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But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.

    Be Okay- Harry Styles Imagine

    Warnings: Language and self deprecation

    A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this story I put together! Sorry that the ending isn’t the best, I just really wanted to post it before going to sleep so I rushed it. Thanks lovelies<3

    Ever since the boys split up, fans have been looking for someone or something to point their fingers at. Of course, there were some fans that understood that the boys of One Direction just needed to go their separate ways. But others wanted to blame one person in particular, you.

    Your relationship with Harry started a couple months before Zayn left and has been going strong since. However, due to the timing of you starting to date Harry, a few fans like to blame you for the destruction of One Direction. Lately, however, the hate has gotten worse. You had prayed that with Harry releasing new music, the birth of Liam’s baby, and the other guys being successful with their dreams, that the hurtful comments and hate would stop. Unfortunately, you have never been more wrong.

    Scrolling through twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites often left you in tears as you saw comment after comment about how you’re a “bitch”, “whore”, and much worse. Harry of course, knew about the hate, and he tried his best to help you get through it. But you felt as though he just didn’t completely understand. Here he was getting constant love form all his fans, meanwhile they are trying to tear you apart and break you.

    Today was the worst experience with hate that you have seen so far. Although seeing the hurtful comments was hard, this one was nearly unbearable. As you walked out of the store with your friend, you could almost sense that something was off. However, you weren’t sure what it was until you were standing next to your car.

    At first you could barely even tell it was your car. It was almost unrecognizable with the spray paint across its blue hood. The words read “die bitch” in white letters. The driver’s side windows were completely smashed, leaving traces of glass all over the seats and the ground.

    “We should call someone” your friend says quietly. No words could come out of your mouth, only small sobs, and tears strolling down your cheeks. “Do you want me to call your parents or Harry?”

    “No” you choked out. “I’ll be fine. Let’s just call a cab. I’ll take care of this when I get home.”

    The ride home with your friend was silent. The entire time you just kept staring at the pictures you took of your car. Disbelief filled your head as you never thought anyone would do this to you. Once your friend was dropped off, you decided to call Harry to see if he has already heard about what happened. As the phone rang, you felt your heart skip a few beats, unsure of how to go about this conversation.

    “Hey love” he answers.

    “Hi babe, I was just calling to see what you were doing.”

    “I’m just finishing up in the studio, but I should be home in about an hour. Why what’s up?”

    “Oh nothing” you lie. “I just wanted to see when you’d be home so we can just talk then.”

    “(Y/n) is everything all right” he asks. Of course Harry could always tell when something was off with you. Whenever you had the chance to talk to him you would talk for what felt like hours, so he was concerned when you said you wanted to wait until he was home.

    “Yeah everything is fine. I love you and I’ll see you later.”

    “Alright baby, I love you too.” There was a hint of sadness to his voice, but you ignored it and hung up.

    As the cab pulled up to your house, you thanked the driver and paid your fare. Once you set your bags in your room, you sat down in your living room letting out a sigh. While waiting for Harry to get home you scrolled through your twitter to see that the story of your car has already hit media. Worry filled your mind, as you didn’t want Harry to see any of the articles posted, or any of the other additional comments left by some fans.

    To your surprise there was a mix of positive and negative responses to the article. Some fans shared their pity and shock for what happened. But others wished someone had done something sooner, or worse, wished it would have been you that was bashed, instead of your car windows. Loud, audible sobs left your lips as you read hurtful comments, one right after the other.

    “Babe I’m home” Harry yelled as he walked in.

    “Shit” you muttered while you tried to clear your face so that he couldn’t tell you had been crying. “Hi Harry.”

    “So what did you do today?”

    “Oh I just went shopping, nothing special. How was it at the studio?”

    “It was amazing. Words cannot describe how excited I am to start touring again. I just feel like everything is falling into place” he says with a soft smile. “I was wondering though, where’s your car? I didn’t see it in the drive way so at first I thought you wouldn’t be home.”

    “It’s at the shop” you say a bit too quickly. “One of my tires popped so I just had it towed there and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.”

    “How did you get home then” he questions giving you a look of concern.

    “I just took a cab” you answer, avoiding eye contact with him.

    “Awe, babe, next time just call me and I’ll come and pick you up.” Harry approaches you, holding out his hands and placing them on your hips. The moment his hands touch your body, an uncontrolled sniffle comes out. He gives you a look of confusion, unsure as to why you were upset.  

    “Harry, we need to break up.” You spoke so softly, but Harry still heard every word. His green eyes turned glossy, as if he was ready to cry.

    “What are you talking about” he asked through shaky breaths.

    “I can’t do this anymore. I’m just not happy.”

    “Was it something I’ve done? If it’s because of me spending so much time on the album or the tour, then baby I’m so sorry. I’ll put it all on hold if it means that I won’t have to lose you. Just tell me what I can do to save us.” His voice had a begging tone to it.

    “I’m sorry Harry, trust me it’s not you-“

    “Don’t give me the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ stuff, because I don’t believe it one bit. Something must have happened to make you feel this way. So just tell me what it is and we can work through it. Please (y/n) just tell me.”

    Taking a few steps away from Harry, you take a few deep breaths, debating on how to handle this. Yes, you loved Harry, he was your everything. But you also knew he could do so much better, and have any girl he wanted. If you stay in this relationship with Harry, are you being selfish? Is it wrong to stay with the person you love, even though you don’t deserve them?

    “Everyone hates me” you say in a hushed voice.

    “Wha-What?” He looks at you confused, having no idea where you plan on going with this.

    “You’ve seen the hate I get. Constant messages of how I destroyed One Direction, and am ruining your life. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry.”

    “Fuck those guys. Those people who say they love my music but talk shit about you, are not my real fans. They are just jealous of how insanely beautiful and talented you are. I know hearing those things hurt, but don’t care about what they say, just listen to me, and believe me when I say I love you.” His voice sounded panicky and urgent as if any moment he will lose you.

    “It’s not just their words anymore Harry. It’s now their actions as well. Do you want to know the real reason why my car isn’t here? It’s because someone smashed in my windows and wrote ‘die bitch’ on the hood. So I’m sorry if I just can forget about it.” You voice cracked every other word and you spoke so quickly you weren’t even sure if Harry understood a single word that you said.

    A silence fell in the room as you two stood apart from one another. Slow tears fell down Harry’s face as he watched you shake and sob. Taking slow steps, Harry approached you, and placed his large hands to your cheeks. Your eyes locked with his for a moment, until he moved to lightly place his lips to your temple.

    “I’m so sorry baby, I had no idea. We can figure this out. In fact, I’m going to find out who did this to your car. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.”

    “Harry there’s only so much you can do. I just don’t think we will work-“

    “(Y/N) please. I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. We can figure this out, please baby.” He locked his eyes with yours, and kept a hand on your chin so that you couldn’t look away. “Tell me that you’re not happy and you don’t love me, and I will leave right now. I won’t bother you about this again.”

    “Harry… you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I don’t want to lose what we have, but I also don’t want to hold you back. You can have anyone you want, so why me?”

    “Don’t you see that you are the girl I want, the one that I need. I don’t care about anyone else but you. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you happy every day. I promise to keep you safe from all the people who try to hurt you. And most of all, I promise I will love you unconditionally, with all my heart.”

    Your body was still shaking from being unable to contain your emotions. Within one smooth motion, Harry met his lips with yours. The kiss was soft and passionate, and exactly what the both of you needed. It just helped reassure that Harry was the person you were supposed to be with. Sure the hate is hard, but with Harry by your side, you could overcome anything.

    So sorry this is quite long.

    Here are my thoughts on the whole MTV Sprousehart interview. For the past few months I’ve been 99% sure that Cole and Lili have some sort of romance going on off screen. I don’t want to say they are exclusively calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend yet, even to one another, but I do believe they are seeing each other and are intimate. At Wondercon Cole kept making a lot of sexual jokes and Lili was visibly blushing and smiling every time he did. We all know Bughead are innocent and purely romantic thus far, so why make so many cheeky jokes about them? I reckon he was probably teasing Lili about their real life relationship because Cole comes across as a flirt and a shit stirrer.

    Going back to the MTV interview: the interviewer asked them about their photoshoot, so logically they spoke about it in a way that would avoid them being asked the ‘are you two dating’ question. Lili then called him a friend because obviously she wasn’t going to say my boyfriend or the guy I’m dating/seeing. The word 'friend’ is the go to word when people are trying to dodge talking about their relationship status. Everyone does it, even non celebrities do it when they’re in the early stages of dating someone and don’t want a lot of people knowing. Also, imagine the reaction they would get from everyone if they admitted they’re dating at a pop culture event? The fandom would go berserk. Plus, they have been super private and secretive about this whole relationship for months, so why would they even dare admit it now! Cole probably said what he said because he believes that the only reason people think they’re dating is because of the few photo shoots they’ve done at the flower fields. So he was just trying to emphasize that if that’s the sole reason people think we’re together then that’s crazy because I’d do photo shoots with all my costars if they asked me to. However, Lili and Cole have no idea how deep the Sprousehart family read into everything they post and do. We don’t just think they’re dating because of their photo shoots; we have so much more other proof that there is something going on with them. *Also, I think Cole was slightly happy the topic was brought up, so he could try debunk the rumours, that way the two wouldn’t have to be as stealthy as they’ve been. For e.g., Lili posted more photos from their shoot not long after that interview was released. 🤔

    Lili is obviously the closest with Cole in the cast, no doubt in my mind, and vice versa. So why is Lili the only female in the show who refuses to post selfies of Cole on her IG stories or even on her IG page? Ashleigh posts photos of Cole all the time, so does Cami and even Madelaine takes selfies with him when they’re in the same place. Lili takes photos with Kj, Casey, Ross and all the others but barely ever with Cole, especially since they wrapped filming season 1 and returned back to LA. Lili even goes out of her way to post things on Twitter and IG about how much she misses Kj and Casey and can’t wait to see them. Why has she never been this openly cute with Cole? If she ever does post anything to him or about him it’s usually her making fun of him (in a typical you always tease the one you love kind of way). So what separates him from the others? Because we all know they see each other more than anyone else in the cast, so why not show the world pictures of your so called 'friendship’ if that’s all it is… 👀

    Here are the reasons they’re probably being so secretive about their relationship:
    1. Cole is a very private person and doesn’t like the media getting involved in his personal life. Also, after his messy breakup with his ex I doubt he wants his next relationship to be the talk of the town.
    2. Lili is so new to all this stardom and the whole Hollywood life. Imagine how much more attention they’d both get if they admitted they were dating? Paparazzi would be on their tails at every turn. Also, it would consume the fandom and put more focus on the actors lives instead of the show.
    3. Imagine everyone knew they were dating and then they broke up? That would cause a lot of problems for the show and for Bughead because people would treat the two as though they’re the same thing. Remember the Nian and Delena fanbase when Nian broke up? It went into meltdown! Speaking of Nina and Ian’s relationship, from The Vampire Diaries, they were secretly dating for ages and people suspected it from early on, but the two never admitted it, and Nina even said in an interview she’d never date a costar and has never dated a costar. Then a few months later they were spotted in Paris arm in arm with both their mums trailing behind them. We all believed they were dating; however, they refused to admit it for a long time. (Also, in the early stages of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship the two got hounded about their romance, which they, too, denied for a long time. I remember someone once asked Andrew about his girlfriend and he said something like, 'Who’s my girlfriend? You’re making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property.’ Justin and Selena also used to say they were just 'friends’ when they were secretly dating. The list goes on.) There are plenty of costars and celebrity couples who deny dating and merely call themselves 'friends’ before the truth finally comes out. Lili and Cole would have been well prepared for the questions to come pouring in about whether or not they’re dating, so they would have agreed to just say they’re friends. I mean, isn’t it funny that both of them just happened to squeeze the word friend into their answer? It seemed a little rehearsed and thought out. But that’s just my opinion.
    4. Another reason why they’re being secretive is because Lili and Cole are still both so young; they don’t know how their futures will pan out. So maybe they’re taking this relationship slow and trying to be as mature about it as possible. We all know how the media has a penchant for ruining celebrity couples with all their fake stories and cheating scandals etc. Lili and Cole would not want that poisoning their relationship.
    5. The haters! This is probably one of the biggest reasons. The two are well aware that Riverdale has its fair share of haters. Why would they willingly invite that kind of negativity into their private lives and their relationship? Imagine the comments they’d receive under their posts on SM from the toxic fans (aka B*ronica & Barfchie shippers) if they went public about being together!

    This is my overall opinion: If Lili and Cole were just friends then they would use their close bond to really promote Bughead and make more fans jump on the ship. They’re both clearly fond of the onscreen romance, especially Lili. So wouldn’t they be more open about their sweet chemistry by posting videos & photos together and/or tweeting each other more etc? No, instead they treat each other like a little secret. It’s like they’re trying to protect their relationship from all the hate and negativity that exists in the world (mainly the internet). If they are in fact together, this relationship must mean a lot to both of them because of how hard they try to keep it a secret.

    Lastly, I’m not saying that they’re 100% dating. I don’t know them personally; I don’t live with them 24/7 to know what goes on in their day to day lives. But there is just way too much proof that makes me think they are more than friends. I’m not going to stop believing in Sprousehart just because of one stupid interview that, like a lot of other fans have said, didn’t actually include either of them saying the words 'No, we’re not dating.’

    In time we will find out the truth. Hopefully the two get spotted hand in hand or kissing behind a tree or something, and then we can finally have our confirmation. 🙏😉💜

    On the twelfth day of #PAIN fic...

    A/N: *distant team gtnw screaming* Oh, it’s no big deal, everything’s fine we’re calm we’re cHILL. 

    TODAY IS THE DAY. THE LAST DAY OF 12 DAYS. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Honestly, thank you so much to every single one of you that has made this such a fun, albeit #painful, ride. We genuinely can’t tell you how much we appreciate your indulgence in our love for this universe and your super kind words about each and every thing we post like WOW WE DON’T DESERVE YOU.

    And guess what?! Your patience is about to pay off because PART THREE IS COMING AT YA TOMORROW, Y’ALL. GET YOURSELVES READY (you’re not ready) BECAUSE HERE WE GO.

    So… it is with great excitement (and a few tears) that we present DAY TWELVE.

    Word Count: 2,175

    “Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!”

    Everyone was shouting in the hallway after being released from the gym post-student assembly, and you and Lin were desperately trying to escape the crowd, holding onto each other as both of you scaled the very edge of the hallways.

    “This way,” he pointed towards a less populated route and you trailed right behind him, fingers still laced with his.

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    How to Talk to a Psychotic Person 3/3/2016

    Hi everyone, been a while since I posted a “How to” update about psychosis. The idea for this one came to me from a reader who contacted me who has a relative with schizophrenia and had problems approaching them when they were delusional. I would first like to clear up what I think are a few misconceptions about what a psychotic person is like, then I will get into my tips of how to approach them.

    So, what exactly makes a person “psychotic”? It is when they are actively experiencing symptoms of psychosis. This is including, but not limited to, hallucinating, being delusional, or having disconnected thoughts and speech patterns. If you are familiar with what these are, you should be able to very quickly tell if a person is psychotic. For example, if someone says, “The voices are so mean to me today. I wish they’d be quiet.” then they’re probably hallucinating. If someone says, “The government wants me dead. They put up cameras in my house and are watching my every move.” then they’re definitely delusional. If someone is talking and their speech patterns make no sense whatsoever, chances are their thinking is pretty disconnected due to psychosis. “Psychotic” is NOT a synonym for “dangerous” or “deadly”. A large majority of the time, a psychotic person is much more of a risk to themselves than to anyone else. So just because a person is experiencing psychosis doesn’t mean they want to kill someone (it rarely does). There are certain delusions where a person can become dangerous to others, but on the whole, those kinds of delusions are fairly infrequent. Unless the psychotic person specifically expresses a desire to harm others, there’s really no reason to fear them.

    One note I’d like to make about delusions; something I read in a book. In the most strongly delusional person, it may be impossible to get them to believe their delusions aren’t true. This is not to say you should instantly give up on trying to help delusional people; it’s just saying that in some cases, there is not much you can do.

    Onto the tips of how to talk to a psychotic person:

    1) If they’re hallucinating. It’s first best to recognize how the hallucinations are making them feel. Hallucinations are typically very scary. If someone says, “The voices are scaring me”, tell them, “I’m sorry you feel scared, how can I help?” Don’t make them feel like their feelings are invalid. Next, this is the part why you try to tell them that their hallucination isn’t really there. This is not easy to do. Don’t straight up say “They’re not real. Get over it.” because that will not do anything to benefit the psychotic person. Approach them gently. Say something like, “I understand you are hearing voices right now, and I know it must be scary. However, I personally don’t hear anything.You are most likely hallucinating right now.”  This approach should be good for any hallucination. Like for me, I usually have visual hallucinations that I call demons. So I’d say something like “I see demons right now, I feel like they want to kill me.” and my boyfriend says something like “Remember, you have schizophrenia. What you’re seeing right now is a hallucination. Don’t worry dude, there’s nothing here that will hurt you.” and usually after talking about it a little bit, I recognize that they’re hallucinations and get through it. The best way to talk someone through a hallucination is to be understanding of how they’re feeling, and gentle when you tell them what they’re experiencing isn’t real.

    2) If they’re delusional. Use logic. Be direct and firm, but not harsh. I already gave one example of how to talk to a delusional person in a previous post, so I’ll use a different example here. Let’s say the delusional person tells you, “I refuse to use my laptop because it is wired to read my thoughts and broadcast them to other people.” Tell them something like, “Here’s the thing. Technology only has the ability to do what a person tells it to; it can’t act on its own.Your laptop, it can only do an action after you input something that tells it to do the action. It is limited to doing what a person tells it to do; it can’t do anything else.” Notice that in the answer, there’s no straightforward “you’re wrong”. It’s all logic based, and truthful. The answer does not skirt around the issue, it directly addresses the person’s fears. But it does not try and make them feel “crazy” or “stupid”; it merely suggests an alternative, more real way of thinking about the issue. That’s the important part: don’t make a delusional person feel bad about the way they are thinking. Instead, suggest different ways of viewing a situation that makes them think more in reality.

    I personally don’t have much experience with the disconnected speech psychosis, so I don’t feel comfortable giving advice on how to deal with it. If anyone has any experience with this, feel free to reblog with advice or send me a message with the advice and I’ll post it in a separate blog post.

    That’s all for this “How to”. If you have any additional advice, feel free to reblog or message me and I’ll do a follow-up post to this one with reader advice.

    anonymous asked:

    OMG! I am tired of the writers this season. Can you believe that after 4 years Bellarke is nowhere close to being romantic. I stopped watching after 4x03 because I saw the baiting game. I refuse to be used by these writers. The thing is that if they were going to make them romantic in season 5 then they would have developed their emotional connection in season 4. Instead they have ignored Bellarke deliberately and set up Nylah. The writers have treated us like fools. I won't be watching anymore

    i mean, i wouldn’t say that they set her up with niylah; clarke and niylah are fwb, and niylah isn’t really a character; she’s merely a catch-it-all prop. i wouldn’t trust these writer’s with my fictional hamster’s life but even they know how to sorta-kinda flesh out a relationship.

    also it’s totally your choice to stop watching (help me i wish i could) but to say that they’ve ignored blarke? nah i wouldn’t go that far. like i’m one of the grumpiest most pessimistic bitter blorkes™ you can find, but there’s been a fair amount of ~romantic~ development (last week i said that my issue with the show is that the writing could be tighter to make the character development a bit better and i still stand by that)

    let’s start with 403: literally bellamy and clarke saying that they don’t want to live without each other in this ep this isn’t just friendship folks this is something deeper

    404: lmao in the first 5 mins this happens

    and then the scene where jaha says ‘of course clarke and bellamy.’ last ep he said that bellamy centres her, and vice versa, and it’s being called back here as a reason why they’re on the list together.

    405: clarke is still worrying about bellamy not being back which monty pokes fun at because honestly these dummies are so obvious about their feelings it’s not even funny anymore.

    and then we find out about the ice nation marching on arkadia, clarke goes to reason with roan but roan has a trump card

    look at her face baby girl is SHOOK when she sees bellamy being held hostage and once again it’s a ‘save bellamy or doom more than a handful of people’ situation, and just like the last few times, she chooses to save bellamy. she’s willing to fight at first but once roan points out that bellamy (and kane) will be caught in the crossfire and will die, she gives in.

    406: another blarke day trip

    from the get go this was a blarke heavy ep; he’s pissed off, she tries to comfort him, etc etc. even when things are tense, they still check in with one another and make sure that they’re okay.

    first they hit a fork in the road. clarke and the fuel are taking and bellamy goes out of his se asian mind, i mean just look at him when he thinks it might be her dead body under the sheet

    his hands are visibly shaking and he hesitates before pulling it off. and then when he sees that it’s not her he breathes a sigh of relief because he deadass can’t lose her.

    next, is the car chase where, once again, he loses his se asian mind at the sight of a sword being held against her neck. while roan is tackling the grounder on the truck bed, the two murder babies are working together, and he saves clarke yet again

    and then there’s the beach scene aka the almost confession scene

    he almost lost her in this ep (again) and at the start of the ep he pointed out that they don’t have much time. he knows the stakes are high and he knows that they can die at any moment. bob himself said that an ‘i love you’ wouldn’t be able to convey everything he feels for her in this moment, and he’d probably need to prepare a monologue.

    407-409 doesn’t really have a lot of bellarke moments because they’re separated (save for the end of 409 but more on that later) so those are geared more towards the shitty plot. there are a good few character defining moments though, like bellamy accepting that he can’t save everyone, and clarke risking her own life for her people

    at the end of 409 they have another one of their ~comfort talks~ where they try to figure out what to do (i’d say that here is where clarke first starts thinking about stealing the bunker but idk)

    410 is more octabitch heavy, but clarke does send someone to kidnap bellamy and drag his ass down to the bunker because she’s extra like that and can’t live without him

    411 was a disappointment because we all saw the promo and we all built it up in our heads only for it to be just like the past few eps, more action driven and ‘what would you do for survival’ than heart to heart talks. clarke wants to go talk to him when he’s in lock up but she can’t bring herself to listen to him scream (and i reckon it’s also because she knows he’s going to be seriously angry at him and she can’t bring herself to do that either) instead they have her go to niylah because she wants a yes-man and she knows that the two people she cares for most- bellamy and her mother- can’t do that for her right now.

    after abby gets him out of lock up, bellamy tells her that he won’t let anything bad happen to clarke which. we already know that but it’s nice to hear.

    and then there’s the gun scene. after cooling down and shoving my disappointment aside (i wanted them to talk about it, they did not talk about it) when you look at the gun scene it basically says this:

    clarke griffin had been willing to let her mother die for humanity last season but this season she couldn’t do the same for bellamy blake

    and bellamy now knows this

    he knows clarke is willing to do whatever it takes to save her people and he gambled his own life, his own worth towards her, in order to get that door open. and when she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him (not even in the leg or somewhere non lethal) that’s when he finally realises that clarke cares about him a whole heckuva lot because by letting him go she essentially ‘doomed’ all of their people.

    412 had what i wanted 411 to have: bellamy and clarke talking about the whole gun pulling scene and that’s exactly what happened. she apologises for holding they gun, he forgives her, they smile at each other long enough for bellamy to crash into a tree (seriously this is the best thing that has ever happened for me ok blarke getting distracted flirting and crashing into a tree amazing)

    and then some extra ‘lemme save your life real quick’ and bellamy worrying about clarke again because she took off her suit (seriously girlie you’re gonna give him grey hair before his time) because why not but this ep was not only delinquent heavy and leading towards a delinquent heavy finale, but it also put bellamy and clarke back in their co leader positions.

    so yeah, maybe there hasn’t been as much bellarke development this season; there weren’t any super big moments or call outs or what have you but that’s because they’re both right there on that precipice. bellamy knows how he feels about clarke and was almost ready to confess it. clarke on the other hand is kinda tricky because she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve like bellamy, but you can’t deny that she cares about him deeply, not when the narrative has shown that over and over again.

    maybe something might happen in the finale, maybe it won’t, we don’t know. we know there’s going to be another hug which he initiates this time, and who knows maybe it could have more than that. (but like i said i’m a pessimistic blorke so i refuse to accept that anything more than a hug is happening lmao)

    anonymous asked:

    Hi Lulu, I was wondering if you know why it is a common thing to write about Pisces that they are weak babies who can't do anything? Why do people simplify Pisces to only one (aka "WEAK") trait? Do you think Pisces can be considered strong? What do you think are the "strongest" Pisces aspects? Why only Aries and Scorpio are praised for being badasses? Isn't Pisces a badass too? (In its own way of course)

    Oh boy! You are asking the million dollars question. I will try to do the best answering this one.

    Pisces is usually seen weak cause they do sadly project this image and don’t try to change it. Not all do this of course but a big number of Pisces simply give in when meeting a hardships, passive, won’t stand up for themselves or say no. Escapes reality in many forms. Doesn’t like confrontation anday lie just to please others or to keep an illusion they crave to exist more instead of being honest. So, they do contribute to the “weak” image themselves and then ofc you have the underdeveloped Pisces who manipulates people or hurt them emotionally. Refuse to Fave reality and take responsibility.

    Now since we got that cleared let’s see why others see Pisces as weak. I have said before do not equate aggression, violence and loudness with the idea of being “strong” or “dominant” but sadly people do that a lot cause it’s something that happen planted in their minds. Pisces do not like noise, violence or aggression, and whether people like Pisces or not Pisces is not a violent sign, it really is not. So they usually view the quietness or solitude in Pisces as a weakness. Also people always think that emotional people are weak, period. Which ofc is really fucking annoying. Also since Pisces like peaceful atmosphere or quiet places they will try to keep everything and everyone in agreeable state and some people will see this as being fake or manipulative and in my opinion it really isn’t but whatever. Everyone will think what they want to think.

    Also you have to keep in mind that people are subjective not objective, especially when describing water signs, specifically cancer or Pisces. If they have been mistreated by a Pisces before my god they will have to keep mentioning it and writing about, which is good to vent and make others learn but at some point you need to grow and let it go and you have to learn not to generalize but people, especially on here they really and I mean really like generalizing a lot. They lack the ability to be objective whatsoever and yet they expect you to view them as a mature person. A mature person regardless of age, knows when to separate their own experiences and emotions when getting down to business but again people will do what they want to do.

    Like literally I can’t make one God damn positive post about Pisces without some whiny or petty person ruinnig the post. We get it Samantha you have been hurt by one before and they were shitty but please you got to learn to move on.

    The bottom line is people are subjective and they are really salty when to comes to water signs especially Pisces and I get why they would feel that way but I had bad experiences before from certain signs, do you see me whine about it? No. Cause in the end of the day I do realize that the sign it self doesn’t have to do with why this person did this or that but rather how they were brought up, what they believe in and many other factors that will shape them to either be one of the greatest people or worst. But again since people are subjective they like to blame one thing and ignore other factors that play a huge role in the situation.

    Not every Gimini is gonna be petty and gossipy and not every Virgo is gonna be neat and a perfectionist. Depending on the whole chart and how the person was raised or influenced they will have a different outcome from each other.

    Like a Pisces who was raised to be confident and strong will be so different from a Pisces that have be raised to be quiet and pleasing to others. You can’t be what you can’t see, also you can’t give what you never had. Someone who lacked warmth in their life will not be able to give you love like you want them to.

    Anyways, this was long and I hope in a way I explained why Pisces are seen as weak.

    As for what I view as strength in Pisces, it would be that emotionally they really can endure a lot and still keep on going. They always find hope even if you are in the worst situation. They can create the most bizarre and creative ideas and solutions I have ever heard. How accepting and kind they are. How they listen to you and acknowledge your emotions. How they keep pursing what they love which is usually art or music or helping people. How they are open minded and philosophical. They undeniable faith in something bigger and better. How they simply support you without you asking for their support. The way they love tenderly and peacefully.

    anonymous asked:

    If Kaname never keep Yuuki in the manor arc and let her free, do you think he will be a likable character?

    For some people, I think he would have been more likable, because for many the most unforgiving aspects of his characterization came in the second arc where his relationship with Yuuki was a key focus. People didn’t like how he treated her, or who she became around him, which is where a lot of the abuse claims came into play, and I talk about that more at length in this post

    My personal issue with him was never exclusively his relationship with Yuuki, although it certainly made it harder to like him. My biggest problem was actually Kaname’s arrogance, something Hino herself referred to as one of his character flaws in Night 84:

    hubris [hyoo-bris, hoo-] noun
    1.excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance. 

    Lots of characters are arrogant, and still likable, so the question some might ask then is why this trait on this particular character made him unlikable for me. People often bring up how similar Kaname is to other characters in other series, and how those characters are still somehow beloved to a majority of the fanbase, as if these comparable traits make the characters the same somehow. In my opinion, they don’t. Taking a character out of context is only understanding the very basic aspects of their characterization. There can be similarities, but it is the context of a character’s individual story that shapes who they are, not their shared personality traits with a character in a completely different story. Just like in the real world, having similar personalities doesn’t make you the same as another person. 

    My problem with Kaname’s brand of arrogance specifically is that a lot of the conflict of the original series was a direct result of it. I support the theory brought up by @getoffthesoapbox in her post here but if we’re not relying on speculation and only relying on the information currently available to us, Kaname, until proven otherwise, is unable to find the missing component of the vampire cure that was beside him all along. Whether Aidou is able to find this information because he is actually willing to work with others, or because of his access to the hunters files which he is able to get through his friendship and alliance with one of their own, it is the lack of arrogance in Aidou’s character that allows him to succeed where Kaname did not. Though this still takes time, two heads are better than one, and had Kaname relied on the people who offered him friendship and trust, maybe together he and Aidou could have found a solution much sooner.

    Kaname then destroys the vampire senate, restores the pureblood monarchy and becomes King, then abandons his people for a crusade that proved unnecessary in the end. This leads to more violent incidents against humans, which Kaname shows little regard for as he believes it is the hunters responsibility to protect them and if his actions have caused turmoil, well, they’re obviously not doing their job right and are squandering the abilities they were gifted. Contrast this with Yuuki and the Night Class’s approach in both VK and VKM, where they actively work to protect the humans from violent vampires alongside the hunters because they understand that if you have the power to help the powerless, it is your responsibility to try. Let’s not forget that one of Yuuki’s first decisions as the new head of the Kuran family is to restore the vampire senate, offering the positions to the loyal former Night Class students who wanted to be Kaname’s friend and who worked in the past to protect humans - definitely not the same caliber of vampire as the former vampire senate that Kaname destroyed. Kaname could have easily done this himself when he destroyed the original senate, or when he decided to abdicate his position, but instead he chose to leave the vampire society in chaos to further his own agenda. 

    Fans of this character didn’t mind this behaviour because it’s very typical of the “chessmaster” character to manipulate others for their own gain. In fact, characters like this (Lelouch and Light are the immediate examples that come to mind) are actually quite intriguing and entertaining to watch. We love them, even if they’re not always good. For me Kaname is an exception because his manipulation just… I don’t see the point of it past the first arc? Everything Kaname does in the second arc accomplishes literally nothing. He gets rid of the corrupt vampire senate because hey, corruption is bad kids! But things end up worse than they were with the corruption so that solves nothing and in fact, it probably would have been better off had he left it alone. Which is pretty sad. He then decides he’s going to kill the purebloods, focusing primarily on the non-threatening ones while the actual dangerous purebloods roam free for a while. This in turn angers the families and lower level servants of the purebloods Kaname kills, which results in them joining together to attack the Hunter’s Association and those who try to stand in their way, all to get revenge against Kaname for killing someone they loved and/or were loyal to. Kaname then adds further insult to injury by giving up on that plan for another one. Rather than rushing to finish the job before the last of the weapons disintegrates, or asking the hunters to finish the job in exchange for his sacrifice to create more weapons, Kaname just… abandons that plan, too.  So now he’s killed enough purebloods to ensure that they (and other vampires) are pissed off and violent, but not enough to actually stop the conflict that supposedly had him killing them in the first place. Okay then. Oh, and let’s not forget the reason the furnace failed in the first place, which was his fight with Sara who was actually a threat to the humans and vampires alike.

    I guess my biggest problem with Kaname is that we’re supposed to view him as this character who is turned cynical by age and experience and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. He’s a character who we assume has tried many avenues to end the conflict with the purebloods. Researching a cure, researching a weapon, fighting alongside like-minded people… all of which have been unsuccessful. Exhausted by this, Kaname enters a deep sleep, and when he awakens, he makes Yuuki the center of his universe (to the detriment of Yuuki herself) and pushes everyone else away. He doesn’t listen to anyone else, doesn’t work with anyone else, not really, and he follows his own path regardless of the consequences which is something readers usually only overlook if a) the character is remorseful, or b) the character achieves the “Greater Good” ending they were striving for. Neither of which was the case with Kaname. There is also far more focus on the characters who were hurt by Kaname’s actions and on the negative consequences of his actions, than on the things that could make readers more sympathetic toward his character. Even in this new series, despite Kaname becoming somewhat of an urban legend, his actions are condemned by literally all of the characters. The only reason Kaname himself is not is because of the affection they feel for him that leads to them separating Kaname from the things he did.

    Unfortunately, I don’t share their blinded-by-love affliction, and because of how much harm Kaname’s arrogance caused others, even if he had treated Yuuki like the princess he claimed her to be, his base personality for most of the series was still unlikable to me, with only a few exceptions. I genuinely enjoyed his scenes with human Yuuki before Zero entered the picture, and his scene with Haruka before his death, the Night Class as children, etc. It’s only once he begins getting caught up in the games purebloods play and acting as if he’s somehow different than them while doing the exact same thing, while leaving behind collateral damage in his wake, that I started to find him an unlikable character. However, this sort of characterization is perfect if the story goes the Scrooge Redemption route (a sort-of-not-really crack theory @getoffthesoapbox posted over the Christmas holidays here that I’ve secretly been rooting for ever since - read the post to find out how it could unfold in the VK setting). Scrooge was likable enough as a boy, but experienced hardships and became hardened by life and tragedy, to the point of completely taking for granted all the people still in his life. He is redeemed when he is forced to examine his past, present and future more closely, and eventually learns to appreciate the people in his life more, a lesson I feel Kaname has yet to learn. (His hang ups over the past ultimately taint the bonds he has in the present, both in the original series and again in this new series. It is his fatal flaw and one I feel he must overcome before earning his happily ever after.)

    I hope that answered your question. I know some people like Kaname for the very things I find unlikable about him, but hopefully I was able to shed some light on why I find it unlikable when they do not. :) I will also say that Kaname technically did set Yuuki free eventually, and it didn’t really change much about his characterization. I don’t feel he grew as a result of it, or changed in any way. He just stopped dragging her down into the depths of his own despair (the ‘wandering of the deep and dark forest,’ referenced in the series). Had Kaname decided to not be with Yuuki at all and set her free from the get go, he only would have started his plan to eliminate the purebloods sooner, but would still have went down the same path I discussed above which is where most of my frustration with his character personally stems from. 

    Blxck Out

    OC x Roommate!Taehyung
    Length: 2.3k of IDK? 
    Recommended OST: (x
    Insp: when the power literally went out as I was skyping with @an-exotic-writer and then I stupidly said “wow this could be an AU” and then she answered with “don’t come back till you write it.” : ‘ ) why. won’t. you. let. me. back. in. 

    Originally posted by imaginesbts

    “In what world is this a good idea Wendy?” you sigh into your text covered paperback, hoping to melt into the parchment along with your sighs of dismay; the current presence of distress causing the space between your eyebrows to narrow and your brain to whirl in nonsensical circles. 

    Her devious smirk insinuates much more than her response but she replies nonchalantly, “You need a place to live. So does he. Two people sharing an apartment. Simple.” she looks up over her pocket mirror she’s been using to apply her lipgloss, her grin much too self satisfied to match her capricious tone. “Yes, but that ‘he’ is Kim Taehyung aka the-cutie-from-Art-History-I-never-talked-to-freshman-year (correction: that you still haven’t talked to). You know I’ve had the biggest crush on him for the past year and a half and now you’re asking me to live with him.” 
    “The in-between’s aren’t that important.” she hums as her mascara wand comes precariously close to her immaculate eyeshadow she no doubt spent an eternity on. 

    “I still don’t know how I agreed to this.” you groan and bury your worries into the deep, dark trenches called busy work and forget about the golden boy who will be within a few feet (max) away from you 24/7.

    “In what world is this a good idea Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung sighs to the older boy, his hands currently busy cutting some aimless pattern onto the sleeve of his sweater. His brows are knitted, his easygoing smile wilting at the corners when he realizes that in two days he’ll have to move into the same house with you. Not that Taehyung dislikes you, if anything it’s the polar opposite: Taehyung is most definitely in too deep with his crush on you. He was intrigued by the shy peeks you sent his way and captured when the dust of rose on your cheeks appeared as he reciprocated.

    “Aw kid, why don’t you make the most out of it?” Namjoon sends the younger boy a dimpled smile and a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows which is enough for Taehyung to bang his head against the table. He pauses to digest the information that he’ll be in the same apartment as you and the thought of you, all wrapped up in blankets curled up on the couch, is enough to make Taehyung pick his head up and push it none too gently against the table once more.  

    Keep reading

    ‘It’s my first home out of college and I’m not a prude but you seem to let a LOT of people sleep over and you seem to know that I kinda want to be one of them (or the only one..)’ AU

    someone sent like 5 suggestions in one ask so I’ll just post them as text posts rather than answers:

    This was awesome. This was great. This was the beginning of everything, the beginning of his life and his road to self-discovery. College.

    At first he had been nervous about moving into a dorm and being on his own. He wasn’t sure he would have the bravery to get through the day on his own, without his mom encouraging him and reminding him to do things like change out of his sleepwear and shower.

    But a week had gone by and he felt great. His roommate was pretty nice. There was a routine and the neighboring dorms were pretty relaxed about everything.

    In fact one seemed a little too relaxed. He lived across from Will, and he only knew his name was either Jason or Nico. It was a guy with messy black hair and black clothes, the kind of guy that seemed to like alternative rock or something. The kind of guy Will had only seen on movies.

    In the last week, Will had left his dorm three separate mornings to see three different guys walking out of the dorm aside from the blond guy that was either Nico or Jason. And each time they left, Will saw the dark haired boy staring after them with a smirk before going back into his dorm.

    The next week, as Will fell into the routine more comfortably, he noticed the same thing. This time it was only two boys.

    That weekend, he asked his roommate, Austin, about the boy across the hall. “You’re an upperclassman, do you know him?”

    “No, he’s a freshman I think. I can’t be sure, the campus is big. He might have been here last year, he might not have been. Why?” he asked as he cleaned out his sax.

    Will shrugged and looked at their door. “I keep seeing guys leaving his room in the morning, but they’re not his roommate.”

    “Maybe he likes sleepovers,” Austin suggested. “Maybe he’s gay and fucks their brains out, I don’t know, Will, it’s college. People do whatever they want because there’s no supervision.” Will gulped at such a crude statement. “Why don’t you just ask? Trust me it won’t be the weirdest encounter the guy has here.”

    Will shook his head. “No. I mean it’s none of my business, I’m just curious.” Austin raised an eyebrow at him. “What? It’s my first year away from home, seeing that is strange to me.”

    “Right,” Austin muttered before returning to his sax.

    The next day as Will was locking his dorm to leave, he heard the door behind him open. He looked over his shoulder and saw a green eyed teenager with a strange expression on his face leaving the room followed by Jason or Nico staring after him. Before he went inside, his dark brown eyes flickered to Will and one eyebrow went up. “Yes?”

    “What? Nothing,” Will said, trying to pull his key out quickly. But instead it got stuck. “Shit,” he muttered. He turned and jimmied the knob, trying to loosen the key, but he was aware of the fact that the door behind him hadn’t closed yet.

    Suddenly, someone was standing beside him and an olive toned hand reached out to the knob. “Here, hold on,” Jason/Nico said. He turned the knob and then the key, then slid it out smoothly. He handed Will the key and smirked.

    “Uh, thanks.” His eyebrows went up and down in acknowledgement and he smiled mischievously. “I… have to get to class.”

    “Have fun,” he answered easily. “See you around, neighbor.” He turned around and went back to his dorm. Before shutting the door, his eyes shifted to Will again. “I’m Nico by the way.”

    He gulped then said, “I’m Will.”

    Nico’s lips puckered slightly, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards. “Cool,” he said. Then he closed the door.

    Will wasn’t sure what to make of that. He pushed the encounter to the back of his mind and went to class. Later in the night, after studying in the library, he went back to his dorm. He saw Austin hunched over a text book at his desk. “So… Nico talked to me today,” he said. “He had another dude leaving his dorm and he caught me looking.”

    “Did you ask why the guy had spent the night?”


    “Then what are you telling me that for?” Will didn’t answer and Austin looked up at him. “Dude, you’re obviously not going to rest until you find out what that guy does with the people spending the night.”

    “I mean, what can he do?” Will said. “He has a roommate, and I don’t care how close they might be, I’m positive he wouldn’t have sex with someone with his roommate right there.” He glanced at Austin who was looking at him with a bored expression. “I mean, you wouldn’t do that right?”

    “No, trust me,” he said. Then he shrugged. “You never know, they might have some freaky threesome deal.” Will grimaced and Austin laughed. “Will, dude, it’s college. You do stupid shit.” There was a knock on the door and Will turned to open it. He saw Nico with a black shirt that had white block letters forming a single word: SHIT. “Oh that’s too perfect,” Austin laughed.

    “Huh?” Nico questioned. “Whatever. Will, right? I need some ear plugs for my roommate, he’s being a bit of a jackass right now. Do you have any?”

    Will shook his head mutely. “I do,” Austin said. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pack of ear plug. “Helps when I’m with the band,” he explained when he saw Will’s expression.

    “Thanks, you’re a pal. Leo, I got them!” he called over his shoulder. “Tell Jason to stop whining.” He turned to face Will. “Ciao.”

    “Wait, I thought you couldn’t have visitors past midnight on week days,” Will reminded him.

    Nico smirked. “Yeah, of the opposite sex.” He winked and turned away.

    Will watched him leave and shut the door to his own dorm before Will closed his. He turned to look at Austin who was stifling a laugh. “Or maybe he makes his roommate wear earplugs while he fucks guys senseless.” Will grimaced and Austin held out his hand. “I have a lot more.” Will realized they were ear plugs.

    “Oh, whatever,” Will said, rolling his eyes.

    It would have been a lie to say he didn’t stay up listening for any kind of sexual sound through the thin walls. But he didn’t hear any as he fell asleep.

    The next day, he didn’t have any classes, and he stayed in his dorm while Austin left to practice. It wasn’t until a little past four that a knock came at his door again. He answered it without thinking, his brain still reeling with the latest episode of Law and Order: SVU. Then he realized Nico was standing at his door again.

    “Hey neighbor,” he said cheekily, chewing a piece of gum.

    “Hi,” Will said warily.

    “So… a little birdie told me you wanted to know why so many guys stay at my room overnight.” Will felt blood rush to his face and began to stammer, much to Nico’s amusement. “Hey it’s cool, people get curious. You want to know?” Will didn’t answer but stared at him as though he’d been caught doing something bad. “I’m not mad, relax.”

    “Look, you don’t have to tell me anything, really. Austin just likes poking fun at me, really. It just…. Really, it’s none of my business.”

    “Aw, come on,” Nico crooned, stepping closer. “I can show you.” Will gulped and as he looked at Nico, he wasn’t sure what his expression was. His heart was pounding and his limbs felt like jelly. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had that effect on him. “Come on,” Nico prodded again, pulling him gently by his arm.

    He obliged and followed Nico to his dorm. “Close your eyes,” he whispered in his ear. Will noticed his roommate was gone. “Go ahead,” he murmured. Will shut his eyes, feeling his body heat rise. Nico pushed him gently until his legs hit the railing of the bed. “Get on,” he encouraged. Will did. It only took a slight jump to get onto the elevate bed. He sat and gulped, keeping his eyes shut.

    He heard the bed creak beside him and it moved as though someone were getting on. He felt Nico at his back and let out a shaky breath. His arms came around him.

    Then there was something in his lap. “Open your eyes.”

    Will did. He looked down and saw a laptop with the Netflix website pulled up. Nico burst into laughter behind him. “I’m confused,” Will said dumbly.

    Nico pulled away the laptop and sat beside him, letting his legs dangle. “Last night, Leo came over and we sort of started watching horror films. Jason wanted to go to sleep, so we gave him earplugs so he wouldn’t hear the movie or us freaking out.

    “Another guy, the one from the day your key fucked up, that was Percy. He had an argument with his girlfriend and needed our help. It got late and he lives in an apartment complex off campus so we let him crash here.

    “Another guy was from a party. He was stupid drunk and I didn’t trust him to drive. He tried to make a move on me, but I don’t do the whole drunk-make-out thing. Another was a friend from class who stayed to listen to basically all of my CD’s and talk about his problems back home. There was one I got to make out with, but he wasn’t a very good kisser.” He shrugged and looked at Will who felt completely lost.

    “I… I don’t know what to say,” Will muttered. Nico laughed and nudged him with his shoulder.

    He turned to look at him and found his brown eyes focused on him, that mischievous smirk tugging at his full lips. Will forced his eyes back to Nico’s, but they quickly darted down to his lips again. Slowly, so torturously slowly, Nico started to lean in, and Will did too.

    A surprisingly hesitant hand came up to Will’s face when Nico was just a hairbreadth away. And then his lips. Will shut his eyes and kissed him slowly, feeling little electric currents course through his body and the shudder of his breath as the warmth of someone else’s lips settled over his.

    Nico bit his lip gently before tilting his head and continuing to kiss him. Then suddenly, he pulled away and they both looked away from each other with suppressed embarrassed smiles. Slowly, they turned to look at each other and laughed softly, smiling at each other.

    Will cleared his throat. “Well, I hope I was better than that one guy.”

    “Way better,” Nico answered, smiling. “But… just to be sure,” he whispered as he leaned in again.

    anonymous asked:

    Hey, i want to ask you something. Why does Mark never kiss Jackson and it looks like Jackson is the one who always taking the initiative. And they both look so awkward. But when it comes to Markjin, Mark looks like more aggressive and so comfortable with each other. Can you tell me why? I'm so confused. (sorry for my bad english.)

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply (I just haven’t been on my got7 blog a lot)!! And don’t worry about your english, it’s fine anon :)  I wanna start off with saying that I do agree about more aggressiveness coming out of markjin, however, I don’t see markson as being really awkward with the kisses? Or at least not to the extent that you might perceive? Anyways, I hope I answered your question the way you’d like!

    I’m going to make the rest under the cut/ keep reading!  But here’s the TL:DR:

    TL;DR: To start, I don’t think it’s “awkwardness” but instead “embarrassment” with markson kisses. Jackson is a physical man with his body type and in his relationships/skinship. He divies it out like no tomorrow- a boy without shame (which I love). Mark is reserved sometimes- but really just in certain situations- when he’s with Jackson. To be shown intimate gestures from someone you like/love can cause anyone to get a lil’ bashful, especially if you’re in public like in front of an audience. I think Mark’s just careful because he really cares and loves Jackson, and doesn’t want to cause issues with the fans or the company or the law. As for the other part, I don’t see Mark being hands-on with Jinyoung as romantic/sexual because I think they just see each other as friends. I just can’t see that kind of relationship there because I feel that JY is just really chill with everything. He’s a pillar in the group and I feel that he has good enough relationships with everyone that they can all get away with so much without crossing lines. I think Mark knows this and that he can freely act the way he wants to with Jackson by using Jinyoung as a proxy.  #markson or never

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    anon:answer - part1

    Anon ask : please do theories from jongin’s perspective ;_;

    Eyy there anon-nie, sorry for the very delayed reply (actually I had written my answer earlier, but my tumblr inbox crashed /cry blood/ bc apparently my gifs+nonsensewords game is too strong)

    your eyes, prepare them *dundundun*

    ADDED: SORRY, I have posted it earlier/yesterday but shit happened (the gifs/picts missing mannnn) and then I had to delete it /le cry blood again/ since im such a tumblr noob

    [As always, this is how I perceive things* (*things = dem kaisoo moments), I am not a professional nor qualified nor certificated nor expert of “body language and all that jazz”. i do not know these boys personally, everything is based on things* I have found/seen on internet cuz I have no life, this prob will be weird and deluded af]

    Note #1: even tho this is “from jongin’s perspective” my words are written NOT on the behalf of jongin nor kyungsoo. I don’t and never will claim to speak on the behalf of either of them. This is from deluded 3rd person/outsider/stranger’s point of view.

    Note #2: I am a trash and I have no shame to remind it to y’all. So if u think shipping is annoying, kaisoo is annoying, kaisoo shipper is annoying and fking deluded and loud cuz they cant control their feels and apparently they are at fault too bc many people appreciate their works (such as fanfics and fanarts etc) –

    tbh how can that even be their fault? Like u mad cuz other ppl get compliments, like honestly? r u for real? Like fuck logic, yeah? And you are angry cuz we are loud here in tumblr? Loud about kaisoo on kaisoo tag? Like what? I mean what? Just… I don’t understand? I thought we r all liberals here man. I don’t know that our freedom of speech is limited here on tumblr? Then where should we speak out loud then? where should we spazz and vent out our feelings then? on the street? Yelling like an actual crazy person? I thought dictatorial communism isn’t part of internet but I guess I am wrong, of course we have to follow you oh the mighty and glorious majesty, the ruler of the internet, of course we shall seal our lips, or more like tie our fingers, to stop us worshipping our holy ship. Of course.

    – anyway, if you are one of those people, skip this post. Don’t ever look at it. Forget it exists. you can leave me a hate mail and I wouldn’t care – please be creative if you do though ahaha no.

    Note #3: since I feel this topic has a really wide range (since there are so many things that had happened on this ship to be discussed), so im gonna separate this answer into parts (the reason is bc I don’t want to risk any thing again since this is my 2nd attempt already and if this thing becomes too long again and then shit happens, like crashed or the image wouldn’t load bc of my noob-ish-ness, at least it wont take such amount of time for me to re-do it…),

    anyway, this [PART1] will contain: jongin’s “don’t want to eat with that hyung” moment that turned into “become the closest the fastest”, to how he smiles at soo, looking, touching, ‘cute&love’ associated w/ ksoo

    again im crazy dont listen to me /hurr-durr/ 

    Now lets get this started; just like with soo before, Im gonna start with “I don’t want to eat with that hyung”

    He looked so guilty when yeol mentioned and then yeol mentioned they [kaisoo] became the closest in exo. Im gonna be honest here, I don’t have any conspiracy theory/delulu shit to say opinion on jongin’s part/action, since this event of misunderstanding was occurred bc of ksoo’s action and I think I have explained it enough in my first post about the reason that I believe why ksoo couldn’t look at jongin

    still im gonna remind y’all why I take astigmatism as such a bullshit reason, bc:

    1. no other members had complained about this “he didn’t want to look at me” about soo, it’s only kai, and as far as I know the only thing that lil bit similar to this was; (in some translation notes) lay said that “i thought d.o was cold but turn out he isn’t, he is friendly” ((?) not exact words but basically that was what he said, btw this is from magazine interview, I don’t remember what magazine),

    yet (IMHO) this feels very far different with jongin’s “don’t want to eat w/ that hyung”, bc even tho lay thought ksoo was cold it didn’t have that much impact on him, lay only said this as his first impression (bc he said “I thought…”, meaning that he only felt like that, right?) and he didn’t push it any further, unlike jongin who seemed to take it – ksoo’s attitude – seriously (proven by him didn’t want to eat with ksoo)… well of course I mean jongin did say ksoo didn’t want to look at him (so it makes sense?) and unlike in lay’s case, “he felt/thought [ksoo was a cold]”, in jongin’s case “he experienced it [soo didn’t want to look at him]”, do u get what am I saying? can you already feel my delulu radiates from your screen? Hm?

    2. Now let’s “pretend” that astigmatism was the real reason ksoo couldn’t look at jongin. then why only jongin? I suspect ksoo must have avoided jongin(‘s eyes) often in their early/first encounters, bc it left such a deep impression (that made jongin didn’t want to go out together w/ him), if it was only one or two times ksoo didn’t look at jongin when they were talking….

    (why I assume “when they were talking” while the gif[‘s sub] only said “he wouldn’t look at me”? bc jongin knew soo didn’t look at him, meaning he looked at soo while soo doing this [avoiding his eyes/face], then why he looked at soo when soo did this? why he found soo’s action was rude? at that time they just barely met, if soo was idle or busy doing his own things, ofc jongin wouldn’t find it rude for soo not look at him. thus it makes sense to conclude that soo didn’t look at jongin when they were talking),

    …then jongin wouldn’t have such an impression about soo (bc if its just once or twice, you wouldn’t think about it right? You prob wouldn’t make a big a deal about something that happened for once or twice that involves someone you just met, but jongin had such impression about soo, meaning this had happened quite a lot/in repetitive pattern for him to notice and took it inside his heart/mind).

    I’m not that knowledgeable about astigmatism but what I know is this eyes condition mainly causing your vision to be distorted and blurred, so based on these two major symptoms, (imo) it doesn’t make sense that astigmatism caused soo couldn’t look at jongin’s properly while they were talking…. (if jongin said “ksoo stared at me a lot when we’re talking” or “ksoo often squinted his eyes when he talked to me” etc etc… then it would match [more fit/appropriate] with ksoo’s eyes condition, instead of “he [ksoo] didn’t want to look at me. i thought he was in bad mood…” being paired with “bc ksoo has astigmatism”, imo it doesn’t fit at all….but prob just me idk IM A TRASH OKAY, A BIASED TRASH, don’t listen to me)

    And after this “didn’t want to eat w/ that hyung” incident happened and solved they became the closest. I cant make any speculation/delulu theory about how they made up, bc until this day there is no interview about it nor any other members *coughchanyeolcoughcough* blabber about it, so I assume that how the way they solved this misunderstanding is only exclusive for them to know (perhaps someone outside exo knows or maybe other members know, but like I have said before that maybe there is some sort of unspoken rules for certain things between other members…)

    I suspect that this misunderstanding was solved w/ jongin as the initiator bc i had mentioned jongin is a blunt person (as it had been said by some members in a radio interview)  even tho he is quite reserved like ksoo in my prev post, 

    so MAYBE he asked soo why soo avoiding to look at him or MAYBE this thing was resolved bc they were being paired in the same room in the dorm and sooner or later soo had to look at jongin (soo couldn’t avoid him forever) and then bam they became closer; prob bc they have same interests? Like movie, anime/cartoon; pororo, prince of tennis, one piece: [jongin’s phone stickers, soo imitated franky on the stage when exo in japan], jongin’s ‘crayon/pencil shincan’ sticker on his phone case… (I sound so creepy rn… don’t judge me mmkay, I gained this information once upon a time when I was browsing tumblr at 2 AM. my brain decided to burn this info inside my memory…) MAYBE is the key-word cuz I don’t know shit okay, im deluded af

    I mean MAYBE, I am all wrong here, maybe all the things i have written are bunch of crazy bullshit, maybe we are all wrong here, and need to visit the asylum for seeing things, bc they could be just a pair of mere co-workers, nothing beyond that, it could be just how S.Korean men do skinship to show the over-flowing cares and attentions they have to each other inside their beautiful, blooming and wonderful friendship. what do I know anyway I’m just an uncultured ignorant swine

    something interesting also happens between the members bc of this “don’t wanna eat w/ that hyung” incident bc they like to make fun of jongin about this matter, like why? why the other members love to rub this incident on jongin’s face? do they think this incident as something special, is it bc this thing is so ironic since now kaisoo is the closest? But don’t you think it’s a lil bit too much, I mean IF kaisoo just a pair of regular friends then why other members try that hard to remind jongin of his awkward misunderstanding about his closest hyung in front of the camera? Why do they enjoy it so much to put jongin in such flustered condition? Why?

    I just love how chanyeol threw that topic, again, twice.

    I mean look at him, his smile was so full of guilty… and the smile only lasted for few seconds…

    “cant look bc of astigmatism”…  later on this guy stretched himself on top of jongin without blinking

    Now lets move on from ‘don’t wanna eat with that hyung’ to ‘become the closest members’, as you may have known, after a while yeol moved in kaisoo’s room, in radio interview (I don’t have the link, nor I have watched it, I only saw the gifs or was it translation notes? Idr…) yeol said that kai always locks the bathroom door when he takes shower (I assume that each room in the dorm has its own bathroom, since if yeol was talking about shared bathroom, then why he mentioned this habit of kai few weeks later after he moved in with kaisoo then? why he didn’t notice this habit and then blabber it sooner before he moved in? hence I think he was talking about kai’s habit in their shared bedroom’s bathroom),

    (Okay thanks to the anon who told me before, I watched the video again, so basically the lady asked kai (for dancing in the shower) bc D.O mentioned it first. It was around the minutes 35-ish. Exo Sina Interview.)

     the gifs above telling us that ksoo walked in when jongin was taking shower (and dancing too), why he didn’t lock the door when (as far as I know at that time) he and soo shared bedroom only for 2 of them? Hmmmm? yeah there is probability his habit of locking the bathroom door started bc of this event, BUT when he mentioned about D.O saw him, he didnt look, uncomfortable? ashamed? he giggled… like “lol hyung saw me”, so it makes me doubt he starts the locking bathroom door thingy bc of this BUT HEY THIS IS PERHAPS JUST ME SEEING THINGS FROM DELUSHIT EYES

    Look at him changing his shoulders stance and then threw a damn smirk at the end. He was in ‘guarded’ position – his arms were placed in front of his body (according to some articles that I have read, if a person lying they would put something as a barrier; it could be their arms, purse, a cup, etc, between them and the other person / interviewer), so hommie aint lying about their pororo ritual bc he ‘unguarded’ as soon as he mentioned “me and kyungsoo…” (again this is just how I see things, also notice he gulped first before he spoke, his cheeks/jaw tensed and then his corner lips tugged up too. Before he spoke he was in hunched position, when he spoke he moved his upper torso, leaning it forward, like in “attacking” stance? Like um, proud of the words that flow out his mouth? IDK IM CRAZY YO PERHAPS JUST OVERNANALYZING THINGS

    Many others (including me) have notice he often has a proud expression when he talks about ksoo (or when other praises soo, like when suho talked about ‘chart’, or when ksoo sings), and that damn smirk he gave after he said “[we] watch pororo together” was like a mocking? Idk like ‘bitch me and soo have special ritual and u don’t how sad ur life is /laughs/’. idk maybe this is just me ;__; /save me from this delusional state/

    Also speaking of pororo I heard that jongin bought his niece a bucket of flower and a pororo doll /cue to scream like banshee/, the anon (not my anon btw, it was kyungsoosbumhole’s anon who said this) speculated that the reason jongin brought 2 gifts bc one of them from ksoo? Idk if it’s true but even tho im not sure but just thinking about it makes me giddily happy  

    And I know this is about jongin now, but look at soo when jongin said soo was the tidiest and soo fucking bit his lips cuz he was so fucking giddy like “omigash jongin praises me AFHGSFDHLG” 

    soo fucking folded jongin’s shirt and when he got praised by jongin he looked so giddily happy and it seems he only does this to jongin bc no other members said about this (like for ex other would say ‘yeah he folded mine too! He is so tidy!’, but no one did so)… again just jongin… /groan happily/

    i’ve heard that soo helps around the dorm, I heard he cooks (the manager said he does this often on weekend, suho also said that ksoo helped him in the dorm – something involving cooking while if its cleaning, xiumin will handle it), he even wiped luhan’s sweat, he tied tao’s shoelaces and he helped yeol often too (with his mic, outfit, etc)

    but when he does it to jongin, it’s different? I mean he blew jongin’s mic for fuck sake and always there to fuss over about jongin (jongin’s mic – the one that being hold and the one that being glued on their face/cheek, non-existent eyelashes, water bottles, clothes, etc), its like jongin gets special treatment,

    also folding shirt is quite personal don’t cha think? like usually people would just nag and throw the shirt somewhere else if their just-platonic-hommie-bro-roommate being a pig, …or the hommies would be ‘like nah man just move it somewhere else I’ll deal with it later’, perhaps ‘they would say thanks dude for folding my shirt’ but will they show it off later to the world? Like ‘hey you know what? My hommie folded my shirt yesterday! He is so neat! … and also very cute and also he makes me want to coddle him, and he makes me smile all the time idk he’s just very cute, and his lips look so plushy too, I want to touch them while I feed them sweet, but you know, of course in the most heterosexual way… #no homo’

    and this might sound sexist (I know this does NOT apply to ALL, so sorry in advance boys) but it’s rare for boys do this, especially do this for another boy’s sake; unless they are really really really close like so close they did eskimo kiss on the stage… and don’t give me, OMIGOSH ITS JUST ABOUT THE ANGLE OF THE CAMERA, bc no, man, no, they were standing straight right in the front of camera – if baek and jonghyun didn’t stand in front of them, we could see them clearly – so, what angle? Like what is this angle do you speak of? Is this angle the same creature as kim jongin’s non-existent fallen eyelashes that do kyungsoo picked off his cheek? I mean if its from the side, sure, but straight in front of camera? and they also pressed their cheeks together after that eskimo kiss, is that the magic of camera’s angle again??  Sure, hon),

    ofc this is just camera’s angle playing trick to us

    another version


    there are many other moments about jongin showing off his love  uh-pardon me—i mean his very platonic best friend :)  soo to the world (or more like stage, just look how often he points soo when soo is singing) or showing off how close they are (like that “we watch pororo together”, “we created fake cinema, JUST THE TWO OF US, with popcorn too”, “he saw me dancing naked”, “I dun call him hyung cuz we’re close”, “he is not quiet you have to know how to approach him” etc…), it would make me write a damn book with sequel too if I decided to discuss about all of them moments, cuz there are so many…

    now lets move on to how jongin always associate ksoo with cute, heart, and love… tbh I would like to simply just say ‘hommie is so whipped af’, but I think the asking anon wouldn’t be satisfied if I only answer with that

    so again, IMO, It seems that jongin really adores ksoo,  bc the constant “cute” and “love” he keeps associate with soo seem sincere, I don’t believe this is part of fanservice… like when he chose that s.e.s – love song for soo, too subtle to be fanservice and when he called soo cute (when baek said soo looked dumb) he looked startled ((?) like ‘oh shit’) when he realized that there was a camera, or that “hyung should take care of his voice, I’m worried, I love you”, he looked really sincere when he said this, but what do I know I’m just a fucking trash

    he mouthed gwi yeo weo  귀여워 , which means ‘you’re cute’, right?

    yeol and luhan hesitated but jongin immediately pointed at soo

    lol hyung so funny

    look at jongin stopped smiling as soon as baek looked at his direction (and baek had his mouth clamped when he saw jongin muttered cute) 

    in the video he didnt even laugh/grin when he said this, his face just straight (and then he dropped the paper and that was it)

    Mind you that he said “i’ll only give you an unchanging love” instead of S.E.S – love (bc it was supposed to be a clue, I guess, so he couldn’t say the song’s title)

    his name wasn’t even mentioned by soo yet people know it was him who wrote this bc;

    1. He had said this to soo before and had associated the word love with soo before (showtime),

    2. He grinned happily and had expecting eyes looking at soo when soo read the poem,

    3. Soo didn’t mention any name and immediately talking about chanyeol’s poem, even tho the host said “ah the member who wrote this must be lovable/precious”, if it was nothing for soo, soo would tell  who was the one who wrote it [read out loud the writers name] after the host mentioned those words, but he didn’t. why?

    The point is jongin never cracked a mocking grin or made an awkward face when he declared his love, he either said it seriously or he grinned happily (when soo read oranghae poem) and for the “cute part”, I think it’s obvious enough for us to see that kim jongin finds do kyungsoo cute. Maybe this is just me being a trash biased, but imo jongin looks at soo with so much adoration in his eyes /cry cuz it’s so beautiful/ and don’t give me that OMIGOSH JONGIN LOOKS AT EVRY1 LIEK THAT bc fuck no. has he ever followed the other members’ movement w/ his eyes like this?

    Or has he ever turned around 180o so he could look at other members?

    has he ever been immediately snapping his neck just to see them speaking? (look at his neck/nape/shoulders twitched when soo began talking)

    idk this is prob bc im deluded af but near the end i see his neck/jaw twitched before he turned around to face soo, as if he already wanted to turn around but refrain to do so since he was still talking to suho

    chanyeol talked again but he still looked at ksoo

    has he ever ignoring ksoo’s speech so he could look at other members like this?

    baek singing but nini still stared at soo

    soo only spke 2 words, i remember watching this video, and i think soo said “thank you”, kris was speaking bc they were interviewed in english, anyway soo only spoke 2 words then kris continued speaking again and jongin still has his eyes at him

    suho spoke, baek was in his own world, yeol stare at the cameraman’s soul while kaisoo stared at each other, look at soo gulping, he looked at jongin and then his orbs darted down and the corners of his lips twitch

    Also I have seen in YT where ksoo beatboxing and sehun danced, jongin looked at sehun BUT he didn’t smile, yet we have seen jongin smiled when soo dances in front of him

    near the end of the gif, he tilted his head to soo’s direction and then smiled

    near the end, his body already wanted to move to the left (our left) to do hip-thrust, but his head still in ksoo’s butt direction

    there is nothing to be pointed out bc clearly his eyes were checking out his bae soo

    Talk about smiling, maybe this is bc im so fking deluded and biased trash but I notice that whenever jongin laughs, he often turns his head to soo, like he wants to see soo when he’s laughing, just check on pepero commercial for example and there are also gifs 

    it was soo on the bottom, and tell me right in the eyes that he didnt stare at soo and smiled )later on he got distracted bc suho got up)

    why he didnt just smile at yeol instead, and i notice lay (i think) spoke too, why only smiled at soo’s talking? HMMMM?

    he stared for a bit, turned around but then soo started laughing (snorted) and he turned his head again to face soo and then grinned

    And like before, I have read some articles about if someone turns their head to [face] another person when they’re laughing/smiling basically meaning that they want to share their happiness to that person, and also it indicates that person as the source of their happiness/joy/good feeling/etc – hence that’s why they want to look at that person when they’re smiling/laughing, unconsciously hoping that their smile/laugh will become contagious to that person. Plus I heard smiling is one of the signs of attraction…



    lets move on to touching,

    first I would like to point on how they always do this naturally, and it makes me thinking perhaps it’s a habit? And we have seen how they often do this backstage (when they aren’t performing, when there is no fangirl to be satisfied with “opparr playful gheiness”);

    he could just tap soo’s clothed arm/bicep and then told soo to move closer, but noooo he decided to grabbed soo’s bare hand instead

    pulled off soo’s hoodies then rubbed soo’s shoulder

    he stared at soo and then moved his head closer (look at him treated soo like a puppy (honestly the way he stares/acts at soo remind me of how someone would stare at their kids/puppies/kittens/lovedones/cutestuffs, like awwwing, but idk CUZ IM DELULU TRASH)

    /grab soo’s arm and dragged soo closer/ i wonder what xiumin thought

    compared to chen, he only nudged chen lightly ‘OMG HYUNG THIS HAND’S MOVEMET IS SO FUUNNYY AHAHAAHASGHKHDK’

    first pict, look at him grabbed soo’s arm

    he dragged soo to be closer with him, and i notice there was a lady there, so either he wanted to speak/whisper to soo (but soo’s mouth aint moving tho, it could be he just whispered) or he didnt want to soo to get close to that lady

    Second, how they touch these so called intimate area or erogenous zone

    soo looked at camera and also rubbed nini’s hand

    then arm rubbing stopped, jongin rubbed soo’s knee (bc soo’s arm looked free now/off jongins hand/ behind the bottles), broship much

    soo moved back when he noticed there was a camera

    sliding from nape to throat

    why jongin ducked his head when soo stared at him, was he shy? jfc nini u had ur hand on his neck, u practically manhandled soo to stand closer yet u got shy when he stared at you? that male host tho

    External image

    jongin moved his leg so their knees touched, also it seems his leg placed under soo’s leg/calf

    Anyway neck is one of the erogenous area, you could trigger a wet/bonner/both moment if someone caressed ur neck, or u prob will feel ticklish , or both (horny+ticklish) but soo doesn’t react about this, as if jongin is used to do this to him (and lemme remind u when chen and tao tried to touch him – on his thigh – he removed their arms, but when jongin did it, he didn’t. jongin put his palm on his neck, bare neck. Don’t u think bare neck is more sensitive than clothed thigh? and not just bare neck, but the front part – the soft and vulnerable part – of his neck, not his nape (bc I notice some ahjussi would put their arm on some youngster’s [clothed] nape or other members would do this to him too/each other)

    Sure this can be seen as something playful (bc once upon a time when I was in HS, some guys did this as a type of joke – they would ewwwwww-ing and then laughing like a llama after they did it)

    But this? THIS? most ppl would flinch/back away like “dude the fuck r u doing?” as soon as they see their mate’s hand flying directly to their crotch, but soo didn’t. he just stood there, as if it is NOT something surprising for jongin to do.. hmmmmmm.. and don’t give me that’s how S.Korean men skinship works bullshit /HONESTLY?/

    Speaking of zipper, I also have something to say about this… this shit has been bugging me for a long time;

    am I the only one who think that jongin was talking about soo’s belt? (bc I have seen this gif set couple of times in this site, yet the caption is always about “what do you mean jongin?” or “what?” etc) and what I mean belt is not the seat belt, but the belt around the waist, the belt that you wear on your pants.

    jongin mentioned about soo’s baggy pants, meaning soo wears belt so his pants won’t drop (cuz it’s so baggy/lose yo), but why would jongin mention such thing then? it makes sense to wear a belt if your jeans/outdoor pants lose, so it makes me thinking that the “baggy pants” he mentioned was indoor pants, like sweat pants/hip-hop-pants/soft-clothed-material-pants, and then the belt perhaps the cloth-rope that usually loops inside part of the waist (hope I explain this correctly, me no speak English as firsteu language yo), cuz usually ppl would just wear the pants without giving a shit about that cloth-rope but perhaps soo adjusts and ties it around his waist? Idk

    but my point is, does that mean jongin often sees ksoo wears pants? They shared a bedroom tgther, so yeah it’s not that big deal, it’s common, but then doesn’t that mean jongin not only just sees but pays attention to soo when soo puts his attire – especially his pants – since jongin was able to burn soo’s little quirkiness inside his memory and then unconsciously blurted it out to yeol + camera. And on the 3rd gif soo immediately froze and stopped looking at camera (he looked at yeol instead) and on 4th gif jongin was eyeing ksoo then he laughed it off like ‘nvm dude’ when yeol asked him “what?”

    Now lets move on how they comfort/take care of each other, it seems that ksoo showing his care more behind the closed door/inside the dorm… 

    (for ex folding his shirt, cooking, remember when he mentioned jongin couldn’t cook, or in exo showtime jongin said I expected more than this when he ate that burnt meat that was cooked for soo (does that mean he often taste delicious foods made by soo then if he commented like that?) or when jongin praised soo’s cooking in EXO ASK BOX –

    – ugh speaking of EXO ASK BOX i just rewatched it bc of writing this, and I just love it when yeol answered that D.O as the member that he likes to prank but always fail (bc ksoo ignores yeol’s pranks) and then jongin was like ‘bruh I got this’ and then explained everything about how and why (ksoo ignores yeol) and then when chanyeol got question about ‘which movie u would like play/star in?’ sehun answered “horror” and then baek made fun of ksoo saying “horror kyungsoo” and then ksoo was like “this isn’t about me! it’s about chanyeol!” and other members made fun of him and then ksoo went to torture baek (which he didn’t do bc he went back to his seat again) and baek was like “I thought this is about you” and then others laughed and jongin immediately cut in “it’s horror for chanyeol too” like whaaaaat?

    Did he just defend his baby? Or this is me just seeing delulu shit, bc I interpret “it’s horror for chanyeol too” as a form of defending soo bc ‘soo in horror = joke’, so he put yeol in horror too to equalize the joke/mock, and after he cut in the joke faded away and yeol was like “yeah it’s horror for me”,

    also jongin laughed when baek joked “I heard you took cooking class” to soo, suho snorted while yeol and sehun were smiling a little, he was the only one laughed ‘HAHAHA’, it was short but loud like other members didn’t find it that funny –

    – back to cooking thingy, when baek said “d.o makes good spaghetti” then jongin quickly added “he makes great kimchi too” like he wants to show it’s not only baek who knows about soo’s best dishes but he knows that too (PROB JUST MEANT NOTHING THO… im just a trash anyway),

    … while jongin often shows it on stage/public – not in fanservicely manner – like he would put his arm around soo when soo nervous

    their heads touched

    Or when he defended soo

    all other members sans yixing and jongin wanted to hit soo, yixing had his reason, bc he was told to heal soo later with his “power”, what was jongin’s reason for not wanting to hit soo?

    Or answered for soo

    soo was like “um…”

    then after jongin answered for him, soo nodded and was like “ah yes that’s my unique trait”

    Or when soo got embarrassed he went to jongin even tho yixing was right between them

    Or when jongin asked soo instead of yixing

    Or dis

    lol trolled by baek

    Or when jongin encouraged soo to step forward or “promoting” soo

    /hides behind jongin/

    “no my love, dont hide, stand beside me”

    Now lets move on to his stare, above, I have mentioned why I feel his stare for soo is different (full of adoration and all that fairy tale bullshit /im a bitter person/) from the way he stares other members, and how often he gets caught staring at soo FOR NO REASON (while w/ other members, he stares at them when they speak/perform/etc) but with soo, he just STARES even tho soo doesn’t do shit (like other members are talking/giving speech but jongin stares at soo instead).

    tell me right in the eye he didnt just look at the mirror to see soo’s butt reflection (while sehun looked at soo bowing instead)

    he looked at soo biting the sandwich (?) and then he blinked and flicked his eyes on the right (not on soo anymore), also look at his arm, very subtle there

    Again perhaps this is me being biased deranged trash but I see kim jongin stares at do kyungsoo’s lips like he wants to kiss the fuck out of that man’s heart shaped lips

    [zoom this shit if u dont believe me] sure this gif is SLOWED, but it didnt hide the fact that jongin flicked his eyes to soo’s lips then. meaning he did look at soo’s lips, also if this once/twice happened and got caught on camera, what makes you think that he doesnt do this off camera? and has he ever done this before to someone?

    Sometimes you look at someone’s lips when that someone talks to make it sound clearer (according to some science program on BBC idk I don’t remember whats that show’s name), your brain connects your hearing sense with seeing sense, thus the brain will be able to retrieve more information and digest it so the result will be much more defined / clear. (in simple explanation : people talk - -> you hear = good brain reception; people talk - -> you hear + you see them lips moving so fine = better brain reception)

    Also it had been said that if you’re engaged in interesting conversation you would stare at that person’s face (not only their eyes, but their entire face). does that mean jongin and ksoo often engage in such interesting conversation (I often see how other members cant get inside their bubble)? also does that mean jongin really wants to hear ksoo’s words, like he doesn’t even want to miss a single word? 

    or was it bc he is intrigued by soo’s lips and makes him to want to kiss dem plushy  (remember he was the one who answered “heart shaped lips” as soo’s unique feature, while in showtime baek chose “wide-white-part-of-the-eyes” as soo’s unique trait), and I’ve heard somewhere u would often stare at your crush’ lips (idk if this is true tho), not necessarily u want to kiss them, but bc someone’s mouth often moves a lot (wetting their lips, smiling, talking etc), so when u stare at ur crush face u often will focus ur stare on their lips (beside their eyes too)… but idk

    I think that’s it, I cut it and made it shorter than before – some parts that were originally here aren’t here anymore – I would add them later in the next part.

    Once again, sorry for the very late reply dear anon; reasons: motherfuckingassignment, inbox crashed in the middle of answering /le cry blood/, my kaisoo stash folder is really fucked up and un-organized its very hard for me to find the appropriate gifs/picts, my nooby skill is over 9999 and I managed to fuck up and deleted the already posted/answered ask—which is yours anon—/le cry blood 2x/ bc the picts+gifs wouldnt load after that so i thought it better to delete and re-post (SORRY DUDES and DUDETTES)

    And for the anons that had asked me about jelly!kaisoo, ill merge them together with the next part of this post

    [below this is purely my 2 cents, there is no “theory” anymore, skip it if you prefer it]

    kaisoo have become SO obvious it hurts I think my “theories” aren’t needed anymore? (and somehow calling it theory makes it sound snobbish and scientific, that’s why I always put this [“”] sign between them, to make it not to be taken seriously, just take this as the usual stuffs you found on the internet, like that quote : everything’s on internet is true – Abraham Lincoln )

    I feel I don’t have to explain shit anymore since it’s already there in front of our eyes, ksoo practically kissing jongin’s ear on stage, I cant believe if someone still doubting them? like “I think soo and kai have something going on… but but im not sure, they could be just friends… friends as in platonic, I’m not sure… I ship them though, romantically, but im not sure

    do your friend eskimo kiss you? do your friend kiss your earlobe? do your friend caress ur throat/thigh/ear? do your friend occasionally touch your lips? do your friend stare the fuck out of you like they want to kiss you, fuck you, and coddle you? do your friend get jealous if you speaking/being close w/ someone else? if they do, then lets have a moment for out fallen brother/sister in the friend zone… I mean how could you still be in gray area? after all this time – all these recent moments? how? does ksoo need to stick his tongue inside jongin’s earhole to erase those clouds of doubts of yours? his lips on jongin’s ear is not enough for you?

    oh btw soo’s lips on jongin’s ears is not the work of glory magical camera’s angle, okay? have you seen how many fans posted the picts from different angles?

    from jongin’s back (why yeol judging them?)

    here from different angle, sure soo’s lips didnt touch the ear cuz of timing but it doesnt hide the fact that his nose tip did touch jongin’s ear, It’s either soo’s lips or soo’s nose that touched nini’s ear, so what now? wheres your god camera’s angle now?

    “yixing is busy talking, this is my chance!”  /goes to jongin to kiss whisper to him/

    jongin was like “huh?”  bc in the first gif he was busy feeling soo’s lips/nose on his ear instead of listening soo’s whisper

    and it’s not like jongin is any different, (this was when they were in japan, if im not wrong)

    the work of perfect camera angle. sure.

    sorry for my rudeness, but in case u don’t know this answer also being posted as a retaliation post, (I know some ppl who come to this tag to have fun but then when they see somebody talks shit and burst their bubble, it would leave a sour taste in their mouth man, not everyone have blessed life, perhaps they have shit going on in their life and escaping to this side of internet gives them giggles, so please stop giving us hate/self doubt),

    me lurking kaisoo tag just to have some fun but then there will be a post saying shit about thing that I adore so badly (the post had mentioned about “its not just kaisoo shippers who are talented” too. wut? jelly much? our fandom has many good fanfics, I know.. i know..),

    and often posts/messages like this would be added with “…don’t ship too seriously. you’ll get hurt later”, like do you think we don’t know that? do you think we don’t know it’s risky for betting our feels on the idea of two guys – that we don’t even know how their real personas/personalities are, who live far away from (some of) us, who see us as another number of views in YT or sales in music store – being together and in love for real? do you think we are that dumb? we know it but we still do it cuz it’s fun… cuz it gives us feels to spazz over, cant u just let us be crazy in our little world?

    Idk where this hate comes from, bc I see kaisoo shippers all about kaisoo~kaisoo~kaisoo~, they rarely complain about other ships (they even rarely bat an eyelashes to other ship, sure other exo ship, but that’s it, “yay ot12!”, etc no hate whatsoever). Sure we can be loud and be like “OMGKAISOOSOREAL”, ‘#realestshipever’, “why u don’t ship kaisoo? What hurt u in the past?” or posting ‘this kind of post’ for exmpl (in my defense I have said the warnings about me being deluded trash etc), 

    so yeah I understand that we can come out as annoying,  but these things only exist on this tag, of course there are will be people that cruise this ship or even helicarrier it, so why even bother? why don’t just avoid kaisoo tag or unfollow ppl that post/reblog kaisoo, for your convenient sake. So much simpler than writing a rant and then get many random anon messages or being attacked passive-aggressively by a trash blog, yeah?  

    (uggggghhh im sorry im very rude but this thing just makes my fingers itchy to write a rant)

    I have seen a lot about SM ships KaiSoo and there are some who aren’t really fond of this idea, bc then their “realness” will be gone. Tbh, SM has my blessing to ship kaisoo, sail it SM, fucking cruise it, makes it fly to the moon, why? then kaisoo don’t have to play cat and mouse anymore, they could practically making out on the stage and ppl would buy “oppar just do fanservice!!1!” this is better than “covering them”,

    I mean with recent incidents, the company couldn’t afford anymore scandal (or could they? perhaps they could still give us “surprise motherfucker” moments). anyway, as vulgar as it will sound, this group is their main ‘money milking tool’ right now. so I guess them playing along with this ship is more beneficial, since 1. It’s a trending, it attracts ppl, there are ppl who ship them first then get dragged along and drowned in exo world, casual fans bcme hardcore  = actually spending money than spazzing over them on internet since they are now tied/attached emotionally, 2. also: less works, less shit to deal with, less money to be thrown. It’s simpler and easy, 3. Both parties are happy (fans = nonshipper – don’t have to get jelly cuz oppar still single, shipper – YEAH BISH OUR SHIP RULES, nongiveafucker = meh, they can date whomever they want as long no other member will be out anymore; while the company = yay money! yay getting support to fight another company! *coughYcoughGcoughcough* yay popularity – gets aided by big/major brand *coughSAMcoughSUNGcough*)  

    it’s indeed such a low and shitty move (how dare them play w/ our maidens feels??), but if SM values kaisoo’s interaction and see it as money maker, at least the pair will be given support, right? (yay for a “shield-card”) even tho I think SM doesn’t have the balls to push kaisoo that far… but we shall see it later. We shall see.

    it’s fun and game until you realize how easy they could lift and stomp your feeling like snapping fingers.

    Again you may feel that I’m talking like kaisoo is real and in relationship already, bc that’s how I FEEL (IM FUCKING DELUDED TRASH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT) 

    A.N: I want to take a moment to thank to whomever up there for blessing this year with many “intense” kaisoo moments; aggressive soo + gentle nini.

    fucking bless.


    As always, sorry for my rudeness and my mistakes (wrong grammar, mistyped words/names, profanities, delulu shit). Bye /get swallowed by earth/

    Park Place (5/7)

    Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

    Pairing: Bucky x Reader

    Word Count: ~1700

    Warnings: One cuss word. A little bit of angst I guess? But there’s still some cuteness in there too :)

    A/N: Yay! I finally got my crap together and wrote everything out, so now you know exactly how many parts are left! Since this series is almost over, if you’d like me to write some more stuff in the down time before I post another series (I have the first part mostly done), send me requests! And, if anyone reads this, how do people feel about the possibility of smut, whether in one-shots or in a series? I’m just nervous to post something with it in case it sucks. Please let me know!

    Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @lilasiannerd @feelmyroarrrr @barnesfuckedmeup @andhiseyesweregreen


     When you went back to the Avengers tower to see Bucky, you were welcomed by the others, too. Once again, you had brought more cookies, since they were such a hit last time.

             “Everyone agrees that we’re hiring Y/N to make us cookies, right?” Sam asked as he shoveled three into his mouth.

             “Hey, I’m broke, I could use the money,” you admitted. “Glad you like them so much.”

             Bucky welcomed you with a hug, which you reciprocated immediately. You two were growing closer, and you were a bit scared of your feelings for Bucky – with who he was, it would be no normal relationship. But at the same time, wouldn’t it be? If you two wanted to be together, shouldn’t that be the only thing that mattered?

             But you shook your head, pulling yourself out of your thoughts. You didn’t need to think about that now. You turned to see Wanda look knowingly at you. You’d have to talk to her later, as she was getting to know you, too. The girls were much better confidants than any of the boys. The moment you’d tell Steve, you’d suddenly find yourself standing in front of Bucky with him knowing your feelings the next. The man couldn’t keep a secret when it came to things like that.

             You and Bucky went upstairs to his room, where you both sat down on his bed to talk. You noticed Bucky seemed a bit distant, and you decided to bring it up.

             “Hey, are you okay, Bucky?” you asked, placing a hand on his arm.

             He sighed, and looked to you. “We got called in for a mission, in South America. I’ll be honest with you – I tried to get out of going, tried to offer up replacements instead of me to go so I could spend time with you, but Fury wouldn’t have it. They… they need me. At least Steve does.”

             Your face paled a little, but you couldn’t be shocked – this was their job, after all.

             “When do you leave?” you asked.

             “Saturday morning,” Bucky answered. “If all goes well, we should be back by Wednesday.”

             You took in a deep breath, and let it out, nodding. “Well, bring me back a souvenir.”

             Bucky smiled, but it was forced. “I don’t want to leave, doll. I’d much rather stay here and run with Lola and learn more about you. But I have to go.”

             “I know. You have to go be a super soldier,” you said, nudging him lightly.

             “Mr. Barnes, Y/N, your presence is requested in the living room,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out.

             “Who wants us?” Bucky asked.

             “Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers, sir.”

             “All right, if it’s not just Tony,” Bucky grumbled, standing up. He helped you up, wrapping your arm in his right one, leading you downstairs to the living room.

             You separated before you got there, not wanting to look too conspicuous. Wanda winked at you, and you tried to hold back your smile.

             “Oh, hey, Y/N. I have a quick question,” Tony said, turning to you.

             “I’m not going to like this, am I?” you asked hesitantly, looking at Steve. He shrugged.

             “I’d maybe give it a listen,” he said.

             “We all know I always speak pure amazingness, so yes, you should listen. As Manchurian candidate probably already told you while you two were canoodling, we’re all off on a mission. That would leave the tower empty, and I hate for it to be lonely,” Tony said. “That’s where you come in. You’d stay here while we’re gone. You don’t even have to do anything – just sleep here, maybe enjoy some of the thousand amenities we have. And your pooch can stay here too, if you keep her off the couches. And we’ll pay you for the extra gas money it takes to commute, and just for what you’re doing.”

             “You’d pay me to house-sit?” you asked. “Except it’s not even house-sitting – the damn thing can take care of itself with all of the technology you guys have here. Why do you need me?”

             “Come on, Y/N,” Steve spoke up. “It’s just you staying here for less than a week. You come here so often anyway. Our guest wing is very comfortable.”

             “‘Guest wing?’” you repeated, your voice a few octaves higher.

             “Okay, another reason for you to stay,” Sam interjected. “It sucks to return home to an empty house. It’d be nice to have someone here to come home to. Maybe with some baked treats if she feels so inclined.”

             You rolled your eyes, but Sam’s idiotic comment did tug at your heartstrings a little.

             “Yeah, you get to welcome your soldier home,” Tony joked. You blushed, tossing a glance to Bucky, who was trying to hide a smile.

             “I don’t know,” you sighed. You looked around at all of the people looking at you, all of them seemingly wanting you to do this. They were all basically giving you the ASCPA look, way stronger than any standard puppy dog eyes. Your resolve crumbled when you saw Bucky, a soft smile on his face formed as you looked at him, and you noticed the faint rims of tiredness around his eyes.

             “Okay,” you muttered, barely even audible. “I’ll do it.”

             “You’re the best, dear!” Tony exclaimed, and pulled you into a sudden hug. Steve followed next, and eventually you were passed on from Avenger to Avenger until you reached your favorite, Bucky. His hug was obviously the best.

             Friday night, you drove back to the tower with your duffel bag filled with all of the stuff you needed, as well as Lola in the backseat.  You were settling in the night before, so you didn’t have to worry about unpacking while saying goodbye at the same time. Bucky came out to help you with your bags, and he surprised you by bringing you up to his room, not the guest wing.

             “You can sleep here,” he said. “My bed is way more comfortable than the guest wing’s.”

             Slowly, you nodded. You were only a few months into knowing him, and here you were moving in, even if it was just for a few days.

             You went into the bathroom, changing into a pair of pajamas. When you came out, Bucky surprised you by being in a chair pulled up beside the bed, his ankles crossed on it as he leaned back.

             “What are you doing?” you asked him.

             “Sleeping,” he replied. “I’m not going to make you sleep in the chair, doll.”

             You rolled your eyes at him. “Well, I’m not going to either. You can sleep in the bed, Bucky.”

             “Doll, I don’t want to have you—“

             You crossed your arm, raising an eyebrow at him. He did the same, and there was a ghost of a smile on his face.

             “You can’t win this, Y/N,” Bucky told you, his eyes glaring playfully into yours.

             Sighing, you shrugged, grabbing one of the pillows. “I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor. I mean, if you’re not going to take the bed, I’m not going to either.”

             He sighed. “Doll—”

             “You can’t win this, Bucky,” you repeated his words back. He rolled his eyes.

             “So what, you want the chair?” he asked you.

             “No, obviously not. I was thinking we could share the bed since we’re both so stubborn – it’s certainly big enough. I-I mean, if you’re comfortable with it.”

             Bucky’s eyes widened for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Only if you’re comfortable with it, too.”

             “I obviously am if I offered to share it with you, dummy. Now hurry up and get settled.”

             Bucky smiled, and stood up, pushing the chair back to his desk, lifting up the covers to climb in on the other side of the bed. You scooted in next to him, keeping a respectable distance between you as you flipped off the light. But the room was a bit cold, and you could feel the warmth of his skin radiating underneath the covers and next to you, and you wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against him.

             He broke the silence first. “Do you mind if I—”

             Knowing what he wanted, and smiling at the fact he wanted to as well, you both moved closer together, you resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, drawing you closer. He pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of your head.

             “Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

             The morning came way too early, and you ignored Bucky’s suggestions of just going back to sleep, as you wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Especially him. You had gone and gotten feelings for an Avenger, and you knew it was going to be difficult, even if you never told him.

             After getting dressed, you sat back down on the bed, watching Bucky pack his things. He started putting on all of his tactical gear, and you shook your head in disbelief as you watched him.

             “How do you deal with that many buckles?” you asked.

             He laughed and shrugged in response. Once he was packed, he stepped up to you. “Listen, Y/N, I… I wanted you to have this.” Bucky pulled out a small band from a pocket in his vest. Grabbing your hand gently, he dropped it into your palm. You turned it over, examining it. “It’s a communication device. It taps into mine, and mine only, so we can talk without the others hearing in. I promise I’ll contact you at least once a day, no matter what.”

             You smiled, relieved at the thought of being able to contact Bucky while he was away. This would certainly ease your mind a little, being able to ask him how everyone was doing, or how the mission was progressing.

             “Thank you,” you muttered, clipping the band around your wrist. You reached up, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “Please stay safe, okay? You’re the only one Lola loves the most besides me.”

             Bucky laughed as he wrapped his arms around you as well, squeezing you lightly. You wanted nothing more than to just stay here forever, to keep him safe here. To stay with him. “I won’t leave my favorite girl,” he responded.    

             You rolled your eyes, being glad he couldn’t see your sarcastic response at him saying Lola would be who he would miss the most. But Bucky reluctantly pulled away with a sigh, and kissed the top of your forehead. “I’ll talk to you later, doll. We’ll be back before you know it.”

             You somehow knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.

    BTS Mafia AU pt.10

    pt.1-5 pt.6 pt.7 pt.8 pt.9 

    You wake up, the warm golden rays of the sun filling the room. The cream walls looking like someone dropped honey on them You look around, Jimin is gone. But with a glance at your desk you see a milk carton with an apple. You smile, and walk over. A note is stuck on the milk, you read as you take a bite from the apple.

    It says: “Hey, sorry I had to leave. Namjoon wants to see you at 2 for more accounting (have fun doing that). Enjoy the food, ~Jimin.”

    You place the note down, and finish your breakfast. You take a quick shower, and perch yourself on your window sill to watch the clouds. With your headphones in it takes a little while before you realize Jungkook and Hosek are calling your name from below. You smile and wave at them. They signal for you to come down.

    You bolt out, tapping your foot in the elevator. You rush out, trying to avoid the people going the opposite way. You walk into the cement courtyard. Hosek smiles broadly when he sees you, and squeezes you into a hug.

    “Hosek.. I can’t breath,” you gasp, unable to move. He laughs and lets you go. Jungkook simply pats your back.

    “So what’s up?” you ask, curious about why they called you down.

    “We have a bet,” Hosek says, smiling mischievously.

    “What is it?” you ask, not sure if you want to know.

    “Which one of us can woo you the best,” Jungkook says, wiggling his eyebrows. You shake your head laughing.

    “No, hell no, I’m not being part of this,” you say backing away. Jungkook grabs your wrist, and pulls you into him.

    “Too late, Y/N, you already are…” he whispers, his face centimeters away. You can see every one of his long lashes, that brushed his cheek every time he blinks.

    “Hey, back off,” Jimin says, pulling him off you. “Did she say yes?”

    “Wait you’re in on this?” you ask, shocked. He nods, winking at you.

    “Yeah we all are,” he says, biting his lip slightly. You flush at his slight provocation.

    “My turn, fuck off Jimin,” Hoseok says annoyed, pushing the younger boy out of the way.

    “Hey!” Jimin protests as he stumbles, he pushes him back. They began to play fight, saying “come at me bro!” You laugh at their childishness. Hosek juts his chin, chest puffed out, Jimin tries to do the same, but fails. His height doesn’t help. You break out into laughter. They stop and look at you.

    “What?” you ask, gasping for air.

    “I’ve never heard you laugh,” Hosek says, staring. You stop laughing, all three boys stare, as though they try to memorize the sound, and look of your laughter.

    “Well… don’t get used to it,” you say, suddenly defensive.

    They’re gangsters… don’t get pulled in Y/N, you remind yourself.

    “It’s cute,” Jimin says, pinching your cheek, despite your efforts, a smile tugs your lips. You swat his hand away and take a step back, crossing your arms.

    “Stop it, I don’t want to be part of it,” You say, the boys laugh, shaking their heads.

    “Not your voice, just chose by the end of the week,” Hosek said, draping his arm around your shoulders. You frown, but let out a sigh of defeat.

    “Fine,” you say.

    It might fun to see how gangsters woe girls, you think.

    “Yes!” Jimin jumps, pumping his fist. “It’s on! You guys are gonna lose, Y/N is going to be mine.”

    “Sure, Jimin,” you say sarcastically, walking back inside.

    “Y/N!!!!” someone shouts, you look up. Jin is leaning out of your window.

    “What?” you call back.

    “You’re with me until you have to see Namjoon,” Jin answers, you nod, and tell him to wait there. You head up to your room. Jin is sitting on your bed. He is wearing a white lab coat, round glasses perched on the tip of his nose, he is looking at one of the books that were on your bookcase.

    “Do you like this book?” he asks, showing the book. It’s Romeo and Juliet, you shake your head.

    “It’s unrealistic,” you say. “It was there when I got here.”

    “I see, well come on, you are going to be helping me,” he says, taking your wrist and leading you out. He trips slightly, you grab his arm.

    “You okay?” you ask, as he brushes himself off. Jin smiles, nodding. His phone buzzes, he looks at and smirks.

    “What is it?” you ask.

    “Nothing,” he says, his smile sending shivers down your spine. You rub your arm, walking slightly behind him.

    “Has it gotten easier?” he asks, once you’re inside the elevator.

    “Slightly, everyone is really nice. And Jimin-” you stop as people join you in the elevator. Jin is squished against you. You can feel his strong back against your front, you try to resist warping your arms around his waist. Just to know how it would feel. The people get out.

    “Jimin what?” Jin asks, once the door close. He turns around, but doesn’t back away. He smiles, heat radiating off of his body.

    “Jimin, nothing,” you mutter, blushing. You suddenly don’t feel like telling him about the night Jimin spent in your room. Nothing happened, but you still feel scandalous.

    “Your face says otherwise Y/N,” he murmurs, his finger lifting your chin so look straight into his warm chocolate eyes. You swallow.

    “We’re here,” you say, backing away. He looks behind him at the elevator doors, and walks out. You find yourself in what seems to be a hospital wing. Jin leads you to a table covered in a mountain of medical supplies.

    “Organize this, I’ll come back and check on you, I have to go take of stuff,” he says and leaves.

    You stare at the mountain, and began to separate the gauzes, and bottles. You manage to make three piles. Starting on the bandages you organize by size, then type. Midway through making piles of the bottles, Jin comes back. His white lab coat is stained with red, but his hands are clean.

    “Save any lives?” you ask.

    “Quite a few,” he answers, looking over your shoulder. His breath tickling  the back of your neck. You keep going, trying to ignore him. He reaches out, his hand touching yours, his broad back flush against yours.

    “This one goes here,” he says, softly, placing the bottle with another group. His hand lingers on yours. You freeze, and glance at the clock. You bolt to your feet.

    “Time to see Namjoon! Bye Jin!” you squeak, and half run out of there. You wouldn’t be surprised if flames and smoke trialed behind you. Your face felt like it was dosed in lava. You scuttle into the elevator, and start mashing the button to the top floor. The elevator dinged, and stepped out, relieved for the dark hallway.

    You lean against the wall, your heart still pounding. This bet was getting harder to stay away from. You stayed there, waiting for your breath to calm down. The door opened, and out stepped Yoongi. Despite his sleepy posture, his sharp brown eyes shone through the gloom.

    “Namjoon is waiting for you, Y/N,” he says, swaggering over. You nod, and walk past him. He grabs your wrist.

    “Be careful, with this bet, who knows what we’ll do,” he smiles, you shiver, and yank your hand away, rubbing your wrist.

    “Thanks…” you mumble and walk in.

    Your eyes are assaulted by the light flooding into the room. When your eyes adjust, you see Namjoon behind the desk. The papers that used to clutter the desk are gone, replaced by blue placemats, and white plates. Two silver candle holders are in the middle, their base decorated with flowers.

    “I thought I was just here to crunch numbers,” you mutter, awkwardly taking a seat. An amused smile flites across his face.

    This stupid fucking bet…. You think.

    “Yes, the stupid fucking bet,” he laughs, you flush.

    “I said that aloud?” you ask. He nods, stilling smiling. You groan, covering your face. Namjoon pulls your hand away.

    “It’s fine. You’re cute when flustered,”  he muttered, you look into his eyes, scared by the dark look passing over his face.

    “Stop it, Namjoon. This isn’t funny, why did you guys want to do this stupid bet anyways?” you ask, leaning back in your chair.

    “Because,” he shrugs, smiling.

    “Because, what?” you ask, accusingly.

    “Because you’re the first girl they’ve seen been let in, and not… been put to use, of some form. You represent everything that they have never had. Innocence, purity, they want to protect you. But this bet is to see  how someone from the outside reacts,” Namjoon sighs.

    You stay silent, his words reminding you that you are imprisoned by gangsters. You pick at your nails, not looking at him.

    “Can I just see the numbers then? I’m not hungry,” you say. He nods, and hands you more papers and a pencil.

    You take the pencil and get to work, scribbling and punching numbers into the calculator. You pause sometimes to take a sip of water, or a sandwich that magically appeared.

    “Namjoon,” you say, your voice sounds croaky and husky. You look around the dark office.

    “He’s not here,” someone says from behind. You jump. Yoongi walks over, and plops himself on the chair across from you.

    “Oh, well I’ll tell him later,” you say, stacking the papers, organizing the pile.

    “What is it? I’ll tell him,” he says.

    “Someone is screwing you over. 4 months ago this Dragonfly guy asked for $400, this month he asked for $900. Same amount of stuff too, this person is screwing you over,” you say, finishing with the papers, and looking at Yoongi. His usually placid face flickers with anger.

    “Thanks Y/N,” he says, kissing the top of your head, and rushing out.

    “Stay here,” he yells back before slamming the door.

    Did I just sentence someone to die? You think horrified. You don’t dare open the door, but instead just curl up on the sofa facing the fireplace. The crackling and popping of wood, calming your nerves. Soon you find yourself drifting off to sleep.

    A/N: Hi there. Sorry this took so long. Fucking finals…. I’ll post more soon. I’ll be posting some drabble soon too! Look forward to it!

    Looking Past


    “I love you Angela Ziegler. Do you love me?”

    The two simply stared at one another, and though her gaze was filled with warmth, she said nothing. A few seconds passed. And then a minute. Still she remained silent. Genji didn’t have her ability to read expressions through metal, but even he could tell that she was pained, struggling.

    Mercy was, in fact, fighting against feelings she had buried deep inside. It was wrong. The feelings she had were wrong, immoral even. Angela had always believed in peace, in saving others regardless of who they were or what they did. Send her the weak, broken and dying and she would do her best to heal their wounds and restore them to life.

    When they had found Genji all those years ago, it was clear that he wasn’t in the right state of mind. He was frightened, full of rage and dying. And while he was in that state, Overwatch offered him a second chance, knowing full well what that process would entail. They couldn’t bring him back, at least not as he was before. He wouldn’t be the same, but it was okay, because he would be better. He would be stronger. He would be able to take down all the people who had wronged him, and exact his vengeance upon them. But what would happen once his mission was done? What would happen when the anger had all but dissipated, and his thirst for blood quenched. What would he do then? What would he think of what he had become? Overwatch brushed these questions aside. The man himself, of course, didn’t bother to think that far ahead. But she did. She knew.

    What she was doing was not saving, it was condemning. She was creating a prison that would forever bind him. A prison that would strip him of his humanity. She was going to make him into a weapon. She knew all this, and she still did it. Ever since then, she had secretly struggled with these thoughts, never speaking them aloud. But it’s not like there was any other choice. She did the right thing. He was dying. It was the only way to save him. He wished for it to happen. However, even taking into account all of that, the guilt did not go away. It stayed.

    While Mercy was struggling with these thoughts, Genji grew more and more apprehensive. He began to feel regret and said, “I realize I may be burdening you. It is alright if you say nothing. I just wanted you to know-”

    Genji’s words bore into Mercy’s mind and blasted away all other thoughts. She realized that the man she had fallen for was confessing his feelings before her. The guilt she felt wouldn’t go away, but turning him away would do neither of them any good.

    The two’s lips collided with one another. A sensation she had not felt for a long time entered her body. Angela had never been one for romance. Over the years, she had been with a number of men, but none ever felt more important to her than her work. But the man before her now, whose lips exuded an attractive force on her own, was different. He wasn’t more important than her work, nothing ever will, but he was someone who could be a part of her work. Someone who she could turn to for help. Someone who could ease her pain and worry.

    Though she was slightly unwilling, she separated herself from him.

    “I love you too, Genij.”

    Genji stared in disbelief. “Oh. That- That is good.” The two then turned away from each other, not knowing what to say. After a while, Genji spoke. “May I ask why? Or rather how you came to love… whatever it is that I am?” Mercy looked at him with a quizzical look. “Oh, only if you are fine with saying it, that is!”

    “No, no, it’s fine. I just never really thought about it. I suppose it just, happened.” Mercy eyed the floor thinking of a response. A playful smile then appeared on her face and she said, “It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say it was your looks, would it?”

    “Well, my face has seen better days, but my body is in top form. Having robot parts help.” The two laughed. “Looks however, certainly played a role for you.”

    Mercy smiled coyly. “How sweet of you. It seems your skills as a playboy are resurfacing.”

    Genji’s eyes widened. “That-, how did you-” It then occurred to Genji, why he had gained the courage to come here in the first place. “What else did that damn brother of mine say?”

    “Mmm, not much. I have to say though, I never would have imagined that Genji Shimada was a rambunctious youth.”

    “Yes, well, dying changes a person.”

    Mercy let that line sink in for a bit before asking, “How many women have you slept with?”

    “I am sorry?”

    “We did just confess our love for each other, did we not? Surely you can answer this question.”

    The look on her face told Genji that she was playing, but a part of him felt she had the right to know. “Um, well, if I had to estimate-”

    “Genji, if you have to estimate then the number is already too high.”

    “I- I apologize.” Genji lowered his head in shame.

    Mercy just laughed.

    After a bit of time passed, Mercy’s smile faded. The dark thoughts began to creep in again. “Are you truly okay with me, Genji?”

    Genji was surprised by the question. “I do not understand.”

    “I am responsible for what you have become. Surely, that has occurred to you.” It was then that all her apprehensions became clear to him. Genji laughed. “Don’t laugh! I’m serious, Genji!” The smile on his face did not go away. Instead, he placed a hand on her arm and pulled her in close.

    Although Mercy was separated from Genji’s body by a layer of metal, she couldn’t help but feel warm in his embrace.

    “Doctor Ziegler, even when I was at my lowest point, not once did I ever blame you for what had become of me.”


    “What you did was save the life of a man. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you truly feel guilty for your actions, then all the more reason that we should be together, no?”

    Mercy said nothing. She pulled away from him a little and looked at his face. It was horribly scarred, and yet she couldn’t help but feel attracted to it.

    Genji watched as both her hands slowly made their way toward his face. He had to fight back the urge to move away.

    Her hands made contact with his skin. She had touched him directly before during various check-ups, but this time was different. This time she thoroughly felt the cool, uneven skin. Others would call it disgusting, but to her he was no different than any other. Besides, even if the skin was no good, his eyes were powerful. They conveyed a sense of warmth, strength, and determination. There was also his lips which looked soft and, and attractive? Tantalizing?

    The doctor felt her face heat up. “Say, how many women did you say you were with?”

    “I- I did not say, doctor.”

    “Right. Well, you must have plenty of experience then.” Genji didn’t know what to say. “Show me.”

    As soon as he heard those words, sparks flowed through his whole body.

    Next thing he knew, their lips were together once more, this time their tongues had joined as well. They held each other close as the sounds of their act echoed throughout the room. Minutes passed before their lips finally parted. Both of them were panting.

    “How was the taste? Maybe you should add some of the formula?” Mercy giggled.

    “Not necessary. It is fine just how it is.”

    The two’s faces were filled with lust now, expressing their desire to take one another. Genji pushed her down onto the bed to consummate their love. A long night was ahead of them.

    Woah! My first post certainly got popular enough. This isn’t the NSFW post I promised though, that will come later (much later since I am going on vacation). This one’s just a freebie. I wasn’t really satisfied with how the first one ended. It felt super rushed (not felt, it was rushed). So I made this to sort of expand on it. Hope you like it! If you have any suggestions for some scenarios to write about I’d be happy to hear them. Thanks for reading!

                This whole thing is stupid, as far as Dean is concerned. He’d only gone to help Sam pick out his own damn catboy – his stupid little brother had been talking nonstop about getting one ever since he’d found a house of his own. It’d been a childhood fantasy of Sam’s, but Dean had been adamant that they lived in a ‘no pets’ household, and not even Sam’s pouty face would change that. Now, though, Dean didn’t really have much of a leg to stand on, though that didn’t stop him from bitching the entire drive down to the adoption center. It didn’t help that they were in Sam’s stupid car, some new environmentally friendly thing that made Dean yearn for the familiar rumble of his beloved Impala.

                Sam had cut off that line of complaining fairly quickly. After all, it had been Dean’s decision not to take the Impala – that car was his baby, and there was no way he was getting it covered in cat hair and the leather seats gouged from claw marks. Dean just takes his complaining into a different direction, constantly asking if they’re almost there like the five-year-old he really is. Every time Sam grumbles and tells him to grow up Dean rolls his eyes and shoots back with “well, why the hell am I going, anyway?” It’s a fair question, Dean figures – he has no interest in catboys, he doesn’t understand why Sam can’t just pick out his own damn pet. But Sam had been so excited and he’d smiled and given Dean those stupid puppy dog eyes, and before Dean knew what was happening he was getting in his brothers car. Stupid weakspot. He’d do damn near anything to keep his brother smiling like that – even if it meant spending his Saturday at a smelly adoption center waiting for his brother to decide what catboy he was going to take home with him.

    Keep reading

    i – “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” (32)

    So there were these drabbles I reblogged here and people send me requests for 3, 14 and 27 separately, so I was going to write them. But then someone send me a request for these same 3 as well as 32 and 38, so for some reason I decided to make all 5 in the same story, like as five chapters of a fic. Anyway, I’ll post the chapters separately/in answer to the asks and then all together, so read them separately or altogether, whatever you want. Anyway, here is chapter one. I’ll try to post chapter two on maybe wednesday? I’ve written the first three, anyway.

    “Move over, huckleberry.” Maya grumbled, shoving an elbow into his side.

    He frowned. “I’m already on the end of the couch.”

    “Fine.” She rolled her eyes, twisting her body around so that she was lying with her back against his knee.

    “Ever heard of personal space?” He glared.

    She opened her mouth to retort, but before she could he moved his knee down suddenly, so her head fell back into his lap.

    “Hey!” She cried. She tried to get up, but his hands were trapping her wrists by her head, and his own head leaned down closer to hers.

    “There’s plenty of room on this couch for both of us.” He told her, head inches above hers. For once, she was speechless, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open. Her heart beat increased, to the point where she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not.

    His hand traced a pattern on hers absent mindedly, leaving tingles behind it.

    Oh yeah. She definitely liked it.

    “Um… guys?” Riley asked tentatively

    The two of them jumped when they realised they weren’t alone, and Lucas released Maya. She sat up, this time in her own section of the couch. Zay was smirking at the two of them while Farkle rolling his eyes (this happened almost every day). Riley just looked confused.

    “Maya, can I talk to you for a second?” She asked with a slight frown. Not the annoyed kind, but the kind she wore when she was trying to figure out a particularly difficult problem.

    “Sure,” Maya shrugged, getting up and ignoring everyone’s glance at her. She walked past Lucas, nudging his legs to move them off the table (thankfully he didn’t protest) and following Riley out of the door to the entrance to Topanga’s.

    “What was that?” Riley asked.

    “What?” She feigned confusion.

    “You know what, Maya.”

    “It’s how we communicate, you know that, Riles.” Maya told her friend with an eye roll.

    “That’s the problem. You always act like that, and it’s always been… odd. But today, there was something else going on.”

    “Like what?”

    “You could cut the tension with a knife. Sexual tension, I should say.” Riley answered. Maya’s eyes widened.


    “But that’s not all it is.” Riley continued as if she hadn’t heard her friend. “It’s not just lust, it’s…” She trailed off.

    “What, love?” Maya snorted, expecting Riley to add in her giggle.


    “Love?!” Maya yelled.

    Riley shrugged, not even phased. “Maybe.”

    “That’s ridiculous!” Maya snapped.

    Truth was, she wasn’t angry at Riley for figuring it out. She was angry at herself for loving Lucas.

    “So you don’t love him?”

    “I-“ Maya hesitated. “I would have to be crushing on him to do that.”

    “You hesitated.” Riley noted. “And you did have a crush on him, remember?”

    “What, so you reckon that developed into love over time?” Maya rolled her eyes.

    “Yes, exactly.”

    “I don’t!” Maya screeched.

    “Don’t get angry, Maya. Just deny it.” Riley answered calmly.

    “You- you- no!” Maya growled. She couldn’t deny it, and Riley knew it. “What do I do?”

    “Tell him.” Waas Riley’s simple answer.

    “How? He doesn’t feel the same way!” Maya snapped, frustrated.

    “You don’t know that. Besides, you weren’t the only contributor to that tension in there.” Riley smirked.

    “What, so he only wants me sexually?”

    “I told you, peaches. That wasn’t the only tension in there. There were so many feelings floating around that I needed some fresh air – and some confirmation from you. Which I got.”

    “Smug doesn’t look good on you, Riley.” Maya muttered darkly.

    “What was that, Maya?” Riley beamed.

    “I can’t tell him.”

    “You’re scared.” Riley deduced.

    “What?! No-“ Maya glared.

    Riley gave her a Look, and Maya relented. “Fine, I’m scared.”

    “Of what, Lucas? He’s basically a kitten.” Riley laughed.

    “I guess so, but…” Maya trailed off.

    “Face your fears, Maya. Even if your fears include a six foot cowboy that’s scared of sheep.”

    Maya didn’t reply, instead stomping back inside. Riley followed her with a bounce in her step, now that her problem had been solved.

    “Huckleberry, I need to talk to you.” Maya didn’t look at Riley, instead standing in front of the cowboy.


    Maya nodded.

    “Do I have-“ Before he could finish, Maya had yanked him up by the shirt and dragged him outside. “To.” He finished.


    “It isn’t working.” Maya told him calmly.

    “What isn’t?” He asked in confusion.

    “Us. Pretending to be friends. It’s not working. Riley noticed something.”

    “You think we should break up?” Lucas frowned.

    “I think we should tell them.” Maya looked up, seeing his eyes widen.

    “You think they’ll be okay with it?” He looked hesitant; they’d gotten so used to hiding it that revealing it to the world sounded terrifying at best.

    Maya laughed. “Given that Riley was the one who told me to come out here and tell you I love you, I’d say she’s okay with it.”

    Lucas didn’t answer, and Maya frowned. “Lucas?”

    “Love?” He asked.

    “What?” She looked up again, catching his gaze in hers.

    “You love me?”

    “What? No-“ She tried to find the words, but they caught in her throat.

    “Maya?” Him just saying her name made her knees tremble and her heart beat faster.

    “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” She admitted, looking down at his feet to avoid eye contact.

    She felt his hand on her chin, dragging it upwards to stare back into his eyes. “Then I guess we’re both terrified.”

    Their lips met in a kiss, one of passion and love and lust and all the emotions they were feeling.

    “Finally!” Riley squealed inside Topanga’s, where she was peeking out of the window with Zay and Farkle.

    When they finally had to break apart for breath, Lucas traced patterns on Maya’s hands absent mindedly – something he tended to do a lot, unbeknownst to him.

    “Wow, Maya Hart is afraid of something,” he mused.

    “Shut up.” Her words were muffled by his chest as she leaned against him.

    “Make me.” He smirked.

    “Happily.” She stood on tiptoe, bringing her lips up close to his and-

    “Hey!” Lucas yelled, as he felt the small hands of one Maya Hart tickling him, right where she knew was his most ticklish spot. “Stop!” He tried to contain his laughs, but couldn’t stop them.

    “What’s the magic word?” She teased.

    “I love you?” He looked at her with puppy dog eyes, and she grinned back at him, stopping.

    “And I love you too.”

    on alternate selves and the “ultimate self”

    I’ve got Stuff to Say about the latest Homestuck update, some analysis to make on the whole idea of an “ultimate self”. I started thinking this when I saw one of my mutuals post about the concept, but I wasn’t sure if they’d be okay with me hijacking their post and potentially turning it into a Popular Post so I’m making my own post instead. to paraphrase, they said “the ultimate self thing weirds me out. who you are as a person is dependant on the choices you made. an alternative version of me is not THIS me, and I had no control over THEIR choices, so I shouldn’t be held accountable for that and it’s wrong to say this other me contributes to the idea of an ultimate me”. except, y'know, in more detail and with better writing. but you get the idea. anyway, this sparked some thoughts in my brain and I wrote them all down and here we go:

    so to start let’s take Dirk and Bro, for instance. it would be unreasonable to hold Dirk accountable for Bro’s actions, and I don’t think anyone really does. Dave talks about it in his discussion with Dirk, saying that Dirk and Bro are two separate people who had different lives full of different choices. Bro does, however, represent someone Dirk could have become, and I think there’s an important distinction there. now this is a particularly extreme example since Dirk and Bro lived two very different lives straight from birth, but I think it illustrates that Homestuck isn’t trying to say you are directly responsible for the actions of alternate selves

    rather, those alternate selves provide a deeper understanding of who you are by testing who you could become under different circumstances. it reminds me of a thing one of my professors (business ethics, lol) said about the idea of virtues. if you say someone has the virtue of courage, you’re not saying they are always visibly courageous, but rather that they will show courage when the situation calls for it. I’ll probably never encounter a house fire in my life, but if I do, will I risk my life to evacuate others or will I be too scared to try? that is something I can’t know, but if I could see into an alternate universe where I did end up near a house fire, then I could find out. that, I think, is the idea Homestuck is getting at. if you look at all of a person’s alternate lives, you can get an idea of how they’d react to all sorts of different circumstances that they never get exposed to in the alpha timeline, and understand them better as a result

    going way, way back, that’s why Jade was so upset by Jadesprite. it wasn’t just that Jadesprite was scared and whiny, but that Jade had never realized she could come to act that way. that’s a very understandable source of discomfort, of course. similarly, that’s why Vriska was so incensed about (Vriska), because Vriska didn’t want to accept that she could ever come to act like that. but I think there’s a potential for growth in seeing these alternate selves, and that’s what Homestuck is getting at

    because none of these alternate selves are so far removed from the “original” that they’re unrecognizable, y'know? we’re dealing mostly with small divergences, not… idk, AU fanfics where Jade is someone’s murderous stalker. Dirk looks at Bro and sees what he could become if his flaws were exacerbated instead of fixed. Vriska looks at (Vriska) and sees all the personality traits she tries to suppress with her ego. Jade looks at Jadesprite and sees flaws she didn’t know existed because her circumstances never brought them to light. in all these cases, seeing these alternate selves enhances our, the readers, understanding of the character. and in-universe, it gives the characters an opportunity to confront - and ideally, fix - flaws that they might otherwise have left unchecked

    and a person’s ultimate self, then, is what you get when you look at all of their different selves and see what that says about them. how likely are they to behave in this way or that? what personality traits manifest most often? how do they tend to behave in different situations? which of their virtues seem to always be present, and which of their flaws? the answers to these questions are never a reflection on any given instance of that person, but that person as a general concept. maybe there’s a universe where you committed murder, and one where you didn’t, but that doesn’t mean the ultimate you is a murderer. what if you only committed murder in one universe of 100, and it was under very specific circumstances? what if you were a murderer in 99 of 100 universes? those paint two very different pictures of who you generally are

    it’s very introspective and frankly, yes it can be deeply uncomfortable to think about, but I think it’s a really interesting concept to explore and I don’t think it’s quite as restrictive as it seems. at the end of the day, you as a single person are still totally responsible for yourself and totally unaffected by any alternate versions of yourself. but it’s a neat thought exercise - or, in the comic itself, the character’s actual situation - to consider what your alternate selves would be like and what you could learn by looking at all the different versions of you as a collective

    i posted this on my Facebook and I’m going to post it here because honestly i think its extremely important:

    ok real quick, if you guys want to educate yourselves on asexuality:

    - asexuality does not automatically = aromantic & asexual (even tho its common and should be respected and acknowledged like any other sexual/romantic orientation)

    - the asexual community is like an entirely separate sub group of (romantic* and) sexual orientations:
    for example, there’s demisexual (someone who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone), graysexual (the asexual equivalent to genderqueer, if that makes sense), and asexual (someone who is not interested in or does not desire sexual activity, either within or outside of a relationship). there are a whole lot of very small sub, —but still equally as important— groups, but these are the main three.
    - asexuality is not the same as celibacy, which is the willful decision to NOT act on sexual feelings.

    - please dont tell us “oh! you just haven’t found the right one!”, or “you’ve probably got a psychological problem or hormonal imbalance” or even “everyone wants to have sex at least once! its the utmost way to show your significant other you love them!!”
    ((also don’t treat asexuals like kids please, this honestly has happened to me in a past relationship; my ex was younger than me and treated me like i was a kid, it was degrading and lead to a ton of other problems.))

    - asexuals, while not physically sexual-type folks, are none the less quite capable of loving, affectionate, romantic ties to others.

    - theres so so SO many people out there who don’t believe that asexuality is real. even people in the LGBT+ communities, believe it or not, have and still today, will hate on asexuals.

    every asexual is valid, from aroaces, to heteroromantic asexuals & homoromantic asexual, panromantic asexuals & biromantic asexuals, grayromantic asexuals, demiromantic asexuals, and a whole lot more! (like same romantics but with demisexual /graysexual instead of asexual, if you want the big picture)

    [*there’s even an entire thing on the aro community but I’m going to save that for another long post]

    ((if i left out anything that you feel is important, please tell me and ill add it))
    & if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer them : D


    Hey guys.

    So I don’t know about any of you, but today I seem to be walking around with a giant black cloud hovering over my head. I am so bummed out about last night’s finale… not because CeCe is A, not because Charlotte is transgender, and not even because Sara Harvey, who is one of the newest characters in the show, ended up being a pivotal part of the story line. I am more upset because of the staggering amount of plot holes that have become so obviously apparent to the devoted fandom of this show. It’s like we know this show better than it’s own creator.

    (Please refer to prettylittlesessions for the original post of Plot Holes, which you can view here ) - - prettylittlesessions refers to this post as Part 1… and it definitely only covers half of the shit that has gone wrong with the story, but I can think of so much more.

    CeCe being A definitely explains a lot, and it is satifying in a lot of ways, but there are still SO MANY PLOT HOLES in the story.

    For instance:

    -Why exactly was CeCe targeting the PLLs again? I don’t think we got an answer that justifies ANY of the shit that A has done. What did she say her reason was again? Because they were “happy” Ali was gone? Ha! THAT SHIT IS WEAK!!! Ali bullied them all (enough for Mona to try and kill her That Night, but mistook Bethany for Ali instead). And even though Ali put them through hell, the Liars continued to try and track her down so they could solve the mystery and even try and protect her. The only Liar who actually admitted to being happy she was gone was Hanna. So are you trying to tell me that A’s entire motive for 2 entire years was based off of a rumor that Mona told her while they were in Radley together? And the only other motive that was given was “addiction to the game”. I know she was sick in the head, but ugh, seriously?! Our theory about the Liars killing Bethany Young/or someone important to A That Night & A was taking revenge on all of them because of it was so much better.

    -Why did CeCe have Maya’s purse in 3x05 if Nate is the one who killed her?

    -Why make Aria dye her hair pink, the same way that it was That Night? Why cover Spencer in blood like you are trying to get them to both remember something that happened That Night, when it turns out that NOTHING EVEN DID!!? It makes no sense. It would have made way more sense if Spencer actually killed someone & the Liars helped her cover it up. Once again, our theories are so much better.

    -If Wilden was the first Queen of Hearts on the Ghost Train, then why would Melissa supposedly be the other? What the hell did she have to do with this game? It would make more sense if CeCe was the one behind the other QOH mask, so maybe it really was her. BUT NO EXPLANATIONS HAVE BEEN GIVEN either about that, or about Jason’s screwdriver-sized hole that he had in his hip the next day.

    -How did CeCe & Sara meet? Did CeCe really kidnap her? Or was Sara there because she was just simply an evil bitch? How exactly did their alliance form and what is the deal with their entire relationship? (hopefully this will be covered in 6B, although I’m not really sure if I even want to watch anymore. But I will because I’m in love with the Liars.)

    -Why was Jessica visiting Bethany in Radley & buying her horses? Or was this supposed to actually be CeCe? Obviously Bethany’s Radley tapes were about Jessica & her affair with Mr. Young, so it must have always been CeCe she was visiting, not Bethany. Guess I just answered that one myself.

    -Okay so I know CeCe explained that every single time Jessica bought Alison an outfit, she would buy CeCe an identical outfit, like they were twins. So apparently Bethany put on her clothes That Night & left to try and do something terrible to Jessica because she had just found out about her affair with Mr. Young. This is why CeCe followed her and accidentally hit Alison instead of Bethany, because she was trying to protect their mother. I guess I can pretend that all of that makes sense, but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is that Bethany was buried while wearing the purple “Alison” friendship bracelet on her wrist. WHY THE FUCK WOULD JESSICA GET A DUPLICATE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET MADE THAT SAID “ALISON” & GIVE IT TO CECE? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Especially since Alison is the one who had those bracelets made for the girls in the first place. This was purchased at a separate time from the ugly yellow outfit, so why would Bethany know to wear it?

    -Who killed Jessica? (another hopeful explanation for 6B)

    -Why did Red Coat/Sara Harvey pull all of the Liars out of the Thornhill Lodge fire, but not Hanna?

    -What was with Spencer’s nightmare about the hydrotherapy room in Radley & the Creepy Dancer? Was this seriously just a story line that was created so that Maddie Ziegler could be a part of the show? What the actual fuck? How does that tie into ANY OF THIS? Oh wait, it doesn’t.

    -I know this was mentioned in prettylittlesessions’s post, but I must mention it again. Marion Cavanaugh was alive & well when Ali & Toby were both teenagers (flashback from 4x01), yet she was supposedly murdered by Bethany when Charles was a kid… yet Charles is older than both Ali & Toby? da fuq?!

    -Please please please explain Wren Kingston. There are no doubts about it, his exit from Rosewood was one of the sketchiest of sketch moments ever. Was he working for CeCe? And if so, does that mean Melissa was too? Why would she want to hurt her sister so much?

    -Speaking of Wren, where the fuck is Eddie Lamb? And why did he hate him so much?

    -And speaking of again, how did Mona’s blood end up in Spencer’s bag when she was in London? Did CeCe pay off Colin, Wren, or Melissa? And if so, once again, why the fuck does Melissa keep doing things to hurt her poor sister? I guess being blackmailed about the fact that you committed murder by burying someone alive might sway a sister to torture her own flesh & blood, but I still don’t like it.

    -Why did “A” put knives into Jake’s punching bag when Aria had already broken up with him? What did that gain? Oh, that’s right - - nothing.

    -Why was Ambrose Pavilion so important to Alison? Was that Sara Harvey lurking in the shadows, or CeCe Drake herself?

    -Why was Andrew Campbell outside of Mona’s house when the Liars broke in to search through her room? Did CeCe pay him off to plant the Charles DiLaurentis anagrams?

    -Who shot the arrows at Ezra, Caleb & Mike in the woods? Was CeCe also good at archery? Or did she pay off Andrew once again (since we know he was a skilled pathfinder and had many awards for archery). And if so, why did he swear that he was only trying to be a “hero” by tracking the girls down after their kidnapping, yet most of the sketchiness related to him took place beforetheir kidnapping?

    -Why did CeCe recreate Melissa, Ian, Jason & Garrett’s senior prom in the dollhouse if she didn’t even go to Rosewood High? And how did she become “PROM QUEEN” in the high school yearbook if she didn’t even go to school there? I know that we saw a flashback from when she came and crashed picture day & met Jason, but that doesn’t explain anything else.

    -Why did CeCe dress up as a man during the dollhouse prom if she made her transition when she was 16 years old? She had boobs, but in that scene Charles definitely doesn’t, and it pisses me off that the writers gave absolutely no fucks about details like that.

    -Jason & CeCe dated. Yea, that’s disgusting. Here I was, ruling out people like Ezra, Wilden & Ian because of the fact that they had romantic relationships with Ali. I could NEVER imagine that the PLL writers would actually bring incest into the show. But for fucks sake, I was so wrong.

    All & all, I’m just so disappointed. I feel like I really do love CeCe as A, and I can get behind it because it really does explain most of the shit that has gone down. But all of these plot holes, including the ones by prettylittlesessions, cause me to lose an incredible amount of respect for the show. I’m sorta heartbroken over this :(

    And then there’s this