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I Want To Save You

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1073
Requested by @captainemwinchester:  May I request a Dean x Reader. Dean and the reader are hunting budys and something goes wrong with the hunt and he’s just really protecfull of the reader

           Dean had never wanted to bring anyone else into his hunting “circle” besides him and Sam. He didn’t want to put anyone else in danger. It took you months to weasel your way into the Impala. And before Dean realized it, you were hunting with him and Sam regularly. You were a part of the team.

           Sam was on a case with Garth when you and Dean caught wind of a possible rugaru in a town not far from where you were. The two of you could handle it; you had taken on worse individually.

           “Watch your back,” Dean instructed as the two of you made it into the house where you had tracked the rugaru activity.

           You nodded, “I got it.”

           You were in the kitchen when you heard someone behind you. You turned quickly, but it was just a cat, running from another room.

           Just as you were about to turn back around, you felt someone grab you from behind. You had just enough time to scream before the arm was around your neck.

           You knew you were a goner. This guy was going to rip you apart with his teeth. You were going to die right here.

           As you tried to fight against him, you felt his grip loosen, but instead of just letting you go, he pushed you hard, making you stumble and fall against the counter. You felt your head hit the counter and you were out. 

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Appreciate It

Prompt: I has a request!! Can you do one where John Constantine has to help the reader out with a demon problem? And then she basically goes out of her way to thank him because she knows people in that business never hear it enough 💕

*A/N: this one was pretty fun to write i hope you like itttt*

It started about two months ago, you began hearing strange noises, feeling like someone was watching you, and waking up in the middle of the night from terrible nightmares. You had no idea what to do, but one of your friends had suggested calling this man named John Constantine. He had supposedly helped your friend’s friend’s cousin with his demon problem, and had done a great job. Well, as great as a person can do when expelling a demon from someone’s home.

He responded immediately, saying he would stop by your apartment by the end of the week.

On Friday, a knock at your door pulled you out of your thoughts. It was him. You let him in without a word, and he immediately found where the demon was coming from. “Leave,” he said, sternly, his back facing you. A couple moments of silence passed, and John turned to look at you. “You, Y/N, you leave. Now.” 

“Oh! Oh, sorry, I thought you were…okay. Where should I go?”

“You can wait out in the hallway, you just can’t be in here, I don’t want you to get hurt,” you could tell John was concerned about you, not in a romantic way, just a person-with-a-conscious type of way. You nodded, leaving your own apartment quickly, and taking a seat across the hallway. You heard the door, lock, and the sound of John’s footsteps fading away.

After several minutes, you heard a strange buzzing noise coming from inside your apartment, almost a ringing sound. You crawled over to the door, pressing your ear against it. A loud crash came from inside, followed by a deafening scream. “John!” You yelled, banging on the door, “Are you okay?” He didn’t reply, he just continued screaming as if he was in pain, and your eyes darted around the empty hallway. No way you were the only one hearing this. Another scream rang over John’s, however it was deeper and more animalistic. “John!” You banged on the door again, “John!” You continued to beat on the door and scream his name, but the volume of the screams only grew. A white light flashed in front of your eyes, and in an instant, the screams were gone. Tears were rolling down your face at this point, and you rested your forehead against the door. A click caused you to raise it again, and the door swung open. It was John.

“You wont need to worry about him anymore,” he said, looking down at you, “he fought like hell, but I sent him back there anyway.”

“Thank you, God, thank you,” you stood up, throwing your arms around his neck. “How can I repay you?”

“Don’t worry about it, it was no big deal,” he shrugged, but you shook your head.

“No no no, I know people like you don’t get appreciated enough, your work is so dangerous, people don’t realize how much the world needs you.”

A smile twitched at John’s lips, “I appreciate that, thank you Y/N.”

“You know what?” You said matter-of-factly, “I’m gonna send you a muffin basket.”

John chuckled, “You really don’t have to-”

“Nope! It’s been decided!”

“If you really want to thank me, how about you let me take you to dinner tomorrow night. I’ll call you?”

“Oh, um…sure,” you said, taken aback.

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Yup!” You extended your hand, “Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Constantine.”

John shook your hand politely, “You as well.” And with that, you walked back into your apartment and shut the door, leaving John to walk home by himself, and he went to bed thinking of you.

John was woken up by a loud knock at his door the next morning, and he trudged through his apartment, grumbling as he put on a t shirt. He swung the door open angrily, but nobody was there. His eyes floated down to the floor, and he couldn’t help but laugh at what he saw.

A muffin basket with his name on it.

His Nickname(s) For You

When you first came into the Glade, all the guys treated you like precious cargo, seemingly afraid you might break if you lifted more than a sigle box of supplies. So whenever Minho saw you, he would tease yout o end about this, calling you princess and teasing you about your delicateness. You originally hated the nickname, but it became an inside joke. Now, everyday, Minho comes running in from the maze, a grin on his face, and the word ‘princess coming out right after.
Dollface- Besides his harassment and his teasing nickname, he often calls you dollface. You once questioned him about it, and he shrugged a bit. You would share blurred memories you both would get - often stupid things, such as the smell of your favorite cookies, or the melody of a song you once heard. But once you remembered this beautiful porcelain doll you once had. you described it as the most beautiful thing you had ever possessed. Minho saw it fitting to call you dollface after that, claiming that you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. You were his own little doll.

Darling-Alby had some simple nicknames for you. Nothing that was too ‘significant’ of meaning. But ever since he met you, he would always call you darling even before you began dating. Whenever you would get stuck doing something or would cause a mess, Alby would shake his head while laughing. “Oh darling…” he would say, smiling at you and laughing, before helping you out. It was something that soon just became a normal word for you. It was his small note of affection, and it was also how you could tell if you had upset him recently.
Hot Shot- Besides some of the common nicknames and such, Alby enjoyed calling you Hot Shot. Being the girlfriend of the leader of the Glade sometimes got you a few teasing comments. Most guys would say how great it must be to not have to work as hard. They all meant it in good fun and teasing, but you often got upset over it causing you to over do yourself when it came to proving yourself. Alby called you Hot Shot, since you often got in over your head, but always still managed to work it out.
Babygirl- Again, just a simplistic name. But it was your favorite. He often said it only privately to you, mostly out of pity or sympathy. It was his affectionate way or understanding you and nuturing you in his best ability.

Baby Bear- This nickname has little important meaning behind it. The only reason you got this nickname was because gally had said you slept like a bear. You were the hardest person to wake up and would make the oddest groaning/growling noises whenever someone did try to wake you up. Thus, you became baby bear. To almsot everyone in the Glade.
Kitten- Besides being a pain in the ass to wake up, you loved to cuddle. Gally said you reminded him of a kitten, warm and snuggly, always sleeping and cuddling into anything that it could get its tiny body into. So whenever it came time to go to bed, he would always cal you kitten, laughing as you would try to protest but also would continue snuggling into his body and hiding yourself as much as you could.
Shortstack- This one is self explanatory. you were the shortest person in the Glade, and Gally never let a day go by without reminding. So whenever he would find you doing your work or he would come and check on you, he would lean his arms on your shoulders, giving a greeting along the lines of “what’s up Shortstack?” often followed with a joke about your height, or anything really. He would tease you constantly baout one thing or another, it was just his personality.

Giggles- You were the happiest person in the entire Glade, anything and anyone could make you smile or laugh. You often laughed over jokes that weren’t even funny or over jokes that weren’t even meant to be jokes. It was odd for most of the guys but also helped most of them laugh more themselves and put them into better moods. Even Gally couldn’t help but be in a good mood and let out a few good chuckles when you began giggling over nothing. And this earned you your title of Giggles. Originally, Alby gave you the nickname. He meant it affectionately but also out of annoyance. Soon, it stuck. Thomas was the one who often called you Giggles, but so did everyone else. People knew you by this nickname before they knew your real name.
Duckie- Duckie was a nickname only used by Thomas. We you first came into the Glade, you were originally in kitchen, then with the builders, and even spent a few weeks with the medjacks. But you never felt like you fit in right. After awhile, you began hanging out witht he slicers. But you didnt help prep meat, you helped take care of the animals as a farmhand. You soon fell deeply in love with a small flock of young ducklings the Glade had. You gave them names, talked with them, some nights you even fell asleep in the pen with them. The slicers felt so bad about having to kill the ducks, they let you keep two of them. Thomas called you Duckie after the first time you fell asleep with them our in the pen. It has stuck ever since.

Babydoll- Babydoll is the most common nickname for a girlfriend, but you lvoed how Newt said it. It was sincere and sweet. He just started calling you it one day, no reasoning or backstory, it was just a nickname he picked up for you early on. He always told you that you were as cute as a doll, but that was what came after the nickname. 
Chipmunk- This nickname was one that had an odd origin. It actually came about after you tried to cheer Newt up after a hard day in the Glade, when there were two griever attacks and the slicers had lost two goats in the Maze. He was tired, drained, and just wasn’t himself. While eating dinner, you sat across from him, making jokes, teasing him, anything to make him laugh. Randomly, you took some marshmallows you had stolen from Frypan (he had actually just given them to you), and stucked a few in your mouth, your cheeks puffing up. You started talking to Newt, your mouth stuffed with marshmallows, carrying on a normal conversation, being nonchalant as possible. And he lost it, “You look like a chipmunk!” he exclaimed, laughing his butt off. And it stuck. It became a small inside joke and a unique little nickname for you.

Firecracker- Besides being his girfriend, you were known for being very hot headed and having an insane temper. The boys listened to you, they were afraid of any lectures or explosions of anger. You were like the mother of the Gladers, they all respected you and never wanted to anger you, although they did purposefully drive you crazy. Frypan was th eonly one who could get away with calling you this, even Alby never dared to make a comment like it. You weren’t the leader or second command or anyone of power, but everyone still respected you enough to not test your limits. Except Frypan - he lvoed pushing your buttons. He always did it.
Sweetcheeks- Again. Another nickname only Frypan could gt away with calling you. It was soon discovered that you had a sweet tooth. You liked to make bread, adding sugar and honey to it, you enjoyed making sweet cakes for the Glade for one of their celebrations, sometimes you would even ask for small bits of chocolate and sweets to be sent up in the box. Frypan soon started calling you Sweetcheeks anytime he saw you sneaking off with anything to satisfy your sweet tooth. You sometimes would glare at him, but soon you just started offering hima bite or a drink, letting him in on your secret indulgence.

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i feel like geno doesn't sleep while studying for midterms/finals and one night he actually falls asleep sitting down at the couch in the commons area downstairs. the pledges are all standing deciding who's going to wake up the grizzly bear when sid just casually walks up to the couch and starts shaking geno awake. the pledges are too paralyzed with fear to yell at sidney to stop.

“G, go sleep in your bed,” Sidney says,, ignoring Jake and Conor frantically waving silently for Sidney to stop. 

Geno opens his eyes, and Olli actually leaves the room to hide in the kitchen. But Geno doesn’t make that growling noise he usually does when someone wakes him up. He just…whines.

“Do I have to?” he asks.

“Yes, you have to,” Sidney says. “I’ll wake you up at 6 tomorrow, promise. You’ll remember more things.”

“Okay,” Geno says, then heads up to his room with Sidney sluggishly, as Sidney rubs his back.

Jake and Conor stare at the retreating couple, then at each other, then at the empty staircase again.

New Wolf Part 2

The Next Morning

I wake up to the noise of someone opening the front door. I get up slowly and stalk to the door only to see Sam coming in. I tilt my head and look a him confused. He notices me and pets my head lightly.

“I was doing patrol thats why I just walked in. It’s four in the morning, go back to sleep. “ He says to me before going upstairs. I walk back to where I slept and lie down to go back to sleep.

3rd Person

It’s now 9am and all the boys are at Emily’s, sitting at the table eating and watching the wolf.

“Do you think he’ll be able to phase back today?” Jacob asks, looking at Sam.

“Yeah, when I got back last night he looked perfectly fine. Bit of a limp but much better than yesterday.” Sam answers, causing the rest of the pack to nod.

“He’s so small.” Emily comments, leaning against the island.

“I don’t think he’s much older than ten. I mean Seth’s fifteen and he’s only slightly smaller than us. This kid is about half the size as Seth.” Jared says, leaning back in his chair.

“We’ll just have to be more careful with him when it comes to training and slowly work our way up. Like Jared said, he’s not much older than ten. But what are we gonna do with school? He won’t be in high school with us.” Paul explains, causing Sam to sigh and rub his face.

They suddenly hear a huff and look to see that the wolf had woken up. He sees Paul and instantly walks towards him, nuzzling into his knee.

“You ok bud?” Paul asks the wolf, getting a nod in response.

“Do you think you can phase back?” Sam asks the wolf, the wolf thinks for a bit and nods. Emily goes upstairs and gets a pair of shorts, handing them to the wolf.

Liam’s P.O.V

Once I have the shorts I run to the forest and try to focus my mind and energy on phasing. I slowly phase back and put the shorts on. I walk back to Emily’s slowly, nervous about what they might say. As I open the door all the talking stops and I’m greeted with silence.

“You alright kid?” Sam asks me, with a small nod of the head.

“Liam, my names Liam.” I reply to him, causing the pack to smile.

“Well, Liam. How old are you?” Sam asks with smile.

“12. I phased when I was about nine or ten. My pack was attacked by vampires, which is why I was running. My sister, she died trying to protect me. If she hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten away. My parents died a few years ago, I had wondered to far and got attacked, I was lucky to get away alive.” I told them, each of them looked at me sadly.

“The leeches won’t get you any more. I promise.” Paul says, looking me in the eyes.

“Liam, you will be staying with Paul and his imprint, Rachel.” Sam informs me.

“Whats an imprint?” I ask, causing the pack to look surprised.

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now that we're talking about rejection events and if u don't mind , the one where she takes a nap is just. Weird. It's an uncomfortable place to actually fall asleep, I guess that she wouldn't be completely alone (otherwise it would be easy to kill her) so there would be some noise or someone to wake her up and I don't think that many people would take a nap in a school so that they don't fall asleep during a film when they can just drink something with caffeine.

yeah it’s a little odd. who intentionally naps at school anyways? when does she have time? if its afterschool, why nap there and not go home and come back?

deliciouslycheesy  asked:

For the "SEND ME A SHIP..." - McDanno. 24 and 28? Because I have a thing for clumsy meetings.

I love those, too! I did number 28: knocking on the wrong door au. I even made it more clumsy and awkward for us! Lol… Thanks for the prompt sweetie! :)


It was a quarter to seven in the freaking morning when Danny got out of bed. He had slept maybe an hour overall that night, all thanks to his apparently amazing in bed next door neighbor. This stupid apartment complex, with its stupid thin walls, and stupid loud tenants, on this stupid mother fucking island! What a great start for a new day. A Graceless day none the less. Usually the only ray of sunshine in Danny’s miserable new life was seeing his beautiful little girl.

And he forgot to buy coffee yesterday on the way home from work. Great.

Danny got dressed quickly and decided to head out to the coffee shop a few blocks away. He locked the door behind him, and was about to leave, when he heard soft noises, probably someone waking up, coming from the apartment next to his. He thought about just walking away, but man was he pissed. Just because his next door neighbor was apparently a sex god, it didn’t mean he had to be up all night listening to the incessant moaning of ‘fuck me harder’, which honestly sounded like a really bad porno.

He knocked on the door, going over the speech he was going to give this guy in his head. Words escaped him, though, when the door opened, because in front of him stood an honest to god marble statue come to life. So fine, he’s not judging that screeching girl from last night anymore, he’d probably be just as loud if he had this man fucking him all night long. Danny must have spent a good minute staring at the shirtless Greek god before him, because the natural expression he had on when he first opened the door changed into a cocky smile.

“Yes?” He asked with a glint in his eyes.

“Uh” Danny coughed, clearing his throat. “I uh…” Get a grip, Williams. “I’m Danny Williams, I live next door” Danny waved towards his door.

“Hello, Danny Williams from next door” Danny’s neighbor almost laughed from Danny’s discomfort. “I’m Steve McGarrett” he offered Danny his hand to shake.

“So, uh, this is a bit awkward, but I need to ask you to keep it down” Danny said after pulling his hand back.

“Keep it down?” Steve asked, an adorable little frown covering his face. Adorable? You need to stop it, you idiot, Danny scolded in his head.

“Yeah, you see, the walls here are very thin, and I could hear… uh… all of your… activities… last night.” And man, if he knew that this guy was the one moaning “Vanessa” all night long he might have enjoyed it a little more.

“My activities?” Steve asked again, only this time the cocky smile returned, and he was clearly very amused.

“Really? You’re gonna make me say it? Fine, I could hear you fucking your girlfriend all night long. And some of us have jobs to go to in the morning, so I’d very much appreciate it if you two could keep it down.”

“I believe you are mistaken, Mr. Williams” a small laugh actually escaped his lips as he said it.

“Oh, you believe I’m mistaken, don’t you? Well, Steve, or should I say ‘Hot Stuff’,” Danny repeated the name that ‘Vanessa’ kept shouting last night, “I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you, but you should have thought about that before you had the loudest sex in history of human kind and then acted like a total dick about it to your very polite neighbor. Please, either keep it down or sound-proof your apartment, because I would really like to get some sleep tonight.” Danny fumed, turning around to leave the apartment. He barely stepped foot in the hallway when he heard the familiar call of 'fuck me already’.

Ever so slowly Danny turned around to see his neighbor clutching his stomach from laughter. “You… I can’t believe… I couldn’t have timed it better myself. This is hilarious!” Steve wiped a tear that escaped his eyes, not seeing Danny’s confusion.

“What?” Danny asked, right before a manly moan sounded in the hallway, resulting in a new fit of laughter from his neighbor. “It's… It’s them?” Danny looked at the door to the apartment next to Steve’s.

“Yes. Man, you should see your face!” Danny could feel the blush creeping on.

“Why did you let me go on like this?” he demanded, even angrier now than he was before.

“I’m sorry, you were just so embarrassed to ask me to shut up, it was so funny!”

“That’s not funny! Now not only did I make a fool of myself in front of my next door neighbor, I also need to have that discussion all over again with these two” He pointed to the door of the loudest couple in the world.

“You didn’t make a fool of yourself.” Steve assured, putting a strong hand on Danny’s shoulder. “And how about instead of having a discussion with them, we just give them a taste of their own medicine?”

“Excuse me!” Danny pushed Steve’s hand off and took a step back. “Are you suggesting we have sex to shut them up?” Danny was appalled, he wasn’t that kind of guy, no matter how fucking hot the guy propositioning him was.

“I’m kidding!” Steve burst out laughing again. “Oh, god, this morning’s been the best!” Danny just shook his head and turned around.

“Danny, where are you going?” Steve called after him.

“To get coffee” Danny kept walking, not turning around.

“Mind if I come with?” Steve asked and Danny turned to shoot him a look. He was putting on a shirt and grabbed his keys. “I didn’t have the best night of sleep either” Steve laughed as another moan of 'Fuck yes, hot stuff!’ came from next door.

“Fine” Danny turned around to leave again, a small smile playing on his lips. Maybe this morning will not be the worst after all. He heard Steve lock up the apartment and jog up to his side.

“Maybe later” Steve smiled goofily, “we can show them how it feels”.

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number 41 and, uhm, Enjolras/Grantaire or Combeferre/Grantaire? or Jehan or Feully with Bahorel? Gah, I really like prompt 41!

#41 - You’re baking cookies in the communal kitchen at 3am and I’m angry but also really hungry

Enjolras gets a call one of the nights he’s on RA duty. He doesn’t technically have to stay up all night, but he likes that it gives him an excuse to do more work without Combeferre glowering at him to go to bed. 

“I am calling to file a noise complaint about your boyfriend,” Courfeyrac says the moment Enjolras picks up the phone, and Enjolras ends up rolling his eyes. 

“He’s not my boyfriend, and you’re not even here today,” Enjolras says. 

“I could be,” Courfeyrac tries.

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Stolen Part 2

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Wolf!Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: hachievans
Summary/Request: Inspired by (X): Part 2 to (X): You’re a new wolf whose come to Beacon Hills with your pack, when Scott and his own finds you…

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Son of Apollo (Part 1)

Requested: No

A/N: So this is the first part in my Demigod mini series. I plan on adding smut in these. Some will have more smut than others. The POV will change from time to time, depending on how I feel. I hope you guys enjoy! ~Cel

The first day the daughter of Hades showed up, Luke already knew she was trouble. Yet he was drawn to her. She was a complete outcast and didn’t even seem to mind; which drew him even more. However, she was told to stay away from Luke by her older brother Michael. Of course, the Daughter of Hades never listened. She couldn't help it though! Like her father, she had a soft spot for music and Luke, being the son of Apollo, was the best musician in the camp.

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Sterek, 1.2k, Second Person, Angst, Season 5 Compliant (aka Derek is gone. Stiles is… dealing)

The thing about someone leaving is that you assume they won’t actually be gone that long.

You assume it’s a quick trip. A week long vacation, probably, or a month. Maybe two. Definitely not longer than the summer. No one leaves for longer than the summer. And since you don’t have a date to look forward to, it becomes a guessing game. A confused cycle of hope and then disappointment and then you convince yourself that well, of course that prediction was wrong but this time, this time–

This week, for sure, you assure yourself as two weeks becomes three.

Then, Okay, well, a month is a good even chunk. An even month.

Saturday. People arrange trips for Saturdays.

Flights are cheapest on Wednesdays. He should be back this Wednesday.

He doesn’t have to worry about money. Next Saturday for sure.

Eventually, you tell yourself to stop hoping. That way when he comes back, it will be a pleasant surprise.

You don’t though. Not really.

The prick of pain doesn’t dull.

You just get used to it.

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