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Shitting on “forms of non-sexual intimacy” lists just because the reblogs mention asexuals ([sarcasm] it’s not like people tell aces “being close to someone but not having sex with them is just friendship” or “you don’t want to have sex with your romantic partner? Wtf do you DO, then?” or “if you really loved them you’d have sex with them” or anything [/sarcasm])

just a psa

Don’t ever, EVER repost anything.

Honestly, I don’t care how innocent or accidental it was, you’re taking away the hard work of an artist and, most of the time, not giving credit.

Someone recently sent me a message (although I see this a lot in tags, too, so if you’ve tagged any reblogs of my art with this don’t worry) that they didn’t know I was the original creator of the “many forms of Delirious” gif. When I asked more, they said it was because it was posted by someone else. When I confronted them, they said that it was theirs and that they wouldn’t take it down.

I’ve had that repost removed. I made sure of it before posting this. (If you saw the repost, please don’t attack the reposter. I don’t want any more heated arguments.)

But this kind of thing makes me want to take my art down. Honestly, why would I share my art if it’s just going to be stolen?

So please. Ask before you repost. And if the artist says no? Reblog it! Literally nothing bad can come from reblogging something.

Thanks for reading this little rant :)


What are Intrusive Thoughts?

I wanted to make this post because, I’ve seen some good hearted people who misunderstand what either of these terms means, so I thought I’d spread some information.  Please feel free to reblog this post, since it’s for educating people with and people without OCD.

Intrusive Thoughts are unwanted thoughts that come into your mind without you willing it.  Some people explain this as “you have a sudden thought that you want to do something violent to someone you love”, and while that is true, that example leaves a lot out and oversimplifies it.

These thoughts can come in different forms, they can be images in your head or thoughts in the form of an inner monologue.  When I walk down the sidewalk and imagine a car hitting me, that is an intrusive thought.  They usually cause anxiety, and in extreme cases, panic attacks, etc. There is no limit to their form or content.

They are irrational, and not things that you actually want to happen.  They are often also not things that are likely to happen.

Please also read the information under the cut if you want to learn more details.

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When people take photos from your blog and post them elsewhere - like instagram - with their watermark splashed over them. Not. Cool.

This is the thing: I’m glad you all enjoy photos you find here. I really am. That’s why I do my best to acquire them :) Most of the photo shoot and HQ photos you see here, I paid for - and I’m not a person with money. I struggle to pay my rent every month. My choice, I know. But proper tumblr etiquette asks that if you like someone’s post, you reblog it. You don’t repost without asking or without crediting. Same with instagram. I post almost all of these on instagram, so if you like them, share. Don’t post as yours. It’s very poor form. If you want to use someone else’s photos or gifs, credit them as the source or gif maker. Easy peasy. Sorry to go all Trump petty on you, but it had to be said. Thank you Spacey Bunnies xoxo. Luv ya!

anonymous asked:

Saw saw your post/ask response which mentioned you saying the queer community didn't form over trans and homophobia and a bunch of aphobes reblogged it saying you're wrong and making fun of you, here's some a link to a post by vaspider if people want to read into it vaspider(.)tumblr(.)com/post/157183577991/okay-but-if-someone-doesnt-experience-homophobia

[X] I did a quick read and it seems to cover most of what is needed to know and it include multiple sources. 

Also I saw some of them and just started blocking them, honestly if they don’t listen to people who spend a lot of time defending aces I don’t think they’re going to listen to me so they’re not worth the effort.

CAUTION WARNING: Aphobia in the ask

To: My lovely followers

Yes, that means all of you.


This past week a large number of you have followed me (huge thanks to the brilliant @womanintheword for unintentionally giving me a boost) and I wasn’t quite expecting it!! When I started this blog, it was simply a place for me to express myself in various different forms of writing, read devotionals, and reblog pictures of trees. I never imagined anyone would read my stuff, and yet, here we are!

I’m actualy a little overwhelmed with the attention i’ve received this week, thankyou all so so much! I think i’ve followed you all back, but if I haven’t then drop me a message because I would love to :)

I would also love to get to know some of you!! If you fancy a chat, need to vent, or just want someone to ask bizarre questions and be confused about life with, I am definitely down for that!! I don’t bite, and I love meeting new people so anything you need, I am just a message away! Ah, the beauty of social media.

I am yet to decide what exactly this blog is going to include, but until then, let’s go on a journey together. Let’s explore faith, ask questions, and love one another as we have we called to.

I look forward to hearing from you! And, again, thankyou.

All my love,



Hey folks who identify as bi, pan, or otherwise multisexual or multiromantic: Do you consider biphobia to be a specific form of homophobia that only affects multisexual people (in the way that, for example, misogynoir and transmisogyny are specific forms of misogyny that only affect black women and trans women, respectively)? Or do you consider biphobia to be an entirely different form of oppression separate from homophobia (in the way that, for example, ableism and Islamophobia are two distinct forms of oppression, where one person who exists at the intersection of those identities may experience oppression for both, and their oppression in one area may amplify their oppression in the other, but they are not inherently connected forms of oppression)?

I try to be a good ally and am all about wlw solidarity, but as someone who is not multisexual, I want to be sure when I’m speaking on biphobia I’m doing so from an informed place.

Feel free to answer this question in comments, reblogs, or anonymous asks– however you’re comfortable. I know that not all multisexual people will view this issue in the same way, but I’d like to hear what my followers have to say. 

PSA. nobody on this site, whether mutuals or not, owes you anything. neither do you, the mun, owe anything to anyone, or are obligated to talk to / interact with anyone if you do not want to. if someone makes you uncomfortable in any way or form, you can always hit the unfollow / block button. please remember that this blog / your dashboard is supposed to be a safe place for you. the same goes for your IM / ask box, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.  please respect personal boundaries.

RIP Naruto Shipping Wars

Please reblog this if you don’t partake in the Naruto shipping wars and don’t care who ships what or believes in what. Nor have you referred to a fandom (not the pairing) in derogatory terms, or have sent anon hate.
You can hate on the pairing all you want, just don’t lump the fandom in one under one stereotypical view.
People have free will to ship what they want. And the reasons they ship a certain pairing is their own and differs person to person.

o gee i wonder if anyone’s gonna get pissed at me over this comic.

but seriously I have no idea where this stigma of ‘Likes are worthless’ came about. I’ve been saying it’s stupid for a long time. Now I’m saying it in visual form, yay!

Reblogs are nice, this is true. They’re more useful to an artist than likes, also true, and are especially appreciated if there’s commentary added in in the captions or tags. But, Likes are still worthwhile in their own right, and by no means are you ever obligated to reblog someone’s art. While they’d like it if you did, it is your blog and they cannot force you to share it on there if you don’t want to, no matter how badly they try to guilt trip you.

Also I’m getting mighty tired of comics speaking on my behalf and falsely asserting that I as an artist don’t appreciate likes. So can we stop these silly attempts at guilt tripping people now, and stop complaining about people who like our work? They seriously started cropping up like a fad.

also plz reblawg mah comic dont liek it jus reblawg if u dont u R DISRPETCTRAN ME AS AN ARTHRITIS

I need more Dragon Age on my dashboard, so like or reblog if you post or just flat out love anything on this list and want someone to fangirl with I will gladly follow you and form a beautiful friendship if you message me.

- Dorian Pavus

- Flat out anything Dragon Age

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- Did I mention Dorian Pavus? Just making sure.

- Anders

- Sebastian Vael

- Cullen

- …dORIAN PAVUS  Cole.

- Fem Hawke and Anders (anything Fem Hawke)

- Cullen x Hawke~ (this is growing on me)

- Samson… (yeah… he grew on me…)

- the fking egg solas

sometimes i get this overwhelming feeling that i really want to raise a child. like, i want to hold it and read to it and teach it manners and show it the world and kiss it goodnight and help form this great new person. but i know that i’ll probably never have the resources – financially, mentally, emotionally – to do that. so i say i don’t want children.