someone was disappointed

Dear sh-fandom

Now as we draw closer to 2B, I just wanted to remind you all that you are fantastic.
I have a lot of shit going on right now (my abuser has gotten into yet another of my fandoms and is spreading shit about me), and I’m really looking forward to SH starting up again to offer a small escape from life and therefore I’d just like to remind you all that your words have power. When you’re in a tough place and read someone’s rant about how awful the show you love is, or how “disappointed” someone is with the writers of said show and how “problematic” you are if you watch it regardless of these issues, you take all of this to heart and these words become the reason a show that used to make you smile and relax for a while, now only makes you feel guilty.

So, since I know I have no right to ask you guys not to freak out about an episode you’ve only seen a 12 second promo for on your own personal blogs, I wanted to inform you that I will be unfollowing some of you during this time.
It has nothing to do with you personally - I fully support your right to express your feelings and thoughts - and everything to do with me wanting to make my own opinion of each episode after I’ve seen it and not be anxious about it a week prior to it airing. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me needing this small piece of happiness to deal with life right now and taking your words a little bit too much to heart.

I adore you all, and hope 2B makes you happy♥️

Also: This blog will be all fanfics, pretty gifs, aesthetics, clizzy, malec, Jimon and Saphael regardless of what happens on the show. This is my happy-place and while I will address some issues on here, I will mostly try to keep it positive and friendly ♥️

season 1: ends with kara surrounded by her family and friends. though bittersweet, they celebrate that they are alive, and stronger together.

season 2: superfriends are mostly apart, though each of them seems to have someone. except kara, who is all alone.