someone wanted really 'pretty' gifs of this

Hello everyone! We are looking for a few new members who love classic Supernatural (seasons 1-5) and can be active on the blog. We are trying our hardest to keep the blog updated daily and with original creations. So if you are interested in joining us then just go HERE to submit an application!

We are looking for:

  • People that are online and can post on a regular basis.
  • People who can create original content (gifs and/or edits).
  • Preferably people who can create original content 1 to 2 times a week but I understand we all have lives outside of tumblr so that is a pretty lenient requirement.
  • People who can keep up with the tagging system (It’s simple, really).

Member Application:

  • Name:
  • Link to your gifs/edits:
  • How often can you post original content on this blog?:
  • Why do you want to join?:
  • Any extra comments:


Heyyy, Chisp here! I just wanted to put up a little test/preview of what I’ve been working on for the past little while. I’m no professional, I’m just a student with some free time, but I’m planning to animate the ENTIRE Sans fight, as accurate to the game as possible, and get someone to dub it, if I can. I’m super excited to make it and I hope lots of people will see it and like it. ^.^ This is a rough test, it’s really just me playing with keyframes and poses and stuff. It’s gonna be pretty awesome! I’ll keep updating on how it’s going c:

man i can’t believe it’s christmas day !!! (art credit)

i’ve made this blog back in august, dying from the heat and now it’s cold and christmassy and !!! goD i didn’t think a fandom would have pulled me in so much and made me stay this long and still enjoy being here and writing and bringing forth a portrayal of someone so hecking complex like hanzo?? but gosh, during these few months i’ve met so many wonderful people who stuck with me (still do) and i’m so so so so grateful i ??? needed to write out a quick thank you for everyone bc … yessss

this is gonna get very gushy so i apologize but hey, it’s christmas, everyone deserves a little bit of niceness, so i will gush and u guys will take it, yes? yes. consider it a bias list of sorts? but i’ll write out a lil’ thank you for the special peeps in my life, bc it’s long overdue heh so let’s

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