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Destiel and Cockles Fic List

Copper Park

(Words: 9843) - Audio Version Attached

(AU) The world isn’t fair– Dean has known that for a long time; but when he finds himself out on the streets, that’s when he realizes just how cruel the world can actually be, and, how beautiful.

In the Spine

(Words: 5467) - Audio Version Attached

Cas reads a letter from Dean.

The Perfect Gift

(Words: 2368)

Castiel has a big problem concerning Dean … thankfully, Sam is always around to help

Can’t Stop

(Words: 5863)

He needs to get out of his own head, so what better way to do that than to read? That’s how Dean end up reading “Twist and Shout”.

High Rise / Hard Fall

(Words: 17, 376)

(NSFW) Castiel Novak lives a simple life. He has his simple car, his simple apartment, his simple clothes and his amazing, astounding, wonderful pet cat, James. What more could he possibly need?

A Beast’s Perspective

(Words: 2508) - Audio Version Attached

Benny remembers purgatory– Benny remembers everything.

The Book

(Words: 1884) - Audio Version Attached

Dean finds something in Cas’s jacket pocket

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This is really complicated to talk around but like…

A really common way of coding someone autistic (without going through the bother of providing any real representation via research and canonical confirmation of neurotype) is by making them “smart but socially awkward”.

You probably know the type. It’s ridiculously common. I’d probably be more hard pressed to name a tv show that doesn’t have it, off the top of my head, than one that does. They’re almost always white, they’re usually men.

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“They said that Hades never smiled. They said that the god that ruled all that is beneath the ground had actually forgotten how happiness really felt like, or any emotion whatsoever.

And they pitied that “poor, unfortunate girl”, so young and beautiful, who had been forced to stay with a man incapable of giving her the love she deserved. Six months per year. For all eternity.

But these are only lies, Persephone thought, as she opened her eyes, feeling still a little numb from the drowsiness.
For they don’t know how warm, gentle and loving is Hades’ smile.”

This is my caption to this illustration (which is the digitally coloured version of my previous post). Since I really liked when @melsisalady22 added her own text to this other little comic of mine, I thought that I’d like to see what would you add to my caption. You can also re-write it completely if you want to (feel free to do it), or even quote someone else’s text/book/post (in this case remember to put the credits please). I’ll choose three of the best written and most inherent captions (so, try not to “twist the mood” of the illustration completely) and I’ll also reward the users who wrote them with a completely free drawing of their own choice.

Servamp AUs yet to be seen but would like to see (in my opinion)


Steampunk AU

Military AU

Alice in Wonderland AU (like LEGIT not-subtle AU with Misono and the others)

Casino AU

China AU (fight me with this, but I can’t erase the thought of Kuro wearing a Chinese outfit and eating dim sum so casually with Mahiru lecturing from the background)

Idol AU (it’s a thing, I know, but can someone please get onto this? I want to read deep, dark emo drama sh!t)

Daycare AU (where Mamahiru is canon and he babysits everyone else who are just little kids [Where has THIS been in the fandom??])

Prison AU (suddenly thinking of Nanbaka)

Pokemon AU (we all know Licht will totally be on board with catching all the fairy Pokemon in the entire universe)

Exorcist AU

Spiritual AU (I can just imagine the dark/tragic scenes combined with hurt/comfort between the Servamps and Eves)

Sports AU (apparently the volleyball thing in the drama CDs is a thing, so why not go Haikyuu on this?)

Yokai AU

Victorian AU (*fan of Victorian era clothes* I just want to see my sons wear them!)

(Insert fairy tale AU)

RPG AU (I’m surprised there hasn’t been official art of this or something. I honestly thought this could’ve been a legit thing!)

Animal/Pet AU (join us furries ‘til your demise! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chokes*)

Restaurant/Cafe AU (yes, this is also a thing, with Mahiru and the others wearing waiter uniforms, but can this be put into a fanfic or something??)

Mafia AU (I just got hit with Katekyo Hitman Reborn nostalgia)

Fashion AU (have you SEEN the recent winter collection? Good lord, Yumi can rock those heels like a boss!)

*Forgets to mention this but was too lazy to fix*
(Insert sport AU) (‘cuz in case you don’t know, the male cast have voiced in at least one sport anime [and strangely it fits in character??? *Connects Licht and Haru’s (AKA that one swimming anime) seiyuu together* …Hot darn.])

Futuristic AU (hey, I like techy style also. Kuro would most likely be suitable wearing them. Plus, imagine Mahiru with a hoverboard and it’ll be perfect)

(Female) Mahiru X reverse harem AU (‘cuz why tf not? Go MahiMahi!) Circus AU

Honorable Mentions already included in the fandom/serie:

Ice-skating “Yuri On Ice” AU
Age AU (*looks at a certain someone* no pressure or anything)
Reverse AU (Eve = Servamp, Servamp = Eve)
Servamp Academy AU
Idol AU
Noragami AU (no really, there’s this one post that mentioned it)
Red Riding Hood AU
College AU
+ Others

Feel free to include your own. I want to see how many of us want to see the different versions of Servamp.

P.S: I might just start drawing one of these AUs just for my own amusement. Everyone is free to join in the fun. :D

So today i was at the bakery wtf as a french person this is the worst text post intro i could make and i was wearing my Dipper’s cap and this woman working there asked me what i wanted and then she looked at me and her eyes widened and she screamed “OH MY GOD ?? IS THIS THE CAP FROM GRAVITY FALLS ??” and she stopped what she was doing to call her co-worker who was in the kitchen like “HEY C’MERE SOMEONE HAS DIPPER’S CAP” and the guy saw me and was like “hey boy plus you kinda look like a real-life version of him” and this just brightened my day my week my month my life

anonymous asked:

(P.1) I honestly blame Lukas K. for Liam's inconsistent writing. It feels like there are two Liam's in the game; Tempest-bro Liam and Field-Jerk-Liam. Tempest-bro who wants everything to work out, is super bummed when it doesn't, makes mistakes, misses his family, & gets along fine with others on the tempest. And then there's Field-Jerk-Liam who is an ass only to female squadmates for no real reason other than for “squad drama” and feels like a totally different character. (continued →)

(P.2) Like, pre-launch Liam already had a huge target on his back because of his infamous writer and for being the “idealistic, human bro”. That was going to get him enough hate as it was, but a lot of folks liked him because his loyalty mission was so different. But then his squad banter in the nomad was revealed and boom. If it wasn’t for his banter with Cora, Peebee, and Vetra (in particular) people probably wouldn’t hate him so much. I was honestly surprised that he and Vetra weren’t buds.
(Tempest-bro-Liam/Field-Jerk-Liam anon here again) Sorry for such a long rant/vent submission. I’m just super frustrated by all the hate this character gets because his writer is an idiot (imo). I see Liam’s faults and get irritated by him for some of the things he does that I consider to be out-of-line. But Liam’s character writing seems so inconsistent to me, I can’t help but get highly annoyed and feel like Lukas messed up another character… again.

I don’t agree that there are two Liams (one being bad, the other being good) but I do agree that there is a problem in MEA.
This is less about writing consistency and more about structures and pacing. The progression in MEA is unlike the one from the trilogy where a specific sequence was followed for dialogues and banter in the Normandy.
Ex: you wouldn’t hear Garrus apologizing to Tali until after you were done with a specific mission. 
Picture it like this: the trilogy follows a single line, MEA follows multiple lines at the same time that eventually are joined in one big line at the end. 
It means each line has its own sequence of events and its own character development. 

The Nomad banter, while very fun to hear, introduces a specific type of relationship with a beginning and an end:
-Squadmate A and B start a discussion 
-There is a specific “problem” at the heart of the discussion: it is true for every banter. The banter has a plot and all plot follow its own sequence.
-The end of the banter = the end of the problem. It’s resolved one way or another. 
Everything in-between contributes to character development. 

Now, the banter has its own pacing: you get it by putting Squadmate A and B together. If you never play with them in the Nomad, you don’t get to hear all this. And if you do put them together at some point, you can be quite surprised because you realize they have relationship problems that you would never have noticed on the Tempest. Again: this is not specific to Liam. This is a general MEA problem. The issue is that some people will finish the banter, others won’t. In Liam’s case, he reaches a sort of acceptance and casual affection with squadmates he previously had problems with (Peebee, Vetra) and there is a character development in those conversations he has with them. 
Judging by everything I’ve heard with him so far, I believe those Nomad banters are in character. The banter you hear on the Tempest is too. And like you, I believe he has moments where he is out of line but he learns from this. We just don’t get the whole picture in one sequence. It’s all over the place, the pacing is off.

You mentioned the fact that he was introduced as the idealist.
You also said you were surprised he wouldn’t get along with Vetra. I think that surprise is not because Liam is out of character, it’s because he doesn’t fit this preconceived idea we had of him. I said ‘we’ because I had an idea myself, and he turned out to be very different. I thought he would be all sunshine and love and would never fight with anyone. I didn’t get a bad guy in the end, I didn’t get someone who is horrible to others. I got a decent person who has flaws. It’s important because I’m not judging him fairly if I constantly compare him to this “perfect” version I had of him in my mind. Now, I’m not saying you do that, but I think it’s good to recognize the character as he is and analyze him as he is, not as who we want him to be. 

Hey guys. Yes, it’s true: I suffer from anger issues and it is hard for me the control my anger considering that i’m also trying to deal with my BPPV, depression, etc. at the same time. I’m not tolerating cussing, not at all. I know i acted like a dick towards @vintagetyler​ - I’m seriously sorry. Those screenshots are definitely real even tho I really don’t want them to be. I know that kinda behavior doesn’t solve problems yet my head is still a little fucked up and freaks when i’m mad. I shake, I cry and somehow i don’t know how to stop that. I am working on that, but yes, you can hate me all you want for it. This post tho, is to explain what wasn’t okay about all the hate towards me, to defend me because i’m not a bad person and I know it. If you still don’t believe me after reading all of this maybe ask my irl best friend since 5 years @melodicharpy how I really am.

Anyway, let’s start with the fact that it is actual cyberbullying. Some of you might ask, how? I recommend you read this:

Posting rumours about someone can be very harmful, especially to people who already are suicidal - like me. But actually, Kris isn’t the only one to blame. The person who started to post rumours about me is my abuser. The first time was a while ago and it seems they don’t want to stop. A perfect example; At some point, random strangers told me to harm myself, kill myself, made fun of me and harrassed me 24/7. I’m not kidding, They literally made me be in a skype convo with them just so they can drag me down. One day I found out that those people were my abuser’s friends. All of them. I still remember how one of those people told me what my abuser said behind my back about me. (We were in a relationship at that moment) - They told me I apparently said some really mean things about my abuser’s parents and triggered them on purpose. The funny thing is, that wasn’t true. At all. The true story was: I helped my abuser out because they had a hard time at home, told them to go to the police and stuff. I still remember how cutely they thanked me after they did it. I asked myself what made them be that much of an asshole to me. At some point, tho, I realized that they’re just a controlling, manipulative, abusive piece of shit. Talking of abuse; It is very hard to prove emotional abuse. That gives Kris no right to text my abuser to ask them for personal Information. That’s Kris’ statement:

No Kris, not if they are this personal. And to the people who don’t believe he did that: My abuser sent me a screenshot. Sadly only one but it’ll do. Besides, dear Kris, why do you even care? You never cared when you left me without a warning or explanation and uh, you also didn’t care about me when you said you’re not responsible for me harming myself because of you. What if I killed myself? Then you’d be responsible, huh? Blame yourself?

Next, let’s talk about information sensitivity. Here is a nice description.

It also violates human rights:

Let’s not forget that cyberbullying is illegal where he lives:

And this is for the people who want to tell me ‘you didn’t request him to stop.’ - Yes, I did.

Now let me show you the definition of pejoratives:

And all of the above makes me wonder who the actual, abusive asshole is. I’m sorry for everyone who believes him. Kris apparently believes he’s a perfect being considering that, in his post, he didn’t say only ONE word about his behavior. He just wanted everyone to pity him and didn’t even say why I freaked out. Before you hate on someone, TALK TO THEM. ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEM. LISTEN TO BOTH VERSIONS BECAUSE THIS IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE. I’m tired of the bullying, I didn’t deserve it. It escalated. I also wanna say something to a very certain someone who used to be my friend: I don’t wanna be your friend anymore because you made me feel like I got on your nerves. You never texted me first and that is literally the only reason. And you support someone who says i am manipulative? How the hell is not wanting to be your friend because you never texted first manipulative? It just made me feel like a burden.

I’m out, thanks for everyone standing with me. Y’all make me sm stronger.

I was tagged by the sublime @corpsequeeninthenorth a while ago, but because I am total shit at doing things I am tagged in, I forgot. Well, that is only half the story. The other half is that partway through my latest social media marathon I felt the need to interject a morass of intrepid hemming and raucous hawing out of (sheer lack of) deference to the rat race of a pull-to-get-on-top lifestyle I keep good faith with, even as it pains me to admit it. Sometimes I’m barely even in a place to divert myself, let alone step up any game at all, but I was in a good place today, so I thought I’d do this for the hell of it. :D

Rules: Answer eight questions and tag eight people

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presumablynotcaptainamerica  asked:

Hello! Just stumbled upon your 'Japanese Practice 100' post (congratulations on the milestone!!). I wanted to ask you how you revise your text? Does someone check it for you? How do you know that your corrections are better than the original? Of course, I am assuming you wrote both the original and revised version. Thank you for your time!

Hey, thank you for liking my posts! I used the site lang-8 to post my original journal entry, and then native speakers correct my journal. It’s free, and sometimes unfortunately since they are just people on the internet, you can’t be 100% sure that the corrections they give you are right. However, the more people that correct one of my journals, the more I can see which corrections are probably accurate or not. I hope that makes sense?? And since I mainly do this for Japanese, and lang-8 is originally a Japanese site with many more Japanese native speakers than any others, I can basically trust that they are correct for the most part when correcting my Japanese posts.

greenrangerdonald  asked:

Well since you created an OC version of yourself, who would you want to voice her, Ms. Diamonds? My choice, either Olivia Thirlby (Dredd 3D) or Lily James (Cinderella 2015), basically someone who can capture your British lady like charms.

Well as you are asking I would have to say, I think *I* would want to voice her, as she is me after all!

That having been said, if you could somehow ever wrangle Kate Winslet into the part, you have my blessings.

oh my god i just saw someone with a knockoff version of an achewood url that i left saved back on my first account bc i didnt think anyone would want it… i cant believe a random comment on a text post revealed to me that theres demand for my old achewood urls

LDR Tips & Adivce

Someone was asking for LDR tips and I wanted to post this separately for anyone to reference! This is a sparknotes version, and no two relationships are exactly alike- but these are things that helped me and Nafisah, so I figured it may help others! 

1. Communication is important for any relationship, but online, you take a lot of physical nuances out of the equation. Tone and undertone can be lost in text format, and it’s important to be responsible about how you communicate with words, emojis, etc. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, certain language can read differently to people and it’s okay to ask to have certain words/emojis/etc avoided. There is a learning curve, but this also means you could have incredible mental understanding with your partner through this if you work at it. Misunderstandings do happen, and that’s alright- the important part is to not assume, push past that gut reaction of pride, and be open to talk it out. Both parties need to be willing to comb over misunderstandings in general, it helps strengthen your trust in each other.

2. Scheduling.
Each couple is different, but it’s important that you keep some kind of line of communication open even if you don’t talk 24/7. Texting, snapchat, facebook chat, skype, aim, tumblr messaging- there are more options now than ever before. Talk with your partner about what might be an ideal amount of communication would be between the two of you. Some people like to be in touch regularly, some don’t mind doing their own thing for a while. I recommend trying to talk at least every day, even if it’s only for an hour or so- computers and phones make this much easier!
— On that note, I can’t stress how important it is to not assume things. Paranoia in the absence of your partner is very dangerous, it can promote things like jealousy/resentment (I want them to hang with me instead of their friends), distrust (are they cheating on me? do they hate hanging out with me?), and other general fear (what if they’re hurt and their phone broke?) This is really bad for those prone to anxiety which is why communication is SUPER important on both ends! Please make sure everyone’s agreed on how many updates they send each other throughout the day or week!

3. Activity. Just because you’re not in person doesn’t mean that dates, hangouts, and doing fun activities together is impossible. You could game together, or watch each other play, watch a movie or TV series together, draw/write together, roleplay, hang out in a video chat and just enjoy each other’s company, share funny videos and talk about your day! Find things you are both passionate about and share it with each other.
— On a related topic, it’s also important to figure out how you and your partner want to be intimate (if that’s an applicable aspect of the relationship- if not, please be mindful of your partner’s boundaries) It’s not embarrassing, shameful, or less “valid/real” to use audio/video, and honestly for some (especially victims of trauma or abuse), intimacy done in steps from audio > video > in person- can help phenomenally in building up comfort level. Try not to be coy or secretive about this it can create a lot of performance anxiety and awkward guesswork, which can amplify the distance of an LDR. It’s easy to assume sexual compatibility/understanding would be easier to achieve in person, this is not always true by itself. Communication has to come first either way!

A few miscellaneous links I found about LDRs:
Sarah Kay on Long Distance Love, LDR Iphone App, LDRs and Jealousy


So I saw a text post about “person A of you OTP is a god…” or some shit and really wanted to draw something for it. 

…sooooo I drew both versions because I really like to think about both of them as gods.

Optimus would be the god of fertility or something dumb like that.

But I know Megatron would be the god of war. 

I want these AUs. Both of them. Someone write something or so help me I will and you will all be extremely disappointed.

NOTE: Wiishu did not actually post this particular piece of art on her Instagram. I just did a little editing to make to make it look like it. If someone, Wiishu in particular, doesn’t want it posted like this, just let me know and I can take it down and just post the art as it is without the Instagram layout. I just thought it would look cool like this.

I doodled a Chibi version of Jack from @wiishu’s Instagram post. ( Then I realized I couldn’t possibly draw anything cuter than the actual cutie buttface McGee from the post. Here it is anyway.


arrow au → 

Jack Queen has never wanted Oliver’s life – the company, the expectations, the charm, the discipline. He’s always been just fine with his own reputation as the playboy, the family screw up, the addict.

But he never expected Felicity Smoak. For the first time in a long time, he doesn’t mind someone’s unwavering belief in him. And in Felicity, Jack recognizes a kindred spirit, someone who is used to fighting to be close to Oliver, someone who is used to being kept at arm’s length no matter what. Maybe it’s selfish, but Jack is beginning to believe this remarkable woman deserves more than that.

For the first time in his life, Jack wants something that belongs to Oliver. And even if he’s destined to lose… game on.

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okay but this brings up a topic ive wanted to talk about for a while

stop using the words “attention seeking” or any version of it

everyone likes attention. you are lying to yourself if you dont like it (whether its from your parents, or friends, everyone or even your pets)

just because someone reblogs their selfies a lot, or their text posts, or their youtube videos, or their art, doesnt mean theyre attention seeking

self promotion is good and getting notes boosts your self esteem, thats not a bad things

i repeat this is not a bad thing

if someone is asking for attention and they are not harming anyone, whats the problem? 

Oh god its so absolutely horrible that they want validation from others!! 

no, this is not the case, and it never will be. it is perfectly okay!!

bringing someone down because they are proud of their work, or who they are, or how funny they are or whatever they may be proud of, and choosing to call them “attention seeking” is absolutely vile.

that is all

Anonymous asked: why do you ship Spitfire?
I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so, here goes!
  • Because they always challenge each other
  • Because even though they got off to a rocky start, they became friends
  • Because she never lets him get away with anything
  • Because he told her that she didn’t have to prove anything to him
  • Because he called her beautiful and held her hand in Bialya
  • Because he accepted her immediately after she told them all who her family was
  • Because he defended her against Roy
  • Because she was jealous of him trying to get a kiss from Miss Martian on his birthday
  • Because of the way he reacted to her death in Failsafe
  • Because the only thing that kept him going in Failsafe was the hope that she was alive and that they would rescue her
  • Because she’s seen Kid Flash on the news before
  • Because she saved him from Amazo
  • Because she always teases him and hits him when he’s being an idiot
  • Because of the way he denied being upset over her death
  • Because she was there for him when he was upset about his parents in Misplaced
  • Because their relationship always reminds me of some of my other favorite relationships (Han/Leia, Ron/Hermione, Kate/Sawyer)
  • Because bridal style is their thing
  • Because of the look they shared when she gave him Sportsmaster’s mask for his souvenir collection
  • Because they make a good team
  • Because she was the one he wanted to kiss on New Year’s Eve
  • just because. 

I seriously just cried while typing all of this. So this is why, Anon, this is why I ship Spitfire. 

Wow….just wow. Some of you have the most pathetic little lives. You didn’t like Hallowsims converting hairs from IMVU so you went and tattled on them? How old are you? They were conversions! If you didn’t want them in your game, you didn’t have to complain about them to anyone. I don’t complain when someone makes a Maxis match version of something that someone has made an alpha version of. I download the one I want and keep it moving. Seriously…’s like some of you believe that there is no possible way for two people to come up with the same ideas ever (even though Ariana Grande is everywhere and people have been asking every damn hair creator to make her hairs). If you don’t like someone’s cc, don’t run around telling whoever will listen. Shut up and download only what you want. Grow up.