someone who i just have such huge admiration for

ron weasley is so important

we need characters who have doubts and don’t always hide them. we need characters who are embarrassed, we need characters who have a bit of prejudice, and we need characters who can be selfish, because it actually gives them someplace to grow. it makes writing them important, because they are natural people.

ron weasley is everything we need, because in all his flaws, he matures, and he’s loyal, and he owns up to his mistakes. it’s important for readers to know that it takes time and effort to get to that point. recently i’ve been noticing this thing on tumblr where a naturally flawed person or character is completely disregarded and attacked, and i get it. we want to correct things, but ron weasley is the perfect example of being – well – normal, and actually transforming into a better person. he’s the prime example of the “problematic fave” because he’s awesome, and has flaws. but the thing is, that itself is normal, and we can’t treat it like the plague.

ron doesn’t refuse to change, and he doesn’t want to hurt people, but in his youth and jealousy, he can’t really help the way he acts all the time. and that’s completely okay, because what matters is that he actually tries to get there. but it lets readers who are familiar with “problematic traits” feel some sort of comfort, because things like jealousy and embarrassment can’t just disappear because someone tells you you need to get better.

i think this was already clear in the books, and i know we all praise book ron because he’s witty and a great friend, but it’s also really important to not only acknowledge his flaws, but accept and embrace them. because it’s cool to see someone like ron, who went from belittling house elves to wanting to make sure they were safe for example, actually go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’

so seriously PLEASE REMEMBER RON’S FLAWS. don’t just attack a character because they have undesirable traits because lots of us can relate to ron, and he’s a huge source of inspiration and admiration. he shows us it’s possible to not be the “scum of the earth” just because we have resentment and doubts and insecurities

Passenger In Love

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pairing: hyungwon x [y/n]

genre: maybe fluff? idk lololol

word count: 2036

a/n: thank you so much for requesting anon! ^^ i hope you guys enjoy reading this and i apologize for any grammatical errors. gif not mine


In the stillness of the night, the two of you lay on the comfy and soft bed that the two of you shared. Your fingers drew circles on his chest with your eyes becoming heavier and heavier by the minute. “Hey, babe, do you still remember the time when we first met?” You softly asked with your head on his chest, listening to his heart beating every single second.

It was just one of those nights when deep and serious conversations would just pop out. The soft breathing of Hyungwon was the only thing that you could hear, other than your own.

“Mmm, I surely do. You already had hearts in your eyes when you laid eyes on me.” Hyungwon teased as he twirls his long, slender fingers around your locks, eyes focused on the ceiling as he reminisces about how the two of you really met.

Scoffing at his remark, you rolled your eyes and lifted yourself off of him, elbows plopped on the mattress with you looking straight into his eyes as he looks down at you. “Yeah, right. You, yourself, couldn’t even stop yourself from asking me my number.”

Well, to be honest, the two of you are actually telling the truth. Both of you actually didn’t believe in love at first sight but when the two of you saw each other, it felt like everything stopped for some reason.

(flashback part)

It was the twentieth day of the month and here you are sitting in the business class with your left seat vacant. The day was really tiring and the only thing you could ever want was just to head back to South Korea and rest up after working really hard. Leaning back on your seat, you looked at the window and just enjoyed watching the city lights from afar.

They said meeting your significant other at the airport or in the plane itself was something magical but you beg to differ. There was nothing magical about it when you get your hopes up and never meet them again as soon as the plane lands in a different country. For short, you never believed in love at first sight.

Heaving out a sigh, you couldn’t help but pout as it was taking a bit longer for the plane to take off, especially when they’re still waiting for all the passengers to board and settle in with their items of luggage. The business class wasn’t that packed but it was then soon to be packed when a group of men came in, looking like models of some sort, making you look away to stop yourself from drooling at how hot they looked.

Suddenly, in the midst of distracting yourself, a voice called out to you. “Excuse me, Miss, but is this seat taken?” Turning your head to look at the owner who soft-spoken asked you, you couldn’t help but stop when you met his gaze.

It seemed like you were looking at some beautiful Greek God and for the first time, you were startled at the fact that your heart was beating really fast, butterflies dancing through your tummy and the fact that everything somewhat stopped.

The man who stood in front of you glowed and you couldn’t help but shake your head, quickly looking away to calm your beating heart, “N-no. The seat’s free.”

“That’s good to hear.” He pauses as he looks at another man who was in his early thirties, “I’ll seat here, hyung.” And with that, he moved his long limbs to the front of his seat and gently sits down with such grace.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, your heart seemed to beat really fast, showing no signs of slowing down. This was the first time in history that you were that nervous around someone who you barely knew.

The man, on the other hand, couldn’t help but chuckle at how you fiddled with the hem of your handkerchief whilst trying to avoid looking at him. “I’m Hyungwon, by the way.” He introduces, catching you off-guard.

Your lips were slightly parted from the sudden introduction. Noticing how jittery you’ve become, Hyungwon offers you his hand before flashing you a smile. “My n-names [y/n].” you shyly said as you wrapped your hand around his outstretched hand, shaking it before letting it go after a second or two.

“So, where you heading to [y/n]-sshi?” Hyungwon politely asked as he tries to start a conversation with you. And this was unusual of him to start a conversation with someone whom he doesn’t even know. There something about you when he first laid his eyes on you and he knew that this plane ride would be something that he’d definitely enjoy.

Still taken aback at his gestures, you couldn’t help but let your face say it all. Hyungwon found it extremely fascinating at how easy you were to read as if he’s known you for decades. “Oh, [y/n], don’t worry. I don’t bite and hey, might as well make this plane ride worth it.”

Hyungwon was right and at some point, you couldn’t understand why you suddenly softened up. “You’re right.” The corner of your lips was tugged upwards as you slightly turned your body to Hyungwon and remembered his question.

“Oh, about your question. Well, I’m heading back to Korea, obviously since I’ve finally finished doing my job here in New York. How about you?”

Hyungwon didn’t know if you were just pulling his leg or something but it was completely written all over your face that you didn’t know a single thing about him. “I just finished some job too and my groupmates and I are finally gonna rest up and probably work on some new music.”

“Music? Woah, that’s really cool!” you beamed with your eyes twinkling with interest. “Man, I really have such high admiration for people, like you, who create music.”

“Why?” Hyungwon queries out of curiosity, propping his elbows on the arm rest and rests his chin on his palms. Why do you admire them so much tho? You carefully thought about it, tapping your bottom lip with your index finger as you clearly were gonna lose yourself to the train of thoughts.

“I.. just have a huge admiration for them. You know, like they’re so amazing to come up with lyrics and melodies that could help someone out go through the pain that they’re going through or you know, make their day by just simply listening to the music that they’ve created.”

Hyungwon definitely understood what you meant and for the first time, he somewhat appreciates you. “You know what I mean right? Like the message that you guys write somewhat talks to their very souls as if they’re connected or something.”

“Yeah, I do. To be honest, for some reason, you’re really different [y/n]. Different in a good way.”

Chuckling at his awkward compliment, you nodded your head and muttered thanks before the two of you were interrupted with the intercom, instructions being announced throughout the whole plane.

With your seatbelts fastened, you looked at the flight attendant demonstrating the typical things that you should do when something happens, where the exit is and whatnots. Somehow you’ve almost memorized every single thing they’ve said since you’ve been flying back and forth for the past few weeks.

The plane was finally taking off and you couldn’t help but shut your eyes tightly from the force that got you glued on the seat’s backrest as the pilot quickly accelerates.

Hyungwon was pretty quick to notice the soft groans that left your lips. Slipping his hand on yours, he gives it a light squeeze, making you look at him with eyes filled with confusion.

“Don’t worry.” Two words were already enough to have you ease up. Finally, the plane smoothly flies and the warmth of Hyungwon’s hand was already gone.

“You okay?”

Glancing towards his side, you nodded your head and flashed him a thankful smile. “If you weren’t here, I don’t know what I would do with the plane taking off.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Throughout the whole trip, the two of you were getting to know each other and it felt like the two of you just clicked. The two of you got to know a couple of things that both of you have in common and even got to the point when the two of you were watching the same movie, only to end up with you falling asleep in your seat as all the work you had that morning finally kicked in.

Hyungwon glances towards your direction and he couldn’t help but smile. You were peacefully sleeping with your lips slightly parted and your chest heaving every time you breathe.

Bringing his phone out, Hyungwon takes a photo of you and smiles to himself before he decides to rest up. Wrapping himself in the blanket offered to everyone, Hyungwon had drifted off without any problem.

Feeling a slight shake on his shoulder, Hyungwon’s eyes fluttered open and he was surprised to see you looking fresh. “We’re gonna land soon.” You muttered, making him widen his eyes. Glancing at the window, he couldn’t believe that everything happened so fast. The sun was finally out and he was able to see the skyscrapers from afar.

“Here, have some facial wipes and some face mist.” Accepting the facial wipes and mist you’ve offered to him, Hyungwon mindlessly wipes his fast, patting it dry before spraying the mist.

“Thanks.” Hyungwon hands you back the items, only to feel the electric shock running through his fingers after his skin grazes against yours.

The plane has finally landed and before you knew it, you were out of the plane with your luggage in hand. Hyungwon and you just said your goodbyes and you knew that you just got your hopes up, hoping that something was gonna happen between the two of you.

Waltzing your way across the airport, you were suddenly stopped by a pair of hands. Turning around to look at the person, you couldn’t help but let out a gasp when you saw Hyungwon heavily panting right before you.

“I can’t let this chance slip. [y/n], I know this may sound really weird and sudden but… can I have your number? It was really fun talking to you and all while we were on the plane and I was hoping that maybe… we can hang out sometime?”

Seeing the sheepish smile plastered on his face and the teasing smiles that his friends had, you couldn’t help but soften at the sight as you took his phone and punched your phone number in.

“I’d love to hang out with you sometimes Hyungwon. Just text me if you want to hang out, okay? Anyways, I have to go now since my boss is waiting for me already. It was nice meeting you Hyungwon, bye~!”

You could feel your heart swell in happiness. At some point, you kind of agree with the people who said that meeting people at the airport or plane was somewhat magical. Making your way through the exit, you were startled when you felt your phone buzz against your thighs, making you pull your phone out, only to smile at the message you’ve just received.

from: unknown number

hey, [y/n]! it’s me hyungwon ^^ so, how about grabbing a cup of coffee later in the afternoon at Miss Lee Cafe?

“But babe, don’t you think that it was such a beautiful fate for the two of us to meet?”  You asked as you rested your head beside his, his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you closer with a sleepy smile.

Just thinking about it made Hyungwon smile bigger, fingers pushing away the strands of hair covering your eyes. “If it was fate then I thank God for giving me such an amazing woman.”

“That’s enough, babe. Let’s catch some Zs now, shall we?” you muttered as you slowly closed your eyes, only to have it flutter open when you felt Hyungwon press his lips on yours, pulling right away before you could even react.


“Ssshh, let’s catch some Zs now, see you in your dreams babe. Love you!”

“I love you too.”

About the ASL brothers

Okay so,
I’ve been on this fandom for a long time now. I have read a lot of fanfictions, I think, and saw a lot of fanarts, well at least enough for me to write this post today.
There’s one thing I’ve never understood: why does everyone think Ace and Sabo would be overprotective with Luffy?

I know each time the brothers met Luffy’s crew they would always say “Please, take care of my little brother”, and everyone including me, would go “awww fdhjfdilfd”. AND this is alright, this is what family do, they care for their brothers, they want to make sure everything’s alright.
That’s not being overprotective, that’s being a brother.

Now, if they were the overprotective kind of brothers, they would never have allowed Luffy to go on adventure alone like that. And each time Luffy would go into troubles (as he usually does), they would never try to hide and protect him so nobody touches their precious, fragile little brother - on the contrary they would fight together and join their forces.
And yes, fragile, because ‘this is how Ace and Sabo see Luffy in the fanfictions’. Except that Luffy’s everything but fragile!

I mean, seriously guys? He fought and trained with Sabo and Ace. They would always chuckle and laugh at him because he was weaker than them, but they valued – value – his strenght, they recognized potential in him.

And you know what? They also know, deep down, Luffy’s gonna become the Pirate King, or at least they believe in his dreams. And would a Pirate King need to be overprotected by his big brothers? No. Because he needs to get stronger, to improve himself, to experience life, to be independent, to be himself. They trust one another. Just like Luffy’s crew (Remember when Zoro said Sanji could handle things in Dressrosa? Kinda what I mean).

Letting people act the way they want because they know they are able to manage on their own is a way of showing love. But to be possessive? It’s poisonous. It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s unbearable. It’s insulting. And most of all, it’s not love. Not the way it’s described, anyways.
Whatever your ships are, each time I read something like Ace on his way to punch the Person X for going out with Luffy, just because “he’s his little brother”, I’m sick of it. It’s bullshit. Ace wouldn’t do that, nor Sabo.

They love Luffy, yes, but there’s a difference between caring about someone and always be here in case of huge huge problem, and somebody always checking on one’s life like a supervisor behind your shoulder and trying to control everything just to be sure “he’s safe”. That is not the ASL’s relationship.

AUs are hard to write, and I admire people who try to make up a plot and go for it, I’m myself one of them so I get it, it’s difficult, but please when you do write about the ASL brothers, even if it’s to get a ship stronger, use another way than making them out of character.

Now I’m sorry if I have done some mistakes and didn’t express myself very clearly but English isn’t my native language. I did my best.

The Many First Times that Kakashi Saw

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Same Age AU KakaSaku is one of my fave AUs (along with genswap/age swap and time travel) and I’m glad I finally got to write a fic for this prompt! Really busy atm for board exam reviews but I would write a fic or draw something for each of KakaSaku Month’s prompts (only, they would come a bit later, sry everyone :( )

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Can we just take a minute to talk about Shawn Mendes and how amazing he actually is? 

I’ve had my playlist on shuffle all day and have been reading for quite a lot of the day but anyway, A Little Too Much came on shuffle and it really made me think. Now, it’s been a while since I found the little gem that is Shawn Mendes on vine and I’ve watched him grow up - and felt like I’ve grown up with him as we’re the same age bar four months so, since I found him, he has been someone I’ve looked up to and related to a lot.

Back in May, I had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to see him live. It was a really special day for me, spending the day in my favourite city and then seeing my favourite artist live and let me tell you, it was a completely magical experience and if you ever get the chance, you need to go and see him live. The songs that hit me the hardest were A Little Too Much and Never Be Alone as they are my two favourite songs and boy, they hit me hard. And if I wasn’t going to blubber like a baby enough at these two songs, he did a speech before A Little Too Much and covered Hey There Delilah between bits of Never Be Alone. It was all so amazing. 

Do you know what else I absolutely love about Shawn? He’s a huge geek and is not afraid to show it. His love for Harry Potter and TV shows is great because I love Harry Potter and I love TV shows and I totally relate when he’s tweeting 24/7 about The 100 okay?! Anyway, he’s just such a lovable geek and to be honest, his love for Harry Potter is just life.

Let’s hold the phone for a second and talk about how fucking talented Shawn Mendes actually is. He has the most beautiful, strong yet gentle voice. The tone of his voice is just beautiful and I love how his accent shines through too. When I saw him, he did a part of Aftertaste off mic and it showed me how truly raw and powerful and beautiful his voice truly is. Plus, don’t even get me started on his beautiful guitar skills. Okay, let’s get started because I can only wish that I’ll ever be able to rock the guitar as well as Shawn does. When I saw him, for a good portion, it was just him and his guitar and it was absolutely beautiful. The way it just went around the room. I loved it so much.

All in all, I just love Shawn with my whole heart. It’s so amazing having someone who is so close to my age, he’s literally only four months older than me, for me to be able to look up to and admire. I think he’s just so bloody brilliant and I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (can you tell I’m British?) But, I think he’s an amazing human being.

So, yeah. I love Shawn Mendes, I love his personality, his beautiful voice, his amazing guitar skills, the fact he’s a huge geek and the fact he’s my idol and I think he’s an amazing person.

But most of all, I just want to appreciate everything about Shawn Mendes.

You should all send me messages, let’s talk about Shawn okay.

friendly reminder that literally the whole cast and crew of sherlock ship adlock.

“She is … infatuated with the mind of Sherlock Holmes” - Lara

“During series two, things get a little bit flirty between the pair.” - the narrator of Sherlock Uncovered: The Women.

“To Irene, Sherlock is just someone that’s she’s totally intrigued by.” - Lara

“Oh, he has. He shagged Irene Adler, that night they had together when he rescued her from a beheading.” - Ben

“I think what’s so wonderful about these two characters is that they have such a huge mutual admiration for each other” - Lara

“These two are made for each other,” - Mark

“He does fall for her, to a degree, in the game of love that they play,” - Ben

“He can’t decipher anything about this woman, which then causes intrigue, attraction, who knows what’s going on between these two people?” - Lara

this has been a PSA.

question for the ”Yuri on Ice” fandom:

why did people want so badly for “possessive Viktor” to be a thing?when the joke first started it was kinda funny but the more it went on the more awkward I felt about it and after Episode 6 came out I could clearly see why: 

it would be incredibly out of character for Viktor, very openly affectionate Viktor who tends to have no grudges against anyone, even his former coach who doesn’t see him as a real coach at all, to be possessive of Yuri simply because Yuri has friends.

Yuri’s friends support his training with Viktor and admire how much he has grown from that, they have fun with him on social media, they congratulate him for coming in first place even though they are all participating for the same prize, and they all admire Viktor as well because he is an inspiration to ice skaters everywhere. They are Yuri’s friends, not Viktor’s competition.

then the joke shifted to possessive Yuri, but Yuri’s statement isn’t just “Viktor is mine” but rather “I am good enough for Viktor, whoever disagrees is not someone I will loose sleep over”. This is a huge development for Yuri, who only a couple episodes prior was worried about the audience’s opinion of him, and decided that the best way to show that neither him or Viktor are wasting their time by working together.

wanna know what else may have fired up Yuri as well? Yakov’c comments. Yakov knows Viktor’s talents as a skater but he doesn’t take Viktor as a coach seriously at all, maybe not even as a person to be honest, and this likely upsets Yuri as well because here is this man Yuri doesn’t even know flat out insulting the man who has spend mornings, evenings and nights working hard with him, building up his self-esteem, making him do new tricks, making him acknowledge the worse of him so he can work on it and better himself, and showing him a part of him he hadn’t even known he had

no I do not think we know everything about Viktor just yet but I find it very odd that all of Viktor’s relationships so far (besides Maccachin) seem to be based solely on Viktor’s ability as a skater, not as a person. Yuri’s relationship with Celestino? they wanna beat each other’s teams but there is no harshness between them. Yakov and Viktor? Viktor invited Yakov to eat with them and Yavok dismissed him as if they hadn’t spend 10+ years working together. 

when Yuri says that he is the only one that knows Viktor’s love he is not being possessive, he is almost straight up making a statement, since outside the rink no one seems to care for Viktor as a person. Yuri does, and that’s why he says that only he is worthy of Viktor’s love. And that’s what Yuri is showing in his performance.

So please do not make possessiveness into a “good thing” or simply a punch line, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable that people can look at a healthy relationship and equate it with possessiveness, because that is not healthy at all. My mother has worked as a psychologist, and when her clients come to her with those problems, the stories become incredibly sad to know about. 


For those who are following my blog, you maybe know that i’m a huge fan of that little guy called Lucas aka Squeezie, who’s a really known french youtuber. When i’m feeling down, i’m just watching his videos and my smile comes back.  He’s dating someone for almost 2 years now, she’s called Gwen.  And not a long time ago, Gwen learnt she had a cancer. You have no idea of how much i admire these two persons, cause even if they’re going through a hard moment, they are still together, fighting against this horrible disease. And i don’t care if it has nothing to do with jozhhutcherson, i wanted to say that i was supporting them with all my heart, hoping it will be better very soon. They deserve to have a perfect and long life together. I love them to death.