like his mother, and he is nothing like his father. You two love and understand each other. Your relationship was based on love , trust, and communication. Not money, corporate ties, or elitism. 

- Hearing that from V really helped put his fears aside. He’d do it tonight. 

- Later that night he’d present to you the book that he read to you on the first night you stayed over at his place that Rika gave him. When you opened the bookmarked page something fell out and landed in your lap. It was a highly expensive diamond ring!? You’d look up at him, only to find him kneeling before you asking you to marry him. 

- Later he’d go and confront your parents about asking you to marry him. It would definitely go over smoothly considering you’d be marrying someone as well off and collected as Jumin. They were happy for you!


- He’d approach your parents with some fake background story of being an amazing computer repair technician and computer engineer to have them trust him so fully. They viewed him as…unconventional, but then again so were you. As long as it was for the right reasons, and he made you happy, they supported it. He assured the wedding would take place in a space station.

- That didn’t reassure them. 

- Once he got home he started to sell some of his babies. You’re shocked and ask why. He then would look up at you with a serious face and say pointedly, “ Well with my salary alone it’ll be  YEARS before we get to the space station, let alone a wedding dress and a pastor.” he explained. 

- It takes a few moments to register what he said, but you immediately squeal and hug him shouting “YES NYA!~” 


Marichat May: Day 6

((Another late one.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on all the days I’ve missed in the coming week.

Anyway, consider this a continuation of my Day 5 entry which you can find here:

I suggest reading that one and Maybe my day 4 entry to get the whole gist of what exactly is going on here.

Thanks and enjoy!))

Day 6: “I like someone else”

Adrien sat, staring out his bedroom window at the sky in a state of agitation.

After the rather eventful confrontation between Marinette and Chloe, the young model had made it home and, in a moment of bad judgment, told his kwami about what had occurred. Said kwami was now finishing off a box of cheese and sniggering to himself about the whole affair.

“So she just walked up and SLAPPED her?” Plagg sniggered again before finishing off a cheese wedge in a single bite. “‘Bout time someone did it.”

Adrien really needed to stop telling Plagg about his day.

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anonymous asked:

Astrid holds her baby for the first time? Sorry, that's all I got lol.

Ok I went a little crazy on this one and I ended up writing a little over 3000 words. But I really love this concept and I wanted to go into a few other moments in the pregnancy. I’m actually really proud of this though so I hope people like it.

When the first monthly blood hadn’t come, Astrid hadn’t been particularly worried. It happened sometimes to Viking women during the winter months when there wasn’t enough variety in their diets. She’d been taking her moon tea every morning so there was no reason to panic.

The second time it’d happened she’d been a bit more nervous. It’d been a good season of trading and as the chief’s wife, Astrid had been eating very well. A few other women in the village had fallen pregnant and seeing them smile as their bellies swelled put Astrid on edge.

Once she couldn’t keep her food down, she figured it was time to face facts.

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As the parent of a trans* kid, I was deeply affected by Leelah Alcorn's suicide. I thought sharing this might help someone else.
I have been thinking for weeks about the suicide of teenager Leelah Alcorn, and her wish that her death  mean something.  I’m sharing my story about what it has been like to be the parent of a trans* kid in the hopes that if you are a parent struggling to come to terms with a Leelah or Sabel of your own, this might help  —and Leelah’s wish for her death to have meaning would take a few more steps forward.

Note:  My child Sabel uses the gender-neutral “they” pronoun.  [You can watch a video here of an adorable genderqueer person explaining life as they know it.]  Sabel has asked me to use this pronoun choice as well so I am doing so in the real world…and in this post.  Also, Sabel put in a few editorial comments when I asked them for their opinion of the piece.  I have bracketed and italicized these comments and left them in.

When my oldest child, born female, wasn’t even old enough to put a full sentence together, they cried when I put pink shoes on their feet.  They would tear them off and pull the white ones out of the closet.  “No, these!” they would say.

At five, I asked what they wanted to be when grown up.  “I want to be a man,” they said.  [As a child, man and woman were still the only two publicized options; genderqueer was a word I would never hear for years.]I told my child that was not possible.  

(Spoiler alert:  I was wrong.)

For years, we endured challenging wardrobe fights and difficulty with public bathrooms (they would not use a ladies room nor a men’s room, so visits to theaters and amusement parks meant no liquid consumption, and for me led to many frustrating experiences.)  Birthday parties were football, laser tag — and all boys.  When people mistakenly referred to ‘my son’ and I would correct them, my kid would become embarrassed and ask me not to correct people any longer.

When they turned twelve, they told me they were trapped in the wrong body and wanted an operation.  Trust me, this was no surprise; appearance and actions for their whole life had never really been that female or feminine.  Their father and I had always supported wishes of boys clothing and activities, and we no longer corrected anyone when they referred to our child as our “son.”  But then again, our child was twelve, and I did not know anyone else who had ‘changed sexes’ (as we referred to it then) nor anyone else whose child wanted anything along those lines.  We talked about surgery and hormone treatment seeming too extreme at that age, and said we’d talk about it again at the age of 18.  

Around this time, I looked for help and advice online (there is so much more there now; there wasn’t nearly as much in 2005) and, having no trans* friends of my own, I sought guidance from a good friend of mine — a smart, accomplished, lovely woman whom I trusted and who I felt could identify with the issues my child was facing since she had come out as a lesbian as a young adult and had shared with me some of the difficulties she had faced, not the least of which was with her own mother.  I thought she could provide me some parenting advice.

She told me two things which massively helped me.  The first, was that there is a difference between sexual identity and gender identity, and even though I might think them aligned because they are that way for me, not all people are like me — but all people’s alignments should be understood and respected.  

Second, she told me powerful stories from her time as a youth and a young adult coming out, and having her mom deal (or not deal, as the case was for many years) with her alignment.  

“The best, most important, and ONLY thing you can do as a parent is love your child, unconditionally.  Their alignment is who they are.  Your job is to accept, support, and love your child, that’s it,” she said.

It was life-changing advice for me.  

Though that didn’t suddenly make everything smooth sailing.  

During high school, my child dressed ‘like a boy,’ kept hair short, and wore plenty of baggy clothes.  They endured unkind remarks and outright disdain from some peers — and more disturbingly, some teachers.  The high school administration rejected an attempt to start a GSA .  High school was not the happiest time.   But, at least at home, there was love and support [and NCIS].

College was a happier time — Seattle U has a large LGBTQ community.  There are some gender-neutral bathrooms; there are some gender-neutral people.  During one of my visits early sophomore year, they told me they had started testosterone and were about to undergo top surgery.  I remembered my friends advice, as always.  I loved my kid unconditionally.  

Now, my child is 21, is named Sabel, has facial hair, a lower voice, and a very sweet girlfriend.  We just spent Thanksgiving on vacation together, touring moldy castles and moldier pubs in the Scottish Highlands.  We laughed a lot.

Our story has a happy ending, but trust me, the middle was hard.   It is hard to be the parent of a trans* child.  You go through so much pain seeing them struggle, be taunted, feel different, and have friends turn on them.  Sometimes your own family members and closest friends don’t accept your child — and don’t accept you for ‘tolerating’ what they perceive to be odd and socially unacceptable behavior.  There are many days you wish your kid would just ‘be normal’ — not because one gender is better than any other, but simply because being mainstream feels like it would be so much easier on everyone, them and you —and also because you simply cannot feel what it is like to be them, so it is hard to relate to why this is so critically important.  But it is.  And your only choice is whether you are going to love them unconditionally, or not.

When the transition does occur, you as a parent may have some more rough times.  You may mourn the child you had because in some ways that child is gone.  There may be surgeries; they may have not be able to have biological children [but to them it’s like that scene from Alien or like that scene from Prometheus or like that scene from The Matrix].  They are never wearing your wedding dress down that aisle at that wedding you’ve imagined for 20 years [but mom you have that back-up daughter].  You struggle with names and pronouns at cocktail parties when people ask you about your children — I’ve had more than a few 20-minute conversations after some unsuspecting person innocently asks, “how many children do you have?  Boys or girls?”  

You will never hear that sweet voice again.  

But there is a new voice, a new face, with that same wonderful personality inside, but now that personality is all lit up because it is in a happy body that reflects on the outside who that person always felt like on the inside.  Eventually, there comes a day when your child is magically but casually always happy, and your brain naturally says “them” instead of the old pronouns.  And you’ve gotten to know this new wonderful person — who is a happier and more contented version of your kid.  If that’s not true love, and to be truly blessed as a parent, I don’t know what is.  

If you have a Leelah or a Sabel of your own, and are struggling with what to do, I hope this story has helped you see one possible path.   Put simply:

Step One:  Love unconditionally

Step Two:  Recognize this is going to be hard on them and on you, and don’t deny their feelings, nor your own.

Step Three:  Trust that, eventually, it is going to feel normal, you will be out laughing together and the world will be okay.

And thank you Sabel for letting me share our story – Mom